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Early 2000s praise
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>emo girls are gone
>emo girls were approachable not pretentious fucks
>edgy style is actually good
>emo girls were qute
>tfw we'll never relive the early 2000s and emos
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I miss old weeb girls that weren't concerned with SJW topics and just wanted to talk about kawaii things.
Modern weeb girls are cringe worthy SJWs
exactly my point
I was 15 in 2005.
Scene girls were hot as fuck
Scene is the same class as emos, or at least related, right?
Yeah,as long as you have anime hairstyle you're a scene/emo boy/girl.
>you will never see a procession of goths walk past you with their faces painted white and black whilst holding an upside down crucifix ever again

I miss the noughties.
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One of my favorite songs from this era. It would later turn out that the lead singer of this band is Skrillex.

From First to Last- Note to Self
Emily is a better song.
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>you will never be 15 again drinking a sparks tallboy behind a Quiznos while trying to skate like Ali Bouala in Baker 3 before meeting up with two of the scene queens from home room to attend the Blood Brothers/Bright Eyes show later that night
I've got a lotta love for that song too.

SHEEIT, that seems like a whole different lifetime.
Days of myspace, there weren't really smartphones yet twitter and instagram were virtually non-existent. Little kids didn't have iphones. Shit I didn't get a phone until high school.

Funny thing is, when I was 15 at the end of this era I was still the observer. I remember when I quit attending high school and I would walk around with these types of people but never really socialize on the same level. All the years following this I would try to convince myself these were good times, when really I was just conjuring up nostalgia for my own fantasies.
>tfw here in cali all existing emos are fat sjw dykes

god i hope they all die off already
i love it when everyone agrees... even as a non-american i remember fondly the sincerity people had in those days

Emo girls were attention whores. Nothing has changed, other than you becoming older.
Fuck emo girls. Cutting themselves up for attention. Bunch of pretentious bitches
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post hot mid-00s scene girls

all of this means
D.C. made me and the rest
of this mess.
you don't even try to
fake it.


how's your bell-curve?
mine's right-skewed average low. very low.
and the river - she has grown very high.
fell from the sky...
>emo music
.wearing a fucking Burzum shirt
> you will never post on the Wild West internet of 2000 again

all of the true emos died young.
they cut 2 deep
yeah emo/scene girls became fucking gay after that desu. i was like 15 in 2010 and there was this scene chick at my high school who referred to herself as the "SCENE QUEEN OF [our school's name]" and she made a bunch of videos on youtube about it and she was an attention whore.

my brother was in hs back in the early/mid-2000s and i kinda wish i was his age. stuff seemed less autistic back then.




>tfw no scene weeb gf free of sjw influence



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brian peppers.gif
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>tfw proto-robot Brian Peppers has been dead for years now
And not like dead meme wise, like dead dead.
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[insert my generation] was awesome!
Now I guess I know what it feels like every time some idiot looks at the generation he was born in with rose glasses. And it's a very angsty feel.
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Emo/scene grills were around until about 2012 after which they all became tumblr dykes.
No anon, spare me.
>tfw what you called the internet in the early 90s is now what people call the dark web

Feels bad
I was too young to browse the internet in the 90's but if it was anything like darknet (fbihangout.jpg) then it was shit.
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No fucking feminists or sjws or phonewhores...those were the days
No, basically what I mean is that I miss the whole counter-culture vibe that the internet once had, shit just isnt the same.
2001-2005 were shit
early 2010s is where it's at
>playing minecraft for hours on end, the game isn't taken over by kids yet
>seapunk and vaporwave are new and far from dead
>tablets were a novelty
>3D televisions and movies
>Pepe wasn't ruined by normies
>/r9k/ was deleted and brought back, the board was much better than it's now
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>Log into NormalfagBook for the first time in ever
>Accept like 20 friend requests that have accumulated over a 2 year period
>I don't know any of these faggots
>Get a message from some scene girl
>Look on her profile
>status 6 hours ago
>Looking for somebody to go to concerts with
>No thank you holy shit
>Haven't read the message, because I don't want none of this, and I'd rather just blow it off than turn her down
they really were the shit
And moot was still in charge, nevar forget mootles
Normalfaggot pls GTFO
>Pepe and Wojak are called sadfrog and feel guy
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