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Sure we're all lonely, social awkward...
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Sure we're all lonely, social awkward fucks but not all of us were born that way. Where are the robots born "normal" but turned? And what turned you?

>I was normal till my mom starting beating me and abandoned me.
>Search for that love from other women.
>Fall in love.
>She cheats and abandons me.
>They just keep living their own lives, without me.
>Just keep keepin' on.

It's weird how people can just throw you away and keep on living but you have to shoulder the weight of their hurtfulness because they refuse to.

we carry scars, but we just wanted to love.


this is an original comment
Your still normal.
These problems you faced have just turned you into a special snowflake.
>he thinks he's a robot even after experiencing love

When will we destroy failed normalfags?
don't worry, they self destruct
Same dude

>be me born normal
>genetically was missing bilateral incisors
>good looking but was made fun of for vampire teeth
>get braces fucked shit up and made gaps
>looked like a hill billy
>super self conscious turn quiet
>no gf for a while
>finally get braces off but only get a retainer with fake teeth which was so embarrassing to take off in high school lunch
>so self conscious about it become shy
>get in car accident
>realize i had to YOLO almost died, got new denture new found confidence
>became normal, became a chad actually
>get a qt 3.14 gf
> go to engineering school
>stress kills me i get depressed get horrible acne
>gf starts to cheat on me with several guys
>keep forgiving then bringing her back
>eventually i get put on accutane
>she leaves me for another guy, get humiliated cause dump was public at a party set up by her friend
>friend is a bitch who talked mad shit about me but i heard she liked me, but i became a robot after the cheating and i guess she got creeped
>self esteem ruined
>no life since sophomore year college
>now a senior
>i'm extremely lonely since i fell in love and got broken I'm insecure with women
>im a robot... i can't approach girls and make new friends
>lives like bojack horseman no joke
>they just keep living their own lives
>I'm going to make money cause i did good in school but I'm going to be lonely

yup just like me ;(
I'd like to think I was born normal. I had a really happy childhood and was a bit of a goodie-two-shoes. My parents divorced when I was 11 and I became anorexic after losing a race. Those might seem terrible but I think it's just life in general that does is in. Did ever turn out anything like you imagined it, and I don't mean your personal dreams of becoming an astronaut or some shit, I'm talking about other people too. When I was a kid I had this drive to learn and do right by others whenever I could. When you grow up that just isn't a thing anymore. Compare elementary and high school, the camaradere is gone and now it's about who is in favor and who is not, who is weird and who is normal. There might be some wisdom in there but I'm not sure. Its mostly the childish worldview of harmony and improvement juxtaposed by one of epistemological uncertainty and the harsh truths you have to consistently go through like free will and existentialism. I don't see myself as "not normal" pessimism is perfectly rational in a world like thus
What is the purpose in thinking of yourself as a one time normal if you ultimately ended up a robot? You're just grasping for tiny rays of hope that disappear as soon as you touch them. I know how you feel but it's just a distraction in the end.

We were fucked before we even had a chance.
I guess I can't certify that I was normal but anyone that knew me before I was six has told me without solicitation that I was bright, gentle, sensitive, and friendly. After I was six I was in an extremely abusive setting because my mom worked a lot and was mildly negligent while my stepfather was a total monster. Some of the shit he did/made me do sounds like it's straight out of a horror movie. In addition simultaneously I began having problems in school because of a condition I have that affects handwriting, causing my instructors to force me to practice for four or five hours a day on something I was physically unable to improve at, which in turn caused them to label me as lazy and uncooperative and eventually I guess somehow everything snowballed from then. Just started school which is a fucking nightmare so wish me luck anons.
>be me
>have a single mother with another sibling
>burn the left of my face at 7 (there's no wound there anymore but you can tell that my left side of my face looks like it's been burnt)
>have to wear the same outfit to school every single day from K-12 from being poor and having another sibling that's a girl
>bullied in elementary and high school
>never can make any friends because constantly moving because mom can't afford the place anymore
>legal troubles with my cousins being abused by their aunt
>never had a girlfriend
>had to sit by myself during lunch (sat at the table for kids who didn't turn their homework in and of course it was only myself who sat there and I sat there voluntarily)
>never got tested for any mental problems but get extreme anxiety being near anyone because mother used to take my money and scream at me
>never could go into any higher classes in high school because whenever we moved to another place all of the classes were "taken"
>had asthma and was bullied for that in high school
there's plenty of more things I could name but I don't want to seem like a total loser, I failed being a normie around 7th grade and learned that I would never recover
I was born normal and was normal until I turned 15 and now I can't look at another human without seeing just a machine made of cells.
bojack sucks ass

its writing would be considered terrible, soap-opera tier, if it was liveaction but since its a cartoon it gets compared to FG and hailed as 'deep' and showered with undeserved praise.
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I drive.jpg
409 KB, 1920x1080
>probably was pretty normal at birth
>very poor though
>mom is a teacher and manages to get me enrolled in a better school across the city where she works
>i become less ghetto now that i go to a multicultural school in suburbs
>i am pretty funny so fit in good with many friends
>on path to being a normal socially adjusted human
>become really sick
>constantly out of school or in the hospital
>cant play sports due to my poor health
>as we get older, friend groups get smaller and smaller
>people start dating and hitting on girls
>I dont do well with girls at all, i'm too weird for them and i dont play sports so im not popular
>since I lived across town, i never hung out with anyone outside of school at all (this is the biggest factor in me becoming a robot)
>everyone else is hanging out in groups after school, and joining clubs or whatever
>everyone else is gaining social experience in a variety of settings
>start falling more and more behind
>miss out on opportunity to develop key social skills and confidence
>spend all my time at home on the internet
>by the time high school comes around im a complete outcast
>switch schools all the time
>do lots of drugs
>still very poor
>my siblings have all moved out and my dad is gone now
>my mom is at work most of the time
>spend almost all my time alone in the dark tripping balls or getting high and browsing the internet
>no longer follow pop culture at all
>Don't watch television
>as everyone else builds muscle i remain a skeleton with the body of a 12 yr old
>not black enough to fit in with my own race
>too weird to really fit in with anyone else either
>still spending all my time alone in my room to this day
I probably could've been normal. It's crazy how the smallest things snowball and completely change the course of your life. Ultimately i'm glad. The loneliness sucks, but I enjoy my individuality, and I enjoy not having the burden of fitting in, of being a slave to the expectations of others.
>I failed being a normie around 7th grade
Same. I think that is about the exact year where you either become normal or you fall to the wayside. It's the first time social dynamics become multi-gendered, and the disparity grows between you and your peers more than ever. If you don't find a niche by the end of that year, chances are you'll be at a huge disadvantage the next year. Once high school starts its basically all set into place, with very little chance for change.
If you're even aware of the turning point, you're a fucking poser. Fuck off back to Reddit, OP.
I came out of a normal family, respecting family values
nobody abused me growing up
sure, was bullied somewhat, but i was bigger and stronger than 90% of the rest of the kids my age +-3 years and i managed to defend my self when such attempts were made
yet, asperger
i wasn't born normal
you faggots with personality disorders don't belong here
be gone
Same, it's bullshit. I'm stuck between hating them and missing them.
>born normal
Not really. I remember some documentary about shy children, they showed a little girl who wouldn't talk at school, she actually had anxiety and some antidepressants turned her into a normie kid right away.

When i was a baby i would cry nonstop, i cried all the way up to 3 years old. No doctor knew why. When i got into school i was already a little autism-o and it only went downhill. I was born to be here.

everyone isn't born with a clean slate
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