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>September 2014
>4 months into homelessness
>Found a cozy place to sleep at an abandoned entrance
>Best sleep I've had in weeks
>Get awaken by someone screaming "YOU FUCKING DOG" into my ear
>Group of normies laughing as they walk away
>mfw that moment, along with many others, has been forever engraved into my brain, infinitely increasing my hate towards mankind

Anyone else previously homeless or homeless here?

Share your stories.
bump lurkin
Why the fuck are you homeless you dog.
Good thing I live near a massive dense field. If I become homeless I will just get my one man tent and set up camp.
How did you end up homeless OP? And what you did to escape?
I'm on NEETbux, how do I turn 200 NZD / week into living on the street? (possibly earning more money)
Not homeless anymore, m8

First thing you do when you end up homeless, BUY A FUCKING SLEEPING BAG and a small backpack, I can't stress enough how important that is.

After the first 2-3 weeks or so, if you didn't kill yourself yet, your depression and suicidal thoughts will disappear, you WILL have to and you WILL interact with people to survive.

Community day centers, homeless centers and churches for food, clothes, showers and if you're lucky, accommodation during winter.

Go around churches and ask if you're not sure where to find these kind of places, they'll help.

Toilets in museums and libraries.

DON'T end up carrying a gigantic backpack after you, it's the worst mistake I've made, people will treat you as if you're sub-human if they see you carrying a house after you.

Keep your backpack as small as possible, get your clothes washed at said day center more often.
I've been briefly homeless, luckily I live in farm country so there were lots of abandoned barns and houses for me to sleep in, and it was easy to get my hands on potatoes and apples and things like that
And one more crucial thing:

If a another homeless dude tries to offer you a jacket or a hat as an act of kindness, DON'T FUCKING TAKE IT.

you should have shanked them
Also ex-homeless (3 months).

Some friendly tips:

>If you're in a big city, avoid camping on it's center, go to there only if you want to collect cash
>If possible set up a camp somewhere outside the city or under a bridge or something
>DO NOT attempt to carry to much with you
>Bottle hunting is a priority, by simply collecting every bottle you see you can feed yourself for a day and save money
>Get a shopping cart for bottle hunting and step on the bottle before putting it in the cart to make more space.
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>not taking Diogenes as your mentor and taking it as a fitting name
I was homeless for a few months. I'm not one of those people who can just throw down and sleep anywhere, so I spent a lot of the time exhausted. If I was in the park, I usually wouldn't be able to sleep until the sun came up, then I would spread out my blanket and maybe get a few hours of sleep. I would also sleep in the bakery where I worked. I would wash the dishes and clean then sleep on one of the tables. This was on the days when the bakers wouldn't come in in the morning. It was an exciting/depressing time.
why???ahudiush original

I once lived as a squatter in Montreal for a year.

though I had money so i was really just trying the life style.

was cool m8lol
Everything you say is a fucking lie.
No wonder

There is no homeless in Montreal, Just hipster homeless

butreally. i got a cheque on my 18th birthday for abuse i suffered as a kid so i had all these cash so i just partied for a year and burnt though it.

its fashionable
Ive been living in my car for 6 months now, I have a job and go to school, workout and shower at the gym, have a ton of money saved up, life is pretty good desu, I get decent sleep and every other weekend I stay at my gfs dorm, I could afford to get a room now but im not suffering and Im /fit/ so no one even notices my situation
>can't pay rent
>chad roommates kick me out
>no remorse because of my beta male status
>walk aimlessly for miles
>come back with bricks and throw them at windows
>only manage to make a cobweb
>run when they turn the lights on
>later realize I was bricking the wrong windows
>go to subway to sleep in toilets
>no money for ticket
>subway comes out in the open a little further away
>hop fence
>wait a few minutes for a train to stop
>run alongside train, don't get electrocuted or run over, jump onto platform
>train doors still open, go in instead of go to toilet
>wonder if I can pickpocket anyone
>everyone looks too vigilant, it would be mean anyway
>get off at station
>no idea where I am
>find 7/11
>pick up a can of beans and say "I'm going to steal this and sit outside, ok?"
>cops don't even bother arresting me
>take can
>put it back on the shelf
>tell them I will just "steal" something again
>they take me to the station and put me in a cell with a black guy for the night
>he doesn't rape me
>morning, they tell me where the homeless shelter is
>soup kitchen and lots of illegals looking for work
>no one wants the crazy white guy
>latinos look disappointed when they all hop on the pick up trucks without me
>learn some spanish
>few days later a good wholesome racist offers me a job carrying shit back and forth
>pays me instead of screwing me over, all off the books because lower than minimum wage
>offer to pay him $5 a day to let me sleep in a garage or something while I find a place
>few weeks later find some fellow losers who let me be their roommate to ease the rent burden
>get a proper job cleaning toilets
How many dicks did you suck in that year?
>>tell them I will just "steal" something again
Why, anon?
true cyborg, would friend
one atleast a day, 3 at max. weekends off tho.

so maybe like 400ish

not that much
Getting arrested means he would have food and a place to live.
I'm pretty successful but I've always worried in the back of my mind that if I really screwed everything up I might one day become homeless, so I bought some property out in the country using an LLC so it's not in my name. The property has a small RV on it, which I stocked up with a bunch of survival gear, some hidden cash, food and enough supplies to start a big garden. I also have a cheap car parked in a storage place that is also not in my name, hopefully if I go bankrupt or something they won't be able to find out about it in time to seize it.
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