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Ah. Well.png
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Hey robots, wondering how you're feeling and if any of you have made positive changes in your life recently. If so, please tell us about it!
I started exercising - not like gym shit, I just go for hard bike rides.

I've felt great since that.
I'm starting college next month.
Got a gf recently. Feels good. Still worthless though.
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Man the photo is depressing. Story?

As for positive changes:

>found a job I really like. Been there 3 and a bit months and things seem to be going well. Prior to this I had a string of awful jobs.
>quit alcoholism about 6 months back... can drink 1-2 and stick to that
>learning German
>learning to budget better
>broke up with and have gone NC with a vicious harpy who was draining my life blood
>joined a better gym and more regularly
>moved into my own place that I love, away from batshit awful roommate
>writing again

still feel just as lonely and empty though
Same, fucking scared.
This is all really good news! Feeling less lonely and empty is a process I think. I mean, it's not like you'll suddenly feel better when you're smart enough or rich enough or have a gf. Just keep it up man, hope you feel better soon! Staying busy helps. Having stuff to do does as well.

I'm happy for you anon :3
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Why am I so attracted to feminine and submissive males?
Aw thanks anon. I hope things go well for you too. You're right, I suppose even if your life improves, emptiness and loneliness doesn't immediately evaporate.
because you're a faggot
>>>/lgbt/ it's more your speed
What would even be scary about college?
Havent talked to anyone personally in a long time
Damn, the one thing I hope would fulfill my life
Joined gym, joined a meme martial art group to generate some kind of social interaction, embraced my willingness to kill myself via changing into a course/field I can actually see myself doing for the rest of my life (if it doesn't work out I'll just off myself).
After months without going out, im planing to go out today, maybe take my dog for a walk,

Enjoy being raped by Muslims while you walk the dog.

who the fuck is us?
Yo, OP here, not sure if you're still hanging around.
All those things are great to hear!
The photo: I started talking to this girl I hadn't seen for five years - she grew into a pretty vapid person, but hey, at least someone to talk to right? Well, a few weeks down the line she's just not very talkative, and I ask her that and BAM, really hurt. That's why I wanted to hear some good things.
By "us" I meant everyone on the board.
Yesterday I went outside for the first time in a month to get some whiskey.
Exercise always makes me feel better about myself. I do basic strength training though. Keep it up :)
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>Started lifting and eating healthy
>Caring less about what others think of me
>Started practicing drums more often

Still feel like crap most of the time though. Started to lose friends, but I guess I didn't need those fuckers around anyway. Relationship with my mom kinda sucks because she's being a bitch.
Can't have it all good, right?
Can't have everything no, but it's great that you're doing things. Specially the drums. Having something creative + physical really helps (I've been teaching myself guitar - hard work!).
Thanks brobot. I got myself a lefty(I'm a lefty) guitar recently and I already know some chords. They all sound pretty much the same because it's a shitty guitar. What do you use to teach yourself? Anything better out there then JustingGuitar?
Songsterr got me going a few years ago, cant get much better than that for starting.

Dont get hung up on chords.

Learn licks, scales, cool little fast bits etc or you will be stuck as a rhythm guitarist for years
For a nice layout with a bunch of well known songs, check out this site:

Another useful resource I've found is Your Guitar Sage - a couple of free PDFs, and some to buy - they give you some technical info, and link to many of his guitar lesson videos.

Just keep at it, even when barre chords kick you in the nuts over and over again.
Started drinking only water - no coke or anything sugary. Dropped eating crisps, started the process of getting braces and a circumcision (phimosis).

I've lost visible weight and it really started when i told my best friend that i liked her - i thought she liked me but she didnt. Her words were 'i like being single right now' . We're still bestfriends and kissed at new years, but i think that pure emotional shock made me decide to change myself into something that hopefully one day she'll want to be with only to find out that im over her and happy with someone else.

Its tough. Life goes on.
I've tried so many times to cut out sugary drinks but I've failed every time. I like to blame it on how the water at my house tastes, but in reality it's just poor self control.
Sucks that she didn't say yes, but good on ya for having the balls to say something. I hope for the best for you.

Thanks dude, in the bright side she was like 'i like being single AT THIS MOMENT' so i guess im just waiting. On the brightside when we go to house parties she always comes to me to spoon so it's better than nothing and im definitely miles luckier than a lot of the people here to have someone like that.
Lost 70 pounds in the last half year 2bh
>spent entire year getting shit together
>lost 20lbs, raised GPA from 2.4 to 3.2, became a wagecuck, began learning how to drive
>one anxiety induced panic attack later I find myself suffering from disassociation
>decide to quit work and focus on studies
>depression hits and I stop caring about health
>start gaining back weight and sabatoging myself with drugs and liquor
>GPA is back to a 2.6
>it was all for nothing
>still cant drive

Just fucking kill me
Life is an ebb and flow for the majority of people. You go forward and you go backwards, always trying to get a bit further each time. That's not the most hopeful thing, and I don't blame anyone for not wanting to play the game of life, but it's something to recognise.
I hope your tide comes in again.
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144 KB, 1176x1200
I've decided to drink more beer.
>let go of bitch i loved
>dont care anymore
tfw still depressed faggot but one less kinky whore around me

i'm drinking less, smoking less weed and i've cut out hards drugs entirely. Also cutting out shitty friends.
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