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/v/ is awful and full of children. I know...
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gta sa.jpg
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/v/ is awful and full of children. I know you robots grew up playing San Andreas in middle school

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v is awful.png
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maybe I'm just too nostalgic
>tfw pirated gta v
>tfw the game started crashing constantly shortly after i got trevor

it's the only thing i had left in life and now i can't even play. even if i buy the game now, my save is probably fucked
I don't even want to know how many hundreds of hours I have into SAMP, wouldn't surprise me if it was well over a thousand. Not to mention the hundreds of hours I have into MTA, which I still occasionally play even today.
best radio station
IIRC, I was a Junior in Highschool.
Man I miss those times,
Oh sure I can port it or get a PS2 and play it again but, it wouldn't be the same.
I'll never retake SA from those cholo's or that purple hoodie nigger gang.

I'll never enjoy it for the first time ever again and that fucking sucks dude.
Killer tune, but as usual, original is always best. And that's coming from someone who LOVES GFR.


>tfw playing gta sa on ps2 in the good old times
>creating own made up story lines
>travelling around, pretending doing something

Please tell me i wasnt the only one
File: gta sa plane.jpg (15 KB, 335x176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gta sa plane.jpg
15 KB, 335x176
>flying into the sunset and
>starts playing
My box wasn't strong enough to support it but, and I lost a save...
It was worth replaying though.
All the story mode and even online...
Good stuff dude.
I would really like to hear your story on how pathetic you are to think this way. I really would.
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pepe christmas.jpg
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My favorite thing to do was park horizontally on a highway so I took up both lanes and watch the massive pileup that occurred. Sometimes cops would show up and a few of them would open up fire on civilians or drive their car off the bridge or flip it somehow. Good times
this and kdst
>Constant depression due to bullies, and no gf thoughts.
>Fat, no friends.
>Lost my great grandmother
>All my hopes drained
>Parents buy me a ps2.
>experience things I never felt
>despite being poor, got some games
>bought gta: sa
>played gta 3 and vc, being a little being excited
>as I pass the game, i feel the connection with CJ and the lads
>my only reason to wake up was to explore san andreas
>wander through the woods while listening k-rose
>open a soda and chill looking at the screen, in my car under a heavy rain
>gamble in las venturas
>being a left wing faggot in san fierro
>ended the game. Felt empty.
>tfw no games after left me so empty.
>played it on the ps3 and buying it on the ps4 version.

It's sad that i would never rediscover this game. All these feels...
best song coming through

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>have san andreas on steam
>haven't got around to playing it
I think part of the fun was you could go multiplayer on it, me and my brother used to love just causing havoc together. Got told you can't multiplayer on steam version.
I think a lot of people know this feel. My uncle used to be a really mysterious and quiet person who used to sit in the shed all day drinking then emerge to play this game. He would always go on a rampage.
>you can play most gtas on your phone now
I redownloaded it for PS3 a month ago or so.

I used to drive around on a dirtbike, pop a wheelie, and bring down the front tire on the back window of the car in front of me. That would send them driving away crazily to crash into other cars and blow up.

They kept that in, thankfully.
I haven't been to /v/ in years. I'm sure it's still awful.
I think its the only place we can be as badass as we can be without getting caught by the police and be raped by a minority.
literally playing samp right now

But that's not true, I was playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on my Sega Genesis in middle school.

>Look up GTA San Andreas
>It was released on 26 October 2004 for the PlayStation 2 console, and on 7 June 2005 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox
>tfw had already graduated high school when this was out

Are you all this young?

Majority of us are 90s kids xD
File: GTA.IV.0010037.jpg (189 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 1280x1024
I always thought San Andreas was the weakest PS2 era GTA game. Unpopular opinion but I also felt like GTA IV was the best GTA.
online was so shit tho.

>let me tell you about annihilators, tail rottors, running across islands and airports
Wow, maybe that's a bad screenshot but I remember IV looking really nice
Liked IV more than V desu lads
this game was my life in middle school when i was 12, also mgs 3 came out a few months later. that was a great year for gaming.

>Rob stores
>guns sounded better
>shooting off limbs
>RAMPAGE/mini games
>six star more challenging to survive
>San Andreas in middle school
>Not running over hookers on a Faggio in GTA III while in high school

I swear, it's like every 2 weeks a younger generation comes in here
Time to reinstall.
>gta III

Gtfo poser.
The carplay was weak as hell compared to GTA 5, and I'd say compared to other GTA games too. Fishtailing is ridiculous and the handbrake always sends you into a 180, rather than make turns easier, not to mention just tapping a cop car sends the whole state police after you. Worst time I had in GTA 4 was car chase missions since it handled like butter on ice trying to avoid bricks while chasing a greased up cat.
Just pulled the game off my shelf, you're right, it's Vice City. My bad. I distinctly remember the Faggio name though
>Dad had GTA SA
>only visited on weekends
>never got past the first 3 quests into the storyline

is it worth playing?
I would always get that shitty rusted down car thats hidden in multiplayer with my friend and I would always purposely try to find ways to make it flip at the worse times. I thought the cars in GTAIV were great but they were also the only good side to the game.
File: Pissed off Doge..jpg (6 KB, 247x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pissed off Doge..jpg
6 KB, 247x250
Those fucking psychic police in V.

Greatest game in quite awhile if you ask me though.
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back to work.jpg
45 KB, 409x409
>tfw i got seriously injured in late 2004 and didn't have to go to school for the rest of the year
>tfw I conquered all territories but still not enough
>tfw currently playing SA for the first time after a childhood denied of gaming
Flying in that game sucked ass, the flying school missions prevented me from progressing in-game for weeks.
>map is shit
>characters are unlikable
>no cool vehicles
>no cool weapons
>music is shit

GTA IV was probably the worst game in the whole series, San Andreas 4 lyfe.
Hell yeah, I played it for the first time last year on Steam and I loved it.
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