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Itt: that one porn that you fapped to once...
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Itt: that one porn that you fapped to once and could never find again

For me, it was one of those reality videos where they approach girls and get them to do videos. The girl in question was a supposed college girl, with curly brown hair in a ponytail and freckles. She had a very distinct back tattoo, was wearing a lime green bra, and had banana boobs with puffy nipples. Had it downloaded to my old laptop, but I had to do a porn purge, and have switched computers since then. Other anons post your descriptions and help each other out.
Go ask >>>/r/ that entire board is basically porn
/r/ is dead and I don't have any related images anyways. Thanks for the bump tho
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Thanks OP for making this thread. And yeah, /r/ is fucking dead.

If anyone knows where I can find Love's Desire's Creampie My Mouth Please (FOR FREE-- I'm not paying some roastie) I'd be grateful.

>pic very related
My first time coming to 4chan when I was like 14, I saw this gif where this Asian girl was doing reverse cowgirl on this guy's dick, and then she got off of it and started blowing him. And it was really hot, but I never saw it again.
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1431022837975 (1).jpg
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THIS CHINK KIKE LE ORIGINAL ROBOT IS A CUNT. that original enough for you?
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bump #2 come on >>25981082
One I've been looking for is a European porn flick. The chick has a slight butterface and not great teeth, but an absolutely stunning pale body. She had long, darkish hair and was wearing a frilly tight dress, maybe a maid outfit? The sex was rough but not violent. I'm not sure what language it's in.
>Love's Desire's Creampie My Mouth Please
I just googled it and found a torrent in the first result.
Do you not use torrents or something?
It was a College Fuck Fest video, where some guy banged this chick on a bathroom vanity. Like on the sink in a small bathroom. Saw it once, but never again.

Also another vid where a guy fucked a chick reverse cowgirl in a bar bathroom, but it was all caught on some CCTV. This is like 8 years ago at least.
The torrents are dead phampai
Hey, i think found the vid itself. You could rip it using some third part software.
It was a girl, either tied up or being held down by 2 guys I can't remember, and they were using a hitachi magic wand on her through a pair of extremely short jean shorts.
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HOLY FUCK THAT'S IT. Thanks, I've been looking for this for months! What software would you recommend?
No problem buddy. I dunno though, not very well versed in this.
It was mostly night vison and some guy had like a 14 inch cock and it was a line of girls waiting to get fucked by him. and some girl in a cowboy hat talking about sucking cocks. In a dorm room.
I was thinking today of this great porn where this cute brown skinned chick is getting fucked in the ass by a white guy and she keeps saying "ooh Johnny." You could tell it was her boyfriend filming.

Another one was with this really cute white teen with a fat ass.

Damn I wish my computer had never crashed.
It was on some college porn free website.
>black guy with socks on
>fucking a white girl with red hair
>he says "if you want me to put some in ask for it" or something like that
>she says "oh put some in"
>he cream pies
>pulls out
>cum falls in a pile all over
It was called "football player fucks cheerleader" or something
Some hentai called Momiji. The guy had a harem of maids. The only part I distinctly remember is when him and a purple-haired meido go up in a ferris wheel and she blows him.
>browsing some degenerate porn like normal
>the rare two dickgirls video
>one says she has to go to the bathroom
>other one says something like "why do that when im right here?"
>first one just goes along with it
>starts pissing in the other one's mouth
>other one swallows
I have no idea how I found this once, and don't think I'll ever find it again.
It wasn't an actual porn film since it was on YouTube and there was no sex involved. It was just 3 women wrestling in underwear with erotic undertones to it. 2 of them were dominating this petite girl who I think was indian or something. Anyway yeah I'm not quite sure why but It made my dick diamonds but I only fapped to it once because the next time I thought about it I couldn't find it.

Tip: Don't ever delete your browser history
>guy is fucking girl in the back of what i believe was a strip club or maybe a regular club
>in mangers office i believe
>guy is about to cum and starts spurting
>girl says something about him cumming and he says he hasn't even cum yet
>guy finally unloads a ton
>some guy calls him a sprinkler
>may have been two guys fucking two different girls at the same time
>Tip: Don't ever delete your browser history
no shit, man. I've lost some great videos by being afraid someone would judge me if they stumbled upon my porn. I don't even look at degenerate shit on my regular browser
Thread replies: 23
Thread images: 5
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