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Who is the biggest loser on r9k?
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Who is the biggest loser on r9k?

Stake your claim. Win nothing.
>30 years old
>Retail manager wage slave
>2 time college dropout, 1 time kick out
>No sex with someone who wasn't a prostitute for almost 6 years
>$9.5k debt
>$0 savings being in the same job for almost a decade
>No close friends, barely any social life
>Drink a bottle of bourbon almost every night
No one's gonna top that.
What? There are a bunch of people here who are unemployed virgins. This guy has a job and has had sex.
>fail colleg
>no job
>NEET parasite
>32 going on 33
>dead end soul crushing customer service slavery job that doesn't pay enough to live comfortably
>don't sleep very much
>no motivation to improve
>have to borrow money from parents on occasion still to pay the bills

Honestly I'm just killing time until my mom dies so I can off myself.
Yeah, but look at the other shit. And all the sex from the last 6 years is with hookers. Guy is pathetic. I'd sooner kill myself then end up like that at 30. Waste of life.
Should add
>in debt over 150k vs 130k in assets
>going deeper and deeper into debt
>getting more depressed
>getting worse social skills (can barely talk to anyone without getting stressed as fuck)
>getting worse and worse grades

>feeling my life slowly crumbling

i know im not the biggest loser, but the realisation that you are becoming one is awful.
>$150 k debt

Jesus Christ. That'd be terrifying. You have a fair bit of assets though. How'd you get all that?
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>klinefelters tier body
>gay for traps

Need I say more?
Fell into the "why don't you buy a home and then you'll be building equity" trap. 120-125k is reasonably what I expect to get for my house. 5-10k for the shit vehicle I'm driving.

What they don't tell you when you buy a home is all the shit you have to pay to maintain it and the monthly bills which continue to go up and up.

Unless you are putting significant amount of money down, home ownership is incredibly overrated.
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>dropped out of high school twice, haven't graduated
>second stint in high school as evening classes lasted under 3 weeks
>less than 2 weeks of sobriety last year
>not sure if I'm delusional or just creating fantasies in my head about my future for the sake of my mental health
>fantasies include traveling to Thailand and fucking chicks from ThaiCupid
>or moving to Canada (eurofag)
>in reality I'm too afraid to even use public transport and have never taken a train or a bus on my own
>frequently purge all my online contacts
>pathologically lie to pretty much everyone
>told my dad about some chicks I used to date and based the stories off girls I knew briefly online
>why he never met them is explained by my anxiety regarding being in his presence
>dunno if he believes the stories but he always seems happier after
>never really had any friends and haven't seen a person my own age since I was 16 (in terms of doing something with them)
>social contacts are limited to parents and mental healthcare

Probably the most worrisome thing about this situation is that I don't particularly want anything to change right now, even though I realise the gravity of my situation.
>be me
>kicked from school at 15, haven't gone back since
>NEET af
>I last cleaned my room 6 weeks ago
>there's ants on my bed
>literally no sheets
>parents died
>buy all my shit from amazon cuz I'm too scared to into stores
>no friends
>I fap to my oneitis on Instagram daily with an account I used to use, but instead of deleting it, made it look like a chad account
>anxious about everything
>depressed but can't afford a rope with limited money so I tried electrocuting myself as an attempt to commit suicide
>my last friend was when I was 12 and he stopped talking to me when he got a gf
>have infected toe for 2 years now but have been to scared to see a doctor about it

I didn't want to type this, but I had to.
>not a virgin
>has a job
fucking normie get the hell out
>3 time high school drop out
>cafe wageslave
>never had sex without paying
>convicted in 2012 for drunk driving
>no personality or interests whatsoever
>0 friends, crippling social anxiety meaning I can't conversate with anyone
>masturbate on average 4 times a day


I was rejected by this one qt because she thought I was creepy. ended up dating some other mexican manlet at my work. oh well.

my first date I ever had with a girl at ripe old age of 24, I was rejected for sex, because she wanted to be friends.

I was a loner school

girls would have no problem laughing at me. I get no respect.

women now just ignore me and shit.

I tried to be chad multiple times but obviously got the ugly treatment and fucked off plenty of times

I have no hope or career prospects, just waiting for death.

25 now not sure how to feel or what to do. just that I am really fucking sad and tired of this world. and all this misfortune.

I feel like I want to just become the antithesis of what I am and all my experiences, then so I can have that before I die or at least give me some sort of leverage/purpose.

If I could I'd want to be like ted bundy.

I'm sure you robots can understand.
Thing is, you're only 19 so you can turn it around if you really want.
>tfw no debt

But, how?
>21 , 22 this year on sept 4.
>living w my grandma cus my parents dont have house
> fat as fuck
> really fat
> short. totally short 1.68 manlet
> virgin
> paramedic
> meeeeeehhhhhhh
>its a lot of work dammit.
>i got graduated last year but aaaahh fuck that slave shit.
>i dont wanna work in that shit you are like the slave of the nurse so fuck it
>wanna study nursery next year
> dicklet
> no friends to talk
> no chiks to hug
> cry almost 3 times a week at nights
> my dad is NOT proud of me.
> i dont like public places except for hospital
> for some reason i like hospitals full of people
> makes me feel safe
> i hate summer
> i hate warm weather
> i hate beach at summers
> i hate pools at summer
> i dont like sunglasses makes me feel anxious and shit
> i dont have money but i love reading expensive books
> depression at 210%
> sometimes i just want a hug
> i NEED sertraline but i dont have the prescription to that
> i really need a hug
> i wanna kill myself.
Im going to give you a normie answer but it actually works
>eat healthy
>get decent sleep pattern
>develop an interest (instrument, coding, learn another language, sport, whatever)
>go outside even if it's just short walks around at night
>once built confidence and self worth up (will take a few years probably, this is not a quick fix) go back to school and study something you enjoy

Also, psychedelic drugs helped me massively in gaining a more positive outlook on life, but they're not for everyone.
You have a respectable job and qualifications, you're automatically disqualified
>reee... f-fucking normie..
can anyone here teach me programming or Japanese?
I may have trouble with decent sleep pattern though
>highschool dropout
>rarely leave my room, let alone my house
>browse the internet all day
>fat,only eat junk food
>incredibly lazy,gave up looking for a job three years ago
>hugless,kissless virgin
>feel no need for friends or a girlfriend
>I'm so defensive that I actually work to make people hate me so I don't feel bad when they do it.
>I see everything as a chore
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Thread images: 3
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