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Prove your robotness, show me how much of a human failure you are.
I'll start.

>NEET living with parents
>dropped out of high school twice
>no work experience, can't find a job for the life of me
>no social life, zero friends
>virgin, never had a girlfriend
>5'9'' short and skinnyfat
>ugly as sin, crooked teeth, weirdly shaped mouth and large eyebrows
>haven't left my house in 2 months
>haven't spoken to another person outside of my parents in a year
>literally unable to find enjoyment in anything i do anymore, end up spending most of my time staring at a wall or browsing r9k
>starting to hear voices and tapping and night
>probably going insane
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the tapping at night is just him knocking on your window.

Open it up and let him in, it gets much better afterwards.
-Neet living with parents.
-Early 20's
-Still a kissless virgin
-Dropped out of highschool
-Talked about Elliot Rodger online and got a visit from police.
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Why waste my time? People will only post wanting to talk about themselves, no one will reply to anyone else. No one cares. If you're a robot, you'd understand this truth and wouldn't have even bothered creating this shitty thread. Saged.
God damn OP, it sounds like you're in for a ride, at least when you go utterly insane you'll be able to talk to doctors/nurses and people at the psych ward?

That's the worst case scenario though of course. The noises are probably just in your head, seeing as you feel like there's nothing else going on for you... I can imagine. All the best OP
>Flunked out of college from depression
>Live in parents basement
>Have a single friend (he's kind of autistic though, probably why he doesn't mind hanging out with me)
>24 year old hhkv
>I've only ever worked one job for two years as a fry cook
>Almost no money in bank account
>Spend all day either playing video games or masturbating
Yea you're kinda fucked. Get help, man.. sincerely
Well, I don't have anything to say but here's your reply senpai.


>live with 67 y o mother

>never had job, dont even bother to look

>in the shadow of successfull bro in the millitary
>get help
there's no help to get when you're that far out
to add

>over 300 pounds
>only faps to my waifu
Ty senpai. I guess I will post my stats after all. Why not?
>no friends
>live with parents
>they grow increasingly hostile with me and concerned
>work a shit wageslave job
>spend all my time either at work or in my room
>nothing appeals to me
>video games are boring
>no good boards or websites for outcasts anymore
>usually just lay on the floor staring at the ceiling or sleeping
>drink heavily for years
>took dxm the other day and had one of the worst trips of my life
>had nowhere to go and no one to talk to about how awful i felt
>no ambition to do anything in life
>want to kill myself but dont want to do that to my family
>Have a single friend
Ree. Nice dubs
>Talked about Elliot Rodger online and got a visit from police
Please tell more
I really do know that feel bro
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>Shy since I was a child
>Never made friends in school as a result
>Bullied through my whole school history
>Introverted as a result
>Extremely over protective mother
>Failed academically due to stress, bullying, anxieties and depression
>Had to repeat a year of school but never went in due to anxiety
>Several years of true NEETdom and suicide attempts during these years
>Infatuated with the first girl I met online who was also depressed
>Got a job but quit because of depression
>Only getting around to studying now, at the age of 24
File: 768.jpg (175 KB, 460x772) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>no friends
>live with sister
>receive money from government
>extremely bitter
>genuinely hate the presence of others
>spend all free time in front of computer
>hungry skeleton
Starting an IT course in a few weeks.
Not sure how things will play out but whatever.

Why don't you guys get jobs or something?
File: outside.jpg (269 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>eastern yurop
>pic related is outside
>total failure even by the standards of that shithole
>neet since 12
>dropped out of school at 10
>mentally ill family
>poor (still using ancient athlon xp)
>bad teeth
>had no friend for years since the last one disappeared after private wow server was nuked
>family is not just mentally ill, they are batshit insane and make the already difficult life even more difficult by banning basic necessities or not using common sense to make the most use of available resources
>kitchen is the doorless garage - dirtying inside is bad
>no hot water (even though available boiler and piping exists - "electricity is too expensive!", must boil on stove or use my secret technique - microwave
>freeze every morning to make coffee because I do it outside on gas camp heater
>have to wash utensils outside in -25c with cold water
>literally do everything outside besides sleeping or sitting on my pc

I don't even know why I'm living. Maybe I still cling to the hope that once they are gone I'll have nothing holding me anymore and could at least attempt to salvage what time is left for me. I'm sure I could figure out something.

I honestly dare any of you sons of bitches tell me there's someone worse. I'd love to see that guy. Bantz with him would be fun.
I've had that type of life before I moved out of the shithole I lived in.

I have the lower middle class life at the moment in a 1st world country, being a failure followed me and I'm still quite miserable, alone and stupid. It doesn't get better. Just move on and live your life, anon, don't put up with that shit any more.
You're not trying hard enough anon.
Just lift weights and then put yourself out there.
It werked 4 me EVereetyme :^)
>Dropped out of college on first semester
>Diagnosed Bipolar, ADHD
>Suspected depression, psychopathy
>Been called a psychopath / sociopath by anyone who as ever close to me.
>Attempted suicide
>Only survived because of a bizarre coincidence
>Probably gonna finish the job someday

Am i /robot/ yet?
>tfw hold my own hand in bed as if I'm holding hands with a girl
>tfw circle my thumb on the back of the other hand as if it's a girl
>tfw rub my foot up and down my calf as if it's a girl
>tfw run my fingers up and down and through my chest hair as if it's a girl doing it
>tfw whisper to myself in a feminine voice and reply in a deep whisper complaining jokingly to "her" that I'm tired and need to sleep
>tfw lie in bed and pretend a qt girl is lying with her face towards mine and smiling at me
>tfw fold up my bathrobe and put it between legs as if it's a girl's leg
>tfw kiss empty air pretending I'm kissing a girl
>tfw lie on my back and hold my arm out and then folded at a ninety degree angle to pretend I'm holding a girl who's lying against me
>tfw go through each board on 4chan pretending I'm giving a tour to my girlfriend and giving her a humorous little summary about each one
>tfw watching home videos on my laptop of my family and me as a kid and pretending a qt girl is sitting beside me saying "awww" and smiling and asking who the different people are
>tfw walking home alone and pretending she's walking beside me and think up lengthy dialogue and occasionally laugh at something she or I said in the imagined dialogue
>tfw imagine meeting her family and having them like me
>tfw imagine her meeting my family and us sleeping and talking quietly in my room at home
>tfw imagine her and my mom preparing coffee after dinner and watching her laugh at something my mom says
>tfw imagine making her mom laugh and making her father a little annoyed when she and her mother tell him that he's probably boring me and that I probably want to get to bed after the long journey
>tfw developing several lengthy scenarios involving me and my qt crush and replaying them mentally each night while adding minor details and more dialogue and extending them a little bit more each day
>Just get a job brah!
>It's easy brah!
>Just be yourself brah!
>t. just normie things
I have a vagina but I'm into girls.
File: 847.jpg (64 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 480x480
>kissless hugless hand holdless virgin
>closest I've had to a female friend is one of my friend's gf who talks to me once evry while (idk why)
>literally only hobbies are physics, reading ,or vidya
>only leave the house when forced to by parents
>semi-idolise schoolshooters
>awkward as fuck posture
>lazy eyes makes people think im a tard even though I'm better than them
>don't get jokes/humour
>fucked sleep schedule (fall asleep ~2-3 o clock)
>contacts in phone are mum, dad, home phone and my number in case i need to give it to people
>degenerate fapping habits (trap, cd, futa etc.)
Do I belong here? I was here before "some of you guys are alright" and pepe but still don't know whether I belong.
No I was being serious m8.
>Do I belong here?
No. /r9k/ is 95% underage normals.
Threads like these are fairly irregular and people like us are minorities here.
O-Okay, but what does that have to do with anything.
>fucked sleep schedule (fall asleep ~2-3 o clock)
Senpai you don't have a messed up sleep schedule unless you go to bed at 6 in the morning at wake up at 3 in the afternoon.
I wouldn't be shitposting on /r9k/ if I could get a job m8. You need references, college degree and experience so the majority of robots are already SOL.
Well, i'm 18 so in my last year at HS. And i wake up at 6;30. That is the small portion of self control over my life.
>O-Okay, but what does that have to do with anything.

The thread is about being a failure of a person.
>NEET living with parents
>home schooled but still stupid
>never had a job
>been on 4chan since around the time I turned 10(19 now)
>been doing mostly nothing but video games since before I discovered this timesink
>never had a friend
>never touched or spoken to a female that wasn't my mother or a cash register
>spent the entire year thus far playing eroge and watching anime, haven't left the house once
If you aren't at least a KHTV and NEET, your autist cred is shit and you need to get out tbqph familia
Have you ever actually TRIED or are you making excuses?
I know actual retards who have gotten jobs.
Those are a lot of feels son.

Damn dude, if I were you I'd sell your shit and book a one way ticket to an island in the Caribbean... see if you could get a job working in one of the hotels or something. Or even the the Croatian coast or w/e if you can't swing the Bahamas.

You have nothing to lose so why not.

I'll be honest, I've been thinking of saying fuck it and leaving. But where to? No money, and no expertise whatsoever aside from self taught english - necessity is mother of invention.
Even getting to the first world would be difficult since I might very well be put on some list for abnormal background.
At any rate, if you were in some kind similar situation to me yet somehow managed to get out in one shape or another, you have my thorough respect.

Not for a lot of entry level jobs. For call centers, temping etc if you show up and know how to use Microsoft Word and can sum a column in Excel you're good to go. Stop being such a cowardly piece of shit.
File: IMG_20150715_163122.jpg (1000 KB, 2304x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1000 KB, 2304x2304
God I love these threads, thank you all for contributing. My favorite part is how you all try to brag about how shit your life is. None of you are going to make it at this rate. Pic related, remember me faggots. Love browsing this board before bed.

jeeze thats pretty bad, why don your parents try to help you?

you absolutely have to move away haha

i'm sure you can find some sort of program that would help you. if you can maake an internet friend in another ciy and ask them if you can stay wth them for a bit while you get a job that would be even better

i moved from AZ to los angeles of all places and was able to get a job and make it here. my family is suepr fucked up too. i wasnt happy until i got away from them.
When will they learn?

Original manlet

kill yourself

>*Who get hired solely because of their disability
>He doesn't live in an area with high unemployment
>He doesn't have nothing in the bank and no drivers license so he can't just look elsewhere for a job
Go away /fit/. Don't you have some oiled up men to masturbate too?
File: 78.jpg (37 KB, 300x391) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>they responded to it
thread was going pretty well until now
>collegue student
>shy, introvert, and scadery cat
>got the highest ip this semester
>i have a friend

Yes, finally! i am grateful with my life!

Just kill yourself you op, and all of you disgusting neet, scum of the society we don't need you and I DONT FUCKING CARE I AM BUSY WITH MY OWN LIFE
Baited for this exact response desu :^)
6 foot NEETbitch
Sigh. Well i would have pictures of Elliot on my facebook and i would often quote him and stuff. And i talked about how i wish he would kill more and how great it must have felt to run over some blondes.

I mentioned that i am jealous of the fact that he dared to do it.

I didn't think anyone would care as no one really talked to me on facebook.
File: DarthMaulMakeup.jpg (58 KB, 813x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm far out there fampai
>hehe l00k at meh im funneh XDDD lol XDDD
>he feel for the baitbaitbait
K 3 K
>not 6'2
Holy shit stay away from me you unaesthetic manlet cunt.
>21yo ugly as fuck
>Skinny as fuck
>pirates teeth
>last work when i was 18yo
>3 years without going out
>no friends or gf
>last female interaction was 12yo
>spend most time playing game
>Have SAD
>family thinks i have autism
Its ok guys, you gotta be proud Who else could survive as long as you with as little as you you guys are amazing you think you are at the lower spectrum how do you know you aren't looking at it wrong
Same, do you have any book recommendations? And how do you make physics a hobby?
File: 2016-01-15 01.21.09.png (524 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2016-01-15 01.21.09.png
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>body is a work of art

Stay mad NEETbitches

I'm off to sleep need my rest
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>Kissless Virgin Friendless Neet
>22 years of age and still living with his parents
>Still plays world of warcraft not out of enjoyment but because i got nothing else
>barely passed highschool because I didn't want to go to the classes, because i'm that much of an anti-social
>i didn't make any friends and rumor had it that i was some junkie due to my apathetic expression i always had
>room is infested with cockroaches
>my day consist of browsing r9k and playing wow
>no motivation to improve i'm just there
>also hearing tapping at night, and hums, and buzzing, and breathing, but no voices
>sometimes i feel something touch me at night
>have had constant sleep paralysis since i was a kido
>makes me into an insomniac because afraid to sleep
File: 07fcb51 (1).jpg (3 KB, 100x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
07fcb51 (1).jpg
3 KB, 100x100
>live in china
>have a job
>as a manager at some real estate company
>middle to top salary
>have friends
>100+ followers on instagram
>white and chinese

I am wonderful, right.... robot?
File: 1000%.jpg (15 KB, 275x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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jk i don't really give a shit about any of it senpai
>no motivation
Wait so ... why did the police show up? Wtf

Was there some specific thing you said that made them react? Something you said?
File: 1440617376725.gif (2 MB, 235x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 235x240
Fine, i'll take the bait, even though i think you are way too stupid to actually bait other people.
I think you are just here for attention.

You come here tell other people stop to brag about how shitty their lives are, at the same time, you are bragging about your pathetic life who literally no one cares about, but have fun with your illusion.

You're a worthless piece of shit in the very meaning, and should fuck off.
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>NEET living with schizophrenic dad (parents divorced)
>dropped out of school in 8th grade, stopped going to school way before and when I did go I didn't participate
>never had a job or learned to drive
>no friends my entire life, ex-family doesn't talk to me or my dad and they are strangers to us
>don't leave the house (agoraphobic), only person I've seen in real life for the last 5 years is my dad and we don't talk
>virgin obviously, back when i left the house and went to school and coexisted with human beings i was a mute and a ghost
>6'4" but spine problems make it hard for me to even walk due to laying in bed 24 hours a day for an entire decade
>didn't brush my teeth for over a decade, missing several teeth and have untreated problems, recently started growing extra teeth out of my gums
>bad skin disease all over my face and head, acne all over body, balding, stretch marks all over body
>terrible vision, 1 inch penis, voice is high and people used to mistake me for a girl on the phone back when I used to speak to other human beings
>talk to myself several hours per day, developed a fantasy world in my mind with imaginary friends to cope, in my life i have spent more time talking to myself than all other outside human interactions combined
>dusty old towels are nailed down at all the windows in the apartment, none of the toilets work, i've been sleeping on the same dirty sheets for years, mattress is infested with several different species of bugs that come and eat me in the night
>shower is infested with insects and mold, hair is so dirty it is rock hard and sticks to my scalp so i keep bald, wash in sink
>raised myself on the internet and have been a NEET almost my entire life, have no knowledge in basic real life tasks
>every meal is instant
>don't even remember how to add or subtract
>only activities i do are watch anime and listen to music, repeat back and forth until fall asleep

i tell myself that one day it will end while fully knowing that it won't
File: image.png (978 KB, 1080x1063) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
978 KB, 1080x1063
>Shameful NEET living with parents
>Graduated from high school
>Couldn't stay in community college more than a few weeks
>Only worked 3 jobs ever, fired from one and I will never know what I did wrong, still bothers me
>No social life, I stay in my room and decline any invite to leave
>KHV, I don't remember a time where a girl seemed interested in me
>Somewhere around 5'11" - 6'0"
>Messy hair, haven't had a real haircut since I was a kid
>Not particularly ugly, it's hard to tell
>Borderline between "You should eat more" and "You need to see a doctor"
>Anemic, look like I'm dying
>Bags under eyes that won't go away, no matter how long I sleep
>Can't handle being in public
Due to constant fear of judgement. It's a terrible struggle going to any store.
>Too afraid to see a therapist or doctor because I fear something is actually wrong with me and I'll be forced into something I don't want

Being alive isn't really worth it anymore.
Try reading exam revision guides. They cover all the important stuff quickly and easily, they also provide resources for you to test yourself. Then just hop around areas that you enjoy reading about (virtual particles, antimatter, darkmatter, black holes for me). If you want to get into other non-textbook books then i reccomend A universe from nothing by Lawrence Krauss. And you can only make it a hobby if you enjoy it and enjoy reading about it, don't make a hobby for yourself about something you don't genuinely enjoy.
Thread replies: 63
Thread images: 17
Thread DB ID: 455081

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