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So lower your standards and date a BBW single mother off Craigslist, fuckboy.
Better become worth it to an average girl, then. Work and love before anyone works or loves for you. If you aren't willing to put in the effort, don't even worry about trying.
WHAT DO I NEED TO DO, IM READY LETS GOOOOO REEEEEEEEE. On a serious note am I getting too old
Speaking of, if I was an idiot I would have ruined my life today.
>wife's friend from Canada is visiting
>wife is out getting groceries
>wife's friend comes out of her room in pajama bottoms and T-shirt and heads to bathroom
>walks past the office to get to the guest bedroom
>no bra
>nipples on high beam through the t-shirt
Holy shit I never understood why people cheated til tonight.
You're 24. Work out while your body still functions. You know how Robots are always crying about beta orbiters? Do the orbiting thing IRL, it actually does get results unlike online orbiting.
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Drive to the projects, barrio, trailer park ect.

And make a positive impact in your community.

>telling you man poor 6/10 minority women is where its at, no fuzz no games. They will date any one to get them out of their shit hole.
This male has done too little, and too late, his hope of mating with a female, gone.
Lip smacking angry women without self respect is who I should marry. Get ready for some alimony.
Also I want her to be white
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>wanting to get married before you're a minimum of 30

But I'm a 26 year old KV permavirgin, so, whatever.

My brother is getting married soon and he's only going to be 23. It's like watching a drown himself on purpose.
Trailer park redneck girls are good for fucking only. Never take one to where you live. If you're worried about feeling bad, take them to a movie before you take them to a motel.
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I'm 26

No girl wants to date a brown manlet.
Recently took up drinking, I though things would get better as I got older, I'm this close to start dating single mothers. This is not the way I thought adulthood would go...

>tfw doctor asks you if you have been sexually active in a check up.
I just want to be young and youthful for my children as they grow up
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But its the current year

Original comment
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Children devour money and steal time; they'll take at least 18 years of your life, probably more if they have the genes of a loser that browses this board.
Single mothers can be alright. Dated two for a while. The first had two kids, yet somehow her pussy was bomb and she could ride like there was no tomorrow. The other was pronebone heaven.
What's the hurry?
Got one at 20, Arab girl. Married so she could come here to live. Just a possibility to consider.
It's not going to happen as long as you stay here.
Nobody here is ever getting married.

When you spend hours each day browsing a board that constantly hammers ideas into you like "nothing will change", "society should cater to you", "all women are whores", "sex is everything", "you have to lower your standards", "one day, your life will change without effort". "you shouldn't have to be a man" etc
You are going to have a warped view of love and life.
I would seriously not touch trailer park skanks.

I feel I would be getting an std by just standing close to them.
Get ahold of yourself. Men aren't born equal, you happen to be among those who will perish like dogs, alone and scared. Make the best of what time you have left. Do whatever the fuck you want, even if it isn't much.


"The American wedding is a dark and fearful sham. The event itself is designed to incite anger and drained loved ones of patience, support and money. Most marriages fail miserably in two yeras. Others end in murder-suicide. A small percentage of them end with a term we like to call "livable hatred."

Marriage has always been a black and repugnant sore on human living."
-Marriage expert, Dr. Milminimanlanilimswinwamli
Bruh. I'm married.
I didn't say skank. Redneck does not equate skank.

There is no way thats a real person
it's not, it's from a tv show
I don't want children in the mix.

I don't think I'll have any of my own, I just want a girl to talk to and pour my heart out, help me get through this horrible life.

Feels horrible to come to an empty place, just to drown yourself in alcoho, want a living breathing warm body thing with a soul.
I felt that way at some point. Didn't expect to fall for single mothers. TWICE!
>horrible life

As normie as that might sound, life is what you make of it. Don't be a victim, suck it up or embrace being emotionally numb. I did the latter
lol who gets married at 24. fucking loser
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>Being picky
>while being desperate

I don't think you have much choices breh.

Some of them aren't that bad.
Is that too late or too soon? I know a lot of guys who are married already
I usually got into video games/anime to cope with it, the spark is gone. Can't do what made me happy, all I got left it a sports bike I try to kill myself in every weekend.

Welp there always older women I guess.
>Orbiting is good.
Was full on male agreement there, but you can try and play the game. Even if you lose, it's like a philosophical virtue to strive for. Actually, arete is the virtue to strive for anon. Strive for greatness in all things, or in a single thing, for if you don't in anything, you're just a babby. And babby's, won't make America Great Again. Trump 2016.
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family dinner.jpg
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I know these feels.

>tfw you're not a degenerate so you know it's better to marry young and make your marriage the foundation rather than the capstone of your life
>tfw you're immune to Jewish propaganda telling you to waste the best years of your life on being a lonely miserable yuppie
>tfw you want a lot of kids and want to be a family man
>tfw you want to be a granddad in your 40s/50s while you still have your health
>tfw you want to be the guy everyone thinks is crazy for having so many children so young while it's clear you have the most joie de vivre of anyone you know
>tfw you just want a nice housewife to come home too and not worry about roasties
>tfw literally no women feel this way anymore
>tfw you need to go back to church to have any chance of accomplishing any of this but you keep putting it off
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