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man, why are tall people so shitty and mean?...
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man, why are tall people so shitty and mean? :( i'm 5'6" and i feel inferior to everyone. what kind of girl would ever date some short young-looking faggot like me? everyone told me college would be the best time of my life, but i can't even stand being on campus. everyone looks older than me. they're all taller than me.

i fucking hate how shallow women are. none of them will ever date a short faggot like me. i am the literal male equivalent of a 260 lbs landwhale. those fucking bitches can change their weight, but i can't do shit. i'm stuck like this. fml d00ds. i think about suicide every day. i remember when the only gf that i ever had cheated on me with a tall guy. then she got with a new bf later who was also tall. fucking kill me holy shit i want to die.

also i'm really drunk

manlet general
>i feel inferior to everyone
you are, manlet.
have any recommendations for painless suicide? i've considered livestreaming it.
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You feel inferior because you ARE inferior. Accepting your inferiority is facing reality.

Once you've given up you'll learn to live with your own loneliness. Just like the rest of us
i can't live with it. know any suicide methods that won't have a gross cleanup?

Freezing to death is good.
Drug overdose, difficult, but doable
i've heard ODing is so painful.
freezing to death would be nice but i live in SoCal so that's basically impossible unless i stuff myself in a giant freezer which i do not own lmao.
may hang myself. i've tried suffocating myself with a plastic bag and that was too hard. i remember telling my ex girlfriend that i did it and she freaked the fuck out. for once, she actually cared about me. :') only gf i've ever had, and the only tim ei got her to care about me was when i tried killing myself.
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Daily reminder with this Daily pasta just to remind you how biased the world really is.

>If you're 6 feet tall, you probably earn about $6,000 more than the equally qualified 5-foot-6-inch"
>an extra inch of height can be worth an extra $1,000 a year

>manlet glass ceiling
>90% of CEO's are above average height, only 3% are "manlets"

>We found a twofold higher risk of suicide in short men

>Dr David Frederick, a psychology professor at Chapman University in California, said: 'These findings confirm that height is relevant on the mating market.

6K less annually.
1/10th the chance of advancing your career relative to an average/tall person
2:1 suicide rate to tall & average men (while only being 33% of the male population)
less chance of finding love
5'2 here

stop bitching, it does nothing to help. i learned that already.
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50 cent haha hehe.png
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>i learned that already
would you say, you've grown up?
5'5 here
I don't really feel so held back by my height as I am my inability to socialize with girls.
i feel like my inability to socialize with girls stems from my lack of confidence which stems mostly from my height which stems from my inability to socialize

I agree with both of you. I'm in the same boat.
you can't socialize with girls because girls are not interested in manlets. is that really so hard to understand? t. femanon (not fembot)
Muscular 6'3 here, and it fucking sucks. People always try to talk to me, but I am the most autistic / socially anxious person, so they get scared off. I'd much rather not stand out wherever I go.

Personality >>> looks (though they do help)

Pass me that rope
i fucking hate you, you shallow whore. if nothing was stopping me, i'd fucking murder you. do you hear me?
i feel that, anon. it's like nothing can compensate for low confidence, no matter how good you look. it's a deep-seeded mental problem.
charming. maybe there really is more to your inability to attract girls other than your height lol
you deserve to be shot by firing squad. consider suicide, whore. fucking die.
grow up.

diiiiiieeeee roastie diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee. i want your head on a fucking pike, whore.
im 5'6 and just dont really care. in high school it was my nightmare but now its just kinda...eh.

because im going to kill myself before 30 anyway
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Well I can't say that's why because I never socialize with girls. I've been approached by girls before that were interested in me but I'm just to autistic to try anything. Thanks for the input though.
6'0 here

feels pretty average man
Step one: stop giving a fuck. That's what I did.

>have good career
>have friends
>have 5'10" gf
>be 5'6"
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