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>The first time you saw one of your parents cry
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When was it? I remember it distinctly

>Mom got in car crash that affected her ability to grasp onto objects (patrick_grasp_it_firmly.jpg)
>finally feels confident enough to do some stuff in the kitchen, decides to whip up some brownies
>We are having a blast, I am helping mix and shit
>Cook brownies in glass bakeware
>She drops the pan of hot brownies all over the floor
>Starts crying, picking up brownies, throwing them in garbage, then runs to her room

She hasn't really baked since, and I think of this moment every now and again out of nowhere.
shit, you should make her some brownies anon. I love my mom.
Before I moved out, I made her (well, my fat ass) brownies all the time. She's in some super-healthy yoga vegan kick right now so I like to take her out to hipster organic mom restaurants. Moms are awesome.
>She's in some super-healthy yoga vegan kick right now so I like to take her out to hipster organic mom restaurants. Moms are awesome.

Thats cancerous and pretentious as fuck but ok.
Goddamn, OP, reading that made me fucking sad.
Mom was in the room when I told my therapist I wanted to kill myself.

She cried more when she found out my chaddy daddy cheated on her though.

Shit man, that sounds bad
if my mom cried she did it alone by herself, because I am such a failure
when she got me from the back of the police car
My grandmother treated her like shit years ago.

But now things went worse, she and two brothers of my mom, treated us like shit and said things like my dad is a thief (he isn't) and etc. I feel very sad when I remember it
I saw my dad cry right before last Christmas, after my mother died. Felt bad tbqh family
My parents Fucking cry all the time it's frustrating
i saw my mom sobbing when i was about 6 so i go to comfort her but then she tells me it's cause of me and how i'm a bad child and how i ruined her life and that she wants me to die, she's the victim, blah blah
i have never seen my father cry. i'm fairly certain he's a legitimate psychopath though

my mother? no clue, every month she has some crying spell
I saw my mother crying one night when my now ex-stepfather was beating her. Unfortunately, I was 5 at the time and couldn't do anything but watch.
When I was like 5-6 my mom decided to make a point by threatening to kill herself in front of me by pretending to swallow a bunch of pills or she ran a knife across her wrist but not on the bladed side. I don't know why she did it. I don't think it fucked me up, it just seems over the top in heinsight.
First and last time i saw my dad cry, he was unable to draw the left side of a clock after having a stroke. He died a few days later.
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i'm sad now, thank you, asshole
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My mom was outside talking to my father when she said, referring to me
>he has never told me he's loved me

She was sobbing in tears. I never have
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>13 years old
>Cooking my mom a cake because it's her birthday
>As I'm getting the carton of eggs out of the fridge I accidentally slip on some water on the floor
>Fall, hit my head against the fridge and broke all the eggs
>Mom comes out to investigate the noise and sees me crying while holding my head with broken eggs all around me
>She gets her belt and beats me with it until my back/ass is bleeding
>Afterwards she tells me to clean up my mess and that me doing stupid shit like this is why my dad left us
>Forces me to clean the kitchen with fresh blood still dribbling down my back
>Locks me in my room for the rest of the night while she goes out to the bars like she does every night
14 y/o, went on holiday with dad, right after parents divorced
>one hour till custody is handed over to mum
>dad has never gone more than two days without seeing us
>finds me crying
>we sit there and cry together for an hour
>no feels can describe this feel
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Do you at least show it?

I saw my mom cry after coming home from the night shift working hospice in a hospital (basically death floor) and seeing the news of a massacre somewhere in the world. She said there's too much death everywhere
>I'm 8 or 9 years old
>dad goes to thailand for 3 weeks for some army shit
>cheats on my mom
>mom finds lover letter and has our neighbor translate it
>goes into a psychopathic rage, crying and ripping up all our photos
>this continues the whole time we live in Hawaii

>grandfather dies
>see my dad with his eyes moist like he'd been crying recent
>he tells up we won't be seeing grandpa anymore
>only time I've seen him cry
I don't remember, I just remember for a while if she cried, I cried. I really remember loving my mom and thinking the world of her as a kid and she didn't have much time for me, but I loved the time we could spend. She wanted to spend time with Chads so they mostly got her attention.

When I turned 13, she became ill, everything went to shit and gradually she became really draining to be around so I'd mostly try to avoid her. I still avoid her and like having days when I don't interact much with her.

I know that all she wants is for me to be really happy to see her like when I was 6, and I know it hurts her when I tense up when she hugs me. I don't even hate her, my views of her just...changed, so now I don't cry anymore when she's upset. That's how I know I'm not close to her anymore.

Man, fuck your thread OP.
No, she was the same woman who repeatedly said all men are evil, worthless people throughout my childhood. And even shittier she has never said she loved me.
Lol what'd ya do senpai? My mom was mad as fuck when I got detained for stealing liquor.

But man I'd take that any day over her crying.
My Mom cries so often I don't even remember the first time. Never seen my Dad cry.
I was with my mom and dad when they put down my dog a week ago. Both of them were crying.
I've never seen my parents cry. They don't really express many emotions.
>be me at 12
>my mom gathers me and my siblings (10 and 8) to the living room
>apparently dad had died while out trucking
>we all cry together for 2 hours, the entire time my moms voice is breaking
>she told me a year later that he killed himself cause I was old enough to know
>i think she still blames herself
I've never seen either of my parents cry. my mom is too emotionally detached.
same. both my parents were. its a bad feel
i'm sure i've made her cry before then, we really don't get along. Now that i've moved out our relationship is a lot better, but i could never live under the same roof as her again.
I'd still fuck
hey, the dude loves his mom. I rolled my eyes, too, but if that's what makes them happy

Hope your mom's happier now, OP
I'm sure my mom has cried in front of me before this occasion, but it's the earliest one I remember

>2nd grade
>mom picks me up from school
>surprises me with a trip to the furniture store to buy me some display shelf to hold a bunch of random shit I have in my room
>last thing I want to do after getting out of school
>ask her to do it later, she won't
>tell her I hate her
>she bursts out crying
>feel like an asshole, but don't know what to do
>sit in silence as she drives me home
>apologize later in the day after my dad gets home and tells me I should

I learned much later that my mom was depressed for most of my childhood
ha.. hahah.... hahahhaha

first time I saw a parent cry is when my dad beat my mom
Damn, your mom's a cunt. I hope you let her suffer alone as her body and mind turn decrepit with age
She sounds like a mother with BPD, this is how they act
My dad cried when my normie younger sister left for college. He smiled all throughout the drive down and unpacking her things, and started crying as soon as we started to drive home. He does a 4 hour round trip drive once a month to visit her.
I've seen my dad cry 4 times. I can expound any of them if someone happens to be interested

>1. when he broke the news to me and my siblings that my mom's mom had died
>2. when he and my mom sat us down to break the news that they were divorcing
>3. when he and my mom came together to talk to me about my mental health
>4. when the whole family went into family therapy (everyone cried at least once except for my mom)
It definitely fucked you up. You're probably a total weirdo because of shit like that.
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