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>Anxiety/Social Anxiety
>Inferiority complex/Avoidant personality disorder

>Rispond (Schizophrenia pill, dosage fit for anxiety)
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>Social Anxiety
>Inferiority complex/Avoidant personality disorder

Taking: Nothing, at the moment. Going to see my psychiatrist in two hours so maybe she'll give me something new.

>Etizolam (not prescribed)
Those aren't even real mental illnesses, you're just being a little bitch. Make this thread again when you're at least schizophrenic.

These aren't illnesses, these are disorders.
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viper dis nigga.jpg
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>Those aren't even real mental illnesses
Here we go again.
>Avoidant personality disorder (AvPD), also known as anxious personality disorder,[1] is a Cluster C personality disorder recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders handbook as afflicting persons when they display a pervasive pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation, and avoidance of social interaction despite a strong desire to be close to others.[2] Individuals afflicted with the disorder tend to describe themselves as uneasy, anxious, lonely, unwanted and isolated from others.[3]
Depressions not an illness, you just need to get over yourself and cut out those elements ( family members, problems) out of your life
Started taking liquid Prozac. What should I expect?
I don't get it.

>You know it is in your mind and that you are the only one who can fix it (yea, it is hard)
>You know that psychologists and pharmacy companies are there to bleed you (because capitalism feeds on the weak)
>You know all these symptoms are coping mechanisms with whatever difficulty you have suffered in your life
>You know you can become a different person by changing habits
>You know that a simple 15 minutes under direct sunlight can bring more happiness then 1 whole day in front of the computer


and yet you keep looking for medication?

You should add "stupid" to your metal illnesses lists

Even when I should feel happy, I'm depressed. Everything happy makes me want to kill myself even more.
Everything seems like fucking shit no matter what.

Stop this "Depression is not an illness" meme.
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Everything you've just written just proves that you have 0 experience with mental illness and that you don't know shit about it.

>All in your mind
Please, read just a little about the causes of depression, Anxiety or schizophrenia.

>Bleed you
Come the fuck on

Mate, mental illness has physical symptoms. That has nothing to do with that. READ SHIT PLEASE.

>Chancing habits
Try to chance your habits while suffering from mental illness, come on.

>Direct sunlight
lol what
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>Major Depressive Disorder
>Generalised Anxiety Disorder
>Social Anxiety Disorder
>Dependent + Avoidant Personality Disorders
>Seasonal Affective Disorder
>Possible Paranoid Personality Disorder
>Possible Bipolar Disorder

I've tried:

Nothing helps.
Life is okay during the day.
Night is hell.
>Severe Depression
>Sex Addiction
>Generalized Anxiety
>Obssesive Compulsive Disorder (Intrusive thoughts)

>Setraline for eight years
>Welbutrin for the last like six months
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>severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder when 12, literally couldn't stop doing compulsion rituals for hours and experience intense anxiety
>better now cause of Prozac for 5 years on highest dose and no longer does anything for me
>have body dysmorphia
>smoke the reefer, eat shrooms and Adderall now since Prozac is now useless
>be 19 now, have no appetite at all unless munchies, now have spine and rib problems, chronic pain, feels like ribs are being crushed
>doctors won't even give Tylonol 3 despite diagnosis
>already have chronic pain like a middle age old man
>God apparently just has a cruel sense of humor
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Its almost like you WANT to be miserable.
Try Shrooms anon. Helped me a lot with major depression and anxiety. Made me think so fast and at the same time so happy, thought of the potential I posseee and made me eager to do something. Also maybe try Adderall or Welibutrin, helped with ADD and Depression.
What do I take instead? What WORKS?

In reverse order:

Direct sunlight
>lol what
I guess you are the one that needs to do more reading - https://www.quora.com/Why-does-sunshine-make-people-happy

Changing habits
>Try to chance your habits while suffering from mental illness, come on.
I admit it is hard, but you can start easy. I believe my first step was to start looking strangers in the eyes when I commuted to school. I had so little confidence I couldn't keep eye contact for 1 second before I started.

>Mate, mental illness has physical symptoms. That has nothing to do with that. READ SHIT PLEASE.
I never claimed it didn't have physical symptoms, but instead of focusing on symptoms you should treat the main issue.

Bleed you
>Come the fuck on
I begin to think I am talking to a shill here

All in your mind
>Please, read just a little about the causes of depression, Anxiety or schizophrenia.
You might want to check the definition of "mental illness" before you claim it isn't in your mind

>Everything you've just written just proves that you have 0 experience with mental illness and that you don't know shit about it.
You are just searching for excuses
It might stop if you stopped replying to it
>What WORKS?
Nothing works. But SSRIs will fuck you up even harder. If you're going to take a placebo, fine, just don't take an active placebo.

Don't taking anything but literally every sound that I don't create triggers me. There's a weird humming / engine noise that starts every so often and since I'm in an apartment block I don't know who it is. Last place I lived I started banging on all the walls and ended up pretty much collapsing on my bedroom floor wishing I was deaf. When I visit home I can't sleep at the front of the house any more because passing cars make me anxious and angry.
Who here /existential angst/? For some reason every time I think of something I always associate negative vibes with that thought. It's hard to explain and might just be more obsessive anxiety though, I don't know.

>Generalized anxiety and OCD
>mild or severe depression? the line is very blurred between whether or not it's anxiety or depression making me feel bad in any given instance

Could you go into a little more detail? If SSRI's are really making me feel worst I'd like to talk with my therapist about it.
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>people try to tell you psychosis is curable
>>it isn't curable when you're bipolar
Why me
social anxiety
venlafaxine 225 mg, only ssri/snri that worked for my anxiety. now i can do things that normies do too casually
I also want to know more about SSRIs, I used to take a few of them like a year ago throughout my childhood.

What's so bad about them?
That fucking pic is me in a nutshell. I'm sure I look like shit either way.
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Officially diagnosed shit by various shrinks:
>major depression
>bipolar depression
>general anxiety disorder
>social anxiety disorder
>panic disorder
>sleep-wake disorder
>avoidant personality disorder
>schizoid personality disorder
>I think there were a couple more
Things shrinks have 'considered'
>autism spectrum
>schizotypal personality disorder
>everything in the fucking DSM-V

The whole fucking system is a joke, these are nearly all meaningless overly broad labels used to categorize individuals that may or may not have some definite underlying physiological cause to their distress.

I've taken 4 different SSRI's, 2 different antipsychotics, an SNRI, an NRI, some atypical stuff like buspar and trazadone as well as klonopin and gabapentin
the only one that has done anything good is the klonopin, (the gabapentin is ok for anxiety, not great)
some of the drugs gave me psychosis, disrealization, some made me experience hallucinations, some gave me 4 hour panic attacks, one made me constantly hypertensive, some of them made me suicidal and one of the antipsychotics made me unreasonably angry.

I think I've had just about enough of this psychiatry shit
anyone have any suggestions (besides exercise, already started working on that)
I have Depression and Anxiety

And I take Cipralex

And I might get what you call atuism bux or some other benefits.

Anyone here get dole form Anxiety?
>le mental illness is caused by le childhood trauma
lebbit swerve
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Mah nigga.

>Bipolar I

Been hospitalised for psychosis. The manic-depressives and the schizos are on another level of fucked up. You inhabit a bizarre parallel world of psychiatrists, hard meds and wards.

Generalised anxiety and panic attacks come with the territory. Psychiatrist doesn't bat an eyelid any more, just asks me if I need some lorazepam or something. I'm barely functional on a good day. Also, I'm scared as fuck of benzos.

You motherfuckers who keep going on about "mental illness" isn't real and "pills are a scam and just fuck you up more" please kill yourselves. This shit is literally saving my life.

Taking every day:
>Depakote 1000mg
>Lamictal 300mg
>Wellbutrin 300mg
>Seroquel 300mg

A psychiatrist at a state hospital once told me they call venlafaxine "rocket fuel" around there. Heard the side effects are hell, but I must admit I'm intensely curious as to how well it works. Hopes aren't high for a manic-depressive to get prescribed some, though. If I hit mixed at this point, probably will end up killing myself.

Ahh, anti-psychotics. Our long-term relationship is... complex. What dosage were you on? And I'm not trying to be funny, but are you legitimately autistic? Because risperidone is usually prescribed to treat aggression in children with developmental problems, notably autism.

>at least schizophrenic
What counts as more ill than schizophrenia?
>not a disease, but i also have issues controlling my anger

Taking escitalopram and prazepam right now.

It's pretty much nothing compared to you guys
i have actual schizophrenic auditory and visual hallucinations
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>rocket fuel
"california rocket fuel' refers to the combination of venaflaxine and mitrazapine
they have some effects that are believed to compliment eachother
for example, mitrazapine antagonizes ht2 and 5ht3 , which are the subtypes of serotonin receptors that tend to be the most unpleasant (5ht2a is associated with depression and schizophrenia, 5ht3 is associated with nausea)
it also antagonizes alpha2 adrenergic receptors, which in turn causes an increase in neurotransmission while also lessening the vasoconstrictive/hypertensive effects of norepinephrine. This also causes an increase in 5ht1 agonism in certain parts of the brain

so the combination of the two causes increased serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain while also alleviating some of the negative aspects of this.

it's still bullshit that doesn't really work for depression, unfortunately
>Generalized Anxiety Disorder
>Bipolar I
>Avoidant Personality Disorder


GAD & Depression initial diagnosis

Escitalopram (Lexapro)
Venlafaxine (Effexor)

(Psychotic break 6 months into SSRI therapy, diagnosed as Bipolar I)

Bipolar I diagnosis medication:
Lithium Carbonate

Taking currrently: none. Fuck pills, they just kill my dick and make me numb.

Ayy i've been hospitalized for psychosis. What was your delusion?

This pretty much. People who say little bitch are usually retards but this is spot on in this case.
Only been diagnosed with aspergers and that was years ago. Who knows what's wrong with me nowadays

I get strapped down to a table and have lithium injected into my neck daily.
Try a mix of Prozac and abilify. That worked when when a laundry list of others didnt. 40mg amd 15mg if you're curious.
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That's interesting, but I think it may be coincidence. I was talking about a state mental hospital in South Africa. On the other hand, if there were any psychiatrist I've known likely to prescribe a tetracyclic antidepressant, it was that guy.

Cool, what is your voices' style? I usually have multiple, shouting but not talking to one another, not particularly intelligible. They're worse at night, they can seriously surprise me when I'm trying to fall asleep.

What are the visuals like? I don't get much, just some twisting about, keep making out all sorts of shit as people sneaking around with no pattern.

Any paranoia? I tend to think people are poisoning me through everything.
>get depressed
>go to psychiatrist
>get antidepressant
>get moodswings because of antidepressant
>psychiatrist prescribes mood stabilizers and antipsychotic medication to treat the sideeffects of the antidepressant
>psychiatrist tells you that you are a little bitch because you can't get of the antidepressant
What do you count as a mood stabiliser? If it's lithium or valproate, I've got bad news for you it's not treating side effects, you've got some bad bipolar
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>You know that psychologists and pharmacy companies are there to bleed you (because capitalism feeds on the weak)
Good thing I'm not American

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>depersonalization disorder
>lamotringe for a year
>it didn't help
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Did you know that the clinical definition of substance-dependence was changed when Prozac was introduced to the market?
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Undiagnosed bpd - misdiagnosed bipolar
Not that it matters

>intermittent severe social anxiety
I went to McDonald's yesterday, the walk alone was brutal and it was hard to eat because there was some older drug addict lady that was kind of attractive and probably wanted to fuck. My hands were shaking while I while I unwrapped the burger
>anger problems
I definitely get into more fights than anyone on this site. I get very difficult to be around. It's hard to be in a relationship
>probably narcissistic personality disorder
>intermittent sex addiction
I usually just get blowjobs so it's hard to say sex, but I can be in a happy relationship and if I'm near a slut, I will grope her. I get intense anxiety around women if I'm with a girlfriend
>95% shutin neet

I get intense neurosis (periods of mild psychosis)
I wind up on jail, I've woke up the hospital after drinking and getting jumped, I've hospitalized multiple people including my ex. I get into 'frantic rages' wherein I can start to think the government is messing with me
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i've been seeing a therapist and she seems to think i have avoidant personality disorder

i looked it up and its description is pretty shockingly accurate
>Paranoid personality disorder
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>has social anxiety
>yet is normalfag enough to go to a doctor and get pills for his illnesses
>at least schizophrenic.
i am
I have autism, and a bunch of disorders due to being a manlet.

> St. John's wort
Makes me feel less anxious all the time, but also causes ringing ears.
> L-Theanine.
A natural anti psychotic.
schizophrenic checking in
and klonopin
who here takes benzos
i got none im a hypochondriac faggot
i still dont know why i take this shit, my psych thinks i might be schizo or some shit i guess
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feels good.png
6 KB, 216x200

I say I just like fires.

Really, a few fires here and there aren't bad, they aren't hurting anyone. Who cares if I like starting fires?

I mean, who doesn't enjoy burning stuff?

Thou I did hear on /k/ that mixing octane 93 and styrofoam then stuffing it into a 12 gauge shell can create burning shit everywhere.

It wouldn't hurt anybody to shoot off a couple here and there. Or setting off a huge array of fireworks, all inside metal tubes hooked up to the back of my pick up!

I know.

Packing a shopping cart full of fireworks, and cover it with a cardboard cut out of a car. Cover dat shit in gasoline. Set off a fuse connected up to all those fireworks. Push that shit down a hill.

That would be cool. The thought of that pleases me.
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