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Robots, how do you feel knowing that there...
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Robots, how do you feel knowing that there are people who are deeply concerned and worried about you?

This image is a post which I just found on a polish forum for females. Translation:

"Title: Problem with my brother

Hello ladies (and gentlemen, if any of you reads this topic) I have a problem with my brother. I am 21 and he is 24. I can sort of handle my life (I've been with my bf for 3 years but this doesn't matter) and he never had a girlfriend. He never had any buddies or friends. He doesn't go to parties, he doesn't go to clubs, to concerts, house parties, cinema, nothing. He goes to uni (I have to admit, it's a prestigious field), comes back and then sits in front of his computer browsing 4chan and other foreign sites. I don't think that spending all his free time (I'm not exaggerating, he only gets off his computer to go to bed or for the toilet or for dinner) is something normal. Our parent's can't or won't see the problem? I told mom that the problem is there, she said she'd talk to him but well, nothing changed. I'm feeling ashamed for him, because unfortunately people are laughing at him in our neighbourhood, he doesn't keep in touch with our cousins either. He doesn't go out with friends (his only outing was the new years eve, he came back around 1am because he claimed to feel sick). What should I do? I tried talking to him but it's not doing anything. I have no idea what to do...and unfortunately I feel more mature than him and I want him to get his life together..."

I'd say he's like 80% robot, 20% normie (uni, went out for nye)

Are you reading this, polish robot?
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I can relate to him so much. The frustrating part is that I can't feel any form of affection or emotion towards the people that care about me. Not to say I'm not thankful or respectful, it's just that after so many years of loneliness and isolation you learn to do everything yourself, including dealing with your feelings. Having someone there doesn't bring anything to me in any manner.

When I read stuff like this it brings back suicidal thoughts and doubts about being so alone.
The answers in that topic are hilarious.
Could you link the page and possibly tranalations
his sister would be the exact same if she didnt have a vagina

I don't really have the time to translate all that

maybe google translate will work sort of?

Basically they're
1) calling the OP a troll
2) telling OP to leave him be, and live his own life

So, basically, except for OP of that thread, nobody cares.
translate pls?
I want them to shut up and stop caring about the problems of other people.
But anon, they're just worried about you. Who will take care of you when mom and dad die?
not in detail though:

#1 - this is troll
#2 OP - not troll i promis
#3 - similar situation, SO's brother is like this, but 29, finished a good school and is a wagecuck now with a nice car, but still is a robot; when I tell my SO to take him to a pub or for vacation with us, the brother always says no, advice: can't change it, so don't.
#4 - let him live his life, the fact that you're ashamed of him because he's a laughing stock makes you less mature.
#5 - why troll? robots happen.
#6 OP - #4 you don't understand, I've heard people laughing at him since I was a little girl, and it's still in my head
#7 - I'm sure you have common friends with your SO, OP. Take him with you, maybe he'll make friends.
#8 - I'm a fembot. I have a boyfriend, but I don't go out. I think OP is a troll because I can't believe you can have no empathy and close mind like her.
#9 - don't make him change, work on yourself. it seems like you have a problem bigger than him.
#10, OP - my problem is that I worry how others think of me, what's the other problem?
#11 - i'm a grammar nazi, thus you're an idiot. GOOGLE WORD 'INTROVERT' DUMBASS. Others try to change me too and can't understand that perfect weekend is me and books and bed, not bbqs and beers in a pub.
other problem - you're immature.
#12 - you're not responsible for bringing him up, reading your post it seems you're more concerned about what your friends think instead of his good.
#13 (#3) - @#8 - but you met your bf, you must've met him somewhere. reading OP I'm not suprised she's worried, I'm freaked by my SO's bro too. maybe OP's bro prefers to spend time with his plans, and later maybe he'll go out/meet someone, but maybe he's like my SO's bro and you wouldn't consider him mature nor normal.
#14 - then why does OP need friends that judge you? bro seems not to give a fuck and he's happy with what he's doing. see, it's possible.
#15 - another fembot that doesn't like pubs

the sister sounds like a condescending bitch. She doesn't seem to care about him at all.
>I'm a fembot. I have a boyfriend
stopped reading there
#16 - having a partner = maturity? going out = maturity + normality? let's tell that to middle schoolers and pathologics (ie. chavs)
#17 - OP has a problem with caring what others think, but I think she's jelaous because he might have some kind of future in front of him, while all OP's done is getting a man
#18 - fembot
#19 - link to 'introvert' video (25min long, has eng subtitles)
#20 - typical for this forum, instead of getting to the problem, just insults
#21 - living your life well doesn't mean finding an SO, it's just one thing, maybe OP's bro is good with it
#22 OP - I don't live with parents, but I visit often, his mom registers him for the doctor and tells him to wash his hair; I don't want to make him an extrovert, just want him to have someone to talk with, instead of PC 24/7
#23 (#8) - @#20 oh we see the point, just there is no problem.
@#13 - I met him on the Internet, most of the dates were at home of one of us.
@#22 - oh, he doesn't want anyone to talk with. also, that doctor/hair stuff is a bit of a problem, true that.
#24 (#3) - @#16 - girl, he's going to be 30 soon, still lives with parents, doesn't go out, never been in a relationship and all - do you think it's normal? about having a partner, I meant it's more like experiencing something, communication skills. I meant not having some kind of a partner, but having a meaningful relationship.
@#23 - yeah, but one of you had to leave for a date, also you both were looking for partners online, and my case is that that bro comes back after work and doesn't talk to nobody. people he knows are his parents, brother and now me.
#25 - then what do you want, OP? my friend is similar, doesn't go out, has no gf. Do you think his bro cares about that? nope, lives his own life.
#26 - yep, op's bro is guided by mom's hand.
#27 - he can be an introvert, mom making doctor appointments can be a result of introvert's hatred for phonecalls. I'd talk to him and ask if he needs anything, if he's lonely. But what do you expect from OP who cares about chavs laughing at her bro, but considers herself mature.

The rest of the answers is repeating themselves, less and less readable.
Actually I hate polish discussion boards and relationship threads, and this is a combination of both.

Maybe OP cares. Even if it's only because of what others think, that's still good. But none of the posters there can understand what it means to be a robot. And his situation won't be solved; if sis asks him what's wrong, he'll say 'I'm fine' and the topic will be dropped. He'll stay a virgin until the end of his life, the sister may feel a little guilty 20 years later, but that will change nothing.
>na osiedlu sie z niego smieja
jebana wiesniacka rodzinka

pierwsza czerwona flaga, siostra turbo kurwa z hehe """"""dzielni"""""

anon spierdon jak to czytasz jestes wporzo nie ma co sie trzesc

long live losers
Why are you reading a forum for females

pls don't judge me I am so lonely
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