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slight depression
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Do you know why you are sad anon? Because I don't. I don't know why I'm sad
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Some faggot told we should go to bed early.
Seems convincing.

t. some depressed Yuropoor typing this at 4:30am
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I'm sad because I have bad skin
I am sad because people seem to want to take from me but never give. I am sad because no one wants to hang out with me outside of work. I am sad because I can't connect with people, even family.

All this, and more, means I've depression

Have you considered just being extremely introverted and being happy with being alone
Yes but the thought of being alone also fills me with anxiety. I wish I could feel comfortable with being alone, as it'd be easier for me
Sad because no matter how much people say that we're friends, I don't have the courage to entirely trust them and/ or connect with them.

Same man. I always feel like I'm pressing "f" whenever I talk to people. People talk to me about their problems, their life, but I just can't trust them enough to tell them mine.
Yeah, and everyone expects me to have the answers to their problems when I'm currently dealing with my own shit. But, I'm a pushover, so i still try, albeit at my expense. It's taking a toll.
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I'm sad because I force myself to do things because other people want me to. I have no ambition anymore, I don't want to do any of this. Have to make them proud though.
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I'm sad because punpun opened up some sadness in me iv been trying to avoid last year, now I gotta try and get over feeling like shit again this year.

I'm sad because I'll never experience unconditional love.

Feelings suck...
You can either try to ignore and have it come back or do the unpleasant thing and really try to think about what is wrong. Sometimes you won't know why you feel a certain way about things then it can just hit you and hopefully you can use that knowledge to let it go.
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>tfw you realize suffering is just an illusion
>tfw you realize your culture sells happiness to you as a marketed commodity
>tfw you surrender yourself to a reality of impermanence
>tfw you welcome death as the ultimate release from this physical reality of suffering and struggle
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>tfw fallen in love with fictional girl
Sad because all my friends are married and I haven't been on a date since 2010.
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I'm sad because everything has fallen apart yet I'm still here and everything is still okay
So I'm not even really sad so much as overwhelmingly neutral

It's confusing
Dead but not dead yet
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>tfw can't get excited about anything anymore
People don't really seem to like me for some reason. I'm always the wallflower. And it doesn't help that most of my hobbies are geeky and unrelatable, and my playlist of music is just too weird.
I am miserable, but I don't want to talk to anyone about it at make them worry

Oh and that's when you see them building families, having a goal in life, while you mindlessly wander around without any point in life.

Perfect, if I'm destined to be alone I would just spend my time travelling.
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me af +1
I'm sad because I've been sad for the last three years now, and I don't remember how to not be anymore.

Doctor thinks I have dysthymia, some sort of leftover from when I had more serious depression, but not sure what to do with that news, I'm not going to therapy again, and there doesn't seem to be many treatments.

Just gonna keep doing my thing until I'm happy I guess.
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