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any robots got any dorm stories/feels for me?
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any robots got any dorm stories/feels for me?

>starting college soon
>socially anxious sperglord
>drop spaghetti often
>filthy immigrant so i have a thick dutch accent which a lot of people can't understand well
>autism level: moderate to severe
>going to have to live with some redditor or chad, will never be alone on campus or in dorm, literally forced to be surrounded by normies
>all activities like 4chin and masturbating will have to be secret, others like vidya will inevitably have some normie watching me play

please tell me i'm falling for a dorm meme and this isn't as bad as it is
I'd kill to live with a normie
My roommate is a bigger sperglord than I am somehow, the room smells like his garbage which is all over the place
I'm actually scared to ask him to clean up because he might stab me in my sleep
Plus he sleeps at least 16 hours a day and I'm pretty sure he skips class to play vidya
Start drinking and doing drugs find other kids that do that
>be me
>get email from roommate 3 weeks before move in
>'hi anon! our room is kind of small, but i'm sure there's plenty of room for you and your stuff! ill get to know you soon :-)'
>get there
>3/4 of the room is taken up by her shit
>5 shopping bags full of trash in the room
>doesn't have a meal plan, just makes microwave instant food in the dorm
>smells like shit at all times
>does nothing but browse tumblr and listen to k-pop and sing along
>writes a fucking motivational message on the mirror like 'you can stop crying and make good grades!'
>could never have anyone else in the dorm or else she would get pissed
next semester i got a girl who just stayed with her boyfriend and didn't even sleep in the room. you win some you lose some
I got paired with a girl who loves horses this semester after my old roomie got kicked out. she bunked the beds but it's ok because I don't even really sleep there so.
Oh boy, I have a bit of a sad story.

>summer before freshman year
>roommate emails me
>we have a back and forth about how we are expect to live
>sounds good, we agree on a lot of stuff
>neither of us have normiebooks so at least I won't be alone if I can't make friends
>school starts, meet roommate
>seems like a decent guy, his parents were nice too
>get to know him a little better, we have a few hobbies in common
>get to know other people on the floor, end up making some friends in other rooms
>roommate tries to make friends with people too
>turns out he's a nice kid but pretty annoying
>no one on the floor likes him, some kids actively dislike it
>one asshole on the floor intentionally fucks with him all the time because he's a lanky beta that won't fight back
>normie friends that I made try to invite him to drink with us but he doesn't drink and doesn't really want to be in the room when it happens
>time passes, roommate spends more and more time in the room
>pretty sure stops regularly showering, room starts to smell bad
>friends start to notice whenever they come in my room to hang out so we just chill in their rooms instead
>I'm usually up late doing hw because I'm a lazy shit and don't do it in the day
>he's usually up late at night gaming on his laptop
>he's also lazier than I am and does pretty much no work ever as far as I can tell
>he starts sleeping through his alarms in the morning even though his alarms wake me up
>I wake him up a couple days in a row because I have class a little later and figure I may as well
>this keeps happening, I figure he won't learn if I keep bailing him out
>start leaving the room before his alarms go off to actually eat breakfast
>he just misses all his classes
>still stays up gaming late every night
>first semester is coming to a close, don't really wanna live with him anymore
>decide to stick it out since I have nowhere else to go
> Be me
> 19 year old freshman dude living in forms
> Room with one of my best friends from high school
>We both smoke weed all day every day

>One day, we make a waterfall bong out of a 2 liter
>Live right across from laundry room so we keep running in and out of the room to fill up the waterfall
>Slide open our window to let the waterfall bong drain out 4 storeys onto the ground
>Look down outside window, realize that the entire time you guys were taking waterfall hits, you were letting the bong water stream down the side of the building
>Bong water all over every window on the way down
>Big wet trail leading directly to our form
>Someone below us calls in a complaint
>Cops came, no arrest, but they confiscated my weed, smashed my bong and the first pipe I ever bought.

Fucking pigs
>get back from winter break
>greet roommate, ask him how his break was
>he says it was alright, seems super optimistic about this semester
>really happy for him, seems like he'll turn things around
>friends go to school basketball game, he had told me he was thinking about going so someone invited him to come with us
>nobody wanted to sit next to him, so he ended up sitting on the very end and no one really talked to him
>he ended up starting to talk to the girl that just had happened to be sitting next to him
>they hit it off, eventually start dating and make it official
>my roommate got a gf before me
>feel a little jealous at first, but really feel happy for him
>they both like a lot of the same stuff, look like a pretty good couple
>he starts going to class more, gaming less, seeming happier in general
>is consistently showering, shaves his facial hair and looks like a totally different and much more respectable guy
>this goes on for a month or so
>eventually he starts slipping back into his old habits
>one day he comes in, tells me his gf just broke up with him
>ask him what happened
>says it turned out they were just expecting different things out of the relationship
>same day (or somewhere around there), his computer ends up breaking
>he spends pretty much all his time in the room playing his 3DS
>starts missing all his classes again
>one Friday night, I come back after hanging out with some friends a little drunk
>decide to talk to him since I pretty much never do at this point because I'm never in the room unless I'm sleeping
>he ends up really opening up to me, tells me he doesn't really have any friends from high school or back home since he's from a really small town
>he doesn't have any siblings either so he only had his parents to talk to
>says he feels like he's going through the same shit in college and he's just really tired of it
(2/3) I guess there's more to it than I thought
Our janitor quit about halfway through the year because the toilets would get covered in puke/diarrhea every weekend and sometimes we'd have food fights. Many a time was there a rotten banana or slice of pizza stuck to the wall
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>I'm drunk so I have no idea what to really do
>think about giving him some bullshit normie advice but I realize it's bullshit and it won't help him
>the more I think about it, the more I see myself in him
>well, not exactly myself, but more of the worst possible version of me
>realize that I've felt how he felt, the only difference is that I had the benefit of having people reach out to me because I was in the right place at the right time
>end up just telling him to try to put himself out there more socially even though I know that's awful advice
>things continue to spiral down for him
>he ends up not even going to one of his finals because he figures he's missed enough class that he'd fail anyway
>says he's gonna be here for the summer anyway since he dropped out of a different class already
>summer break comes and goes
>I'm living with different people this year and have no idea where he ended up since he did t know anyone to room with
>turns out he's apparently on my floor again with a random roommate again
>end up never seeing him anyway
>figure that's weird
>not a sight of him the whole semester
>talking to my parents about it over winter break
>mom figures he was either depressed or had a nervous breakdown
>new semester starts
>he's not in the school directory anymore
>pretty sure he ended up dropping out and going back home to NEET it up with his parents

Honestly I still feel for the guy. I didn't really want to be friends with him because we didn't share too many interests but he was a nice guy and deserved to have a couple friends. I especially feel for him because of that asshole on our floor that would purposely pick on him and only him. I don't think he browsed 4Chan last year but if he happens to now he would know this is about him, I just hope he's doing okay. I figure if things have gone relatively smooth for me and I still have suicidal thoughts then it's probably even worse for him.
I was expecting this to end with the dude killing himself. Somewhat relieved
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