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Mean shit you've done
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>be me in HS
>there's some little quiet kid with emotional issues who keeps to himself
>somehow find out he has a YouTube channel (can't remember how I found out)
>it's just videos of him doing Minecraft let's play and shit like that
>that alone isn't even that weird but anyway
>in his MC videos he speaks in this low baritone voice and speaks really slowly for some reason
>at the start of the MC videos he always says ''Hello Youtube'' in that awkward voice
>once I find it I show my friend in class, and then we both decide to show near enough fucking everyone
>the little kid is absolutely BTFO, people going up to him groaning ''Hello Youtube'' in a mock of his voice
>even I do it
>mfw he never found out I showed everyone
>mfw he literally did nothing wrong
Fucking normies are cruel
here's your (You)
and this (You) is original
I'm not even a normie. I had a small amount of friends, no grills. I was just a little shit who wanted that momentary attention when telling people

I'm a KHV to this day, maybe I deserve it

This is literally one of the only overtly mean things I've done to someone and I still regret it.

I genuinely hope the kid is doing well today. Unfortunately I hear he's pretty much a shut in who failed all his exams despite being smart and he only drinks coke and doesn't brush his teeth so he just eats tic tacs thinking that's an even trade
> Pretend to be Chad on okcupid

> Trick a dumpy looking filipina girl (who seemed kinda slow) into getting naked on skype

> Told her I was an artist and I was sketching her

> Even told her to bend over and spread her cheeks

She had to be really dumb to not think I was using her, I dont even feel bad about it kek
>made fun of a kid whose parents were divorcing and his mom was taking his brother away
>beat the shit out of a kid who dared make fun of me back
>made fun and constantly bullied a kid for having no friends
>and another kid for being poor
>the friendless kid was funny because he would end his classes and then spend an entire hour alone sitting waiting for this other kid that acknowledged him (this was before smartphone)
>constantly made fun of one of my friends who clearly had issues
>he was everyone's punching bag
Ganged up on a kid at the beginning of school when I didn't know anyone and he didn't either just to fit in
You should be a casting couch guy
Short but not so sweet

>be me
>have a friend who I lightly bully from time to time
>spread a rumour his sister was anorexic
>people bully him for it
>one time he snaps at this one kid for saying it and the kid beats the shit out of him
>turns out she really was anorexic


>have this teacher in highschool
>she's mentally ill, but apparantly not enough to not be able to teach
>she sucks at teaching
>always makes me move seat when I'm not even doing anything wrong
>she's just all around retarded
>one day I snap and tell her she's the shittest teacher in the school
>her teaching gets even worse after this, think I knocked her confidence
>anyway turns out she is actually schizophrenic and now can't work
>tfw she had a nice ass and I would beat off thinking about it before going to bed each night
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>in kindergarden
>realize that in cartoons the hero always has a rival/enemy
>decide some random guy in class is my enemy
>decide to hate him
>later sitting on a bench
>he sits next to me
>push him to the ground, good riddance
>get punished
>realize it was all fucking retarded
>first and last time in my life
Now I'm a good boy.

Why do you say that?

Fuck I wish I saved those caps. I need to find another fat chick willing to get naked for free.

So are you still like, a fucking prick to this day?
Pretty much yeah.
I may even know you, I saw once a greentext of the exact way I beat this kid the school lunch place oncr
I was literally a leader of gang of bullies in middleschool
I once yanked my little sisters bikini top and bottom off at the water park right as she slid down the water slide. She didn't even notice at first. When she got up she looked around for 30 seconds, confused as to why everyone's staring at her. Then she looks down and realizes she's completely naked. She covers her privates and sprints towards the bathroom red faced and crying.
One time I befriended this sorry kid and made him reply fucking drunk and tryed to make him do stupid things like pee on a car parked with an open window but he still refused to
It would have been so much fun sharing those pictures, I still regretted it to this day
>here's your (You)
>doesn't give it to anyone
>be in sixth grade
>doing a math test
>qt girl asks permission to go to the restrooms
>asshole teacher says no
>test ends
>girl tires to leave classroom in a rush
>I stop her and push her
>other kids join and push her around in a circle
>she gives up and walks next to a big plant we had there
>Mfw she crotches and starts peeing
>Everyone calls her "pampers" from now on
>She had to change school
>We enter the same HS but doesnt remember me
>Becomes gf to one of my friends
>Tell the story to another friend
> He finds out she still wets her bed since 6th grade
mischievous amirite
in 2nd grade I lured this guy into a part of town he had never been in, I told him I'd buy him a toy car at the store, I told her to look at the isle and then I just went away and went home, he was left there with no idea how to get back home.
Later found out he was an orphan living in some state faculty no idea how you call those in english but he had no parents

he was my punching bag too, he was legit retarded, like under 70 iq.

fun times
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>in 9th grade
>watch a girl I have a crush on open her locker
>discover the combination
>when she was sick I took books out of her locker and came on a random page then put them back
>did this 5 times until she finally found out a couple months later
>no one ever knew it was me
you normies fucking disgust me

why don't you just suffer in silence like the rest of us
fucking psychopaths in this thread
>deliberately leave DNA on a petty crime scene that will never be properly investigated

Pure genius

You can get DNA from cum?
I used th steal from chads and Stacies. I stole shoes from chads in my last two years of hs. I then gave them to some low class negroes, who hung around the arcades, in exchange for protection. I even made one Chad cry because his pair were expensive as fuck and recently released. I didn't care though because most of them were rich or upper middle class. I stole calculators, iPods, mp3s etc from Stacies and sold it in my little sister elementary school, in the mall, or among nerds.

I never really needed the money but it got my cock hard imagining them getting beat or grounded for losing their expensive shit.
I don't want to moralfag here or act self righteous, but I have seen people act that way and have never really understood the urge.

I have done "mean" things to people, but not for no reason like that. When I knew socially inept or otherwise low status kids in school it never struck me to go out of my way to harass them. I did avoid them if they tried to be friends for obvious reasons, but the main emotion I had towards them was pity.

Why do people feel the urge to bully?

Are (you) fucking dumb?Of course you can.
>but doesnt remember me
she most likely did remember you, but either forgave you because she realized that kids are shit and can grow up and change quickly, or she was to beta to be mad at you about it to your face.
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>Be in middle school
>Be in homeroom class
>There's some faggy ugly af kid that everyone is nice to cause his mother was on meth and he was born kinda fucked up looking
>All the fake popularity went to his head and he thinks he's hot shit
>Get really annoyed one day while he's being loud bragging about his new phone
>Its one of those stupid phones that flips sideways so you have a full keyboard to text with
>Everyone's goofing off in class, teacher's playing solitare on computer
>He's in the corner of the class with some Stacys who are always being nice to him so they seem like good people
>See he left his phone on the table
>Get up to go to the bathroom and take it off his desk all sneaky like
>Get to bathroom and physically pry the phone apart
>Was really hard to do, i cut my hands a bit when it broke
>Flushed parts down different toilets
>Get back to class he's crying and asking if anyone has seen his phone
>Everyone consols him while snot drips down his face
>Teacher threatens to write up everyone
>Bell rings and he tries to hold us after class but has to let us go after passing period ends
>Pack up and leave
>Look at drug baby who's still crying
>"Hope you find your phone"
>"Thanks anon"
having friends makes you an evil normie you fuckhead leave now
Meanest thing I do is not remember people.
I'm an okay person but I don't go out of my way to remember faces/people or names.

>nice plain girl now stacy tier, actually remember her face because she was smart.
>Thanks for being nice to me in middle school.
>What's your name again?
>Stacy tears up.
>well shit.
> walk away

>Thanks for helping me in summer school, gave me the motivation to go to college.
>walk away.
>guy now doing okay for himself.
>he has a wife and 2 kids.

>Literally move to another continent.
>brother visits me.
>hey remember x? She wants me to say you inspired her to continue art.
>she has a gallery at home town.
>That's nice.
>never contact her.
>All I did was tell her to keep trying.

>z finally became a doctor.
>remember you two promised to go to the same school?
>hahaha... Yeah.
>I would teach this kid how to think big in kindergarten also play with him.

I just don't like getting attached to things and my selfish focus keeps me from feeling sad.
But as I get older I start to feel regret and realize I want friends and a family of my own.
Biological urges suck.
it satisfies me
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i did this in my junior year of high school
File: face.jpg (49 KB, 747x652) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy shit that's rich.
File: viper stupid.jpg (44 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
viper stupid.jpg
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>maybe I deserve it
>Minecraft existed when you where in HS

minecraft came out 7 years ago mate
Me and some friends broke into this annoying neighborhood kids house and stole all his video games when we were kids.
File: literally reddit.jpg (110 KB, 869x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
literally reddit.jpg
110 KB, 869x357
I posted this without clearing the username
File: 1358490117631.jpg (45 KB, 400x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>minecraft came out 7 years ago mate
oh god
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>Middle school
>Drop a chicken patty on the floor and step on it
>Put it back on my plate in a sandwich
>Tell the class loser I'm not hungry and that he could have it
>Tell him after he ate it that I had stepped on it
>mfw I saw the look on his face

I truly, genuinely felt awful about that, I still do today. I'm still a dick as a joke nowadays but I can't stand to see people be abused like that.
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>younger brother by a year has a learning disability and has a hard time reading but still makes friends
>latch onto his friends and they eventually accept me
>they like me because I can be funny and I get most of my laughs by making fun of my younger brother
>make fun of him relentlessly
>by high school he snaps
>says he felt like killing himself
>stop giving him as mush shit as I used to, don't use term "retard" as often
>4 years later has a mental breakdown
>better now after time in a ward and taking pills everyday
>still jealous of him because I think our friends like him better than me
>today I gave him shit because he hadn't paid me back some money I lent him and he left a dish in the sink without putting it in the washer
forgot to mention he left the house in anger and didn't come back
I assume you're not a teen so how do you find it in you to try and hurt your brother?
You can practically feel How hard he's trying from here.
what the fuck anon, i would beat your fucking ass if i knew you
I'm insecure. We actually have a pretty good relationship but I gave him alot of shit when I was younger, most of that was almost a decade ago

He's also pretty shitty to me sometimes but I still buy him shit all the time including a plane ticket to Vegas this past September

You're one messed up anon anon. Go to your priest and confess, say a few hail Marys and let him fondle you a bit like the naughty kid you are, maybe let him spank you a few times. Or at least see a shink.
I'm also probably bigger than you. I was one of the biggest guys in high school and made All Region as a lineman in the highest level of Virginia football so you wouldn't try
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Am I the only one who imagined a savage little cartoonish stick figure man doing the actions described abruptly and frantically? Little savages n shit
What kind of assburgers bull is this?
>the people who bitch about normies treating them like shit are actually the most despicable, horrifying bastards out there
call it karma
fuck you all
At least we're being honest about it

That was really mean why would you do this?
This thread made me sad.

>playing dodgeball in middle school
>autistic girl on the other team
>she is so hurr dur that the walks with a limp
>feelings of anguish welt up inside of me
>throw ball as hard as I could at her
>it nails her in the face
>she almost back flipped
>slammed her head on the wooden floor
>no teachers caught me
>innocent until proven guilty
>be 8, get in an argument at school with this kid who lives right by me, inform him he's a loser because he never sees his dad. he breaks down and cries and slumps off.
>ends up telling a teacher, was very upset with him and stop being his friend

>be 9, playing football in schoolyard, i'm the biggest kid and one of the leaders of the grade's recess games. some kid who know one likes demands to be quarterback.
>i'm always quarterback
>finally let him try, he hikes the ball and instantly hurls it over everyones head like a fucking retard. people are on the ground laughing, his face is beet red, i take the ball and tell him he's the worst quarterback and not allowed to play again
>spends the rest of the recess by himself at the swingset, in afternoon recess he camps out in the woods with a big stick, cops were called

>be around 9 again, not sure
>playing kickball now, using a nice new ball
>our grade's fat kid who's not allowed to play is trolling the outfield, someone kicks it out there
>he grabs it and runs off while squealing (like a piggy, think thats what triggered me)
>i was always pitcher, wasn't going to let him get away with this treachery
>chase him down, tackle him while throwing a jab to his skull (wasn't that hard truthfully)
>he's on the ground, fat stomach to the air, completely in shock
>i'm on the ground next to him, swipe the ball from his sweaty paws
>kick him in the face while i'm still lying on the ground
>he starts bawling, i get really scared i'm going to get in trouble so quickly say he shouldn't have taken my ball and he can't tell on me
>he never tells

I got respect for the fatty for not snitching, not that I would've gotten in much trouble, was a cute kid with a sly smile and have always been a quick liar.

Ended up becoming a friendless autist like everyone else here later in life so I feel that my sins have been atoned for and harbor no guilt. Truthfully wish I continued bullying people into HS, became a much nicer person after puberty.
>summer camp of 5th grade
>me and my main bro are pokemon plush collectors
>meet another kid with an Eevee plush on my last day of summer camp
>convince him to lend me his Eevee and I'd trade him my blaziken tomorrow
>I didn't have a blaziken
>I conned the kid out of his Eevee

As I left that day, I saw him crying. My satisfaction was palpable.

Fuck (You).
you are apparently inspirational anon, have you been able to actually accomplish anything in your life for yourself?
Had confidence senior year of hs. Went on a school trip. I was really into social experiments. The cool blind kid people like and was sitting on a bench with some bros. I asked him if I could yell out "your blind fuck you" and "haha your blind" and what not. I wanted to see a reaction. I got a bunch of reactions. On the bus he calls my name and in between the seats he pokes his walking stick and it comes almost an inch past my eye almost blinding me. I thought nothing of it until a year after while stoned on night. Poor kid, what an asshole I was. I thought he was okay with me doing that I didn't know he was actually mad inside and tried to blind me or something. I feel so horrible. Confidence isn't always the best thing I guess......
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>me and a buddy ride a school bus every morning with this chick
>she's around 11 at the time
>notice her arm hair is darker than most girls
>make fun of it, call her a monkey
>the name sticks, and she is still called a monkey even after she shaves her arms
>she starts shaving everywhere, and the stress of it makes it worse, apparently
>she even plays it off at times, calling herself a monkey like it's no big deal
>like I said, it never goes away
>the psychological damage gives her low self esteem, she turns into a huge slut
>fucks any man to try to get validation
>ends up pregnant at like 18 or 19
>gets hooked on hard drugs, meth and the like
>her baby daddy takes her baby away
>she stays with niggers, shooting up and turning tricks
>mfw I just now realized this was probably all my fault
Sounds like a failed normalfag himself. Nice one.
What race is she? I'm jjust wondering

Robot muting, here's your extra special original content.
You disgust me
This is some school shooter creation type shit
Fuck off
Why are there so many normies on this board, Elliot would be ashamed.
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>You can get DNA from cum?
You can't be serious, are you fucking retarded?
this happened a few hours ago

>my gf and her grandmother are eating pizza while I do the dishes
>granny asks for the tv to be turned down because its too loud
>gf starts stuttering and after far too long manages to say her hands are all greasy so can she please use the remote
>grannys hands are all greasy too, they stutter back and fourth like retards trying to explain themselves
>I take my rubber gloves off and walk over there and say I'll do it
>gf picks up the remote with her greasy hands and hands it to me
>I get immediately triggered that I had to listen to them autism about over something thats now even more pointless and I went over there for nothing
>scream NOW THERES NO FUCKING POINT in a high pitched squeal and bat the remote out of her hand into her face
>leave the tv blaring away and go back to doing the dishes
>she sits there holding her nose and crying while her gran holds her hand but doesnt say anything

if you don't abuse your gf you're a cuck
I'll take steel pipes for 500
>be me in HS
> Trick a dumpy looking filipina girl (who seemed kinda slow) into getting naked on skype
>made fun and constantly bullied a kid for having no friends
>people bully him for it
>later sitting on a bench
>girl tires to leave classroom in a rush
>no one ever knew it was me
>Everyone's goofing off in class, teacher's playing solitare on computer
>mfw I saw the look on his face
>better now after time in a ward and taking pills everyday
>innocent until proven guilty
>i was always pitcher, wasn't going to let him get away with this treachery
>I conned the kid out of his Eevee
>gets hooked on hard drugs, meth and the like
>she sits there holding her nose and crying while her gran holds her hand but doesnt say anything
File: 1429646409701.png (188 KB, 327x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 327x316
>he thinks it's a meme

oh my
this is a pretty cuckish story desu:

>you're doing dishes while the bitch eats
>she expects you to come over just to change a channel
>you emit high pitched noises in front of potential mates

you can only redeem yourself by tying her up tonight and telling her you're going to teach her how to handle a remote. only instead of a remote its your dick.
Thread replies: 73
Thread images: 16
Thread DB ID: 461200

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