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>mfw my mom says I will get a gf some day
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>mfw my mom says I will get a gf some day
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>tfw she says she likes me
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Do you mean your mom?
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>mfw my mom talks about how she knows i'll get married and give her grandkids
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>grandmother tells me i could be a model
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>mfw you hear the same shit every thanksgiving

part of me feels bad i let her down every year
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>go to store with mom
>she tells me girls were flirting with me or that they referred to me as attractive/handsome
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>discussing tax situation with parents
>tell them that the tax guy basically just told me the only way to get gouged less on taxes was to buy a house and get married
>"hey [tax guy] has a really cute daughter you know"
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>mfw my mom said I looked handsome last week
>mom constantly tells me I look like a potato and that she wishes I looked like how I did before puberty
would you prefer this
>dad says im a failure and that hes ashamed of me
Same here. Too bad he's locked in jail for about 20 years.
My mom says something like that too.
She says that she sees girls looking at me and that they find me attractive but that they think that I find them unattractive.
>Wake up early its 3pm

>Dont smell tendies in the air.

>I waddle to my door around the piss bottles.

>Start slamming my head into the wall and screaming tendies i want tendies

>Slut bitch Mommy slowly opens the door to my lair

>With tears in herr eyes she throws in my tendies and juice.

>I tell her icarly is on later so she better prepare the highest luxary goodboypoints can buy

>I make my way back to my bed exhausted from my journey across the room and back i rest

>my diaper seems almost full ill need a change before the big event later

>pondering what is going to happen in tonights episode i drift into slumber my little pony playing in the background

>I am awoken to mommy cleaning my piss jars up i tell her i need a diaper change aswell she nods with a look of disgust on her face

>Soon icarly will be on the grand event

>The theme songs starts playing i scream at mommy to hurry or ill murder her and feed her to out dog buttersnout

>Mommy enters my room she is dressed in appropriote apperal plad shorts converss sneekers and a hoodie her hair dyed the perfect shade of blonde.

>Now my Good boy favorite boy rivaled only by tendies and juice boxes begins

>I wait for a scene with sam in it my favorite icarly character zhe is the best i then have mommy do her special service to me and pretend its sam

>i came 6 times tonight it was the best i finish by blowing on sams i mean mommy butt and tell that dirty slut to go make me SOME FUCKING TENDIES

>she starts walking away when a sight i never witnessed before appears before my eyes SAM IN A BIKINI JUST SHOWED ON AIR OMG

>With a speed of appollo i move like a lion and grab mommy before she makes it out of my lair

>I throw her on my computer desk and did adult things to her more then i ever thought i could

>when km finally finished mommy isnt moving

>icarly is over i lay down and start watching adventure time

>covered in my special sauce mommy starts crying

Lol i have the same thing i was a child model when i was younger now im just a big guy
I love these so fucking much, it makes up for all the other stupid r9k shit
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>tfw my blind grandma says im so handsome
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>dumb stacies that sit behind me in college start moving their desks and kicking my chair while giggling
>''they probably like you anon''
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>tfw mom says i'll get married soon after i get a job
They were better before tendies and they all became the same shit.
It was "fucking normies" right?
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>Mom said that i will have 2 kid and a wive
>>my little pony
This was great except for that
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>mfw like OP
>mfw she says I'm handsome too

I know women are delusional but seeing it firsthand with mom is a bit shocking.
Normalfags love tendieposting. There has probably been robots posting it too without considering how many normalfags it attracted.

These posts became a lot more attractive for normalfags with a simple catchphrase which allowed normalfags to come in here and post without having to learn much.

Tendies are the worst thing that has happened to /r9k/.
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>mfw mom asks when im gonna get a job
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jrpg antagonist.png
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>mfw I got a gf and am not allowed here anymore
>tfw you have two sisters, so the pressure for grandkids is on them
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>mfw my mom told me she's moving in with her batshit insane meth head boyfriend and I have to take up the house's rent or find an apartment of my own in two months

I-I'm gonna be okay, right guys?
It looks like you're gonna be either a wagecuck or a hobo. Choose wisely.
Post pic lardo
>mom tells me I can aspire to be anything as long as I'm satisfied and that she'll always be there to support me

Feels worse to be quite honest

I'm burdening her, yet she's so supportive.
Not him but I got banned 24 hours for posting my pic when someone asked for it in a thread like this.
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Thread images: 18
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