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>someone insults me in a game
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>someone insults me in a game
>shut off my pc and lay down on my bed feeling nauseous
Who else here is way too sensitive?
Does this stuff really happen to you guys? Damn, I kind of feel bad about some of my shit talking in games now.
>play online game
>guy shit talks me
>ask him what his deal is
>"lol u got trolled bro"
>leave game
>feel like shit
>mope around for the rest of the night
are you here to desensitize yourself, fag?
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>tfw I love talking shit in video games
>tfw I may have hurt a lot of people's feelings and not known it

>someone insults me in a game
>blow his fucking head off while informing him that his mother is disappointed that she didnt swallow the sperm that made him

You're in an anonymous online virtual world where there are next to no consequences for your actions.
Act like it you fucking pussy.
how do you even get your feelings hurt over this?

there's two main types of shit talk i think.

one is justified shit talk. where you are being terrible and people are shit talking you for it. i respond by either getting mad at them for being annoying faggots and possibly trolling them, taking constructive criticism and improving.

one is unjustified shit talk. where some shitter faggot that you are owning or is terrible starts calling you bad. here i just get mad as fuck at them and shit talk them back and probably mute them.

in either case i don't get upset.
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here's a tip friendo, when someone strikes you and it actually hurt you, you need to strikes as hard as possible so he wont ever fuck with you again, or in this case, wont fuck with you for the time you're playing with him.

wont happen instantly but at some point you're gonna be able to do it and make everyone shut up.

if it's not something that really hurt you there's no need to.

they hurt you willingly, you need to strike super hard. they didnt take into account your feelings to begin with. also learn to play with your neurotransmitters. it does me a lot of good, as someone who thinks way too fucking much way too far about the dumbest and most toxic of things. your skin will harder naturally with time if you do that.

good luck to you pal
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>tfw I bully nerds that are bad at video games
see >>25980216

tldr tell him to kill himself and be superviolent yet composed

also beware the abyss, dont let this trick ever let you become a monster. it's a defense mechanism after all, nothing more.
>play online game
>someone makes me mad by being better than me
>send them mean messages
>they go "lol u mad"
>continue to send them mean messages
>they don't reply
>Continue to send them mean messages
>they ask me to stop
>continue to send them mean messages
>anon has left the session
Every action has a reaction. Everything you do and say produces a ripple.
Yes this does happen to me, and I'm not even OP

it's still a person on the other side

dont hurt unless needed
If I hear certain tones from people, like angry or insulting, I just block them out completely and won't hear a word they say.
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>in my jurisdiction telling someone to kill themselves is a crime
>i'm in for several centuries of jailtime by now
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>Who else here is way too sensitive?

I don't know that feel at all to be honest, OP.
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>Be teenbot
>Get killed in world of warcraft
>Guy just dances around my corpse and laugh
>Imagine blowing up his house irl resurrecting him blowing him up again x10
>Anger slowly fades
Fucking autism man
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>Finally get CS:GO
>First multiplayer game I've played since I was a kid
>Join random server
>Having a good time
>Get kicked and think it's a connection problem
>"What the fuck are you doing back here? Get out before I ban you."
>Close game
>Turn off computer
>Lie on bed

>Haven't played since

Honestly players insulting me doesn't even get to me, it's shit like this that does. I guess it's because I have no potential course of redress, anything I say will result in a negative outcome for me. I eventually just rationalized it to the admin being a dick but the subconscious effect is still there.
chill Yoda
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Your virginity litterly affects space time in ways that cannot be percieved.
This only happens to me when it's a confirmed or probable girl.

I have no idea why, but women insulting me hurts a million times worse than men insulting me.
>play dota in ranked with a party
>matched up against some roastie streamer with her stack of orbiters
>they try hard and still lose
what hero did you play
the quiet of man of fuck your int
>play dota 2
>no response
>10 minutes pass
>repeat for entire game
>someone insults me in a game
>I insult them back
>neither of us cares because it is the internet
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I'm usually the one insulting people

It's just banter desu, don't be a bitch nigga and dish it out if you can't take it
i quit multiplayer games to avoid this, but now im here screaming at osu becuase i dont think i should have failed that fucking map
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>get a shitty Peruvian guy on my team with 150 ping in CSGO
>I say racist shit to him and get him mad, he leaves
>teammate goes "You cyber bullied him so much that he left! Look what you did!"
>mfw we won the match with the bot as our 5th and making him leave probably won us the game

Fucking Peruvians. Nuke Peru someone, please.
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Garlic Bread.png
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You're a fag, to be honest

>play CSGO on ESEA
>sometimes people talk shit
>point out my stats are way better than theirs because I'm actually nuts at the game
>someone insults me in game
>feel nothing

I guess being dead inside has its benefits
>mfw mom asked what happened to all the garlic bread
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>be in teamspeak with friends
>constantly shit-talk each other, common occurrence
>once in a while they say something insignificant that sets me off and I get mad for a few hours and don't talk to anyone
My worst quality, happens IRL too.

Telling someone to kill themselves is pretty lame trashtalk. It's too serious and mean spirited.
im on esea too whats your name
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>playing any multiplayer game
>somebody tells me get mad
>do get mad
>get insulted or argued upon
>keep being chill with the guy
>he ends up being cool with me

has happened to me on this site countless times
most people here won't be dicks if you remain nice to them
>server admin being a cunt to everyone
>everyone just taking it
>return the abuse to him once
>permanently banned for "abuse"

This fucks with me more than shit talking players. Admins and mods in games are such dickless fucking faggots.
lmao, i had the same thing happen to me. she was playing enchantess and i kept saying funny shit like "i hope all women die" and "i wish i could kill a woman" and "women are subhuman" and "nice job, bitch" (after killing her) and her and her orbiters kept getting really mad. i was playing skywrath mage i think. good times. felt so good to trash them. it is so disgusting to watch that social dynamic and i wanted them to rot.
This has never happened to me. But I only ever play casual because fuck playing competitive with randoms, or cucking yourself with ranks. I also just join a random server, I have no idea what server I'm even on most of the time.

Try playing Arms Race or Death Match to practice your skills. It will let you shoot gun a bunch without negative consequences or impacting on the team.

Also try other games. World of Warships or Warthunder are breddy gud, and free.
>girl doesn't text me for days
>every time I look at my phone I feel deep and utter despair
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My soul is dead.png
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>Be facebook messaging a girl you had little romance thing when you were like 13-14
>she says nice things about me and the qualities we shared, how we bonded over our love for reading and writing and shit
>tell her you wrote a story for uni about it
>she says she'd love to read it
>send it to her
>never hear from her again

I want death.
>someone insults me in a game
>ruin the game for my whole team (flashbangs, blocking, teamkilling, etc.)
Maybe eventually they'll learn some manners.
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>not giving details about the story
stop giving a shit about women dude they suck. i have a few chicks i know who text me sometimes and i don't really give a shit at all and just reply to be polite. i don't really like associating with women or anyone that much really. unless i'm doing a cool activity like playing video games or drinking or going out to eat i want people to fuck off. especially women since they bother the fuck out of me usually since they play head games for no reason at all. how do you win at head games? ignore them.
this does not work dude. when someone goes off like that over an insult it makes me think they are a fucked up subhuman who deserves to die in real life and i just want to punish them and keep doing what i did to set them off to them and to other people to oust them and make them fucking suffer for being weak faggots who can't take a little bit of banter and decide to act like children instead.
What game/server? and do you remember the admin's name?
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>this post
This is why I do it.
Battlefeel 4 because I'm a faggot and I don't remember the server or the guys name, it was about 3 months ago now.

t. Shitter.
i will never stop shittalking no matter what the consequences. i've made friends get so mad from shit talk that they abandoned games of dota and removed me on steam. but they came crawling back. i keep telling people who get mad over shit talk to mute me. they never learn. i mute people when they shit talk me.
>mod in Battlefield 4
That explains it.
But mate, you're also ruining it for the 2-3 people on your team who are polite and did nothing to deserve it

I didn't think anyone would care. It was basically the things that happened as I remember it, with some shit at the beginning about always dying violently in my dreams and losing out on youthful love. It was bad.

>we were friends in middle school
>she was the kind of girl that smoked cigarettes already and dressed in all black
>i was an aspiring normie mostly
>we had a falling out in our freshman year of high school revolving around our friend groups being polar opposites or some petty shit like that
>one day while wandering the halls in high school I run into her
>she hugs me really tight and apologizes
>i apologize too
>she joins me wandering the halls
>we sit down in a stairwell
>fall out of touch because I got scared of what my friends would think
>it was really dumb of me, I thought she was beautiful
>today even more so
>years later I told my high school friends about how I didn't fuck her because they made fun of me when they found out we kissed
>they say I totally should have fucked her
Yeah. Whenever I see moderators or admins join on I take it as a sign that it's time for me to go watch animu or something instead. The only reason I remember something from 3 months ago is because it's the only time I've ever been truly mad innavidya.
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>people mention anything vaguely sexual
>begin to blush
>go away thinking they know i'm a virgin or think i'm a pervert
>I won't tell you why its shit but stop liking things that I don't like!
t. uninteresting /v/irgin
i used too be

the only reason I'm not now is because i really don't care about anything or what people think.
But anon, I do play WoWS, and it's been getting consistently worse since it left CBT. WG give more of a shit about making quick shekels before the game goes under than they do about making a game that will last.
Both are a correct analysis
You're missing the point. I find shittalking hilarious. I would probably say "ok thats nice" and flashbang you.
ur a fuckin cunt u know that m8
>But mate, you're also ruining it for the 2-3 people on your team who are polite and did nothing to deserve it
Yes, I know. I'm an asshole and it's fun as hell. I'm basically looking for a trigger to start griefing. I feel bad griefing a team that's 100% nice. Anything less than 100% is fair game though.
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I love to talk shit too.

I only do it because i would react like OP if people would talk shit me.

I feel it's the same for most talkshitter.


>wtf faggot, can't you take the banter ?!? ;)
then i'd know you don't care and would stop, i only keep going when people actually keep getting mad
>thinks that "the game has been getting worse" is a sufficient explanation.

Have you ever actually tried to articulate your opinion on something? Or do you just post le meme arrows in conjunction with le constanza face whenever someone mentions something you don't like?
Sounds like she was fat
I like to talk shit because I like it when people talk shit to me back and it becomes a contest of ironical shit flinging.
It's always cool when people get offended, but there's nothing better than an ironical pissing contest.
[Un]fortunately her eating disorder prevented that.
>mechanics get fucked every patch
>take weeks to fix major issues such as how armour and AP shells interact
>cannot balance the game at all
>new meta with every patch such as HE spam or AP spamming superstructure
>killed CV gameplay
>subsequently killed US CA gameplay because the US niche is AA support for BBs
>still haven't found a way to break the aim assist mod so they come out with some shitty statement about how it's up to the plauerbase to decide whether it's cheating or not
>bled off 50% of the playerbase in 4 months

Is that enough or should I continue?
That's fine. All I ask is for people to actually justify their opinions. /v/ style "x is bad" shitposting annoys the fuck out of me.
Fair enough.

One more point because you have me venting now is that WG still refuse to give fair offers on the prem store across all servers. People on the SEA and RU server can buy individual botes for decent prices whereas the NA and EU players have to buy shitty bundles for grossly increased prices due to pointless tacked on shit. No matter how incompetent at developing they are their business practices still repulse me the most.
The only premium ship I have is the Murmansk. I haven't invested much into the game, I just play occasionally. I am purposefully very casual at games, they're not worth getting upset about. Especially free ones.
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>girl gamer enters server
>harass her until she cries

i can't be the only one here who does this
I just really want the Tirpitz and my fucking Wsrspite back that I paid for in CBT that WG then nicked from me when it went OBT.
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>playing CSGO
>our team is losing pretty badly
>one of our players is deranking
>he keeps calling me shit
>start calling him shit because he's now bottom fragger
>"lol bro im deranking"
>I know that he is, but call him shit anyway and pretend that I don't believe him
>he gets buttflustered and tries to prove he's good
>he chokes and gets destroyed because of his rage
>after a few more rounds of this, he leaves and gets a 7-day ban
>my fucking face

One of my finest moments, fuck derankers and smurfs.
Fuck that piece of shit. They would've got kicked if I was playing comp with them.
It happens to me with 4chan posts. You guys really have a way of digging into my soul with your attacks against me. I've literally cried because of something someone said to me on /mu/.
i smurf in GN4 as SMFC famo :)
>playing 4 year old practically dead CoD on PC
>bored, feel like trolling someone
>pick random dude
>pretend he's a girl and start hitting on him
>it actually is a girl
>not just a girl
>but an entire team full of girls
>they all start attacking me
>leave after match and change my steam name
I just talk shit about media/content but I never insult anyone besides the time I called someone a dummy
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>post something erroneous on accident
>someone (you)s me and corrects me
>start tearing up

>someone says my name on vent
>start sweating and heart starts racing
>playing online game
>some dumb roastie on the mic
>complaining how her kids are being loud
>tell her to kill herself for not taking care of her kids
>tells me to fuck off and she leaves
>continually send mean messages
>Last online: 274 days ago
I've actually cried twice today about something someone said on here. People are so fucking rude on the Internet. They think that just because there are no repercussions, they should act like assholes to everyone. It's unnecessary and serves no purpose.
Tbh familia kill urself
Make the world great again
See ?maybe there are repercussions
Maybe I'll be banned of r9k and ill be finally able to live life of this curse
Stil ,kill urself fag
That's karma.
>I've actually cried twice today about something someone said on here.

What did they say?
>women insulting me hurts a million times worse than men insulting me
reminds me of the supreme gentleman
>get angry
>insult someone in a video game
>feel bad
Every fucking time. I don't get how kids these days can say some of the most vile shit to another person and not feel bad about it later.
Before i played many hours of bf4 and i would occasionally get pissed off when i die so i would smash the table as hard as i could. Also when guys shit talk
I do the same exact thing except when people acknowledge I exist. Can't we just play the game without communicating?

I also quit playing Hearthstone for a few hours if someone emotes me. I don't squelch them because I don't want to be rude and not reply back to them but replying to them stresses me out too much.
>be playing gw2
>on my burn guard
>be pwning noobs left and right in eotm
>suddenly huge zerg approaches, realize that I got lost in the heat of battle and I am now all alone
>quite some distance from my keep, spam blocks while the zerg rabidly unleashes its fury upon me
>make it in safely
>some guy whispers me and says "Wow I love how you turned tail as soon as there was a real fight on my hands. Glad you're not on my server, lol."
>used the word coward at some point but idr when
>felt bad for the rest of the day
*a real fight on your hands
>tfw no e-friends
>Playing FFXIV
>First character WHM
>Lvl 48, Loving fate parties.
>Decide to join some dungeons
>Healing is suddenly really hard, oom after most fights, heals don't really heal much anymore.
>Get called noob by dps and he leaves.
>More dps join, tank calls me noob, tells me to uninstall and leaves.
>Post on forums asking for tips healing
>Get called noob and 'git gud' responses
>Uninstall game, never play it again.

Tbh i don't know what the fuck happened, i play healer in every multiplayer game and never have problems, but in FFXIV i suddenly hit a brick wall where heals were either too expensive to cast or didn't even heal enough damage.
I've been gaming online for years now, started with quake 2. Learned very early to not give a shit about chat. I feel bad for all you guys who take that seriously. Most people on the internet are either 14 or have the maturity of a 14 year old. Who gives a fuck what they say?
>playing World of Warcraft
>PvP, pic related
>Guy whispers me 'Thanks for ruining it for everybody else'
>i didnt have a full set of PvP gear cause im casual
>quit the match
>didnt play PvP for months
what is the difference between pvp gear and regular gear
I never did pvp in wow
If you are an awful person on the internet you are an awful person. Just because there are no consequences for you doesn't make your actions less immoral.

If you have to be a dick on the internet nobody can stop you. But you yourself should be aware that this makes you a despicable piece of human trash. If you are fine with that you can go ahead and keep trolling.
e-friends are underrated in my opinion

the level of comfort you have with them and the shit you're willing to tell them, and chances you are willing to take on jokes, just doesn't compare with what you'd be willing to share with someone in real life

they really know the real you
yeah i know that feel. this girl im trying to holler at on tumblr is not responding to my questions.
How have you even survived on the internet? Adult baby forums?
People who get off on hurting others are broken people and there's no way to fix them
File: 1452871540551.gif (215 KB, 400x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If I'm really toxic in games, but also do it irl am I still a bad person?

its all banter I swear, all the lads find it funny

either way, I'm laughing at you thin skinned shits. man the fuck up
They're kind of like muslim extremists. It's just ingrained in their heads to be terrible people and there's no way to fix them

They're basically sets of matching gear that, when worn together, give buffs like:

(2) Set (Arms): When you use Charge, the critical strike chance of your next Mortal Strike is increased by 50%.
(2) Set (Fury): When you use Charge, the critical strike chance of your next Bloodthirst is increased by 50%.
(2) Set (Protection): When you use Charge, the critical strike chance of your next Shield Slam is increased by 50%.
(4) Set (Arms, Fury, Protection): You now generate Rage from taking damage.

to aid in killing stuff. There used to be stats like PvP resilience but god knows what that meant
Some of us were raised by overly sheltering parents who loved us too much. We're sensitive and fragile and there is not much we can do about it.
I had to switch to tabletop gaming, because just hearing my opponents rage out wasn't enough.

I want to watch pathetic manchildren cry. The game is all the happiness they have in life, and I take that away. If you're especially nice about it they get extra triggered, and you can watch tears stream down their fat greasy faces.

Do you regularly spew generalized hate about all women as is common on this board even though there's no basis to and then cry when you get hated back?

If that's the case you are just reaping what you sow, hypocrites.
You're making some major assumptions there senpai, I normally try and be polite on here because I would feel guilty if someone got mad because of me
>You're making some major assumptions

No I'm not, given how this board is 99% hating women for petty reasons.
File: 14518298224078987.png (2 MB, 1106x1012) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1106x1012
they just make me incredibly mad and make me want to hurt them

what makes me sad is the fact that ill never find them and wring their fucking necks

so what if i dont have a fucking high k/d, im just playing for fun you fucker
Yes, that's exactly me. We are all the same person here.
They kicked because you're shit, which is understandable because you've never played the game before.

Go join a deathmatch server, work on your aim, spectate some 5v5s, watch what they do, spectate some big tournaments and watch what the top teams do, emulate their behaviour and beat some shitties with your newfound skills and knowledge
>petty reasons
>r9k is one person
Personally I've gone past the point of getting mad about it, I just feel self pity now
I'm >>25986300
I don't do that, I try to be positive. Actually a big chunk of my posts are just positivity in the form of approving reaction images for under-appreciated posts or me trying to cheer people up when they feel down.
>overly sheltering parents who loved us too much

thing is I had this as well, so what made you guys such faggots?

if you guys feel angry or sad never turn it inwards, always outwards

I guarantee it will turn out much better for you
>willingly ignoring the most common and frequent content one can find on this board

You deserve all the insults you get.
>falling for the women hate meme
Most people on here want a gf, if they really hated women they would just stay away from then
>here i just get mad as fuck at them
>in either case i don't get upset
Nowhere near as sensitive as you, OP, but I used to play ranked in league of legends and get really fucking mad at retards. Sometimes I'd get so mad I'd cry in rage. After that I'd usually just lie on the bed because I'd be too mad to do anything else
some of us sheltered ourselves
It's just like muslim "moderates" who just whine and moan about not being treated like the speshul snowflakes they are but then do absolutely nothing to disassociate themselves from extremists, terrorists and the batshit insane parts of their religion. Then they whine why do people lump them all together.
this thread makes me happy, reminiscing about all the weak pussies I emotionally hurt in fuckin video games, hahaha
File: Rodger-Elliot-2014.jpg (103 KB, 970x825) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 970x825
Oh they can want a gf and hate women all right, since they think a gf is just a thing to dispose of as they please and don't realize a gf is a woman and therefore another person with her own mind and will. Staying away from women requires too much work and honesty on their part, more likely they'll go the Elliott route instead.
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I wanted to make something like this for a while.

What do you think? How can I make it better?

English isn't my first language and I'm not an expert memer.
You misspelled awful.
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>Play online game
>Usually first to get killed in a match despite being cautious as fuck
>Imagine people on the other end laughing about how shit I am
>Get angry because I can never do any good and I'm getting owned by people likely half my age
>End up throwing mouse at screen and turning the computer off
>Thoughts of suicide and a shitty mood the rest of the day because I'm so shit and that I'm letting a game effect me so much
File: internet.jpg (213 KB, 900x841) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

That people is broken too man, a underage hacker fag was ruining a cod game and I started talking to him, he eventually told that his father gets drunk and beats his shit and her mom didn't want to do something about chad dad because he could get away, I told him I was on the same situation when I was a kid (not as bad to be honest) and just hang in there while you grow and you can get the fuck out, there is no salvation for the mom but you can push your own life ahead, he stopped talking and the game ended like 2 minutes later and never saw the dude again, felt quite good to help a dude with a fucked up family like mine or maybe he killed himself who knows
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