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What is your average day like /r9k/? mine:
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What is your average day like /r9k/? mine:

>Hit snooze 18 times
>Wake up
>Lean bedshotgun against the wall in the corner
>grab GLOCK
>Hit coffee machine to turn it on
>Put on a record
>Do makeup immediately
>Ugh/Tsk a lot because ramming brushes into your eyeballs when you're still half asleep is shit
>Cry about it if you're emotionally unstable
>Shake my hair out of bun
>Deodorant/perfume/brush teeth
>Throw on floor clothes and holster
>Rush around throwing shit into my purse
>Stumble onto bus for work
>Earbuds so that nobody talks to me

>Grab 3 coffees and drink them throughout day
>Shitpost on 4chan
>Get bored
>Briefly talk to guys that message me on Fagbook
>Ignore guys that message me on Fagbook
>Paint my toenails behind my desk while spinning in chair
>Think about my ex
>Type out message to ex
>Backspace message to ex
>Shitpost on 4chan
>Eat a salad
>Half-ass some email replies
>Browse online clothing
>Do no actual work

>Walk home with final coffee
>Pick up some quick dinner or beauty/cleaning products on way home
>Greeted by cute cat upon arrival
>Coo at him while getting immediately naked and grabbing living room AR15 pistol to keep near me, put away GLOCK
>Put on record
>Running jump into bed
>Open laptop
>Masturbate furiously
>Go shitpost on 4chan while eating dinner
>Ignore guys that message us on skype
>Get out of shower and play with boobs
>Wonder deeply if you should get a boob job
>No I guess they're awesome
>Put hair in bun
>Think about how scared I am of sleep paralysis, roll over on side
>Spooning would be nice right now
>Think about how I ruthlessly reject so many Chads daily but desperately want qt skeltal robo bf to cuddle, grab bedshotgun
>Wonder if I'm a cunt
>Think about how cool it would be if you could fall asleep while watching TV with your eyes closed still
>TV eyelids, bio tech?.. hm.
>Fall asleep in weird bedshotty butty position
Right now (NEET):
>Mom wakes me up around 12pm so we can have lunch
>As soon as I'm done with lunch I go back to bed
>Grab my laptop and stay there for hours
>Around 9pm I take a shower and have dinner
>And then I go back to bed with my laptop until I fall asleep
fuck you, get out
Bed shotgun?
>wake up at 12:30 PM
>get out of bed at 1:30 PM
>go downstairs
>have breakfast
>lie on the couch and watch tv until I can be bothered to go upstairs
>eat at 6 PM
>eat at 10 PM
>eat at 2 AM
>computer until 4:30 AM
nice pasta pham
>wake up
>roll around in bed
>go downstairs and make coffee
>shitpost on 4chan and listen to music
>drink coffee
>shitpost on 4chan
>browse /fa/ wiki
>feed dog and cats
>play vidya upstairs
>shitpost and play vidya simultaneously
>do some RPs Nationstates
>feed cats and dog
>play vidya and shitpost up until dinner
>eat and lose myself in thought
>load dishwasher
>shitpost until around 10:00
>crawl into bed
>shitpost and watch anime on occasion
>play a game on tablet
>fall asleep around 11:30 to 2:00
Rinse and repeat until the weekend ends



i was raped by a home invader so i keep a shotgun in my bed now

not tumbler raped, raped raped
>wake up
>drink vodka
>go about my day, skate, work, read, whatever
>drink more vodka
>hang out with some buddies, skate more
>drink more vodka
>watch netflix or play vidya
>drink more until I pass out

russian bro from soviet russia near russia?
It was a nigger wasnt it

im not racist but it does make it even worse
There are black people who are smart and dont do crime and then there are the rest of them aka the niggers
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talk about oontz music
oontz music?
Get your roast beef flaps away from this board.
>Wake up
>Go to classes, take notes, do assingments, study ect.
>Go home
>Go workout
>Come home, play CSGO browse 4chan
>Cry myself to sleep

Same except replace classes with BF4 and CSGO
>wake up at 5am
>leave for work by 530
>Get to hosptial, put on scrubs, report to senior resident
>assigned bitch work to do throughout day
>shit on most of the day by residents
>sent home by 5-6pm

Rinse wash repeat all of third year of med school.

Cant wait for this ride to end.
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it's music that goes "oontz"
>work 7am-3pm M-F
>roll out of bed, drive to first clients house
>once all clients are in the car, drive to carl's jr.
>we eat breakfast and I dick around on the internet until around 9:30
>either go do volunteer work at our job sites, or get exercise walking around a local park
>go get lunch, either at a job site or McDonalds
>finish day with more volunteer work, or chilling at the local library
>drive clients home
>go home
>either do or procrastinate on paperwork for the day
>if I stay home, I will get high and listen to music, play guitar, and mix recordings of shit I'm working on with breaks to shitpost
>alternatively, I'll drive 20 minutes to a friends house and do the exact same shit with him
>wake up at 9
>take a bong hit
>eat breakfast while watching something or listening to music
>go to work
>help literal retards with their smart phones
>eat lunch
>help more retards maybe a go to a meeting or 2
>go home grab a beer and my bong shitpost and watch netflix for a few ours or play vidya

The average day of a wagecuck I guess.
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