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When's the last time you cried and why?
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When's the last time you cried and why?

>laying in hospital, immediately after waking up after a big surgery
>sudden realization that nobody cares enough about me to show up to see if I survived
>first time I actually cried since I was a child
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>last year I needed extra GBP for Pokemon on my DS
>realize if I help mummy cook dindins I'll earn bonus GBP
>try to cut onion
>onion juice goes in my eyes
i cry
>he starts pulling out a rocket launcher
>cut to next episode
>his friends jumps in the way and the rocket hits behind the person who was supposed to be assassinated
>friend gets lasered and dies on the floor infront of his friend

I cried for a good four minutes It's Legend of the Galactic Heroes btw
Not to sound edgy, but I honestly don't remember. Had to have been while I was still a teenager. I'm 22.
It was nearly 2 years ago when I didn't want to go to work because my boss always shouted at me.

When my cat died. It was a major jag, too, spent the whole day on it.
A few months ago when I realised how people dont love me for me; they just find my persona entertaining.
Playing undertale I think

No nevermind it was while replying to a thread about the mortality of pets on here a few days back.
On a dock on a lake when i was walking around some trails. Just couldn't stop myself. Was glad no one was around to see it. I was living my life wrong though lost perspective of what I need to do really needed to be focused on thought I had started to sort my life out and improve things since I'd gone a few months and was feeling a lot better than when I went through a phase I'd locked myself in my room and would just cry all day my situation was hopeless nothing else I could do was losing my home and everything I owned if I couldn't carry it with me, no where to go. Before that happened it'd been years since I cried.
>>laying in hospital, immediately after waking up after a big surgery
>They had to remove my left testicle
>think my gf will break up with me
>cheats on me a year later
When I'm a 25 year old who missed out on youth and young love. Now all I'll get is fatties and ugoos.
Just a couple a days ago after thinking about how alone l I feel in everything so far. having stomach problems for the past two years didn't help either...

By the way, I'm sorry no one was present when you woke up. I'm glad you made it :)
>hibito moon arc of space brothers

haven't cried in years but that shit just set me off for some reason.
your persona is you wtf
what are they supposed to love you for
had really intense nausea that would not let up

after 8 hours I cried and shortly after vomited which relieved it

now my policy is to induce vomiting
>Have a friend
>Talk with her 3 years
>Then she suddenly says, she really care about you that becomes a bother for her
>Lose first and only friend, cry at home for days.
It's the first time that I cry bc of a person. Normally I'm emotionless.
Now I don't want to be friend with anyone, I can't study since december. I don't know how to fix things up
Whenever the last time I thought deeply about not being able to relate and/or communicate well with other people, that would've been the last time. This usually coincides with thinking about things I missed out on and/or will never experience. Then comes the why, which I won't discuss here.

It doesn't happen that often.
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In church
I pray that the lord forgives me for my wrongdoings
I cried for Licenseless Rider's bravery again
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>tfw its too late to go back in time and try to live a decent life
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iktf bro. i was abused pretty badly as a kid and throughout my youth. sexually, domestic violence, neglect, the whole nine yards. it really fucked up my head. yet i still get people telling me "get over it" or "just be yourself". you don't exactly get over nearly 20 years of mental trauma.

last night i cried for nearly an hour because of this, mixed with the feeling of how much of a let-down i am. people say im honest, based, charming, interesting, intuitive and creative, even attractive and sweet. yet all i feel like is a fucking let-down scumbag. i blow off my friends constantly and im falling apart. i've made more girls cry than ive kissed or shown compassion to. fuck, ive had people hurt themselves, and one girl killed herself because of my inability to show love or friendship. im so wrapped up in my own failure and self-pity that i've hurt dozens of others. people think i hate them and they question their own self-worth because im just not able to interact with people on that level. i hate myself so much.
When I played Amane route in Grisaia no Kajitsu
I cried in all those routes. It still feels raw
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Few days ago.
Came off of antidepressants and started thinking about the fate of Western Civilization.
Cried a bit.
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>remember only dating grill with the intention of fucking her

>fall for the love meme and get dumped
>emotionally numb like never before
>vow to never let that shit happen to me again, but still want sex
>purposely pick the most shy, average weeb girl I could to guarantee no rejection
>say I love her early
>take her virginity
>be emotionally distant and cold but she still loves me to death
>dump her after half a year

I feel terrible about it but it really solidified my views on love as a whole. Men aren't really allowed to express love, and the more distant they are the more love they get in return.
The last time I had a serious cry was 3 years ago after failing a class.
When I was on the brink of losing my job, being openly mocked for it, then got a call from my mom saying she might have cancer and brace for the news.

I'm not religious, but I thank whatever fucking thing it was that showed she didn't have it. I wouldn't have been able to handle it.
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>girlfriend cheated on me a week ago
>shattered my confidence
>don't know what to do anymore
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Last August after self-inflicted 6 weeks of complete social isolation brought on by depression and boredom. I didn't leave the house. I didn't make or receive any phone calls. I literally just ate takeaways and played TF2 from dawn to dusk for a month in the half.

When I realised how I had wasted the height of the summer, and how I did it to myself, I just completely broke down
Kill her with a german broadsword. Slowly.
>Rocket Launcher
Actually sounded like you were playing Halo for a second there
When I beat Drakengard 3.
>When I realised how I had wasted the height of the summer, and how I did it to myself
I've wasted 6-7 years, and yes it really does bother me. But I don't look at it as though I could've done it differently, given the exact same situation again it would have the same outcome. Knowing this makes me feel some strange combination of better and worse at the same time.
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June 2015, i cried because i had moved out of my parents house and i missed my dad
I realized everything was my parents fault and I never stood a chance.
I was blind drunk and playing fallout 4. My companion is Curie and she said "I must warm you, the thought of you being close to anyone else, causes very complicated emotions in me." it hit me hard. I cried for a good half hour cause I realized no one will ever want to be that close to me. No one will ever want to be with me and only me. That I will always be alone and die alone

>mfw I can't see myself living any other way.
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I'm doing something similar right now (summer here btw) and I'm pretty sure that these will be the best weeks of 2016.
Going outside and meeting people ruins my day. Seclusion and privacy is bliss.
Last night.

I was in bed with my partner, and for the 7th night in a row they've been sketchy about touching me and i just feel like shit constantly. I'm so hyper aware of the lack of human contact despite literally lying next to a human. I can't handle it.

I spent the first 7 days of this week trying to get them to touch me, wearing certain clothes, doing certain things, i even outright just asked them to grope me which is hard for me to do. It was all in vain, i've barely been touched for more than a minute or two while we're awake, and then when we're in bed their arms are just strewn across me and barely even in contact with me.

I lay in bed crying because i feel disgusting, i feel like i dont deserve to be there next to them, and i can't do anything to change that.
Thinking about the only person who likes me and how we can't be together because they're in a relationship and much older than me.
The saddest part is that the only reason they like me is because they had a really fucked up childhood, which makes them value other people for being constantly available to them, which means they like ugly nerds like me, because we're the only people who can provide that availability.
I cried about knowing that if they had been born in my era with a better childhood, they wouldn't give me a second glance, just like everybody else.
Sounds like a roasty getting toasty to me
About a month and a half ago, typical "I bottled up my emotions and then let them out" scenario
>crying isn't even satisfying
>more than likely because I used to get yelled at and punished as a kid when I'd cry
Last time I cried was when my aunt died almost 2 years ago.
About 7 years ago at my grandfathers funeral.

Feels bad man. I try to make myself cry but nothing happens
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I got drunk and the emotions just came out of me.
>On holiday back in my homeland in june last year
>Remember everything I missed
>Get back home
>Go on a drinking rampage
>sleep time
>Start thinking about home
>Suddenly ex girlfriend sends me a message at midnight
>let the tears flow
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In group therapy for depression, Tuesday. There was a woman in there who's son had killed himself and despite faking it enough to have a decent life this woman was obviously a shell of a person without her child. Every waking moment of her life is probably spent thinking about what she could've done or how she could've done it differently. She tries to kill herself every year around his birthday apparently. He's been dead for like three years. She's seeing some guy right now for the first time in years just because he's a cop and can get her the investigation reports and pictures from the police archives. It broke my fucking heart because it was like looking into my own Mom's future.
Sucks to suck, don't it fag? Pucker up and give daddy a kiss
>rough day at work
>friend I've had since childhood calls me
>he's losing his kidney (he was born without working ones, he's got a transplant)
>there's nothing that can be done
>he starts dialysis in a month
>he says that he'd rather die
>tfw my only friend is gonna die

It's been a shit year so far, robots.

When you realize nothing is more depressing than wasted potential. Nothing. I did a lot of mushrooms one night and this floored me. I cried like a baby. Don't see any point to living after having lost so much.
I haven't cried out of sadness since my cat died, 9 years ago.
Find out if you're a match?
>break up with bf at the start of 2015
>left because we'd fallen out of love with each other and I was the only one to stand up and cut it off.
>began fucking on and off in the upcoming months
>he begins to grow cold and distant
>tells me he's hired a hooker because he doesn't want to feel emotional attachment to someone he's slept with
>take it as a sign
>while all this is happening since we broke up I told myself i was ok with it and i didn't need him
>going on sex and alcohol binges more than twice a week
>been ongoing for several months
>we finally cut things off gradually, do not speak to each other
>few more months pass.
>washing dishes at work
>all of a sudden hits me
>accept the fact that I loved him at one point and that we did have a good time and that we just weren't made for each other
>realise how much we actually loved each other but it doesn't matter in the end because it's all gone now and I don't want him back
>there's nothing I can do but mourn and move on
>break out into tears nearly a year after I left him and months after we stopped talking for good

The hardest part for me was it was such a simple breakup, as weird as that sounds. There was no fighting or anger it was just, gone. I told him I wanted to leave and he accepted. It was so strange and so cold it was something I was unable to comprehend for so long.
>trying to sleep
>wife keeps talking
>we argue
>i just want to sleep
>little tears
>she calms me down and lets me sleep

Well, I never had any potential, so I don't know.
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