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Catch 22
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This shit is a catch 22-

How do I get a gf that will respect me even if I don't pump n' dump them?
Girls only want Chad, but to be Chad you must NEVER make it clear that you may want an intimate relationship.
I can be a chad, but at some point I want to stop the charade and actually just be chill with someone and have that companionship.
You can't. I tried. The moment you try to have something real they unknowingly lose respect and start resenting you.
You have a pretty skewed idea of what girls want. Try to fix that and you might be more successful.
Act like you're going to pump and dump. Then pretty much keep the attitude that you'll move on as soon as you get bored. Eventually she'll realize that she actually wants to be with you.
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Are you implying girls want companionship?
Are you implying girls want someone they can be real with? Someone to be intimate with?

... Are you fucking kidding me?
You must be new/ 14 years old... This isn't just some circlejerk shit on here- it's widely known.
>have cute gf
>Head over heels in love
>often say cheesy stuff like
>cant live without you
>youre my one true love
>shes always like
>dont be silly, youd have another girl in a week
>tfw gf tricks herself into thinking im a pump'n'dump chad
Thanks anon, but how do I move onto girlfriend status? How do I get to know a bit about their personality? It's hard to give your actual non-Chad-ness away if you silently observe her.

Btw, I'm not looking for Stacy. I want someone more "different", cause I'm wholey attracted to unique aspects of anyone/ thing.
It's funny how in the reverse situation, a guy would be so turned off by that sort of "I might be better than you" shit.
What kind of reveresed situation? I dont get what youre saying.
If she acted like at any moment she could just dump you for someone better. Like if you had that feeling from her.

Unless you're a hyper beta- no human would put up with that shit for even a second.
It's a no win situation op

Esepcially for someone like me who wears his emotions on his sleeve. I'm not good at the bullshitting game when it comes to what I want.


Dated this girl I fell in love with for 2 years. Would have actually married this girl and had family. Treated her great and everything. Left me.

Actually every girl i've dated that I have been nice to left me.

Finally date a crazy bitch. Get unhappy. Want to end it but afraid of hurting her feelings cause I've never broke up with anyone. Plus I was scared of being alone. I treated her bad for the most part. She did me as well. Never gave a fuck if she broke it off with me or not. She would never end it.

End up spending four years with this psycho even though I never acted like I wanted to be with her.

If I could apply that psychology to other girls I actually like, then it would work.

But who wants to be happy and pretend their not?

Thats why women are inferior m8
Id consider that rude and shitty. But thats exactly how she feels about me, or better said, how she wants to feel about me. Girls are weird.
Like, I want someone I can respect. Someone who can leave me if I'm a shitty human being/ not "firing on all cylinders" for them.

And I'm probably the type of guy who WILL leave a girl if she's not really my image of perfection. Not actually leave her, but have that thought entertained.

But is it possible to like, admire any passions/ uniqueness she has? That's all I want to do, ultimately. Is there any way to reach this goal? What alternate behaviours need to exist in order to make this possible?
This is right - girls want companionship, someone they can be real and intimate with. This Chad shit is a dumb meme. Some girls want that but not all or most of them.

I have a GF of four years and I'm not a Chad at all. I never acted like I didn't want intimacy.
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What kind of girls are like this?
I do not want stacy bitches- I want to find real human beans.
But even the girls that I feel like are definitely "real people" with vulnerabilities/ problems, they instantly don't respect men if they aren't that aggressive type.

I'm not saying I'm a fucking nu-male faggot, or an autistic beta. I see myself as the "not-so-bad normie" on this chart, and girls on this board have already said I look cute.
And you've probably been cheated on multiple times. Sorry to say that, cuck, but you probably now too anyway.
One of two things are happening (maybe both, for different girls):
1) You are meeting girls you feel like are 'real people' and incorrectly jumping to the conclusion that they don't respect men who aren't super-aggressive or who have some sensitivity.
2) You are in an environment full of shitty women who you initially misjudge as reasonable people.

I don't know how to answer your first question of 'what kind of girls are like this'. Most of them? It's not hard to find someone who does not want a Chad.

This is the narrative you tell yourself to convince yourself that trying to get a GF is not worth it, but it's a lie. I know that my GF is crazy about me. I also know that cheating is not nearly as prevalent as you basement-dwellers believe.

For example, the percentage of married women who cheat is about 15%:
They got their data from here:

You can spout some bullshit about how every single person who claims not to cheat is lying if it would make you feel better. I've heard it before and it's bullshit. Maybe someday you'll wake up to reality; more likely, you'll die alone and miserable.
I feel you so much man...
Do you know of any quick ways of identifying women without giving yourself away? I used to resort to the whole "Hey, saw that you had [insert some kind of thing based off what she's wearing/ holding/ saying that shows she has interest in that subject], you like that too?" sort of conversation, but even after talking they just... I don't know. I had more success when I was more kept to myself/ didn't care about women. More girls would try to approach me for the "hiiiii, haha, do you think I'm cute? *u*" bullshit. But they'd normally just be like... People who don't share my interests/ I'd find something about them that I can't stand.

Being direct/ nice to someone I'm interested just doesn't spark any kind of fire. I'm slowly thinking about the redpill stuff and considering just incorporating that sort of negging/ downtalking the person I'm interested stuff. It'd kill me inside, but it's pretty much what I'll need to get a chance at connecting with someone in a "we're both equals" sort of way.
I've only really gone after women who I already knew in some capacity... my current girlfriend is kind of an exception, because I asked her out after meeting her once, but it was a small birthday party for a mutual friend that was all day, so I had a decent sense of who she was already. I also had some success with dating sites. Just straight-up trying to court a complete stranger is definitely tougher.

I'd say you need to be honest about who you are and what your intentions are if you are looking for something serious and intimate. The PUA shit is more for hookups or weird, unhealthy relationships. I think your original plan of asking about common interests is solid. Some women just won't go for it, but in all likelihood you wouldn't have been able to get a good relationship with them in the first place. The kind of woman you're actually looking for would like it.
>The kind of woman you're actually looking for would like it.
That's where my doubts lie.
Maybe I'm a bad judge of character, but I want someone who is kind of removed from their ego/ has some kind of ambition. You know; successful but realistic. Also not the type that gets offended by stuff, open to criticism. Introspective, creative, not entirely positive but has that sense to bring truth to people.
You know- unicorns.
I've met a few suspect unicorns and they all sort of just move on. Or are interested in the really aggressive/ fakey boisterous kinds of Chads. Maybe it's due to their age (18-21) but I don't know.
Why didnt you retards not just get a gf in your teens, and then grow up together with her, molding each other into complimentary personalities?

Its like you faggots dont even WANT a gf that is like the missing piece to the puzzle that is your life.

God damn

You can't. Women are whores until they're old and busted, or get impregnated by some one night chad. Then they want alimony or a beta bf to live off of.
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