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Who else /a victim of a passive or coddling...
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Who else /a victim of a passive or coddling mother and abusive or neglectful father/ here?
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yes and now I wear girls' panties in private and want to rub the feet of a bigger woman

I do the same
Yes and I'm basically a gay bottom except attracted to women.
Are you a futafan?
Yes, I also love femdom and giantess.

Fucking kill me.
Yes, but I'm only a bottom when it comes to women, I don't want to be dominated by a guy
I like all those things, stopped fapping a while ago though because I found material that's perfect without the shame of fapping to the idea of having my asshole pounded and came inside of by an anime girl.
I feel like there's either two possibilities for kids raised by just their mother. They either become a spousal abuser or a girly mega-sub like so many on /r9k/
Yes. I'm into cock and ball torture and feet because of it.
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reporting in

>have incredibly passive mother
>dad left when I was 12
>get the day off school basically whenever I ask her (I missed a lot of classes in my time)
>get out of sports carnivals, swimming events, basically anything I don't like with ease
>she actually encourages me to skip things
>don't go to final graduation ceremony because my mum doesn't wanna go (i didn't either desu)

I think that's might be why I so readily escape uncomfortable situations these days. It had already been ingrained in me that escape was a good and acceptable solution to pain.

>finally graduate school, be an "adult"
>not expected to pay rent or get a job
>can get money off mummy literally whenever I ask
>she's 100% understanding about my situation and is giving me as much time as I need.

i try not to take advantage of her kindness but she really does force some of this stuff on me. I actually think she's happy to make life so easy for me. Maybe she thinks she'll be lonely because my older siblings are leaving the nest and wants to hold on to me. Maybe it's not that psychological and is simply to do with her natural disposition. A disposition of extreme kindness, understanding and unconditional love.
>>25924976 this poster here

it's actually fucked with my dating life. I'm 5'9" tall and I really want a date a girl that's bigger than me. you can see how this would be an issue.

also I'm subby as hell and I really want to date a dom girl. you can see how this is an issue as well.

if a 8/10 submissive girl that's 5'0" wanted to date me, I don't know if it would even work out. I just don't get satisfaction from that.


i'm happy to be alive and i'm grateful for that
but they were terrible parents
>I'm 5'9" tall
I think you mean 5'9 short senpai
haha i like the manlet meme too!
>"street" kids grow up with abusive parents who do drugs and don't provide for them
>often grow up to be strong, resilient individuals because they had to learn to take care of themselves, and forge lifelong friendships with people who have similar struggles
>grow up in a middle class family with a mother who coddles me and a father who, while never being physically abusive, constantly rages and criticises me and my mom
>I grow up to be a weak willed loser with no gf, no friends and no prospects
I'm not allowed to complain of course, because I'm not poor and was never beaten as a child. This is a struggle that's not respected or taken seriously because we're supposedly advantaged and have all the opportunities in the world. People like me are just considered lazy and weak.
Is this it? Is this the family dynamic that creates robots? Because I had this. Very protective caring mother and an apathetic father who only ever criticized me.
My mother would never let me sleep over at people's house when their father was home for fear I'd get raped. I got out of the loop and eventually became a loner by 4th grade. She also called my school to see if I was there whenever I walked and we lived on a fucking military base. I guess I'm grateful now since my parents pay half of my bills and my mom gives me money for food.
Single-mother-raised beta sub here. I love it.

Except for the part where women hate it and find it disgusting and my own gender identity is fucked up and I'll never find love.
It doesn't help. Any person I know who grew up normal had a father who was there and who wasn't abusive.
Thread replies: 21
Thread images: 4
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