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tfw wagecuck
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>finally reach a balance with tfwnogf
>go to work and play vidya every day, shit seems bearable even without gf
>I have to deal with qt in my office daily and it's just the two of us but I never cared even if she was solid 8/10 and my age because she is married with another guy in the company even before I was hired, could talk to her almost normally, never stuttered or anything
>finally come to term with the wizardom I'll achieve in two years
>i don't even give a fuck about random girls on the street or the train anymore
>finally get into the right mindset to get a waifu
>colleagues talking about their girls just get ignored by me and their tries to make me approach girls fall completely flat
>feel "happy" instead of tfwnogf

>suddenly, qt from office at work gets pregnant and has to be replaced for a year
>hope the directors don't hire a qt
>REALLY FUCKING WISH they don't hire a qt
>they fucking hire a qt
>w-won't matter, she is probably married/has bf
>look her up on normiebook
>no bf or husband to speak of, seems like a decent grill, only has a few friends and decent enough liked things including some Nintendo video games
>she's nearly perfect for me
>the day finally comes, she's in the office with me
>constant anxiety, stutter comes back, can't look her in the eyes
>have to explain stuff to her and I'm losing spaghetti and sperging out everywhere
>feel jealous because colleagues are making progress with her and despite the fact she was friendly at first she now looks at me like I'm some sort of fucking alien
>constant feel of having no gf and having failed at life comes back in full force

Help me brobots. How am I supposed to deal with this for a full fucking year?
She's off limits anyway.

Don't dip your pen in the company ink/shit where you eat.

Bad idea.
It's for the best, you could never make her happy anyway.

Just embrace your upcoming ascension to wizardom, young apprentice
Just try to act normal and she will start to think you as a regular guy. You probably weirded her out.
I'm going to tell you what I did, and this may elucidate why you are where you are.

>Went outside during the day on my time off.
>Approached random girls I thought were attractive by saying "hi"
>Asked if they had a boyfriend, if yes, move on, if no proceed to
>Ask for a kiss

It took 4 years of attempts after I started trying this. I think I was rejected over 100 times. It was worth it, but you don't actually want to change, do you?
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The main problem is that she isn't, if only I wasn't a total spaghetti lord I could have had a huge chance of getting a gf, but now I blew it completely and forever. Some expensive car owning faggot from marketing will score her and I will be reminded that I'm a failed cuck for a year non-stop. Just imagine having some faggot come down to your office daily to her gf talking about their dates and shit like that, thinking it could have been you. Constantly reminded that you're a cuck and a loser.

Fucking send help, I can't even deal with thinking about this shit let alone living it IRL for the next 365 days.


why do you niggers NEVER LEARN.
Sounds like she's out of your league man, maybe aim lower?

Don't make a move on her because if she says no you have to work with her every day and it will be awkward
This. I did it once and nearly fucked up my entire career. Every day became us getting jealous of each other and work suffered. Very nearly got canned from a job I've dreamed of my entire life because of some 6/10 she transferred thank god.
What do you do at the office? What does the qt do?
Is this bait?

I physically cringed
You know m8, even if there wasn't an ENGAGED couple in my workplace proving you indeed can find love at work (and boy do I wish they would divorce just to enjoy the resulting, daily drama), this one isn't here forever, she's just replacing the grill that's at home for maternity leave or whatever do you call that in English. She's here for a year and then it's goodbye.
We offer support to our clients for one of the softwares we sell. The software we specialize in isn't very common yet so it's just us two + another guy who mainly offers support for another software.
Find. Someone. Else.

Go outside on your days off, go find a place where activities are done, and talk to the girls there. Hell, there's places where they play those stupid tabletop games, even videogames. The number of women there is low but they are there. You need to do something that involves other human beings or you will be miserable. The problem isn't her, or your job, or your circumstances.

The problem is you.
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crack recrack.jpg
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You're probably neet so you don't know what it's like to spend 8 hours every day with the same people. Imagine having a qt not in a relationship with anyone spending time with you every day for 8 hours, TRY not to make plans in your mind.

Most of the guys here make plans in their minds with qts they see on the train for just a few stops.
First off, I can't imagine being in the same office all day and then spending all night with that person at home. Sounds horrible.

Separate your work and play anon.
Nope. I'm a wagecuck, just like you. I work in construction. I'm just not a pussy about my life the way you are.
I don't think I would have a problem with that. Maybe because I've never had a companion and I haven't had friends for years now.
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