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Who was she
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What was she like /r9k/ what happened why dont you speak to her anymore?
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>sher used me for personal gain then ended it with "youve served your purpose"
She was a beacon of life blazing out across a black sea of nothingness. She came online less and less and then not at all which I presume means she blocked me. I don't blame her, I'd ditch myself too if I could.
I met her at the end of my senior year of college. She was attractive, confident, smart, at least as if not smarter than me, and cool. We had some chemistry but then the world split us. She's probably my ideal, if I could be with her again, but I'm mostly just pleased it even happened.
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>she made me feel like I was the only man in this world
>she made me feel like a chad
>I found a job for her

>I fucking miss her
>fucking heroin
7 years of school with me.She even said she liked my eyes in 4th grade.
The rest is history.
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anon, that greentext story you postet once?
>tfw you will never break a robot's heart so bad that he'll post in a thread about you
>What was she like /r9k/ what happened why dont you speak to her anymore?
i never interacted with any women i don't give a shit

robot here, you can break my heart anytime baby girl
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>started acting like a douche because I got a gf
>long distance too
>told me we should put it on ice
>sperg out
>cut contact
>still in love with her
>get another gf to cope with it
>she is a bitch
>4 years later we rekindle
>play with the thought that we should do something
>finally tell her no because even if I hate my gf I wouldn't cheat on her
>next day dump gf
>go full orbiter
>she becomes disinterested again
>cool down after a few months
>kinda friends now

Who even cares about girls now senpai.
Her name is Rachel, she was my high school gf.

At first, we didn't really get a long, both having big egos and constantly trying to outdo each other.
Then, we realized we actually had a lot of common interests, both being republican in a very liberal city, and like nerdy stuff like Pokemon, Harry Potter, etc.
We dated for about 6 months, but it wasn't really going anywhere, and we both decided it was best to move on.
After our break up, she started to be more rebellious, getting drunk, and fucking multiple guys, without any regard for her well-being.
Meanwhile, she was a complete bitch to me, constantly insulting who I was as a person, and putting me down whenever I would speak.
It wasn't until I left for uni that she called me and apologized, but it was much too late. She's already become a person I can't respect.
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>Pic very relevant
I pushed her away when she tried to get close and only told her I loved her a year later.

She said she wanted to be my first kiss. She said I should have let her love me...she was incredible. I've never met another girl like her. We've known each other for several years now and it's been quite a ride. I never thought it'd end here though.

Just take the longing away please. I guess I'll just drink tonight.
Kassandra and idk, i knew nothing was gonna happen between us and I lost interest

i do not longer care, thank god

I chased him around for six years like a puppy, I get why he wasn't into me for being clingy.

He briefly liked me for one month but I felt too hurt by him to try it, then he never liked me again. We don't speak anymore, I think about him less.
I was a fucking idiot. I lied to her all the time. I tried to manipulate her but she always caught me and told me to knock it off. When she caught me lying or manipulating I got upset and did crazy things like threatening suicide or cutting myself in front of her.

She stuck with me far longer than I deserved.
please, anon, more, greebtext please, share your whole story
ohgod, same here anon
end my life
Cause I hate her. Plus she had a kid with some baby faced chad faggot.
>She obviously liked me too,tried to flirt with me (ex. wrote some notes on my notebook, which I pretented I didn't read) throughout highschool
>On the other hand, I showed no interest and ignored her and sometimes was a jerk to her because I was and still am afraid of relationships
>she still kept trying to flirt with me until graduation day,which I found weird, I'd give up long ago.
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spooky ghost.jpg
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>literally my soulmate
>she kissed a guy at her work
>i fucked a girl at uni
>i miss her
>Was always good looking but shit with women, never had a girlfriend, lost my virginity to a random slut at 19 and then hadn't gotten laid again.
>2008, was 22, decide to cosplay to an anime con
>Go to cosplay gathering
>Go for lunch with like 20 people from the gathering
>Randomly end up sitting across the table from her. I'll call her M.
>I can't believe she's even talking to me, this girl is insanely cute, looks about 16, and dressed as a character I have a thing for.
>She has a BF, this balding fat guy that looks way older than her
>Lunch ends, we agree to meet up and hang out for drinks after we change out of costume
>Do exactly that a few hours later
>Get drunk as fuck, start spilling my guts about the oneitis that shot me down a few months prior.
>Wander off depressed for a smoke, almost get in a fight with some guys apparently (was told that part later)
>Other chick from the group comes and finds me, brings me back to the group.
>Somehow they don't all hate me, and we exchange contact info
>Keep hanging out with M and her BF for the rest of the con weekend
>Start talking to M online a lot
>Turns out she's actually 24 and so is her BF
>She lives 400mi away from me, in a shitty small city, while I live in a big one.
>She hates her relationship and her BF and especially her BF's friends
>At some point we decide to all go to this shitty small con in her city
>Goes OK, I really just went to hang out with her
>Somehow she ends up topless in the hotel room right in front of me and her BF
>Weekend ends, we decide to meet up at yet another, larger con in her region.
>Carpool up in friend's car, I had a car of my own and can't remember why I didn't take it
>Hanging out with M and BF on the last day of the con, suddenly realize friends are gone, and have taken the car, with my luggage in it. Turns out they went to a party an hour away and are too drunk to get me.
>I decide to book a flight home for the next morning, M and BF offer to let me stay at their place.
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>high school gf
REMINDER: If you ever had a gf, you are a NORMIE and should GET THE FUCK OUT of /r9k/
Is this something you aspire to do?

It's not good to want to hurt people.
>Hang out, get some sleep, fly home.
>Their relationship is getting worse and worse and we're talking more and more.
>Next con, early '09
>I take some cosplay photos of M and her friend.
>My room, which was supposed to just be my friend, his GF, and I suddenly turns into 8 people because my friend is a cheap fuck and he let them stay at the last minute
>That night, M disappears, nobody can find her
>I go looking, find her in parking garage
>She's freaking out, can't stand BF anymore, she's told him they're done so many times, she hates him, he's too much of a bum to move out of her apartment, and she keeps saying saying she should just go walk into traffic
>I talk her down, we decide to take my car and go get some food or something so she can be alone for a while, I call her BF and tell him what's going on.
>When we get back, I park in the underground garage, and before I can get out of the car, suddenly she's making out with me like crazy.
>Next thing I know, my cock is out and she's sucking it.
>Holy shit what just happened
>This is a terrible thing to do but it's fucking awesome
>Eventually go back
>End up rooming with M, BF, and another couple we know instead of being in clusterfuck party room.
>We all decide to go to the hot tub. M is changing in the bathroom, I'm waiting to change, the other three are already ready and decide to go ahead, so it's just the two of us in the room.
>She comes out of the bathroom naked and holding a condom
>Well shit
>We get halfway through fucking when they come knock at the door. She jumps back into the bathroom, I yank my pants up and open the door. (And as a side note, ended up with a condom on my limp dick in my pants for the next hour or so until we all leave the room and I have an excuse to go into one of the public bathrooms and throw it away where it won't be seen.)
>Anyway, con ends, they stay at my house for a couple of days, and then somehow we decide that I should go back up to their city with them.
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>her name is too rare and she knows about 4chan so too afraid to post it
>she was funny
>we could be open and honest about everything
>she liked to play online games
>she had nice soles, too desu
>started speaking less and less because she went out of state for college, then eventually moved there
>we would still communicate online and on MMOs, but after I planned on dropping out I felt so much shame and disgust in myself that I immediately cut all contact with everyone besides family that I can't avoid
It's been 10 years and I still can't stop thinking about her.
>She puts her foot down and straight up dumps him the first night we're there.
>I stay for a few days. I sleep on an air mattress, she's on the couch right next to it, and he takes the bedroom.
>We do a bit of fucking around but nothing serious.
>We took her car, so she drives me back to my place. (I remembered, my car was unreliable as fuck and in the shop all the time.)
>On the drive down, we have one of those stupid romantic comedy "I don't want to say it" "no, I don't want to say it" "Oh fuck, let's just both say it" confession moments.
>Get home, finally get to sleep together in both senses of the term.
>She leaves a few days later, her apartment lease is up and she has to find a new place and move out.
>I limp my car up there a week or so later, help her move, and end up staying for a month
>When I get home, I know I'll be packing my shit and moving up there permanently
>Parents help me finance a brand new car because they're so blown away that their loser son is moving in with a girl
>The day before I'm supposed to leave, I sprain my ankle badly, have to go to the ER, and end up incapacitated for a few weeks
>She comes down to see me a few days later and stays for about a week.
>She's been working full-time while going to community college for the past few years, now she's starting full-time at university and paying the rent and bills with student loans
>I head up with all my stuff once healed and move in with her for good.
>Things were amazing for the first few months. Sure, we had a few fights, but for the most part it's all good. She goes to class every day, I do some freelance work and take care of the apartment, and we fuck a ton.
>She's super eager to please, always wears sexy lingerie, shaves every day, stuff like that too.
>I try to be dominant like a guy is supposed to be, sometimes she loves it, other times she thinks I'm being a giant asshole
She's the reason I ended up here, but it's a long story, maybe i will make a thread one day about her... the day she dies...wich isn't even too far away... Can you wait until the end of may R9k?
>having a "her"

Fucking normies I swear
We met in highschool I asked her out on a whim expecting to get rejected. We dated for 6 years, I got attached and she was emotionally manipulating me for money. Finally lost it when she wanted a polygamous relationship. We broke it off and I ended up fighting the guy she left me for. He got cucked too. I'm over it now but I am glad I woke up from being whipped that hard. Pussy is a hard drug and I won't be whipped that hard ever again.
>We go on a trip to Japan - her mom travels A LOT for business, and gets us free flights and hotel- , and it's mostly pretty nice, but we fight a lot there too.
>A few times, things set her off, and it sets grudges that last for ages - for example, one time I wasn't really feeling that into sex, but she really wanted it, so I fucked her. She asked me what was wrong afterwards, and I told her that I wasn't really in the mood but wanted to make her happy. She got really offended, said she'd never initiate sex again, and wasn't lying.
>After that, our sex life went to hell. By the end of our first year, we were doing it maybe once a month. We'd fuck, things would be great for a few days, and then we'd start fighting almost every day.
>Every fight would be started by her, and it would always end with me apologizing while she told me all of the things that were horrible about me.
>She starts doing shit like being silent for a whole day over fucking bullshit nothing.
>Meanwhile, I'm miserable in this city- there's way less work for me, I have no friends there, I just sit in that apartment on my PC all day every day.

So, here's the big segue. Remember how I said she was a cosplayer?
>I show her my favorite series at the time, it's one that wasn't "mainstream" yet but was huge with /a/ and /jp/ types.
>She loves the main girl, decides she wants to cosplay her.
>We bust our asses to make the cosplay, props, etc, in time for the convention that marks the anniversary of us meeting.
>I take pictures of her in costume at that con.
>Everybody's saying she's the character come to life
>She starts getting a ton of traffic from Japan, turns out she's gone full meme on 2chan.
>Bloggers and press start hitting her up
>My photos are everywhere
>into horses
>abused my kindness so she didn't have to do dirty horse work like feeding and shoveling shit
>still in love but not risking abuse again
>She acts interested in me but after a short while she begins lying her ass off trying to catch me in some nonexistent lie
>She becomes a meme on 4chan, too, and people start digging and doxxing

That goes on for a while.
>As her fame increases, our relationship starts to get worse and worse.
>I start stuffing my fucking face, I'm miserable, this girl I love is treating me like shit, I hate this city, I'm so bored, so lonely
>I start putting on a lot of weight
>When we met, I was 140lbs. Two years later, I was 200.
>I'm basically reverting to full robot as she becomes more and more of a bitch
>We fight nonstop now
>She keeps making costumes, she's always over at her sewing table and I'm over at my PC, we barely talk
>We fight at every photoshoot, but then celebrate when we post the photos and watch the likes roll in
>She's getting more and more insecure, though. She used to walk around the house in panties, now she's in nasty sweats and old shirts and with skin care shit all over her face whenever she's not at class.
>We fight about money a lot - she pays the utilities and $500 or our $800 rent, I pay the rest of the rent and all of the other expenses, food etc. I'm actually spending a lot more than she is, but she never believes it.
>Somehow, insanely, we keep this up for three more years until she graduates. We have good and bad periods, and for the last 6 months in that city, we move into a new, bigger apartment, and suddenly our relationship gets much better.
>It's like the old days again.
>We go to some friends' wedding, and start talking about our own
>Our parents are introducing us as "my son's/daughter's fiance" and we don't disagree
>She graduates, and with nothing left to tie us to that shitty place, we decide to move to my city and temporarily stay with my parents
No, I don't aspire to hurt people. I just like the idea of someone caring about me outside of having sex with me.

Nothing wrong with sex but I've never experienced unconditional love like people in the thread are describing.
I respect that, I suppose.
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I'm reading the FUCK out of this...keep going...
Wow, you liked what may literally be the two most popular and well marketed franchises of the last twenty years. I'm glad you had so much in common.

In the end, you were both shallow and dull, she just embraced it while you lament it without realizing it.
Literally nobody cares.

Brevity is a virtue.
Well, "temporary" is a relative term.
>She hates it at my house
>Neither of us finds a decent job for months
>She gets a shitty part-time position
>I'm having pretty much zero luck, I lost all of my contacts when I moved in with her four years prior
>We get invited as guests to a bunch of conventions and stuff, naturally that leads to more stress and fighting.
>She gets really antisocial, only leaves the room to go to work, hates my family and especially my brother and his friends so much that she won't even go to the kitchen
>She starts drinking a lot, several bottles of wine a night, and expects me to pay for it. She gets violent if I try to refuse.
>She goes back and forth - one day, she won't even talk to me, another she's saying we should probably think about breaking up, and then the next she's showing up with an obscenely expensive present for me
>We're only boning like once every 3 months at this point, by the way.
>I get sick. Really sick. Can't leave the house for months sick.
>She has zero sympathy.
>I have all kinds of medical tests, doctor says the condition is stress induced
>She thinks it's bullshit and that I have no reason to be stressed
>Everybody's telling me how shitty she treats me by this point. They've been doing it for years. The other couples we're friends with beg me to break up with her every time they get me alone, tell me how much they like me and how much they can't stand her.
>She's constantly on vendettas against other cosplayers, usually ones she was "best friends" with the week before, and gets mad if I don't sit there and agree with her
>She's paranoid now, the whole world is out to get her, everybody is watching her all the time, nobody is nice to her, constant self-pity crying fits
>At one point I get fed up and tell her to stop fucking throwing tantrums and that the way people treat her is her own goddamn fault for alienating all of them
I don't speak to her because she doesn't love me and she never will. That's the simple truth. I don't care if she likes me a really tiny bit because it's not enough. Especially when sooner or later she'll be dating a Jake or Tyrone.

Life has cucked me too many times already.
>She goes off to a con. It's the fifth anniversary of the one we met at. I'm too sick to go with her.
>It's nice having some alone time. I hope that maybe some time apart smooths things out a bit.
>The first thing she says when she walks in the door is "don't believe any rumors you hear about me from the con"
>Well, fuck, I wouldn't even have considered thinking about anything, but that's suspicious as fuck
>She gets freaked out if she thinks I'm looking over her shoulder when she's on her PC
>Suspicious as fuck
>She keeps talking about how funny this guy on twitter is. I know she saw him at the con.
>Suspicious as fuck.
>She's getting colder and colder to me
>Suspicious as fuck
>One night, we're in bed, and she wraps herself up in all of the blankets. I try to take a bit back, which wakes her up, and she unloads a solid half hour of screaming into me.
>I go to the living room with my tablet, sit down, open my manga reader, and marathon read Oyasumi Punpun for the next 12 hours
>Punpun realizes that he's persisting with a fucked up "relationship" that isn't making him happy, and he should just stop.
>I'm persisting with a fucked up "relationship" that isn't making me happy, and I should just stop.
>The minute she walks in the door from work, I tell her I can't take it anymore, and that she should find a new place as soon as possible
>Her reply? "Oh, good, I thought I was going to have to be the one to do it."
>She calls a friend, finds out she can stay that night, packs a bag, and leaves, while I bawl my eyes out and beg her to make it a break and then we'll try again.
>She just tells me I need to unfuck myself first.
>I sit there crying for days. I thought this was the one, you know? Now I'm 27, I'm fat, I'm still the same fucked up awkward guy, I ruined my career for her, and now I have nothing. I cry to my entire playlist on itunes. I cry into the pillow that still smells like her. I cry looking at her desk.
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2 MB, 394x796
>5 years into a relationship, started when we were 13. (This ended three years ago)
>Cheated on me, guy finds out who I am and tells me she's cheating
>She attempts to manipulate both of us into doing what she wanted
>We both break it off with her
>still friends with her friends
>Guy she did it with is now Rhythm guitarist in my band
>Every time I see her I rub it in her face
Not all bad, and I met my new and current GF just after.
Just to add to add a little background info.
>She was 5'5, 130 pounds and pale as fuck
>Convinced she was a sociopath
>Strangely obsessive parents who hated me
Don't stick your dick in crazy, /r9k/; no matter how appealing he/she may be.
>She gets a new place with the couple she was staying with.
>Nobody talks to me anymore
>All the friends that I thought were "ours" were "hers"
>She comes to get the rest of her stuff with a moving van, and I manage to keep my eyes dry until she leaves.
>I take her/our friend aside, and just say "she can be a real handful, watch out and take care of her" The friend thinks I'm an asshole.
>I find out a few days later that the guy from twitter flew out within days of our breakup, and is already living with her.

So, what happened after that?

We were supposed to split as friends. Of course she didn't. She made up the most horrible things she could think of, and told them to anybody who would listen, including twitter, facebook, and /cgl/. She destroyed my reputation. She was happy to make money selling prints of my photos, though, and I didn't have it in me to ever fight with her again.

It's been three years. I haven't had sex. I haven't had a date. My heart is still broken. I try so hard to find somebody else to be interested in, but, even though I don't love her anymore, I still feel so betrayed, so broken over what happened. However, I got a good job, worked for a few years, got my career back on track. I found something to be proud of. I worked at that job for 2 years, and then last summer I quit to go back to college and finish my degree, because I have several six-figure standing offers that just need a BA before they'll hire me.
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She lied to me too god damn much and she was totally emotionally unavailable. Fucking cunt.
My own girl that I fucking let get away (posted this a few days ago here in another thread)

>In high school
>Was friends with a girl since sophomore year who clearly wanted me to ask her out but I didn't realize it at the time, because I was too busy beta-orbiting someone else
>I was doing some work as part of my entrepreneurship course and had a master key
>Girl comes up to me at lunch and says she forgot something in the Physics class, wanted me to let her in
>Let her in, she shuts the door behind us
>Instead of getting what I thought she was going to she starts clearing stuff off the teacher's desk, and then strips down to her bra and panties
>They were black and her tits were fucking great
>I'm standing there stunned and she walks over and starts hugging me
>First thing that comes to my mind is "we can't do this, I don't have a condom"
>"Just pull out silly, we'll clean things up later" she says and then starts kissing me on the lips
>Instead of, you know, kissing her back and then pulling my clothes off and leading her to the desk, I pull away and say in the nerdiest and dumbest way possible "But I'll get in big trouble if anyone comes in here!"
>Never mind the fact it was lunch and nobody would be there for like another 45 minutes
>I think at that moment something came over her and she must've thought "Why the fuck am I doing this?"
>She started tearing up and quickly pulled her clothes on and left
>From that point on I was called a faggot by like 90% of the guys and many of the girls
>Didn't lose my virginity until 7 years later in an FKK club
>Did some research a few days ago and found out she got pregnant at 22 and works in a salon not far from where I live
>Have no nerve to try and go talk to her even all these years later
And her? Everybody hates her now. All those friends I thought I lost? They've come back over time. I saw the girl she moved in with last winter. She immediately begged for forgiveness, said she wished she'd listened to me, said that rooming with my ex and her new BF almost ruined her life and her relationship. Apparently the new BF never stands up to her, and it's made her into an absolute monster of her own paranoia, and the first time the roommates said no about something, she put them on social media blast, just like she did to me.

People keep telling me how they cut ties because she still won't stop bashing me all the time. Some of them believed her shit at first, but the stories were so wild, so inconsistent, and so obviously an attempt to hide her cheating that they all lost faith in her.

She never got a good job, and her new BF never got one at all. The last thing I heard was that she moved across the country - to go live with her new BF's parents. Ironic, huh?
Sounds too perfect to be true desu
Tbqh you deserved it for entering into a relationship with someone whose character was so immediately and apparently revealed to be poor. Call it karma, call it an educative experience, don't call it a sad story.
This has already been a short novel, but I guess I kind of need some sort of conclusion.

It's been years. My romantic life is nonexistent, and I think it always will be. I don't miss her. I hate the person she became.

But, when I close my eyes, I still remember. I remember that night in my car in that parking garage. I remember how unbelievably soft her lips were. I remember the texture of her coat, the feeling of popping those big buttons and reaching up her T-shirt to feel her big tits. I remember lying on that air mattress, holding hands and looking up into her eyes while she lay on the couch and us both wishing we could do more, but her newly ex-boyfriend was in the next room.

I remember IKEA shopping, building our bed, putting down that first rug. I remember pulling off a lace thong to find her smooth pussy. I remember boning like rabbits for weeks. I remember Tokyo glittering outside our high-rise hotel window. I remember researching recipes so I could make food she loved. I remember fun double dates.

I remember a lot, and when I do, I wonder how the hell it all went so wrong, I wonder how I wasted so much time on a doomed relationship, and I wonder how things could have been, if things had gone differently.
Ugh, I know, in retrospect.

At the time, I was just so happy to have a girlfriend, so sure it was the only chance I'd ever get to be with a girl as pretty as her, and so damn in love that I ignored what should have been obvious.
Are you me? Except it was the first year for me.
That's understandable. You seem like much less of a faggot now. Godspeed anon.
do trip on vg? some chick tried pouring hate down my brain last year about some guy would never shut up about him and I never really cracked what the hell she was before I lost patience and stopped talking to her

>met through a mutual friend on skype in 8th grade
>she lived in Bulgaria
>first and only girl to understand my humor, was smart and could actually come up with cohearent arguments for complex topics.
>we talked nearly all the time for 4 years
>"girl i like you, wanna internet date" "sure annon"
>she moves to London for University this august, we plan trip for me to visit in london
>stops talking
>first time i heard from her was a week before the trip
>in london from dec19-Jan1
>shes totally not into it
>on Christmas day first its "I dont wanna do an LDR" then its"It was never romantic between us, i like you as a friend" then its "annon im bi and theres a girl at my uni i really like"
>world shattered
>still hung out with her all day for the next week
>trip was one of the best times ive had in my life
>we've talked on skype once since then, but I think our friendship is over.
>been depressed for the last three weeks, knowing that that trip may be the last time I will ever be truly happy

I should have firendzoned her. I knew that no woman would actually like me. I will now approch all girls as platonic friends, this fucking heartbreak is too fucking much.
Maybe if you went back to facebook it would be easier, normalfag.
Dunno about /vg/. She always pretended not to go on 4chan and would mostly lurk when she did.

She's still a very high profile cosplayer, that's all I'm really willing to say about her identity. She's so damn petty that if some asshole anon finds out who she was and shows her what I posted about her, I'll have to deal with her wrath all these years later, and I can't really handle it.
File: 1451419364295.jpg (4 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I confessed to her, she rejected me, she started dating another guy, and over half a year we slowly stopped talking to each other. I always felt like I was annoying her when I talked to her, like she replied to me not to seem rude. It's not like the guy is a turbochad, he's a sort of a casual nerd type of guy, but he seems confident in himself, while I am a depressed piece of shit who ends up hating everyone. At least she seems happy.
Oh man

I bet it's Spoony
File: 02.jpg (120 KB, 593x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 593x640
what the actual fuck

you had pussy given to you on a silver platter and somehow you managed to fuck that up
Why did the Simpsons go full fucking bully on Moe. Growing up it was funny to watch Bart prank call him, haha stupid bartender, now its full on, KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF you are an ugly white male. Simpsons is such shit.
blech no.

She's not anybody you'd expect drama out of, she's very good at controlling her image and keeping rumors off the internet. She's also never been part of the /cgl/ circlejerk scene.
>Best friend
>Helped her graduate high-school
>Fell in love
>Let her illegally live with me in my dorm for over a year when she got kicked out of her home.
>Talked about marriage.
>Broke up with me because she was the cause my previous breakup and still feels guilty.

She has a new bf that's not even a Chad or a douche so I can't hate him. 4 years down the drain. Trying my hardest not to orbit her but now I don't have anyone to talk to.
File: superthumb.jpg (52 KB, 300x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That was painful to read fampai. I'll pour a little out for you
>sidenote, what is a FKK club?
File: 1452207981599.jpg (70 KB, 640x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 640x718
>was my best friends girlfriend
>we had an affair behind my friends back
>he found out
> they broke up later but she still doesnt talk to me
>think about her everyday. try to text her sometimes
>no response
I can't say her name because it's too unique.

indian qt. She used to text me all the time, talk to me about the stars. Talk to me about her family, her life, and ask me about what I thought about things. We used to have long discussions and she'd listen to me bang on about loads of different subjects. We had a great connection, but we broke up because she wants kids and I don't.

I regret it. I still look at her texts sometimes. She's the last connection I had with a woman, and that was 3 years ago. Before that it's another 7 years.
Thanks. It was a really stupid decision, if a girl is offering herself to you, you TAKE IT, no questions asked.

An FKK club is just a fancy brothel, usually in European countries like Germany (which is where I went). You have to pay just to get in but the girls there are top-notch.
File: 1286581580443.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 1280x720
It's been so long I don't even remember her name.

Or what she looked like.

Or if she was even really there.
File: 1445191603745s.jpg (4 KB, 124x106) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 124x106
>Alicia was her name
>Holy shit we got on like a house on fire
>Started to like her a bunch
>Wanted to ask her out
>Turn up to class one day
>"Hi anon, I'm moving to away Newcastle in the holidays" (parental problems or some shit)
>She moves away
>Later found out she liked me too
>Huge regret
>She comes back to my town for university after 2 years
>Bump into her in town after a few weeks of uni
>"Oh it's been so long, we should catch up, keep in touch etc."
>Ask her if she wanted to go for a meal to try and bridge the gap of 2 years
>not going to be a beta cuck this time
>"That sounds nice anon"
>"We'll set a day to go sometime soon"
>leave it for a few days so i didn't seem to eager
>check Facebook one night
>"Alicia is now in a relationship with..."
>haven't talked to her in 3 months

And that's my blog post over. Feels Bad Man
Met her at the beginning of senior year, everything I ever wanted in a girl. Slowly as our 3 year relationship went on she changed for the worse. On the day of our 3 year anniversary she dumps me and has a one night stand with some guy. It's been 4 years and I find it hard to imagine trying to get into another relationship ever again. One day she loved me, the next she was gone.
LITERALLY me, fucking hell. What was her name?
>keep some girl waiting forever
>surprised when he gets a bf
File: a21.jpg (47 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 640x960
This yo bitch?

I've heard a lot of people talking shit 'bout her.

File: r9k100.png (1 MB, 3641x4569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3641x4569
Did this guy ever post anything else about their relationship?

She sounds like a dream girl.
Mate, I think you're stupid.

Get yer brain checked.

>she's almost one year older than me
>she was genuinely interested in me
>thought i was two-timing with her friend
>she went off with a russian on chatroulette (serious level shit)
>loads of shitstorms on the way
>eventually she moves away from my region
>now she's off with another german guy she met in summer camp in france (we both live in spain)
>cuts off contact for a bit cause she felt abandoned by both me and her best friend
>still talk to her, but rarely
>miss her pretty much everyday

She's the first person to ever completely shatter my feelings. Yet I still can't bring myself to dislike her. Fucking hell. If she'd apologize and promise not to fuck it up again with her temper, I wouldn't think twice about getting back with her. Loved her like fucking crazy.
Nope, I've seen that one's pics around but don't know anything about her other than she looks fuckable.

Like I say, mine really hasn't gotten a lot of online shit talking, she's kept her personal life pretty well wrapped up. Searching /cgl/'s archive doesn't even turn up much drama about her. There's girls with 1/10th of her page hits/FB likes/etc that have 10 times more drama online.
Lily literal 10/10. We flirted but being an 8/10
with no social skills ended any posibilities
I have strong feelings for my cousin

She's literally a 9/10
But I'm too fat (hence ugly) to ask her to suck my dick
She was everything I wanted in a woman. Could've easily spent the rest of my life with her. Until I found out that the reality was that she just happened to wear my ideals as a mask.
I think we nearly had something but I can never be sure because she did a sudden 180 after I started to care for her. She suddenly started talking about how she's not looking for a relationship right now and how she's not really comfortable with sex and whatnot. I tried hard to fix things and bring back what may or may not have ever been, but this just made me more of an unwanted doormat.
At one point she started sending me really insecure texts at night. I may be an idiot, but I'm not entirely inexperienced and I'm pretty cynical so I dug around and found out that this corresponded with her being fucked and chucked by my Chad friend that she regularly sucked up to. At first I exploded in rage at her, but then denial set in and I desperately tried to fix things. I even helped her get a job that I myself really wanted (that she got fired from a couple months later).
Eventually things normalized with me being a neurotic beta orbiter in denial and her constantly keeping me at bay with the typical stuff about how she's focusing on her career and education right now so she doesn't want a relationship or anything sexual. This went on for only a little while though. Despite her playing virtuous good girl with me, I quickly found out from her friends about all the snapchats she sent them from clubs and shit. The realization of how desperate she was for Chad and how obviously slutty she was when she wasnt putting on a show broke through.
Next time she called me I just told her never to talk to me again. She pleaded, called me a jerk because I don't care how this made her feel (as if she cared how I felt while she manipulated and cucked me), I just gave her a cordial goodbye.
Later I found out that she was actually passed around by multiple Chads behind my back.
>were on high school
>im 17 shes two years older
>she had a car
>we have been talking for some weeks by msn
>she says at thursday night: hey anon, I will drive you to school tomorrow
>coulndt hold my happiness, didnt sleep a single minute
>next morning in her car acted like the beta autistic I am
>she never spoke to me again like the way she used to

>six months after that I started engineering and started to evaluate girls by their appearance
>set her as the perfect one to compare others with

>she has been being my only 10/10 for six years now
>I've been with four girls only, can only think about her

>bought a cbr 1000rr to try to forget her
>300kmh isnt good as believing she likes me
Loved but despised. I couldn't be around her, but spend my days wishing I could have.
File: Sad-Frog-Meme-20.jpg (34 KB, 480x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 480x477
>Every time I had the chance to have a conversation with her, it would always make my day feel like the best day even if some shitty things occurred before.
>I also think that she enjoys having conversations with me
>She ended up with a chad-tier guy who was that "friend" but in reality was a douche
>Everyone of my piers think it's "cute" and "adorable"
>Everyday I wish something bad happens to their relationship
>mfw when it probably won't happen

Fucking kill me
File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (109 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
maxresdefault (2).jpg
109 KB, 1920x1080
it doesn't matter now... it was so long ago...

Thanks for turning me into a monster who hates women and everyone around. I wish I would have had the sense to throw you in front of a bus or kill you in your sleep. I hope you try suicide again and succeed.
Women are heartless bitches. Case in point. Rot in hell bitch. I hope you get raped and murdered.
Fuck off posting stories about me. At least I didn't cheat on you 5 times. And you never understood the roles I had to play I still loved you I just knew you would try and stop me from being with the individuals I was with. You never got how I wanted you in my double life. You just called it stupid.
>her beauty completely changed me
>I finally mustered up the courage to talk to her
>get really close
>just as I'm about to make a move, I find out she's moving
>completely heartbroken, don't stay in contact for some reason
>I still think about her and want her by my side
>it's been 3 years
Literally who are you talking about ?

>10/10 kgf, strangers would turn and stare
>We were in love for a few years
>took her virginity
>We spent 6+ hours a day cuddling or having sex
>We would get home from HS/college and just be together happily
>she cheated on me
>unbearable pain
>I missed our love so fucking bad and she wanted me back
>kept getting weak and would ragefuck her but wouldnt let her be my gf ever again
>would get another GF, then be afraid she would hurt me like grace did
>leave her
>fuck grace everyday until i get new gf
>grace would constantly try to ruin my ego so i would feel lucky to have her
>constantly make me feel like a worthless piece of shit in hopes it would make me dependent on her
>hit rock bottom until i would get new gf and start feeling good about myself
>cycle repeats for 3 years until grace moved away

i still think about how vulnerable i made myself and how much she hurt me

the way she would convince me i was worthless, in hindsight, set me back years

but even worse, I think of her almost every night, almost every morning when i wake up. i have a gf who lives with me, and often when we have sex or lay in bed, i can only think about grace

i dont think i can ever be truly happy again. i am reminded of her too often and then i just feel burning pain, anger and loss
Holy shit. Just like women become Chad Widows, you've become a Stacy Widower.

There's this girl right now that's close to becoming this. Drunk because I want to be with her but can't because she's got a long distance boyfriend. If they broke up I'd be almost a sure thing, but they ain't gonnna, fuck man, I don';t know what to think.

she wasnt a stacy though. until she was in her mid-20s she only fucked me and made out/jerked off a guy once

she just manipulated me a lot

i fucking hate her so much
The Weeknd is the normie king you fuccboi
only time I felt like I was in a family. We planned on getting married one day. Her mom drove us apart. taken up drinking since that day
I don't talk to any woman I've ever felt passionate about anymore.
They're all dead to me.
>tfw Michael
>never had anyone desire to even talk to me
I miss you.
Please get in my taxi again.
I'll make everything right.
I'll give you a ride to the hospital
Her name was Lily.
>met when we were kids
>she was a year older than me, and a tomboy
>she was my only real friend for a long time
>our parents always used to joke that we were going to get married some day
>always pushed me to try harder and do better
>mutual feelings started to develop when we were in high school
>we never officially started dating, it just kind of happened
>she waited a year to start uni so we could start together
>I was the happiest I ever was with her
>sitting in my parents' basement not long after I turned 18, playing video games and smoking DUDE WEED LMAO
>she tells me we should go get married
>two days later we're officially husband and wife
I don't know why I'm saying all this because most of it doesn't matter. She died and left me alone with our daughter. She doesn't even remember her mom.
File: C5Z0siy.gif (1 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 320x240
Is it this slut?
Think her name is Brigitte
>10/10 girl that actually fell for me
>Get along great
>Mutual friends, mutual interests, a perfect match
>She even goes along with my disgusting fetishes
>I get stressed the fuck out by real life issues (money shit)
>I put the rage on her
>She never forgives me
>It's been over a year now
>Still haven't fucking gotten over it
>Don't think I ever will
Well what did you aspect you should have know how Germans and camps go
Jesus christ man. Your story made me feel a lot. What a whore.
File: 06000.jpg (42 KB, 546x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 546x432
a girl named Maria, I thought she was the best, always loved talking to her. Racked up over 10000 texts with her. After a while I realised that she never really talked to me much, it was I who talked to her. She said it was because she had communication problems. Then I found out that was a lie, she was instead funneling all her social efforts Into other people. I felt angry and used, after all I did for this girl, just to be cast away as an orbiter (I didn't take her as a Stacy, I took her as someone close, someone relatable, someone who would treat me like I treated them). I confronted her about it and she got all defensive saying things like "I thought you were fine with me being selfish and ignorant" and "no matter what I have put you through, you don't deserve to talk to me like this" and then dropped me. After a month or so she started to talk to me because she needed to "learn how to forgive" like she was in the right this whole time. She disregarded all my concerns as madness and she was "glad everything was back to normal" (I spaghettied when trying to talk to her, trying to get my concerns resolved) and that "It will take a while for me to change", thus indicating that she expects me to orbit her like before, and she won't change her ways unless she feels like it can benefit her (she's got all the time in the world, she didn't make any solid promise to treat me better, she pretty much just said " ehhh later maybe"). She hasn't communicated with me since (probably expects me to stroke her inflated ego, be hounding at the great Maria) and I don't intend on contacting her as well, not after what she's done. Why did I even try to have a friend, let alone a female one...
I will assume she sick?
>she was cute
>i was (and i am) a bet
>the end
That reminds me, I need to redownload those Ryuko cosplay JAVs tonight.
>tfw the only joys you get in life anymore are pornography, liquor, and Fire Emblem
She was amazing. Beautiful, interesting, intelligent, caring, adventurous, and made me feel happy to be alive. Something I could always think about and smile. Had a rough home life, absolutely amazing grandfather took her in but her parents were pretty bad before that. Moved away from hometown together, lost virginity to each other. It seemed like we shared all the same dreams and even now, 6 years later, I still haven't found anyone as perfect as her.

Hit by a car, absolutely destroyed me, spent about two years throwing everything I had in life into the drain (possessions, friends, even family) and trying to figure out a good time to kill myself.

Only as recently as last year I really found myself happy on my own again, and actively resisting suicidal urges rather than encouraging them. Still haven't met another girl like her, but I'm starting to forget who she really was. Rose-tinted glasses and all that. Sometimes I remember a fragment of our time together that I'd forgotten, or something she said once that I don't think about very much anymore, and I still get depressed. Severely.

I'm as massively sexist as anyone on this board, and I think a huge part of that is trying and failing to find a woman exactly like her, then branding them all human failures for it. If she came back from 2009 and met me as I am now, she might detest me, and that's probably one of the single most depressing thought I ever have. Second only to remembering she's gone forever, or perhaps the times I mentioned when I feel like I've forgotten entire parts of her personality.
She doesn't exist.

>original comment
File: image.jpg (45 KB, 306x392) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 306x392
>treated her like shit and made her cry
>realized what a fucked up selfish person I am and it would be best to stay away
>it's been 3 years already
>still check up on her sometimes but don't say anything

God it hurts so much. I hope you find someone who can make you happy. Please be okay
>totally pure
>was her first boyfriend
>told her i don't love her because I have no idea what the fuck that should feel like
>lose her
>think of how i fucked up every day since then
>gonna hang myself by summer if i can't get over it
>i won't.. it's already been almost 3 years..
probably gonna hang myself tomorrow now that i actually read how pathetic that is. it's been chill mates, see yas :)
Her name was Ana. She was beautiful, intelligent, and foreign.She was my first live, and I lost her by being an autist, and that as they say, was that.
File: 1452628384290.jpg (37 KB, 500x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 500x216
closest I've ever felt to love. we don't talk due to the whole "fool me once shame on me etc"

I feel like I'll always compare other women to her, and I'm scared that she'll always seem better.
She was my everything at one point. She had it all: she was smart, cute, funny, sexy,and cool. But she also had a proclivity for manipulation, hitting me, and treating me like I wasn't. It took me a while to wake up, and it was part me not wanting to be single anymore and part of it was hope--see, she kept saying she'd change, saying that she was working on her issues for me. She didn't. So in a fit of depression mixed with a desire to break everything I had into pieces, I found a way out and cheated on her. We broke up soon after, and while I would like to say she was someone I enjoyed being with, all I can remember is physical pain, emotional trauma, and feeling like my sexual drive was the reason for our separation. In retrospect, it wasn't, and in retrospect, I wish I just split earlier so I could have found someone better. 3 years of my life wasted.

Fuck you, Haley. You're an abusive, self-victimizing manipulator, and I was too blind with love, lust, and loneliness to realize it.
Details? Like, how do you even reach such a conclusion?
>Literally me when it came to humor and anime. was a 4'8 pale and black hair kind of like mavis from that draculas daughter movie.
>I didn't feel like she liked me and felt like she lost interest. if she even had any. I know i did

>why dont you speak to her anymore?
Implying I speaked to her at all.

She was a demonic transgirl with multiple personalities. I never met her. I fucked with (ruined?) her psyche via text messages for a while then left her because she couldn't bare children. When I left her she was trying to make synthetic children, AI, which is impossible of course.

Navigating the intricate maze of her mind has made other people seem boring kinda... Really though she just wanted to be loved. Don't we all.
Like looking into a mirror
insecure, based her self worth on everyone around her, always had to be in a "relationship". over the course of a year she repeatedly came on to me, eventually she ended up in a somewhat abusive relationship. She came to me for help, I made the mistake of getting involved, she pressured me into a relationship, it turned ugly within the first few weeks when she made plans without me, then blamed me for "bailing". She ended up dumping me because i caught the flu and missed another date a few months later. We still kept in touch but after a few months she blocked me out of the blue.
About 3 months after she blocked me I get a message, "Send Nudes, I'm bored..." say no but eventually she pushed me back into a relationshjp, after about a month of this i worked up the nerve to end it. She proceeds to talk shit to the few friends i had at the time, claiming i used her along with a bunch of other bullfuckery... all in all it never really shook me, I've always been a lonely fuck, and at this point i feel worse the more social contact i have.
There was never or will ever be a she.
To be fair, i wasn't all that great either, didn't have a whole lot of cash at the time so "dates" were walking around the mall eating shitty mall food, and i was never super invested in the relationship, i was just scared she would go off the deep end if i ended it and i guess the came through more than intended...

Tell me ain't, you deserved better than that soulless emptiness
>Jess, a nurse at my work
>she stopped seeming to care about me/ bother interacting with me at all. Unsure why, she used to treat me kind of special/ flirt with me. I didn't change a thing.

I've had girlfriends. I've been in love. Her and I have never dated or had anything more between us at all but somehow I can't get over her.
Negative. That girl looks to be a lot younger than my ex (I think she's 31 now), and my ex never did lewd camwhoring or anything like that.

I'd hit it though.

Ugh, writing it out certainly brought out a lot of feels too. I've never told the story in that much detail before, dunno how I ended up banging that wall of text out.

You know, another thing that really sucks that I don't think I mentioned is how much it's fucked up other women for me.

First of all there's the fact that it's hard not to expect all women to stab me in the back like she did.

There's also just the fact that she was very high profile, everybody knows she's my ex, and I know that any girl I get with is going to be compared to her. I worry so much that it'll seem like I "lost" if I "downgrade." There's also the fact that she totally ruined my physical standards, she was at least an 8/10 and possibly a 10/10 with makeup and hair and stuff, and I just can't get myself interested in, say, a 6/10 anymore, despite the fact that I'm around a 6 (probably a 7 if I were in better shape) and that's what I should be shooting for.

Friends are always trying to encourage me to go after other girls, even hook me up with them sometimes, and don't get when I say I'm just not attracted to them. I want that feeling of a girl whose face makes my heart skip a beat when I look at her because she's just so goddamn cute again.
File: 1386882336505.jpg (984 KB, 3283x2262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
984 KB, 3283x2262
Met her on /r9k/, she had a crush while I wallowed in self pity, started a LDR one year later, dragged me out of my depression, got me into reading, I improved my life to the point I was living alone, god job, nice motorbike and a few other things. Still fighting depression. She suddenly stopped loving me and lost her virginity to some guy a few days after the break up. She said she didn't love me as I was booking the tickets to see her. Was an ideal gf for me, extremely qt, skinny, short, great smile, quite intelligent, younger than me, virgin etc.

I did drag her through a lot of shit as well, it's not like she was all to blame, but she is a cunt for what she did. Glad it's over, glad it happened, moved on, fell out of love as soon as I heard her say how she lost her virginity. It's kind of awkward now when we do exchange an email or two every half a year.
I diud anon, i really did
File: 1452082720591.jpg (27 KB, 499x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 499x499
>ginger blue eyed cutie with a hot as fuck ass
>36g boobs
>she went out with my bestfriend and really hurt him bad
>i messed around with her
>we dont talk anymore since she suddenly became cold hearted to everyone including her friends
>still would give my right arm to talk to her again
>will post pics if needed

She was a western whore
I only like Asian women
>met her in my first year of high school
>had a bf but there was something between us so we made loads of times
>broke up with her bf and I asked if she wanted to go out with me
>"sorry anon I can't see you as more than a friend"
>we were still seeing each other and making out
>she then got another bf
>ignored me for a while but still managed to make out with her
>got her half naked once when she was 3 months into this relationship
>after that she ignored me because she felt guilty
>got a scholarship to the uk and we stopped talking

Never knew what was in her mind and why she cheated on two of her boyfriends with me. Even when she was single she didn't want me as a boyfriend. We made out regularly during those 2 years of high school until I moved to the UK.

Can somebody please explain because I seriously don't get it.
>inb4 women are a meme
no idea anon


Broke up with her because she kissed someone else 3 months before she was due to go on a six month tour of South America. I didnt feel like I could trust her.

Fast forward to now. She's about to leave on her travels and I keep ringing her and begging her to be with me again. After all, everyone makes mistakes, and she was honest enough to tell me the minute that it happened when she didn't need to. I shouldn't have bought into the 'le cuck' meme and gotten so angry about it.

We were each others' first times, and we were together for three years. Now she's moved on and I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about her. I don't understand how she has managed to move on so completely and so quickly.
Please do anon. And tell me more
moar and pic anon?
Post 'em.

I'm very original pls no mute.
Heres pics from her tumblr
ill explain the story soon anons might take a bit to write.
forgot pic guys, sorry!
talk to me please
fucking cancer oc

>Went out with her last year in high school
>asked her to be my gf
>said no, but somehow she loves me
> asked her to prom
> said yes
> a week from prom she said she wont go to prom
>still going out with her, one night after watching world war Z and going home walking we, random taxi arrives with 3 guys with guns, we end up getting kidnaped for 3 hours
>she gets PTSD
>i end up going to a college 400 miles away from her in august
>texting her a lot in first months
> get to see her in april asked her for a long distance relationship
>no again :(
>text her a lot less than before
>a year passes, she got a bf, a little rich fag mexican pussy, they only last a month
>congratule her on her birthday on fb
>no text at this point
>my birthday 2 weeks, me waiting all day for her text or something.
>Dont get one
>its been 3 years and still love her, or i love the idea of her, i thought i had moved on but seeing this post made me realize i didnt

She has some anxiety issues, because everytime she said no to me it was because she wasnt going to be able to have a long distance relationship. Too hard for her or thats what i think.
>nearly end of hs
>we were close and had "gone out a couple times"
>i had never officially asked her to be my gf but if i had she probably wouldve
>i ended up autisming hard and she flat out stopped talking to me completely one day
realising why that actually happened kind of fucked my shit up tbqh
made me a lot more self aware though so i guess thats a partially good outcome?
desu im still not sure if she actually hated me or was just sick of my shit, another friend that was close to her could never get me a proper answer
sorry for the blog
File: 1453227705127.jpg (40 KB, 409x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 409x409
>really positive and full of energy
>enjoyed a lot of things I liked like vidya, shows and music
>knew her from school but she was a year younger than me
>we hung out a lot in the teen years (16) but it never got further than making out
>we hadn't spoke for 3 years since she moved to college until I one day messaged her while drunk
>we talk and catch up quite a bit for several months
>start to get those feels for her
>offer to meet up with her again
>she makes up excuses
>suddenly realize
>in the past months of conversation she's only messaged me first once
>wait it out for a while to see if she would message me
>8 months and no result
I think she made it clear
File: Dandy stressin.jpg (50 KB, 690x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dandy stressin.jpg
50 KB, 690x388
>"youve served your purpose"
How's you get DIO'd by a WOMAN?

please do world a favour and kill yourself you insufferable faggot
Teen love is real love.
We had mutual friends, but somehow never met each other till a couple years ago. She asked me for my number when I was half-passed out after the bar. A couple weeks later, we were texting daily. We watched movies together over the phone. She called almost nightly, even called me one night after telling me she couldn't because her boyfriend would be home.

We spent a weekend together, no sex though. I admitted I cared about her, and suddenly she said I was reading too much into things. We stopped talking.

She's been in and out of my life a few times over the years. She cut off contact when she found out I do certain drugs. That was a year or two ago, I can't remember.

Lately, I been having dreams about her. Almost weekly. I get the bad feeling it means she'll be back in my life soon. I don't like it because I don't want to feel those feelings again. For anyone.
Does it count if you don't care about em like that anymore but they won't get the fucking hint
Read your own post you retarded faggot.
>never should've bought into the cuck meme
>h-how could she move on so quickly??
Because she was over you before you fucking dropped her. That kiss was going to evolve into the classic tale of her leaving you for him. She was just holding on to the last branch until she had a firm hold on the next. When you left she had no reason to care because she was about to walk out anyway. That's why she didn't care. You just went full beta trying to get her back and this just makes you look more pathetic and strokes her ego.
You better be b8ing you self-awareness-lacking fruit because I was in the same situation and am just as disgusted with myself for going full beta over it while she was already long since fucking someone else.
>Her name is Alicia
>When I was around 18 I did alot of Chatroulette etc
>Do it again that one evening because I was lonely
>Get her
>Blonde, super cute, shy
>But she was also only 14
>We were camming for like 3 hours and had alot of fun
>I asked her for her Skype and Facebook
>We added each other and texted every day
>We texted and skyped every day for two years
>We live in a rather small country but she still lived at the very other end of it
>We talked alot about meeting each other etc.
>I got some real feelings for her
>Her mom wouldn't let her stay at some guys place
>She was already out of reach before it even began
>My imouto who was around her age had a plan though
>"ehh anon, why don't you let her stay at 'my place'"
>I told Alicia about my sister's plan
>Her mom talked to my sister to confirm it
>Everything was okay
>I drove to the station to pick her up
>Was hit with a brick when seeing her
>Never gotten such weak knees
>She looked even better in real life
>We drove around, got some food and sat down at the beach
>It was probably the best day of my life
>We went to my place
>She said that it's okay to lose her virginity to me
>We did it
>I will never forget her face when were about to do it
>A bit of pain and sheer happiness
>We were both in heaven
>The next day we talked alot
>I struggled because of her age and the distance
>She was angry about that and left
>We stopped texting
>Fast forward one year
>I wrote her a super long text about everything, because I could never date other girls because of her
>She calls me on my phone, crying
>Told me that she was unable forget about me, no matter how hard she tried
>She is finishing school this summer and will move out
>She even considers studying in my city
>She throws little hints about moving in with me

Shia LaBeouf was right.
You're fucking pathetic hahaha. For being insecure and for not sticking to your guns after the fact. Cucked yourself m8
File: 1304938223524.jpg (47 KB, 369x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 369x368
>Spend weeks trying to build up the courage just to talk to her
>Months after that slowly getting to know her and building up the courage to ask her out
>Finally do
>She says yes
>We have a "date" but nothing of significance happens
>I unknowingly spend the next few months as her beta-orbiter since she has no actual romantic interest in me
>I finally realize
>Cut contact with her and 90% of the people that I know because of embarrassment
>Stop going to school
>3 years NEET right now
>Haven't talked to anyone in months

And that's how I became a robot.
Ah women, such odd creatures. Wonder when we'll learn to stop being so beta orbiter
In a similar situation in spirit. Gotta roll with the punches man. Just keep going.

The similarities between your story and mine are quite staggering! I know your feels anon. Literally nothing you can do but cut all ties, move on and let time distance you from her. It gets easier.
Holy shit. I did the same. Holy shit this is scary. The only difference is - i am neet for 5 years.
File: 1438437933429.jpg (28 KB, 480x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 480x352
>id ditch myself too if I could
you can anon. but there is only 1 way out.
I met her in a club, she was with someone at the time. The week after she added me on facebook, went out a few times. Fucked. Talked everyday, I fell for her. She left me for the first dude. She lived in other city anyway, so that's that.
File: 1447025791032s.jpg (4 KB, 104x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 104x124
>She saw me as an older brother
>Those moments I spent with her were just like some sort of an illusion fabricated by my dumb ass.

I need an out.... Something that'll make me feel renewed. I fucking hate waking up in the morning feeling like shit. I need something new to get my mind off of this shit permanently.
I really enjoyed your story, you should write if you don't already. And I can't offer much comfort only in that I can tell you to cherish the good because few get a unique experience like that. If you learn the cherish the good the bad can never touch you.
lemme see that butt famine
girl I met here on r9k
spoke daily for a while
then we both got a bit bored
I messaged her a few weeks ago and she hasn't bothered to reply
It's not that sad, but I feel like I wasted my time
we even had plans to meet up, maybe I shouldn't have been so distant but I'm not used to talking to someone so much
> tfw your name got called last week but you don't know if it's your old orbiter or your internet boyfriend
> feels bad man
There is no "her" you normie cunt. There never has been.
File: 1398378008082.jpg (149 KB, 460x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 460x276
I really hope it does :<
File: 20circ4.jpg (139 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139 KB, 600x400
>girl I met here on r9k


Just throw away your computer before you throw away your life
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