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Who here lost their friend to the...
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Who here lost their friend to the popular kids?
not a good feel tbqh
>started getting more distant
>lowkey making fun of me for most things
>went full dick mode and humiliated me in front of his new friends

fuck you aaron
I remember the day he turned on me.
We were hanging out at lunch time and some girls came over and insulted me for whatever reason and he goes "yeah!" and glared at me
Fuck those feels hit home. Back when I was in middle school I had a nice gang of guys to hang out with. We would always wander the school wrecking shit, like that one time we shoved a bunch of cans in between the elevator doors, and when we threw fruit down the fire escape. However when High school rolled around my friends were being flirted with by the stacies while they ignored me. Over time they started talking to me less. It got to the point where they wouldn't even sit with me at lunch, and whenever I asked if they wanted to hang out they would say they already had plans.
>Fat girl moves to town in 3rd grade
>Every one alienates her, cause shes weird, fat and like geeky things
>Make friends with her cause she likes video games and pokemon
>hang out for few years, even had sleep overs
>come 6th grade she gets super tall and now just a little chubby
>kids more social to her now
>drops her weight by middle school, gradually hangs out with me less. I did not really hit puberty or grow taller till high school
>Flat out makes fun of me with her popular friends one day
>devastated for rest of year
>dad gets better job, ask if I mind leaving town
>Leave during summer in middle school

Looked her up later in life, apparently she died in a drunk driving accident. I don't feel hate for her any more, I am legit sad of the person she turned in to.
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that's sad even though she was a bitch
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holy shit do I know that feel

>have a good assortment of pals in elementary school
>they all get into new cliques, call me faggot and ostracize me in HighSchool

that shit changed me
not exactly to the popular kids, just to some retarded stoners.
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right there with you familia. I knew them pretty much my whole life
>be me, 8th
>best friend reject girl
>best friends at first
>becomes whore
>uses other friend and I as orbiters
>leave for another school the next year
>turns out she was the first freshman to get pregnant
>I escaped orbit
>friend never did
Not really popular kids but in highschool my group pretty much had a 1:1 ratio to some girl's group and everybody got hooked up except for me (The left over guy).

From that point on ANYTHING they had to do, their gfs had to come along to.

I eventually just gave up as being the eternal third wheel is embarrassing and miserable.
I feel sad for the fate of women. They're so oblivious to how retarded they can be.
OP here. I got something to contribute
>meet asian chick
>we become close
>needed a place to crash
>too beta to ask her out
>she went to Alabama
>when she came back, she became a failed stacey and started hanging out with the party crowd
>becoming distant
>unfriend her so she couldn't unfriend me first
In the end though, the popular kids made fun of her behind her back because she wasn't that good looking and because she gullible as hell. Also she took my best mates virginity and emotionally abused him. Her dad also started molesting her. Fuck you Michelle. You deserve everything and anything that will happen to you
Nope. I lost my best friend to the Navy.
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Not really the "cool" kids but just become lost it all

Fall 2002 - 2004
>be Kindergarten
>only hand full of boys in grade
>new kid
>make friends with one dude
>call him Josh
>Josh and I are total bros
>watch DBZ together
>play Nintendo 64 together
>just general loved hanging out
>in the winter we sled
>in the summer we owned the playground

2005 - 2007
>still playing PS2 together
>still go to the same elementary school
>friends started to move away
>soon it was just me and him
>its cool though
>we still where best friends

2008 - 2011
>Josh academically fell behind in middle school
>he made new friend on his block
>they form a skateboarding possie
>these kids where all 14 - 16
>I try to join but im too autistic to skateboard
>Josh soon learned how to play guitar
>they form a armature punk rock band
>im too much into video games to learn guitar
>Josh soon got into marijuana

2012 - 2014
>Josh dropped out of high school freshman year
>he go into pills
>he was partying every night
>his "possie" soon become drug dealers and moved away as well
>Josh becomes a weed dealer
>gets busted and grandma bails him out
>I still hang out with him occasionally
>he tells me what new in life
>i just pretend we are still like our old friends
>soon grow bored of him and his low IQ

2015 - now
>Joshes parents and grandma die
>has no financial support
>has to move in with gf to avoid homelessness
>he beats her and gets kicked out
>lives with cousin and breaks into house for a living
>i cut off all ties with im

he... he occasionally calls my parents and ask if im home even though i moved out but he he is just lost
thats tough to read, Ive had a few friends that just got involved with the wrong crowd and their lives got so messed up.
My friend became a turbo chad. He was my only friend there and used me to mock me to impress the other chads. Feels bad
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