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Any kind of feels, get it off your chest
>chosen to turn my life around this year
>got a hobby, break dancing for social gains
>actually enjoying it
>other person joined a few days later than me
>already passing me
>was always weak, struggled with a bit over 1 plate deadlift today even if I have been lifting for a while
>other guy is bigger, can handstand and already do some difficult moves that I can't even try right now before learning to hand stand
>already feeling how I fall back into robotism, but at the same time want to pass my competition so bad
Also watched The double the night before, I feel like I am in the movie, he's fucking here to bring me down even more than I was before
>no GF to cuddle with
>laptop has coil whine
>I want summer, sunsets, high temps
>>start dating a girl who has a 1y old daughter
>>i was a robot then i didn't know any better
>>4 years have passed
>>the girl i was dating is a manipulative bitch
>>must break up with her
>>have been putting it off for almost a year because i get along really well with her daughter and it would break my heart if i didn't see her again
>>probably gonna break up with my gf this weekend
>>feels bad man like i'm going to lose my own child
I would love to get a chance to do something heroic some day. Seriously, just imagine the praise I would get. Weather I save someone from a burning building or stop some madman, weather I live or not, I'd get people to praise and respect me. I'd be remembered in a positive ways. Girls will fantasize about being saved by me and write cringeworthy fanfiction of me, I guess that's good...
Yeah I'll probably be the villain. Quicker, easier, more plausible.
Same senpai, I wish I was a star in a very popular tv show, get fame and thousands on twitter, and search for fanfictions of myself and deviantart pictures of me.
The dream to become a famous actor has always been strong yet I can barely hold a conversation.
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>feel like wasting your "young" years
>the only two (girl)friends that i was very close with and the only i had are now out of my life
>dropped out of school
>kinda bottled up all my emotions
>foresee a life filled with vidya and a job in a factory
It could be worse i guess, at least i'm trying to be positive everyday
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The girl I'm in love with wants an open relationship because one person just isn't enough for her
>age 21
>currently in college, have a chance to go uni next year but dont know if i even want to
>feel like whatever 'friends' i have are slowly drifting away
>all of them have their own circles and shit which im not part of, so they are always talking to girls going out etc
>spend most of my days in front of a screen browsing r9k
>tfw stagnating
>uni could be my way out but afraid ill move to another city and still end up like i currently am
>no gf ever, feel like im letting my family down and dont know what the fuck to do or how to do it
I want to link someone a video just to ness with em but I don't feel like readding them after a year of having cut contact
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I am making an original post in this thread right now at this moment
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>grew up in single parent home with mother
>can't treat anyone that is a boy other than garbage and girls other than a mother figure
>mom used to beat me whenever I spent the extra change on stuff at lunch
>mom pocketed my birthday money and Christmas money to use for spas and other cosmetics
>mom wouldn't buy food for us, only the really crappy store brand and even then we would run out and I would have to go days
>haven't told anyone this
you probably should tell someone
like legal people
know that feel, bro
I'm better without her now
it will hurt like hell but you'll be fine
I am 23, I don't want to live my past anymore
I need a gf, man. I want to feel loved by a girl for once. And i want to protect her and be there for her. I fuck escorts on the regular, but its not the same thing i guess, kek
Are you noticably F.A.T.?
>Be me
>Meet girl
>Don't want relationship, just friend (Me, btw)
>She start's flirting, I tell her again I don't want a relationship.
>She starts telling me really emotional and personal shit
>Start to feel sorry for her
>Five months on, still talk to her
>She start's ditching me, ignoring me, etc.
>Ask what's up, she just says she's gotten busy
>I started texting her and constantly checking my phone for a reply
>I started going out of my way for her
>As in I would get up, get dressed and go into town only for her to leave after I got there and we've talked for a few minutes.
>It's been six months and I just realized how badly I've been manipulated.
>How the fuck did this happen?
>She ugly too, I even find her remotely attractive yet I was complacent to let her dog me around.
>How did she make me like that
>What the fuck happened
>I'm still slightly orbiting but i've began avoiding her because I noticed how much of an attention whore she is.
>The fuck, man.
>I'm at least a 6, she's a 4.5
Ditch her bruv
No I actually try to gain weight
>Never had strong feelings for anyone since a high school crush.
>Years of blandly going through life.
>Start a new job and meet the most amazing woman. We don't work in the same department so no major conflicts.
>Instantly fall for her, but keep myself together because I don't trust these new feelings.
>Intuitively in love with her. Can't stop thinking about her.
>She is really nice and great at conversation.
>She talks to me for at least an hour every day. A lifetime of built up thoughts come pouring out of me. I open up to her and she is receptive.
>She texts me, emails me, sends me facebook messages at least once a day: unsolicited.
>She is concerned when I am not feeling good and compliments me more than anyone in my whole life.
>I still keep it all together and while she is on vacation I conclude that we can never be together because of my personal problems. I decide to "just be friends" but enjoy her friendship to the fullest.
>She goes on vacation. When she comes back she stops talking to me. Won't even look at me. Won't respond to my emails.
>I try to play it off and handle myself really well (you'd be proud, no beta bullshit or cringy behavior).
>Ask her for coffee and she actually comes.
>She talks disintrestedly about work without looking at me, then rushes back to her office with her coffee.
>I sit there alone.

I realize that my connection with her started because of my own problems. She looks like my mother in a way, who abandoned me as a teenager then killed herself. I tried to be introspective enough to understand my mental problems. But her conversation and things we had in common won me over completely. Now I will never get that friendship back. I'm drinking a lot and sleeping a lot. I think about killing myself all the time. Oh well. I guess I screwed up with some minor conventional act and lost whatever game I was supposed to play. Good luck guys. It's better to have never loved than go through this.
She's fucking another man.
I feel like my family is just toxic. I love my mother, but sometimes she could be a real bother and very harsh with her words. She has no friends either, which worries me since she's at home with my baby brother 24/7. I have mixed feelings towards her, she once told me to kill myself and that she wouldn't care. It was out of anger though, I was being a little shit, but it has stuck with me my whole life. Ive got mixed feelings towards my father too. Being an ex-alcoholic, he has bad anger issues and what me and my mother think of as bipolar disorder, but he can't get diagnosed for fear of being deported. He can be on the slow side at times, but hes extremely bright street-wise, as he grew up in the streets. He constantly yells and calls everyone in the house names, can be extremely immature and seems to find something to be annoyed about. It can be extremely irritating talking to him as it feels like I'm stepping through a puzzle to not trigger his anger. I feel like their marriage should've ended a long time ago, but that's none of my business. Though I want them both to be happy. But they can be so irritating, and overall I think I'm done wasting my time and tears in attempt to cooperate with them. I usually spent my time with my mother, since I can easily be annoyed with my fathers personality. It's just me though. I don't have a partner and never have had one, and as much as I'd like a qt3.14 to cuddle with in this east coast blizzard, I've noticed it's not the source of my loneliness. I accept I feel lonely because I think lonely thoughts, and it has nothing to do with my external enviorment. It's all in my head.
try harder op
you never know, but that guy could be training all day long
Bumping for more feels. I need to wallow.
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