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So for some reason I went with the amx to...
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So for some reason I went with the amx to bat chatillon 25 because I read somewhere it was voted best tank in game by a large majority for basically its damage output. What do you guys think? Ive been investing a lot of money and experience to this line already on amx 12 t, so I need to know before i cant turn back

Been to /v/, but my threads get no play cuz the board is so fast now
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WoT is for autists just kill yourself you cunt.
French line isnt great to start on,

For beginners normally you go Russian heavy line to is-3 and than actually are able to play the game.

I went ruskie heavy line,german heavy line,british medium line,german scout/arty,french heavy autoloaders.

Youll need a premium t8 eventually to make dosh. Can pick some up cheap when on sale but you only really need one to be honest.

Basically each tank line normally has a playstyle,french auto loaders are fast glass cannons.
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KV-5 master race
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>literally jerks off to fucking historical tanks
wew lad why don't you fuck off back to the Panzerdivision you little fuck boy?
>muh historical armoured weapon
I have the Is-6 and I like it because of its space armor, probably my favorite tank actually but im still getting crushed most of the time. I also have the t-46 russian idk if thats good. I bought some other tier 8 tanks and I have the jpanther 2 which i got there myself only to find out it sucks. I have thr fcm 50 t, t 34, the luchs, pz kpfw 3, vk 20.01, durchbruchswagen 2, marder 38 T, and an m3 stuart lol pls kill me
I'm disappointed in the FCM 50 t. Thing has 0 armor. Fucking french.
Go one /vg/
Look in the catalog for the game you want and post there to get good answer to your question.

You can also try to make a world of tanks general if there is not one up for some reason, but that will probably mean you have to wait to see if it gets active before posting your question.
Lol fucking pussies, thing was supposed to be fast too nigga i got tank destroyers dancin circles round me rn
why did you buy so many premiums?

Theres a lot of things to learn in world of tanks and playing each nation generally makes you learn which you prefer or what suits you the most.

Buying all of them this early is a bit silly.

The is-6 is a decent tank,its fun but inconsistent.With its low penetration really needs you to know the weakspots on what your fighting.
I don't know of a single good player who thinks the Bat Chat is the best tier 10 medium, let alone the best tank in the game.

Whoever voted for it were wrong. Was the vote on the official WoT forums? That place is full of shitters.

Russian heavies are good beginner tanks. Over all good armor, firepower and mobility for their tiers, but they're usually let down by sub par soft stats and gun handling. Playing to their strengths is easy though, even for beginners.

The wotlabs forum is where you want to lurk of you want to git gud.
Cause I wanted to see which one I was best with, I actually bought the is 6 last, but they have raked in a lot of xp and their matchmaking is good so idk im a fuckin scrub familio

Yeah i think it was wot forums with all those weebs actin like they know what they are talking about. Just fuck me up man. Is the t 46 a good line? What about german tanks? I have a jagdpanther 2
Has the game gone full girls und panzer yet
>To see which was best

You wot m8.

Anyway looking past this,why would you even drop money into a free to ply game before youve invested time into it.

The premium tanks are not overpowered,most of them have a serious flaw to them or a gimmick of sorts. It sucks to say but never listen to shit on the forums they are all just fanbois of nations and mostly the shittest players.

A lot of world of tanks comes down to decision making.

Ill sum this up easily. You are in your is-6 you go to a close section instead of trying to open field snipe. This is good already better thn 20% of players.
I'm telling you, just get the KV-5 whenever it goes on sale again. 180mm of frontal armor, 140 in the back. 100 tons of tank to crush people with. Drive around backwards, it doesn't give a fuck. In fact, driving around backwards is a viable strategy since the weak points are on the front.

Yeah i still get wrecked m9 tell me which lines youd invest in

I thought they stopped sellin the kv 5? I cant find that shit anywhere
I Dont get the kv-5 meme, To me I find one I consider it one of those well heres 1.5k damage.

I view it much like the tog,except with the tog it might be able to actually dpm you down if you are stupid about it.

I own a su-122-44 prem tank. Possibly the most fun I have playing world of tanks comes from it.

You can basically just park yourself anywhere and go to town on any non tier 9 tank and they will shit themselves from your sheer damage output.

Shame it doesnt make hella mad dosh like tier 8s but I still can make 50k a battle non prem from it.
Correct, that's why I said next time it goes on sale.
I wasn't aware the KV-5 was a meme tank. I just bought it because RUSSIA STRONK and had the most fun playing that hulking monster. Nothing like ramming someone for 750+ damage.
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Ill just show you my tech trees so you can see What I have in full.Ill mention any tanks from these I particularly liked.

Luchs and leopard are amazing
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Tiger P is the better tiger.It leads to some subpar tanks but playing it was great.

Ferdi is a Strong td which can take hits too. Well rounded imo
Which would you recommend, Marder 38T or Hetzer line, and why?
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Russain line I went for the faster but less armored heavy tank line. I prefer being able to get around the map rather than slowly dragging myself around.

is-3 Is possibly the Best tier 8 tank in the game. It has no major downside and a lot of good things going for it.

The t-10 is one of the best tanks Ive played so far.Has the good mix of a great gun,Good mobility while keeping the chance to bounce shots.
Well when I played the hetzer it had one of the most op guns in the game at that tier.

If I was to go back i would probably play the hetzer again,its grind is a bit longer but Its the better tank. Sneaky,small bit of armour and is quick enough iirc
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American tech tree I only went in for tank destroyers so not much point in showing that.

French line is disgusting till tier 5 once you start getting their tier 5s and up its smooth sailing

All these tnks were enjoyable to play but they do vary a good deal in play stlye even though they are in the same lines. If I had to regrind them though I would only do the heavy tank tree.
and as for the other nations the british are the only ones of note,their medium tank line is fantastic,their tank destroyers are great,although I prefer their turreted over non turreted.

And the heavy tank line is nice too but nothign speical.
Id recommend starting with Russian heavy tanks Seeign as you enjoy the is-6 its probably the best option.
Girls und panzer
Pic related
>play wot for 4 years
still below average (over all 1200 recent 1500)
get a top kek gun very rarely

i want be a skilled player so badly
Camp with tank destroyers. :^)
i'm play with a nashorn these days
pretty decent
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