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Anyone got his promising future ruined because...
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If so, how did you cope?

Was at the top of my university promotion (always had the best grades), very social,bright,outgoing,funny guy,life had never felt better and my future was looking great as fuck. I was sure to get into pharmacy or medecine, the only 2 things i care about

My medical condition got worse, had to use different medication that really fucked me up,and induced an addiction, became an hermit,missed classes,failed classes,lost gf,lost friends,family barely supports me,lost my identity,i'm just a shell of my former self now. I became fucking pathetic and weak,i disgust myself now, med and pharm are impossible now, people who used to respect me now ignore me like i'm some kind of worthless scum

I know i'll never get back a future as promising as the one i had, i know i'll never get back to my former self. This kills me. My life will never be as bright as it was supposed to be if it wasn't for all that bullshit. I lost everything i had going for myself. Call me dumb but i don't see the point in living a shitty life and settling for less.

Did something happen to any of you? how did you cope?

I wonder how people that had it all before becoming hopeless and homeless cope with it. They become alcoholics and then hang themselves?
This is why the free will meme needs to end. I bet everyone around you thought "he's doing this on purpose" when really you are defined by your brain chemistry and your illness indirectly fucked it up. The people around you are doing the equivalent of making fun of someone with cancer.

Regardless, you need to stop defining yourself by the expectations of other people. If pharmacy and medicine are truly something you want to do, you can do it without a degree. Find a job to save up money and start doing research on your own.
medicine without a degree is broscience
>a piece of paper gives you superpowers
You fell for the college meme.
>hit by a car
>bestfriend killed in same crash
>mental issues, health issues
Was bright-eyed Engi student, fun life, etc., now constantly-depressed, usually in physical pain, and work labor jobs.
lol, go ahead, open a clinic without a degree

live a comfy life by practicing medicine without a degree
Oh, so you just want to be rich, you aren't interested in medicine.

Without a degree you could still reverse-engineer expensive medications and figure out how to synthesize them, and publish that information anonymously online. That would do a lot of good and would certainly be medicine, but it wouldn't make you any money. If you want money, there are plenty of other ways to get it.
Shit bro, i feel you, did you drop out of school afterwards?
who the fuck are you going to practice on? how are you going to pay for your formation and shit? are you serious? do you think that you just read medicine books and become a doctor all of sudden? seriously?
Find willing people. Have you been so thoroughly indoctrinated by the university-industrial complex that you believe it's impossible to get anything done independently? I never even went to school for medicine and I copied a bone/ligament growth stimulator (sends injury signals to osteoblasts to speed up recovery) from a patent and fixed my mom's knee with it. Don't think you need to be in a university lab with papers and documents and legal shit to Get Things Done. Believe in yourself, anon.

...seriously man. You're telling me that anyone can become a doctor by reading some medicine books and reverse-engineering
>you can't learn programming by yourself!
>you can't learn guitar by yourself!
>you can't learn welding by yourself!
>you can't learn chemistry by yourself!
Don't those sound silly? Then why is medicine any different? Sure, there are higher risks involved, but don't let that deter you. Maybe you'll never be a professional surgeon that drives a golden hummer with seats made of $100 bills, but you can fix people and build a reputation as a people fixer. Really, that's all doctors are; mechanics for humans.

I'm by no means a medical expert so my suggestions may be entirely off-base, but here's some options:

Synthesize useful drugs. If you know someone that an expensive drug would help, try to make that drug or find a cheaper alternative. Someone I knew had a bacterial infection but didn't want to go to the doctor because of the expense. I had some fish amoxicillin on hand and gave it to them. Problem solved.

>surgery/real doctor shit
Find dying animals and try to fix them. If the situation ever arises, you'll have more experience than the average person when it comes to fixing a human.

I'm out of my element here, but surely you can figure out how to do medical shit on the down-low in a useful way.
so you're a free lance doctor?
When I need to be, sort of. It's not my focus though; in general, I fix problems and build things.
I've had a severe fatigue condition since I was 16 that just got worse and worse leaving me bedridden for years. I'm 22 and only just starting to recover, I desperately want to catch up on lost youth and make something of myself and I'm aware that time isn't on my side.
wow man....glad to hear you're feeling better

anything you're doing right now to "make something out of yourself"?
College ruined my life. I realized this the other day when I was watching Adam Savage give a talk on youtube and he described how he got his start in theater learning all the skills he could.
"Each [skill] became like an arrow in my quiver. I'm not an expert,
never been an expert at any one of these skills, but the total gave me
an edge. I was fast, I could innovate, I didn't mind changing direction
on the fly, I wanted challenges. I learned really fast."
That's what he said, I wrote it down. That was me, that was me at the end of high school. I never wanted to go to college but I was forced to. Now three and a half years later I'm a wreck, I've abandoned everything I used to have passions for, I've lost all the confidence I used to have, and I have to take anti-psychotics just to function.
I'm mad. I'm fucking angry. If I hadn't gone to college I would have kept going up and up and up. Now I have nowhere to go but down. I feel like I've been robbed of my life. Even if I can pick myself up at this point, I've been robbed of four years of it. More than that, actually, because I failed a bunch of classes and I have to go an extra semester or more.
I had the motivation, the attitude, and the drive to succeed. I wasn't perfect, I had a lot wrong with me and my life, but I had it where it counted. And college took that all out of me.
I feel for you, man. I noticed the same thing happening to me so I dropped out after a year and saved myself. Best decision I ever made.
I tried to quit a couple of times, but each time around I just ended up back in the same place.
Then I tried to surrender but that just didn't work either. The longer I'm here the more I lose, and the more I lose the harder it gets to keep going, and if I can't keep going then I fail classes and then I have to stay even longer.
I take one step forward and two steps back.
It's the way it's designed, I'm convinced that these people are doing it for entertainment. Before I got on the anti-psychotics I thought I could hear them laughing, like they were always watching me. Even now I'm still crazy. It's hard to tell sometimes. I want to believe that it's not true but everywhere I look I hear depraved shrieking laughter. I don't literally hear it anymore but I know they're still laughing.
Only just starting desu senpai. I'm not really sure what I should follow as a career path and I'm still working on losing my virginity and regaining a social life.
>study medicine
>life cucked by medical condition
this is a recipe for motivation

it will be painful
>My medical condition
what is it ?
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