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What's your idea for that book you want...
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What's your idea for that book you want to write?
I'm not gonna tell you you're just gonna steal my idea
...or maybe you would just do the hard part for me (the actual writing)
I wouldn't care if you took credit, only that my ideas become manifest
I'll have to think about it
The setting is a near future balkanized apocalyptic United States. Society completes it's regression to tribalism and everything is controlled by gangs. for example the surviving population in the northwest revert to a primitive matriarchal Goddess cult, heroin becomes an important commodity there. The south is full of crack fueled voodoo n*ggers. Favorite character is a bisexual Bloods member who literally sells his soul to the devil.
>Favorite character is a bisexual Bloods member who literally sells his soul to the devil
Do they do nasty carnal things to each other?
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A man who wanders throughout different landscapes and later discovers that these are other people's personal heavens and hells. He realizes that if he is in other people's heavens, he must be dead, and then wonders where his heaven is, so he continues searching. Eventually he realizes that this is his hell; an eternity of longing and growing despair.

Just an idea that's been in my head for a while, but I'm a horrible fiction writer and probably wouldn't be able to pull this off.
I once wanted to ride the wave of popularity post apocalyptic genre fiction has been enjoying and use that to say something about the neolithic revolution and the rise of the state, but I'd probably just wind up copying Canticle.
if you want to find out you'll just have to purchase a copy wont you :^)
It involves a young man who shares my name traveling to Japan and meeting his dream girl. Wrote the entire thing while listening to a song from the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack, I listened to that song over 5000 times.
Seems more fit for a short story or a play than a full book.

What would happen if someone were to utilize this idea? Would you try and sue me?
The first scene as two of our main characters, a 20 year old man and a 20 year old woman (who are married) and an orphan girl eating together, when they go to sleep, the orphan girl kills the man and tries to kill the woman but escapes. The orphan girl is a serial killer

Themes: love, hallucination, and life
High fantasy about elves versus elves.
There will be other races but they won't be the main protagonists. This will set up for sequels or new installments for other races.

Problem is if I should do it or not. I would like to bring back high fantasy to media but who knows of I'll be able to
I hate writing and i suck at it
I already finished my saga.

And now im writting another novel. Im not going to tell you the plot itself but i guess its Insidious + Almodovar Movie + Teenager Love.

Zero quality as literature, probably. But i enjoy what i do and thats what matters. For me, at least.
Because I love Middle Earth so much I would like to have a story that focuses on the fifth age of the world. When men begin to rival the intricacies and skills of the elves through their rising practice of applied magic which is technology.
everything that has happened in my life
Nah I don't care if anyone would use it, I don't think I could ever do justice to the idea anyways. I'd agree that it'd work better as a shorter novel; honestly I always imagined it as either a lengthy poem (think beowulf or ballad of the white horse) with heavy symbolism or a short story.

I think a poem would be best because of allegory and symbolism, as I always thought of using characters to symbolize aspects of the main protagonist.

Like maybe use a small child that accompanies him for a period of time to represent his blindness and naivety to his punishment, and this character leaves for whatever reason when he begins to realize his damnation, though this could be achieved through a regular story too.

IDK my man I kinda rambled a bit but it helps me flush out all the ideas
It's an experimental novel about depression and social anxiety. I've published a short story that's thematically similar and features similar prose, so I should be able to find a publisher. Also working on it with a professor """""friend""""" of mine (read: the only person who talks to me) who's published several critically acclaimed novels, and she seems to genuinely like it. When I do publish it, I'll finally kill myself.
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Group of shady criminals break into a warehouse complex off the side of an abandoned city in the desert. They're looking for something. No signs of use in years. They gather up various metal scraps and electronics then leave.

>head back to the desolate city
>it's actually a fucked up brooklyn
>the sea is gone
>tfw the criminals are actually robots with hoodies and shit
>literal robots
>tfw they have urban personalities

cue the black robot road diaries.
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one day you wake up in your room and find yourself to have become a cute loli.
I really want to read this right now
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Not a book but, please, i think the idea might tick off someones autism-o-meter so let me share.

I had an idea for a 1950's retro future, sci-fi, hardboiled, film noir thing that draws plot points from songs by the electronica band Yello and these songs would also constitute for much of the films soundtrack.

Opening credits:

Skyline view of city that resembles new york but more massive, colder, the buildings are concrete behemoths that stretch into the heavens leaving the term "skyscraper" woefully inadequate . Very grey and dull, dystopian even.

*BWAAAAaaaugh* "My name is... Norman, Lou norman."

the view descends down to street level and begins following a man clad in a trench coat and fedora

"i've been in this business for 15 years. If people have problem and don't want talk to the police, they'll want to talk to me"

the man soon turns to enter a ritzy looking building adorned by liferings and anchors

It's the Ocean Club

and so on...

We would follow Norman exploits as the femme fatale Mandy Cooper ropes her into a conspiracy that leads our calloused detective from new york to a non-specific south american country via the untamed corners of the earth and ultimately to mars where he encounters a religious sect of aliens protecting the secrets of communing with the spirit of the universe as he pursues a mad scientist intent on stealing those secrets and ascending to godhood by bringing forth the spirit and taking it's place.

It's amazing what you can achieve with one sentence...
Nobody will ever understand my vision.
I kinda wanna write about a druggie who travels the world. Thats pretty much all I have though. Probably won't ever actually try to write a book. No motivation
>a peasant with typhus
>hallucinates about something subtle and esoteric
>recovers, straight back to agricultural labor because poor
>refugees arrive in the village
>villagers complain to cleric about them stealing cattle, cleric says him and the upper crust have no idea what is going on
>invaders arrive by boat along the river, peasant starts running
>soon enough the village is in flames
>join refugees
>invaders catch up, flee again as they brutalize the refugees
>starving and freezing
>go back down to scrump (steal unharvested unripe crops from the fields)
>meet more refugees, they are not refugees but a gang of men trying to evade capture
>soon all the local game has been hunted to extinction, sacks of grain they managed to save are consumed, enemy cavalrymen found a few of them, arguments begin
>peasant argues that they should separate as there is not enough forage in the area, a group splits off to go elsewhere avoiding dangerous roads
>countryside is devastated, months drag on, soon they decide to risk attacking a settlement before they are too weak
>settlement is full of starving peasants, coerce them into giving them a little of their stores so they don't take all of it
>find enemy cache along a road, decide to risk their lives attacking

tl;dr the rise of a peasant to become king with supernatural elements gradually entering the plot and the king contending with a kind of antediluvian secret society and the abominations it worships
>the elves never had an industrial revolution because their populations were so low there was no point
>they never shared technology because they knew humans would only fuck their shit up
>they decided it was wrong to suppress humanity any longer and decided to leave
This sounds pretty good. I love a good rise to power.
It's pure fiction of course.

The main character is a slightly autistic professional car thief and driver. Obviously socially stunted, which leaves him at odds with his associates, who are all shady characters from gang members to drug dealers to undercover cops. Part of the humor will come from his interactions with such people. However, he is good at his job, so they respect him.

There will be car chases, races, shootouts, etc. It will be in a stylized manner, not super realistic.
hard science fiction franchise of jeremiah johnson in various stages of space exploration. mars -> venus -> jovian moons -> distant planet
Then I was thinking that a group of men from a colony near the Misty Mountains should form a cult of some sort dedicated to legends of old, maybe they dress as orcs. They are the antagonists, using their newfound might to once again attempt to impose the will of Sauron upon Middle-Earth.

And I was thinking also the technology would of course be very different from what we have here. Maybe like the old future predictions from the early 20th century? Airships, flying boats, that sort of thing.
I think that there is enough "stuff" at the end of Lord of the Rings to justify a lore friendly and plausible sequel.

There is a Ring of Power. Whose? Saruman's ring,who finished one when he captured Gandalf and dropped where is body crumpled into dust when he got whcked at the End of Scouring of the Shire. Even though the West forbade his return to Tol Erressa,it anchors him to Middle Earth,and gives him the chance to reassemble himself in time.Ted Sandyman finds it and runs off,tries it on,and becomes Saruman's thrall,with the power of Voice of Command. He disappears to work secret mschief for later in the book.

There are still 3 Ishtari around:Radagast the Brown(who stays the Brown,despite the removal of both Gandalf and Saruman),and the two unnamned others who went to the far East. Those two return,and are in bitter contention for claiming the mantle of the White,they flicker between Grey and White as each assumes ascendancy and loses it to the other.Both ignore Radagast,and since Underestimating the Little Guys was the undoing of Sauron,this will prove to be their undoing.

The main plot begins with an old Dwarf,one of the companions of Thorin Oakenshield,making his nightly weary trek to the stargazing platform holding the Map to Lonely Mountain. Moonletters activate from specific moonlight on specific days,so he has been checking every night for 30 years for other secrets the map may contain. And he finds one:a Long Road deep underground leading to the imprisioned Melkor himself! So its a race to keep the Bad Guys from freeing him.

More subplots,if anyone wants to hear about them. Involving Sam as the Hero...
>person travels back in time to kill hitler
>another person also had the same idea and appears at exactly the same time
>what a twist
>they end up making friends with hitler instead
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