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>tfw no dad
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>tfw no dad
>tfw an upbringing without a father figure is essentially dooming a male to be a failure for life

What does it feel like to have a dad?
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Not sure did have one either. Also welcome to the club.
I'm 21 now, been living with my dad for about 2.5 years. For the first 19 years it wasn't like that, though.

I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty cool. Definitely a lot easier to live with than my mother. I mean, I don't think we do a whole lot of "father-son" type of shit, but I'm grown. It's a little late. So. I dunno. I'm just glad I'm getting a chance to know him better before one of us dies. He and my older brother still don't talk, so I guess I should be grateful. I always wonder if my being here has made things worse between them. I feel like a piece of shit.
bad. he's always mad and anxious and even called the cops at me one time when I was little because I wouldn't pick up a plate and he didn't know how to handle it
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>Tfw never knew your father
>Grew up with mother's childhood love since birth, so technically my father
>Stopped talking to him post 20 years of age since I didn't "have" to visit him anymore and didn't feel like maintaining contact
>Feels indifferent man

Growing up I'd always get told how much I'm like my father, at least the good parts. She doesn't talk so much of him being a very possessive stalker that did some crazy shit when she tried to leave.

Feels liberating in a certain way, like I'm my own man. Supposedly I'm an edgelord though for not being particularly attached to either parent since they're not very similiar to me at all.
Great as a kid, terrible later. Once he lost his job he just sat on his ass for 10 years while we became poor as shit. He was an alcoholic and he always made me give him money when I was working minimum wage so he could go out to bars. The last two years before I moved out to uni I stopped giving him shit and just totally disregarded him. He would constantly bitch and degrade me for playing vidya and being a loser. I'm so much happier not having to be around that lousy fuck.

He's also a retired chad and he would always talk about how he fucked a different girl every weekend in college. I can't relate to him at all.
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Mine is pretty fucking awesome. 9/10, would family again.
>What does it feel like to have a dad?
he raised me to have contempt for weakness
also raised me to be weak
about that

christ, he's such a cuck, sometimes i can get him to cower if i yell with enough force and conviction
too much trauma from his own dad calling him useless all the time, i guess
I don't really get what that means. Was he abusive?
He's a dick, yet he acts sincere when company is over
>Tfw dad was never really in my life
Come to think of it, I think the whole Lack of father/Mother doing everything on her own thing is what fucked a lot of robots up
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>dad left when I was 8
>completely disappeared
>"raised" by depressed unemployed hoarder 2nd wave feminist single mother
>very poor, mess everywhere
>bullied throughout school
>be fat neet virgin at the age of 25
>never considered the possibility that a girl could like me
>resolve to fix my shit
>do voluntary work to get experience
>go to gym to lose weight
>start actively practising social skills and doing pua due to being unable to hold eye contact
>eventually get paying job, move out and lose virginity just over a year later

>one day randomly encounter my dad in a bar
>didn't even know he still lived in the same town as me
>recognize him, but he's smaller than I remember
>talk to him when he's having a cigarette outside
>quite tense as he doesn't know if I'm going to kick off on him
>I'm not consumed with impotent anger after improving my life somewhat, so I don't.
>turns out he has cancer and he's losing, has been fighting it for better part of a decade
>spend a year hanging out with him at that bar getting to know him
>listen to his reasons for leaving
>make peace with him
>meet his side of the family
>be pallbearer at his funeral

Glad that I met him before he died.
My dad is an aggressive alcoholic nutcase and my mom quickly broke it off and stopped letting him see me unsupervised around 3 or 4 when he would bring me back to her with a stuttering problem that would last a couple days.

He snuck visits with me occasionally throughout my childhood when I would visit my uncle because they're close.

It was just a really unpredictable thing growing up having a dad for me. When I would see him again, how he would scare the shit out of me next, or even if I'd recognize him because I never knew when I would see him next and it was never very long when I did.

I gave him a chance when I was 16 to get to know him and it was always uncomfortable. He bought me booze which was cool, and he always told me how much he loved me and supported me. But he is just so unhinged it was always hard to be comfortable around him.

One time I passed out after a few beers at his house and he kicked me until I woke up in pain and said "eat this." It was LSD. Then he proceeded to fuck with my head for his own amusement until I was so scared I hid out on his porch.

All in all I'd say wouldn't see him again for plenty of other unmentioned experiences. But you know, it's still your dad.

>tfw dad died od cancer when I was 12
>become autistic at 13 in first year of HS

Somehow I don't think becoming autistic was related to his death
are you me?

My dad died to cancer when I was 12 as well. Shortly after, I became autistic as fuck.

I wish I did have a father figure. I feel like I don't know how to act around people. I don't know how to talk to girls or interact as a man.
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It feels like having an obsessive compulsive nutcase who overrides every decision you make, controls your life and abuses you your siblings and your mother in subtle ways while making you feel guilty about not living up to his warped standard and not spending time with him even though you hate his guts

Because you hate yourself you can't succeed, and you hate yourself because you can't succeed.
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