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>tfw co-workers don't like me
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>tfw co-workers don't like me

>not being neet.

Please explain
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>First day at costa
>All my co-workers are chain smoking 20 somethings with a kid they knocked up
>Literally all they talk about is getting shitfaced on the weekend and smoking drugs
>They ask me what I did with my life so far and I tell them (travel, study)
>Tfw you feel superior to all of them
I need money to move out
Why do u feel like this anon? Have they said anything to you or did anything that makes you feel like this or is it in your head?
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>co-workers hate me
>I hate co-workers
>mfw I finally have had enough
>have been working here for 3 years now
>no friends except this fat autistic guy who no one likes who talks to me because I watch sports
>I hate talking to him

I need a new job. I could have made friends if my coworkers didn't immediately make it clear they hated me for being so quiet. I've heard rumors behind my back that people think I'm going to shoot up the place. I'm not even angry or anything, I'm just quiet and this is how people treat you if you're quiet. I fucking hate that if I'm not outgoing and asking people how their weekend went that automatically makes them think I'm an angry potentially violent person.

The fucking cunt that started spreading the rumors about me is one of the most popular people in the office too. Every time I see her I just scowl, she's such a backstabbing whore
>I say good morning, they don't respond
>Their facial expression screams "you're an idiot"
feels good to not know that feel man

>all my coworkers are old grandmothers
>they treat me like I'm one of their grandchildren, even bring me baked goods occasionally
>I am perfectly fine with this arraignment

Feels pretty good man, though I do wish there was someone here my age that I could talk to about video games and current events and the like.
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>mfw co-workers throw a party
>mfw they invite the new guy that started 2 days ago
>mfw they don't invite me or even mention it
>mfw I've been working there for 3 years
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>everyone doesn't like me
shit man, that's heartless
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murder suicide senpai
This is why I don't want to get a job. No one wants to work with me, I don't want to work with anyone and I'm not skilled enough at anything to justify it.

>traveled and studied
>ends up with same job as dirts
>feels superior anyway

top lel
I don't know that feel bro.
>Tfw pizza delivery
>Tfw getting to eat free food every day
>Tfw all my coworkers think my car is awesome
>Tfw they're all laid back and help me whenever I need it
>Tfw when I told them I never tried weed before, they all took me out back and gave me my first blunt
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all this racism.jpg
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make a shooting gesture at her everytime you pass her. That'll make her regret spreading rumors. Read the Unibomber manifesto durring your breaks.
>tfw co-workers like me but I don't like them
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>worked at my job for year and 1/2 now
>mfw my coworkers still underestimate my powerlevel
>they know I live my parents, don't drink or smoke, quiet, social anxiety
>ripped on occasionally for this
>they found out I'm high test as fug
>endless ridicule now
>every fat chick we see, "GO GET EM ANON" "SHE BIG ENOUGH FOR YOU? XDDD"

at least they don't realize I'm a virgin.
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This is a sad feel I'm unfamiliar with. The reason for this is explained below.
>tfw no co-workers
>been at job for almost 2 years
>most of the time everyone is nice
>rest of the time they shit on me
>tried to become friends with some of them
>gave out steam, psn, and phone number
>never get invited to do anything
>they go out together almost every week
>never been invited
>try taking annoying shifts so they like me more
>use it as a chance to shit on me some more

Why do I even try?!
>21 years of age
>have always worked simple retail jobs around HS/college, easy stuff and we all get along with little stress
>have to go on a mandatory internship to complete bachelors degree
>everyone is older and smarter than me, have life experiences outside of college
>feel like a retard around them
>can tell they don't like me even though I really try my best and enjoy the work for the most part
>everyone is bitchy and uptight

I'm thinking of just being a researcher and a professor at this point. The business world is just a bunch of angry people pointing fingers at each other and meetings. It's killing my passion for acquiring more knowledge about my major. At least in college everyone is on the same level learning and enjoying the process while helping each other out.

Fuck this gay earth.
sauce?? please mates
>ill just be a researcher or professor
>in college everyone is on the same level learning and enjoying the process while helping each other out

You're one naive dipshit. GL becoming a "professor" lmfao
Why would you even try?
Just do your job and leave.
Don't know what kind of shithole you attend, but at least in my department we all help each other out and have each other's backs. Feels great man
Do you work at a library?
Same here fampai, it's pretty nice
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I would rather do drugs than travel and study to be honest
I promise I went to a better school than you.

You haven't even finished your bachelor's degree, you don't have a "department" in the sense that a master's student would have unless you go to a small as piss garbage college.

And your precious as fuck ideas basically garauntee you're autistic and probably won't even get that far.

Talk more shit though kiddo.
>love what I do
>love learning new things
>happy working 2nd shift
>work pays for my college
>mainly work on robots
>co-workers in same department are breddy cool
>operators and team leaders are fucking retarded
>wish I could smack them when they say/do stupid shit

could be worse.
>be white male with beard
>everyone at work thinks I'm a terrorist

>come back from toilet
>jacked manlet coworker says "aren't you ashamed?"
>"why should I?"
>"because you took 15 mins to take a dump"
that's brutal. you should've crashed it
>tfw co-workers liked me until they got to know me
oopsy forgot to change name.
>time to seppuku
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>tfw have a job where i don't interact with anyone
It's really, really great.

I hope there are people who like working with people because I sure as FUCK ain't one of them.
I know those feels.

>Worked simple minimum wage jobs through college.
>Always had friends, people had each others back, pretty stress free work.
>Accept corporate world job offer.
>Department is dog eat dog.
>Consistently piled up with more work than I can handle.
>So is everyone else, so they couldn't help me out even if they wanted to.
>I'm a shy beta, so I'm consistently berated for not being aggressive enough for that type of environment.
>Am new (obviously) to this type of work, so make mistakes and get berated by boss about it.
>Got told about two weeks ago basically if I don't like it, "the door is right there."
>Stayed on because muh paycheck.

Pretty sure I'm going to be fired soon and I won't be sad when it happens. Just staying on to get as much money from them as I can.
What do you do? I need a job like this.
The fuck are you even going on about and why are you so angry? I go to a large school so I'm part of a department inside of a college inside of the university made up of 3 similar majors and it's a pretty small and tight knit group. I'm applying to grad school now and have been a TA for a bit and really enjoy it.

What precious ideas? That I like academia more than business? Why do you care so much and what is wrong with that? I have a 4.0 so it's not like I don't understand the material. If you didn't go to MIT then I don't give a fuck, I go to a great and respected school.
Data entry. Listen to audiobooks all day.

It doesn't pay great, but I am a man of simple tastes.
what the fuck, you should have told him to fuck off and mind his own business
I'm still considered a trainee and he is a normal worker so I have to hold back with him or the whole department would shit on me
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I'm in the exact same position.

I put in my two weeks last wednesday but they're only keeping me on until this wednesday.

Going to try my hand at some online freelancing shit but if that doesn't work out I'll probably go back to low level service industry shit and then grad school.

I just can't hack that shit man. I don't understand how people can survive in that type of environment for extended periods of time- I've wanted to shoot myself in the face for the last month and a half.

Fortunately I have a bit of money saved up and I haven't taken on any onerous financial obligations (no debt student or otherwise, no car, shithole apartment, etc. etc.) so I can afford to stay out of the workforce for a little while.
Maybe you shouldn't be an autist. Have you considered autist counseling?
Where can a 20 year old guy who never had a job and got held back in high school get a job that isn't in fast food?
>you should've crashed it

you're a fucking idiot
>endless ridicule now
you deserve it
Corrections until they make it harder to join up, that's states benefits my man. You gotta be fit though and ready to fight.
I'm a little over a month in at my job and I'm quiet and literally everyone else in the office is outgoing/talkative. So they think I hate them and subsequently don't like me
fuck this
work at a bank actually, all the tellers are old grandmothers
Be prepared to fight niggers with shanks daily.
I want to join the conversations they have, but I don't have much to add since they've got rapport with eachother and I can't hold a conversation for shit.

>join conversation
>I fuck up and they think I'm a weird loser

>don't join conversation
>they think I don't care about them or like them and hate me

It's a lose-lose situation.
well do your own thing then. they dont like you, too bad for them. unless it's actually affecting your work then just ignore them and they will eventually come around. which is the point where you say no, fuck you for treating me like i don't exist. and dance happily away from them like a fucking ballerina
Unless you got money or someone takes care of you, being neet sucks
make non-verbal gestures to show that you acknowledge their existence but choose not to join in on their faggotry. a simple head nod or hand wave as you walk by would suffice. it sounds like these dudebros wouldn't make great friends anyways so i don't know why you care so much.
>file name
Got Damn that funny
kek. finger gun that bitch with a wink. progressively move up to shotgun cocking, then assault rifle spraying, grenade tossing, rocket launcher firing. sry i'm having way too much fun with this
This is actually something that offers pretty good pay and benefits for someone without an education.

That said, you have to be alpha and, as this guy said, fit. Because you literally can be fighting for your life in there.
I can't do small talk. They ask me what I have been up to and I have literally figuratively been doing nothing.

I just watch tv/movies and sometimes play games. My life is so boring.
stay topical. come in with a weird news story from florida or something. memorize a good joke story or lie about your life in general like you bang hookers when you get off work and they like it so much they spend the night
>I have to hold back with him or the whole department would shit on me

For 15 mins? But seriously, fuck that guy and fuck your company for only having one toilet.

So far I have had some good luck with colleagues in general. Some retardedly slow/lazy who couldn't manage a single task, others pretty chill and fun to work with. Not the "let's go out on weekends" kind of guy, but I appreciate (or rather manage to withstand) small chats during commuting and some coffee break.
>I can't do small talk. They ask me what I have been up to and I have literally figuratively been doing nothing.

Every Monday one or two co-workers asks me "so anon, what did you get up to at the weekend?" and I never have an answer.

Should I start just telling the truth and say I slept in till midday then sat around watching animes and fapping?
Don't talk about hookers op, that's a cringe story waiting to happen
I don't get why this is a problem. I've only worked shitty entry-level jobs so I'm sure my anecdote wouldn't apply in like a real career but I've made it clear at every job I work at that I have no intention of socializing with co-workers and I'm just here to do my job and leave. I was well hated at McDonald's because I would just set my headset down and leave when my shift was over and apparently I was supposed to ask for permission or at least wait until somebody came to relive me. Like no, I want to sleep.
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This is a good feel. I think OP should become a NEET so he can become smug instead of sad.
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I don't understand how people make friends with their co workers and end up hanging out often outside of work

I always talked to mine about what ever was going on in the world and as soon as my shift was over, I felt empty. My friendships with my co workers stayed at the front door of my job
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>co workers organized a Christmas party after hours
>mfw nobody invited me

I didn't even know about it until I saw half a case of cupcakes on the table and I asked who brought them

>"they were from the party last night. Didn't you come anon"?

No, nobody told me anything?

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This is a good suggestion I agree with.
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