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What was the big tragedy to happen at your school?
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What was the big tragedy to happen at your school?

>senior year of HS
>cool kids are dancing in the parking lot
>rogue car runs over lead kid's foot
>he loss a leg
>full page in yearbook was dedicated to it
Cool kids = normies

thank Elliot for that
Rich as fuck and popular stacie was fucking around on an rv and it flipped on her in middle school. That really pissed me off because A) never even heard about her until the WHOLE school had a fucking MOMENT OF SILENCE and everyone was walking around crying and all depressed and B) If that happened to me people would either not give a fuck or laugh at me because "lol he was just some literal retard anyway XD!" To be honest I was hoping more drunk as fuck Stacies would off themselves in "accidents" (read natural selection).
an absolute madman burnt it to the ground
Some no name kid died my junior year who was a year ahead of me.

They were forced to go to a mass for him. Best part of high school was the lack of bullshit we had to deal with.
Nah, normies would act like they care, but in reality they don't give a shit and are just doing it to look like a good person.
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>senior girl gets in drunk driving accident and dies
>school talks about it for years to come
>guy bullied from grade 7 until grade 12
>probably bullied before that
>kills himself after final exams
>people who treated him like shit are now sad

>guy walking from train station at 2am
>gets jumped by two guys
>they knocked him to the ground and he broke his neck
Girl who was friends with my ex was raped and murdered a few blocks from my school. Cute little goth thing, pretty sad desu senpai
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>new student turns up
>first black guy at our school
>some hick wrote "KKK" on a dead squirrel and shoved it in his locker
>get bullied by some kid
>he pushes me down in gym class thinking hes hot shit
>gets drunk and breaks his neck diving into shallow river
>paralyzed for life
>I even felt bad for him
if I got paralyzed either let me smoke weed 24/7 or end it senpai
Penis inspection day... penis inspection day
Kid was driving drunk and crashed his car. His car flipped three times, but he survived. Most of the kids that were riding in his truck were fine, but two of them died in the accident.

I have PTSD from those days please don't bring it up again
I always hated when they did this, did they use a ruler and string to measure it too? In highschool the schools baseball coach did the inspections he was also a prior nurse..
>little sister develops anorexia
>weights drops to 70 lbs
>she won't eat
>whole school tries to make her eat
I thought I was the only one, I have nightmares 6 years later
INB4 rape and sniffing her dirty panties and fapping
They still do penis inspection day? I graduated 20 years ago and they did this fuck I hated those inspections
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That's sad to hear anon
fucking hell don't remind me
Some kid killed himself.
I could never sleep the night prior to penis inspection day..
They still do it in MI, my younger brother just had to go through it

Two sisters killed on the way to school (within sight of the school) when their car hit some ice on a hill and they went off the road and turned upside down in a creek. Many people saw it happen right in front of them.

> had an assembly about 10 AM to tell us, but the rumor had been flying around already before that

> first funeral I ever went to (I was in Student Govt) and it was a double one for sisters. Their dad flung himself onto one of the caskets in grief

> horrifying

> one of the songs they played at the funeral was "Stairway to Heaven"; I wasn't sure whether that seemed appropriate or not
>Chad drives home drunk from a foot ball game
>hits another car because he was driving in the wrong lane
>kills an Asian family of 4
>walks away unscathed

The one that affected me most, though
>childhood best friend's dad is usually normal
>has a nervous breakdown
>week later shoots childhood best friend, his older son, wife, and himself
>no warning, everyone is in shock
not exactly a tragedy but our old middle school principal was accused of fucking one of the councilors. apparently somebody found a used condom under the bleachers and through some long-ass string of events they fired him.
>>kills himself
>>people who treated him like shit are now sad

Yeah well--ain't that always the way it is.

> too late fuckers, now I'm cursing you from the afterlife
kid two grades above me killed himself during his jr year. it was snowing that day and everyone thought the "important announcement" the principal was gonna say was gonna be a snow day and we were all excited. found out a kid died, everyone started crying, even teachers. made me feel rly weird..
Oh look, the normies are here.
>That poor innocent womyn!
>That poor innocent person of african descent!
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pen insp day.jpg
50 KB, 451x575

Some years it was fun, some years it was not.
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Kid got called a faggot every day by the jock kids in his class. Brought a gun to school with a bunch of bullets but decided instead to shoot himself in the temple int he bathroom. The jock kids who called him a faggot felt bad and organized an "anti-bullying" campaign by wearing pink headbands to school (I know right) to stroke their own egos and alleviate their responsibility in the kid offing himself. Girls started doing it too and they all probably got laid thinking about how fucking great they are.

Meanwhile the kid's brother was a friend of mine and he dropped out and transferred to another district
>>kills an Asian family of 4

Well, the upside of that is, more jobs for mathematicians and violin players now
John Oliver and David Mitchell? What the fuck
>that one time that really old nurse/docor lady touched my testicles and said that I need to relax but I couldn't because all of the boys were staring
damn you knew a family murderer? Those stories fascinate me, what was his name? I've probably heard of him
>Literal Shooting
>wasn't even good
I could've done better
>rape-murder is fine guys! :DDD
The cunt that did it had just gotten out of prison a few months earlier
he raped a girl a few years before
And Richard Ayoade. I don't know who the guy on the middle left is

Pretty much every British comedian nowadays went to Oxford
Can confirm, some senior "nobody" in my class (he was actually pretty cool senpai he just hung out with all the black kids because he was black and where i am the black people try to act hood just because they're black even tho their parents make like 200k/y like cmon senpai) was killed in a car accident
nobody gave a shit
no ceremony, nothing

there was, however, a football player killed by cancer and literally every year there is a ceremony for him like are you fucking serious it's not like he was a fucking hero they both died in equally tragic and random ways and one gets a ceremony every year and another isn't spoken of
MM, you were a damn good ball player
>went to SBCC until this year started
take a guess niggers, you all know what happened.
as for high school, some chinky girl got wasted and accidentally a cliff, everyone pretends they knew her.
some girl at a local catholic school hung herself in public and that was a much bigger deal, they had to close a water park and shit.
Oh no rape is bad because a guy gets free pussy XD!
>The cunt that did it had just gotten out of prison a few months earlier
She's hardly innocent m8.
>he raped a girl a few years before
Good to bad he didn't do anything more.
please go
>hung herself in public
That's super sad but what a hell of a way to go god damn
Dad's first name was Albert and my childhood best friend's name was Matt.
>kid is screaming "all your base are belong to us!"
>gets punched
>everyone laughs
>he ain't movin'
>oh shit
>no funeral

At least the racist squirrel died.
Albert what? any news articles online?
> gay sextape of teacher and student fucking leaks
> whole school watchs it
> teacher is fired but the boy refused to leave and continued attending the classes for the rest of the year.
> bully intensifies but he liked the attention apparently.
His name was Isle. He swallowed the teacher's cum on the video. Shit was cash.
This thread is why virtual school is getting popular.

That, and so you don't become a manlet because you were sleep deprived during puberty.
i really wish I was the one that found her, I heard she did it naked off a water slide, would've been hot on some level.
Not gonna link it, but there are articles online. Very little detail because no one knew what was going on, though. It was completely out of nowhere, my friend and his little brother were both popular and well liked, there was a big vigil at their church afterwards.
Wow, what an embarrassing, anti-climatic way to die. I hope my death will be a bit more interesting.
I would need a year and a place to narrow down if you don't have last name
online school is for weak minded faggots, it's no better than real school and doesn't allow for your psyche to be properly broken.

Is that real? I've heard it mentioned but I always thought it was a joke.
having to type shit ruins my fucking post fucking r9k
>thinks it was a joke

You're too innocent to hear the sins of the world
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>At least the racist squirrel died.

No I mean please enlighten me. I went to private school.

My senior year:

A popular senior who was dating a cheerleader told his girlfriend "Just you wait, I'm gonna be famous", and then the next week somehow managed to hang himself from like a goddamn huge-ass palm tree.

Everyone was silent the rest of the day once we got told that happened..

The next week, 9/11 happened.
Two 8 year old kids falling through ice on a frozen canal and dying. Also lots of niggers came.
Lol a kid from a nearby distract hid a dead baby in a backpack
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old young 63.jpg
181 KB, 537x499

That would be pretty damn awesome to own. Did the teacher get sued, or was the kid over 18?
In fifth grade a boy hung himself everyone forgot about it a month or two later but it was a big deal at the time. junior year a boy stole a car and crashed head on with an elderly couple because he wanted to "go out with a bang"
Senior year someone caught a Christmas tree in the office on fire to boycott finals(?)
It's a meme. Don't fall for it.
What is this? Never heard of it before and I'm in high school...
>it never happened to me therefore it's a meme!

stop appropriating my childhood trauma

Non-American schools(and formerly some American schools) often have annual physicals, as a free medical service to the community(since public schools are by their nature already a socialist service).

I remember in 6-8th grade(this was in the mid-90's), that we got our heights measured, spine curvature checked, and balls held and checked for hernias every year.

Some places though, like in other countries are like.


You say that. From my experience several years ago you could basically complete all your assignments in an hour, then do whatever the hell you wanted for the rest of the day. It's basically NEET lite.

Especially with the college online courses. don't have to have a commute, don't have to wake up early or stave away sleep for morning and evening classes.

The best thing is you get some real culinary experience during online school. Always have hot meals, always have the time to make fancy meals, etc.
In my country brasil [spoiler/] consent age is 14. He was 16, so perfectly legal. The teatcher was late 30's and somehow fat.
that's kinda fucked.
Do you know why or where he is now or anything like that?
When my grandpa was 13 he and his gf, as well as his best friend and his gf went swimming in a lake. His buddy couldn't swim all that well and it showed when his foot got caught on a plant at the bottom and pulled him under. He tried to save him but he was much larger and ended up pulling him down with him, he had to shove him off and get a breath, but when he came back down he couldn't find him.

They drained the entire lake and found his bloated body at the bottom of it.

And I wondered why my grandparents refused to own a pool...
This is what I don't get
If you were bullied and wanted revenge why not post in Facebook from your cellphone the people who bullied you?
If they couldn't do something as simple as that then they must have not cared at all

Don't mean to burst your bubble, but a fuckload lot of working life means sitting around at a desk bored waiting to do something interesting. School prepares you for more than just academics.
Damn I fucked the spoiler up...
What you said does not make any fucking sense. Whatsoever.
A-Are you a b-bot?

That sounds pretty fuckin miserable, dude. I thought getting a sonogram on my balls was shitty enough, and that was in private.
A chad killed himself trying to practice autoerotic asphyxiation.
I don't recall much from it, either the really young ghetto shit mom or really young ghetto shit boyfriend tried hiding their baby in a backpack. It wasn't on local news and few known about it, just an example of how fucked up people who were my age at the time can be.
I'm studying to be a software engineer/indie game developer. No software is perfect, and there will always be something to fix.

Also school does not prepare you, it's the opposite. When I was at a physical campus for some semesters in HS, we basically filled every minute of downtime from the teacher's lectures with incessant chatter. Basically there was no "quiet time" in my class except for finals.

For virtual school, I get what I need to do done (like in a real job) and after I'm done i can do whatever the hell I want.

It's not really that miserable.

Even when we had to shower in one big chamber with all our dicks out, they still had the decency to have the crew who came out to the school to check our balls do it one at a time in a private room.

And you really do need to get your balls and spine checked during your most vital growing years.

I know a guy who had to get surgery for fucking TESTICULAR TORSION when he was in 7th grade, and a cousin of mine had a massive hernia in the 8th that required surgical intervention, as well.

I'm not even gonna get into spinal shit, because as a teacher, I've had so many students of mine take MONTHS off to get corrective surgery on their backs.
Hey I heard Linkin Park just dropped a new album, you should pick it up!
Wtf man, that's sickening. How do people become so broken were they don't understand that's not ok. Normies, ree.
>Senior year
>Some white boy I knew in my science class does car surfing
>In the school parking lot
>His m8 does a sharp turn
>Said white boy loses his grip and falls
>Paramedics and cops flood the parking lot
>A week later he died


He was cool and played mine craft but he was dumb
>Listening to modern music
I'm sorry, I don't have pleb tastes like a certain anally ravaged redditor.
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>When they had to get out the tongs for penis inspection day
>They are always ice fucking cold

Most humiliating fucking day of my life.

Le born in le wrong generation
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Free Country PEPE.png
270 KB, 916x628
>freshman year
>two Stacy type chicks die from drunk driving.
>"Oh, but it wasn't their fault boo hoo"

>Junior year
>Some kid kills himself in the trailer class room.
>HS finally removes the shitty trailer class and builds an actual building.
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Woah buddy, don't cut yourself there
I was home schooled, so I thought penis inspection day was real up until a couple years ago.
>some kid a year older than me goes to Juarez when everybody is fucking avoiding it at the time
>he and his cousin are mowed down on the road
I have no idea who he was but the popular kids were crying.
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Never said I was, I just said I don't like music that gets released today. But nice little strawman you got going there Lardo.
Don't pull any arm muscles with your hat tipping good sir.
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>father pulls a Chink Benoit and kills his wife and son before killing himself, apparently due to money issues

This happened right after I graduated, so I don't know how people reacted. I assume they all pretended to be "so depressed rn u guise ;_;" and wrote long eulogies on the kid's Facebook page in order to show other people just how kind and sensitive they are. Presumably they all patted each other on the back and tried to squeeze as much media attention out of the incident as they could. Maybe some of them got on the news. Maybe some of them got laid. Regardless, they're all cunts.

This, however, has nothing on the REAL tragedy that went down while I still attended.
>bunch of dumb whores dress like whores in tiny miniskirts
>sassy black security guard lady ain't having any of that shit, publicly chews them out and sends all the bitches home every time, without fail
>whores get angry and stage a walk-out, saying it's sexist for the school to tell them how to dress
>there wasn't even a uniform policy or anything, the school just didn't want girls coming in with their skirts up to their asses and their tits hanging out of their shirts, just like they didn't want guys coming in wearing tank tops
>whores claim that it's not their problem if the boys get distracted by how they look and that they're taking a stand
>literally the entire school of six-thousand kids supports them
>school eventually gives in and loosens the dress code
>sassy black security lady is sad all the way up to graduation
>I'm literally the only one who disapproves of this, so naturally the girls call me a sexist pig and the guys call me a faggot
>degeneracy wins in the name of "social" """""justice""""" yet again
Stupid whores. It's a fucking school, not a strip club. Are they going to complain when they get a job and have to wear business attire?
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two separate cases of dudes overdosing on drugs, within 2 years

>the first one was some nigger who didnt talk to anyone and was really distant/depressed
>the second one was chad
>school proceeded to hold a special moment for chad every year and dedicate a whole 30 minute lesson to interviewing his family and remembering him
>nigger was never referred to again
>tfw i would go down in history like the negro

here's a moment of silence for you, robot nigga
The kid died for the memes. We will remember his sacrifice.

>I don't like music that gets released today

What do you like then? Guarantee I can find something released in the past 5 years you'll enjoy.
Classical music, especially stuff with violins and pipe organs.
Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
It's a Sith Legend
File: 1450869108670.jpg (32 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Some nog got high and jumped into traffic, where he got hit by a semi and died. Full page was dedicated to him in the yearbook, there was a fucking candlelight vigil from the school the night after it happened, and kids talked about it non-stop.

Fucking nigger was a scumbag and they talked about him like the world wasn't better off without him.
Hahaha! I think you're the one with the fedora there >;)
I heard about that one.

Pretty ironic if you ask me. He had the power to save the ones he loved but he couldn't save himself.

You'll see when you get a REAL job. I work in programming and it's just as bad.
>Junior year of HS
>Old friend is Sophomore
>Some thug nigga, planted a gun on him
>never heard from old friend again.
> mfw there was no mass shooting

So he planted a gun on him and never saw him again?

You'd probably like Tim Hecker...
My memory is pretty fuzzy but one of the officers at my school committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Rumors spread that he was fucking female students. His girlfriend (a teacher at said school) was pretty torn up about it for a while. I never knew if the rumors were true or not though.
Your anus is hanging loose bro, I'd see a doctor about stapling it back in for you.
Thanks senpai I'll take a look at him.
>1 kid gets hit crossing the street
>3 girls get hit cross the street a week later in the same exact spot

Still have no idea who got hit, and no one really gave a fuck who it was. All the people at my school were really nice though, it was a great school. Most the kids were middle class, asians/whites, so everyone was pretty civil.
Some girl overdosed. Suddenly everyone had been close to her even though she was an outcast. I only met her twice but she seemed like an edgy sjw type. Still kind of sad I guess

The people pretending that they were close with her after she died was the worst though. Fucking cunts using her death as an opportunity to gain even more attention. It was sickening and I genuinely felt bad for her actually friends that had to watch that bullshit
>senior year
>dude goes to typical normie houseparty
>leaves unexpectedly to "go home"
>anheroes himself on the railway crossing
and that was that.
Lol! Got eeemmm!
How do you know it was a few blocks from school, anon?
No seriously could you tell me why you're spilling spaghetti right now harder then Charlie Brown at an audition? The site is anonymoose and there's no upvotes so there's no reason to sperg out this much.
'Cause I got nothing better to do, and that's the honest truth.
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>went to mid-high in a small mountain town
>black bear wondered onto campus right before lunch
>school on full lock-down
>two hours pass
>we're all hungry
>local SWAT is there
>an animal control unit that can deal with a bear is 4 hours out
>SWAT is ordered to deliver lunches to each classroom using the janitor's golf cart thing
>teacher put Alice In Wonderland on the projector
>pretty comfy so far
>the bear is just chilling in the courtyard
>eventually the animal control gets there
>they shoot it with a sedative dart
>a single sedative dart
>they approach it with the SWAT
>the bear moves when they're about 3 yards out
>they freak out and start shooting at it
>they fire about 30 rounds between them
>we all freak out because of the gun shots
>on lock down till 7:00pm because those morons fired rounds in a school zone
>didn't have to go to school the next day
>bunch of kids held a memorial for the bear where it was shot
>you could still see the blood stained in the concrete
in 10th grade some wigger whore stumbled out of a part drunk/high and passed out on the railroad tracks and got cut in pieces by a train.

Then a popular sports nigger somehow got meningitis and died.
Because that's where they found her body, she was walking home from a friend's house
Hey im brazilian too, which state it happened?

A kid died at my school almost every year.
My freshman year it was this guy from the football team who a lot of people liked.
My sophomore year a kid got broadsided by an 18 wheeler and died.
Junior year another kid died in a car accident.
The year after I graduated some kid went streaking at one of our football games and ended up killing himself because the principal told him he was gonna be put on the sex offender registry.
Aaaaaaand there was another girl from my grade who killed herself and I didn't really care that much but I did try to have sex with her once when I was 14, so there was that.
But first, let's talk about Elliot Rodger
The SWAT people sound more adorable then the beard did to be honest :3
shit dude, what state you in cause that sounds mighty close to something that happened here
Paraiba masculina.
Mas faz tempo. Foi em 2007 e nao repercutiu na midia por nao ser nenhum crime.
One kid gained 200lb over summer break. Died at 20.
damn that shit is sad...
>The year after I graduated some kid went streaking at one of our football games and ended up killing himself because the principal told him he was gonna be put on the sex offender registry.

oh shit I fucking remember that case- that was a fucking weird story
There were serveral people who died during my senior year
>one committed suicide by jumping off a parking garage
>one got hit by a car while he was riding a bike
>one was in a car crash
So he stopped shitting and died.

Because it sounds like it and I can't stop giggling like an asshole.
Our vice principal blew his head off with a revolver in his driveway freshman year. They had a memorial for him and everything beating around the bush how he died. We all heard it on the news though.

That was pretty metal.
My town had a string of suicides back in 2011. First a sophmore or junior killed himself (most likely gay and from a christian iirc). About a month later his cousin who I had grown up with hung himself. The cousin was a nice guy who was always really friendly to everyone from all different social groups.
I was living in North Alabama at the time.

Yeah I remember my mom telling me about it over breakfast the first time I came home from college for some break or another. Very slim appetite after that.
Grass Valley CA? Had one of those at my high school. Idk what the actual intention was but he somehow managed to strangle himself with a Bowflex.
oh shit hahaha, i think my ex lived in that building

was it on 41st ave?
>mfw i was allowed to heat up the tongs by putting them in the toaster
proof that normies are legitimately the worst people on the planet

this i worked with died the day before christmas eve, and everyone who talked shit about her not two weeks before-hand started talking about how sad it was and how much they missed her. they all got dressed up and went to her funeral, fucking bullshit dude.
Fuck. RIP robot nigga. He was one of us...
File: 1441497448379.gif (313 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313 KB, 250x250
the fuck?? please be real. got one of those community patch articles or anything?
Kill yourself faggot

original edition
Haven't had a kid die while attending high school with me. There was a dude who was a Senior when I was in 7th grade who died in a car crash my Freshman year. He was popular as hell, apparently, because there was a mass dedicated to him, annual golf and basketball tournaments in his name, and people still talk about him to this day.

>tfw if that happened to me I'd probably just get a moment of silence on the PA
>seven lakes and cinco

And nothing of value and lost. Mustang pride 4ever
>Sophomore year
>Want to drop out of school and get my GED
>Girlcrush asks me not to
>Spend four hours on AIM that night talking about why
>Tell her I like her
>get cuckzoned
>End up not dropping out
>hate school
>FF to senior year
>Girlcrush and I start smoking weed together
>Still friendzoned
>Hang out a lot
>Buy her some ecstasy
>We do it at her parent's beach condo with some friends
>Cuddle but still cuckzoned
>Share a bed, spoon
>Apparently she did not want to spoon
>We hang out less and less
>People at school start looking at me weird as time goes on
>Find out it was "rape"
>At this point there's a month in school left and I have no friends anymore
>Severely depressed
>Faint beginnings of what would later be diagnosed as a schizoid disorder
>Girl is jewish, decide I want to convert
>if I convert she'll love me.jpg
>Still branded as a rapist during this time
>Start going to temple, alone
>Undiagnosed schizophrenic thinking my TV is talking to me, telling me to do this
>Eventually have a breakdown on FB
>Message her on multiple dummy accounts because she blocked me
>Ask her to marry me
>Show up to her house multiple times
>Police involved twice
>People ask me wtf
>literally tell them in my unmedicated stupor that "I'm just being a good husband"
>Slip deeper and deeper into this horrible jewish psychosis
>Tell random people on the street I need to make my birthright pilgrimage to Israel
>My own mother cried multiple times at my stupidity
>Felt so noble and valiant at the time
>Girl is long fucking gone at this point, whole thing lasted a year
>Worst point was a night at a facility after three days in a hospital
>End up diagnosed schizophrenic
>Life has never been the same since

That was three years ago. I just hope people look back on it all and finally understand who the real victim was.
Wow, such original content that it requires you to bot evade. Sure hope the mods don't mind!
Ayyy, fucking ruthless!
some girl was run over by a school bus and paralyzed

also some druggie kid died from overdose

all in all it was uneventful
all the jewish shit made this so much funnier

Some idiot stepped in front of a bus

I didn't even go to school with the guy but apparently fucking everyone in southeast Toronto was friends with him
>senior year of HS too
>some bitch from other gets run over by a bus and dies
>everyone pretends to be sad
>the say the miss her
>everyone puts a blac ribbon as their normiebook avatar
>They even start canceling parties because
>they say they were their
>She was from other school, people didn't gave a fuck until she died
>they do a protest against bus divers
>they start blaiming the goverment
>They blame the goverment for a fucking accident
>her sister gives a shitty speech
>morons cry
>the mayor decides to make bus cheaper for students
>1 moth passes
>no one cares about the girl that died anymore

I fucking hate normies
A cute girl who was actually pretty nice to me in middle school died of a super sudden illness. Literally on Monday she went home sick and was dead by Wednesday. Sad as hell.
there was literally a week where I changed my last name to hers on FB and my profile pic was a picture of me with stars painted over my eyes

if you think i'm lying you're dead wrong.
>chill as fuck black kid at our highschool, never really fits in because he's a little bit chubby
>never really talked to him much myself but anytime i did he was cool, would pick the underdogs in kickball and shit
>had all these funny as shit stories, they'd be about stupid things like his skateboard getting ran over by a ford but the way he explained them killed my sides
>sophomore year he passes away to a pre-existing heart condition no one knew about

You were the man, JR.
some fag suicided
some other fag was hit by a car and died

but worst for real was this 'freashman' I think they say in america, young girl around 13 lived in a house right next to the school anyway she had gone home at lunchtime and the house was burgled by two men who stumbled upon her in her room. one of the guys was the mothers boyfriend so she could of identified him. and what happened was they each raped her, she was then strangled with a ligature (they don't know who did it), and then the entire house was set on fire, her body inside it

was pretty fucking bad to be honest. and this was right next to the school happening while everyone was in class. her mother was absilutely devasted she was on the news it was a real horrible thing I felt bad for her. so senseless and needless
File: 1452048043386.jpg (35 KB, 452x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 452x360

I got one but it was at my current university:

>Girl gets shot in Paris terrorist attacks
>be last semester
>went to ceremony on campus

One moment you are sitting in a chair in a cafe in Paris and the next you are killed by Isis.
>tfw you were one of the big tragedies at your school
I was raped in the parking lot in my third year. I was staying to set up for the winter dance for extra credit.
In my first year a girl who was a few years older than me hung herself in the gym. I didn't really know her but it was pretty jarring.
You'd think you'd at least skip classes if you were going to kill yourself
Are you a boy or a gir?
>>Faint beginnings of what would later be diagnosed as a schizoid disorder
You should probably know that schizoid and schizophrenic are two different things, Anon.
>Schizoid personality disorder (SPD) is a personality disorder characterized by a lack of interest in social relationships, a tendency towards a solitary lifestyle, secretiveness, emotional coldness, and apathy.
>PD is not the same as schizophrenia or antisocial personality disorder
>total douche nigger in highschool
>in my language class cause there's no honors version I can take to get away from the plebs
>he's the class clown but not funny, just disrupts constantly
>usually nobody even laughs, he's just fuckin annoying
>also on the football team
>nothing happens to him other than barely getting into a shitty school on sports sholarship

>few years into college he dies in a car wreck
>suddenly everyone and their cousin is depressed as hell, posting on his facebook wall about how he was so great and made highschool fun and bullshit
>I just ayy lmao'd
haha I remember that. I didn't know the guy but apparently half of my friends at the time did
File: 1378185637305.png (532 KB, 834x899) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
532 KB, 834x899

The slashing

weird thing is almost nobody talked about it.

I had just moved to the town when it happened so I was in elementary.

You can google "valparaiso slashing" and it will come up.

Here's my poor recollection of what happened based on stories that I havent heard in years.
>kid comes to school with machete in backpack
>whips it out in lunchroom or hallway
>gets 9 (?) people injured
>no kills
>gets tackled by football coach (i think)

read it here
Sure. Got nothing better to do. Honestly, 4channers have been my only friends for almost a decade now.
>poor marks because I barely paid attention in class
>teacher tells me if I help with setting that up he can give me some extra credit
>I end up staying later than anyone else
>finish up, lock the building (it was in a small building that shared a parking lot with the school but was a community center or something like that)
>digging around for a quarter to call for a ride home
>hand over my mouth
>can feel metal at my throat
>told if I make any noise I'll die
>dragged behind the building
>clothes are ripped off
>can't see his face because he's wearing a ski mask
>undoes his pants and shoves me against the wall
>forces himself into me
>all I can smell is cheap aftershave
>all I can hear is his grunting, heavy breathing, and him calling me a slut and a filthy whore
>he cums inside and runs off
>just sit there, numb inside until my parents get worried and show up
>chilled to the bone because it was bitter cold out
>they get me redressed and take me to report it
>stop going to class at all
>drop out as soon as I turn 18
>had to get an abortion
>guy hasn't been caught but his DNA is still on record so I've got a little hope
>tfw schitzoid personality disorder
And yes it's nothing like Schitzophrenia.

No hallucinations. Though I have been getting some odd auditorial ones lately...
File: 1448335895374.png (233 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
233 KB, 640x480
Patrick Reidy hung himself with a belt in 8th grade. The class mourned for about a week then forgot.
Sorry about that.
Rape really jumbles up girls brains, much more then most guy on /r9k/ could begin to comprehend.

I've seen what it's done to a friend of mine.

>inb4 whiteknight
File: 1420690399974.png (1 MB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1200x900
>Kid has cancer
>Nobody gives a shit
>He just plays league with my older brother all day
>Riot games decided to unlock all skins for him because cancer
>I met him once, my brother was playing normal mode, and he needed a fifth, so I, bronze, played with them, diamond.
>He was pretty nice
>Never talked to him again
>He died a few months later
>Facebook posts, school assembly, all that shit.
>People say they knew him well and never talked to him
>Some stacy drunk drives the next month kills three people and herself
>Full page in the yearbook
>All that shit
>Everybody forgets about cancer kid
>Nobody remembers him now.
I remember he had a razer laptop. Wonder what his parents did with it.
Hopefully he gets nabbed.
Take care.
It fucked me up more than I ever thought it would. I never saw myself as emotionally vulnerable but it just put me into this downward spiral and I still can't really articulate why. I'd like to say it doesn't affect me anymore but I'm a completely different person from who I would have been if not for that, even 8 years later.
I'm sure they'll get him one day.
I always do. Concealed carry isn't exactly legal where I live but I started doing it anyway because I'll go to prison before I'll let anyone turn me into a victim again.
>I've seen what it's done to a friend of mine.

Do tell.
C'mere anon. Lemme give you a hug ;(
File: 1429661875124.jpg (188 KB, 1139x932) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 1139x932
Any idea how it works?
To me, rape is just a hole really. You know, bend over, read a magazine, get it over with, leave. I guess its much more severe for women, any idea why?
Old JROTC teacher shot himself because his wife left him

Well anon, did you go to Israel or not? If doubles you go to Israel no matter what.
Nothing tragic or eventful happened at my school, I think that's why it was such a lifeless and shitty place. It wasn't shit enough to be one of those educational disadvantage social equity schools but was still well below the state average. A place where teachers went in happy but after 1 week had a face completely devoid of any optimism or hope

It was just a school of complete nothingness, we had little to no real drama. School on lock down once or twice due to people from other schools going apeshit, once saw 2 kids throw a brick at a downie and nearly split his head open. Few fights with knives but no one dying or overdosing on drugs or anything, one kid got arrested in front of the entire school though but that could have had a lot more potential. It annoys me that I don't have the token THE high school story that everyone seems to have, feels bad senpai
I hope you have long arms.
I'm really not sure. The insecurity that comes from it is obvious but I just don't know why it fucks with you so hard. I basically dropped out of society because of it. Gave up on what I wanted to do, my life did a complete 180.
some 20 something year old dude stabbed a senior for allegedly fucking his gf, he bled out on his way to the hospital
I'm pouring out my 40 oz bottle of chitlins in his memory.

Stairway to Heaven is a GOAT song.
vaginal tearing
>New kid at school
>Calls himself Double G ( write as GG) real names gewel or some shit
>Says his 16 looks 35
>1 week later a group of africans in beards come to my school with guns and knives looking for him

Side note some kid wrote ay at the end of GG (GGay) and he threw a fit destroying the class room and screaming "Hhuu Did Dis" "Huu da Fuk Did diss maynnee" untill teachers calmed him
bahahaah that's because you took no active steps to make your experience THE experience. me? yeah looking back, it was mundane: wake up, go to school, screech like a fucking monkey and piss the teachers off, do homework, etc. but it was the fact that I was living in the moment man. it was fucking amazing even if i was an asshole to everybody.

if i could, i would stay in high school forever with my bros and just piss everyone off. this adult life shit is not for me.
Thats it?
Tell you what, hen I was in Afghanistan living on MRE peanut butter and crackers for weeks, my ass was ripped to shreds but Im fine now, just make a ring out of a hoodie and sit on it desu

He went missing for a month and then his body was found in the lake. I didn't know him but everybody I knew knew him (or they could have just been bandwagonning on a tragedy as people tend to do). From what I heard we was actually a decent guy, and not just because people said he was because he died. He made some comedy shorts on youtube which were really good for high school students
I'm not a girl so I can't claim I understand it. Just from my personal perceptions it seems to be much more than that to a girl.

The prime reason I could never be a rapist.
Even if that bitch that asked for sex and then, lol changed my mind, would disagree

The girl I knew used to be cheery and friendly, after her incident she sunk into a state of depression she never really recovered from.
English, you retarded cunt.
You're a fucking legend.

Not one of those positive ones, but kind of like tales of vampires or something.

But through this haze I see that dracula was the victim all along.

Sounds really cringeworthy, but at least it's a fun story.
>I'll go to prison before I'll let anyone turn me into a victim again.
good, I'm sorry you had to suffer to learn that lesson though

any chance you wanna talk?
I'll talk as long as I'm in the thread. Not sure how much longer that will be. It's getting late.
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51 KB, 800x627
>be me be black in middle school
>some other nigger would always cause trouble
>go to my orchestra lesson during school times but it was actually fucking study hall
>bored so i look out the window
>i see him running across the field outside of the school being chased by 2 cops
>hops back into the school and darts across the halls
>mfw i knew him only because we were black
>mfw i hate other black people
>armed men coming to your school
Where the fuck do you live anon?
File: 1452923688964.png (645 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
645 KB, 1000x1000
what made you this way?
>In highschool use to roast kids like crazy
>pick on this kid
>thought it was a laugh
>kid had home issue (found out later)
>one day see him walking to the toilet
>walks in toilet
>no faggot allowed mate
>he turns around ,leaves the school
>steps in from on a train a hour later
>scrunched note next to his bag he droped before hand
>Am i ready to die yet ?, or could this be the hell i deserve because death almost seems like heaven

No one blamed me once and kids said he was weird anyway

File: wqLL8R6.jpg (66 KB, 640x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 640x638
Forgot to include that this was 6th grade. Apparently he was held back a year.
>FF to high school, sophomore year
>see him again, he was held back a year so he is a freshman
>2 weeks into the school year hear that he got into a fight with the cop that is in our school
>he was swearing this and that whilst the cop held his hands behind him
>he decides to throw a punch at the cop
>cop swiftly brings him to the floor and cuffs him
>the shithead normie cuntbag fucking "students" are shouting "police brutality" and all that shit
>never see him again
>mfw this whole thing
Australia , you wouldn't guess with all the other fucked up places out there
Probably Sweden
Sex isn't really sacred in society anymore.

I'm not him btw.

If the guy you replied to is a sociopath, it makes perfect sense why he would say it.
Sex isnt sacred, connection with other people is hard.

Sociopaths aren't too uncommon on 4chan.
Either that or it's some edgelord.
High chance of that too.
>le /pol/ meme
+1 upboat xD
Semi-chad was wasted at a party and started playing with a .22 handgun. The people there were like "lol is that even loaded?" He said it wasn't and put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger to prove it. It was loaded.

Also a girl and her mom got hit by a train on the way to school. People pretended to care for a while.
When I was a senior, a gay freshman shot himself over Christmas break. No one really made a big deal about it, and the school didn't hold an assembly over it, probably were afraid of starting a cluster or something. Apparently in his note he also kind of said he didn't want bullshit fake sympathy.

For a bonus, his sister was in a class with me. In that class we made presentations before break and were presenting them when we got back, and one class had a suicide joke in it which they didn't think to get rid of.
what was it with that moth that made everybody not care about the girl anymore?
Oh shit, I'm from that area and remember that.

Another school did some sports chant against them and they got all pissed?

It was Bear River I think?
holy shit is this meme on /r9k/ as well?
Yep, Bear Shit River. Justin Butler, #8.

Didn't know jack shit about him til he died. Whole school was depressed for like a week, my friends and I lol'd because edgy.
You've been scummy, but I believe everyone can be good.
>Arsonist set school on fire in year 2000 >Destroyed a fuckload of shit and forced a lot of lessons to be held in temporary buildings away from the rest of the school
>Fast forward to 2012
>Act of God burns down a large building on the school site with a lightning bolt that ruined a bunch of artfags work.

>Weird Design Tech teacher who always got a little to close to people when he helped them
>Turns out he was a paedo
>Freshman year
>8th grader at local middle school was hit by a car from skateboarding like a jackass
>All incoming freshmen were friends with him apparently so it was a big deal

>Sophomore year
>Previous student teacher (basically decided halfway through his college semester he couldn't hack it) is hit by a car and dies

>Junior year
>Recent alumni (gay dancer) is murdered right by the University

>Two years after graduating, popular skater kid from the graduating class prior to mine dies of OD

Bonus round, my dad lived down the street from Jared Lee Loughner so I saw the swat team at his house.
Chad was driving like a retard and Stacey died in the accident. I think it fucked him up pretty hard.
My high school did this too. I never understood it. You got drunk and you got behind the wheel... and you're the victim when you crash and die? What?
A teacher relieved a class early and one of the kids then got hit by a truck on the way home. The teacher killed herself a few weeks later
It's sad when dumb mistakes kill young people in their prime.
My high school had 6 suicides in 4 years.

>loner, he hung himself. the teachers didn't even know he wasn't at school for a while until his mom called and was like "yeah luke killed himself bye"

>one homeschooled kid who always wore a suit and tie to school bought a plane ticket to amsterdam right in his first week of going to a public school and was later found dead in Algeria, it was declared a suicide.

>popular JV baseball player whose dad was drafted by the dodgers, he accidentally shot himself at a party. I remember rumors came around that someone had footage and was trying to sell it.

>some crazy muslim girl who tried to enforce a dress code on the stacies, she was alright but I think if she didn't kill herself she'd be masterminding plans for ISIS

>two girls killed themselves in a suicide pact for some stupid reason, one lived and got off scotch free

>quiet mousey girl who had autism and selective mutism slit her throat with a hunting knife

Oh, and another guy in my senior year was fucking nuts and shot himself six times in the legs, he's still in a wheelchair from what I hear. That was four years ago.
Lol they would of said the same to him in heaven
It is, but people blow it way out of proportion. My school had three separate people who died in drunk driving accidents that they caused. There are three separate memorials to them and they're constantly mentioned in the community here.

This was more than ten years ago.
Double wammy
wasn't expecting an actual reasonable reply
File: 1392845085469.jpg (39 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 625x626


You have good baiting skills, very believable.
>bought a plane ticket to Amsterdam
>found dead in Algeria

I guess what they say about the edibles is true
What is it about middle and high school computer classes and attracting pedos? My middle school and high school both had pedo computer teachers and a lot of people have similar experiences
my bus driver ran over an old man one block from my house.

I was on the bus and sorta knew the old guy, he payed me to shovel his driveway a few times.
Jesus christ you are pathetic
My country is really shitty and my whole college was on strike over a year ago, so I can tell some stories.
>first week on strike
>decide I should help
>go to night guard
>around 1:30 A.M.
>hear screaming outside of the campus
>an unkown woman was mugged and we couldn't do shit
Being a guard during the strike was pretty much a waste of time and I gave up around the second week.

Another story
>last month on strike
>girl murdered near her home
>she was part of the student negotiation committee
>huge debate on normiebook regarding her death, typical lefties vs righties shitstorms
>lefties were severely concerned because they thought it was done by the government to finish the student strike
>righties were happy by the same thing
>lefties and righties in my country are both fucking retarded anyways
Holy shit, playing stairway to heaven would've had me cracking up mid funeral, who the fuck chose that song?
What country is that college in?
File: 1447730785379.jpg (106 KB, 554x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 554x439
My friends brother was bludgeoned to death down the block from me and was left to rot in the mud. Pretty crazy how close it happened.

Also another kid was getting out of his car when a truck came out of no where and killed him
File: 1452138993106.png (440 KB, 479x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Junior year
>Get drunk as fuck before winter formal, even have a bottle of it in my pocket at school
>DJ playing shitty music
>Ask him if I can rap
>Says yes
>Everyone starts cheering when I step up to the mic
>Start mumbling a bunch of cuss words while drunk as fuck
>DJ tells me to fuck off because no cuss words, everyone laughing

>Later, doing the Cha-Cha slide
>Cha-Cha my ass off and fall flat on the floor while like 7 teaches saw me

High school was fun desu
File: 519Q79a4m4L.jpg (116 KB, 667x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 667x476
>one kid in elementary school everyone picked on
>he was the only Mexican there
>had a thick as fuck accent no one could understand
>everyone said he had "Joey germs" so nobody wanted to come in contact with him
>fell through his roof helping his dad patch it up
>we all had to write him a get well soon card
>pretend to turn one in
>there is nothing written in it
>find out later some of my friends wrote mean things to him
I really hoped he would grow up to shot up a school.
>one homeschooled kid who always wore a suit and tie to school bought a plane ticket to amsterdam right in his first week of going to a public school and was later found dead in Algeria, it was declared a suicide.

There was a kid at my school like that, he fucked up on a test so he drove from Oslo, Norway to greece and stayed there for a while.
some cool kid died in a car accident. sitting in front without a seatbelt and his friend driving was racing some other kid. everyone was like "it's not your fault it's not anyone's fault" but if he were wearing his seatbelt and the kid wasn't racing he'd be alive.
File: 1450715235478.jpg (35 KB, 245x274) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 245x274
>high school, some belgian kid comes to the class
>claims to be 17, seems more like he's 10 from his appearance and the way he acts
>has a mousey appearance. Short, no facial hair, glasses, brown hair
>everyone always messed with him
>he always talked about how he was going to kill himself, but he always had such a huge smile on his face nobody ever took him seriously
>everyone jokingly gave him advice on how to do it
>one day, he just up and disappears
>never shows up again
I wonder what happened to the little mouse boy
I hope we didn't actually convince him to kill himself

Cambridge actually. But yeah, anytime you see a "slightly posh, bit awkward" comic on British TV there's a 90% chance they were a member of the Footlights. Sort of like how a lot of SNL members come from Second City.
I joined a secondary school to do my A-levels and in the space of about 8 months, about 6 or 7 students died.

One fell off a wall while drunk and died.

Another jumped a pier while drunk at night and was found crammed under it a few days later while they were searching the ocean floor for him.

Another was a little kid, about aged 12 or so who found out he had cancer at the end of January and by the end of February, was dead.

Another student was on a science expo or some shit to do engineering and died, no idea how.

One guy also left his shoes at the shore of a river in our town and just walked in and killed himself, I know several people who have killed themselves in that river, some I was friends with a a kid.

Can't remember the others but there were a few more. Weird year.

What was odd was that the school I attended beforehand had no deaths at all over 5 years, one guy got cancer and survived.
>teachers let us split up and choose who we bunk with in the dorms
>like clockwork white kids split from black kids
>black area in the dorms turns into a fucking ghetto
>white area is usually ok except for a prank or two occasionally
>one black kid dies of OD
>police raid the dorms, niggers were apparently stashing, making and selling drugs
Never happened.
Step up your baits, pol
File: 1448262127825.jpg (52 KB, 433x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 433x400
mfw the supreme gentleman didn't grace my school with his holy plight.


>emo kid in school
>never really came in contact with him
>one day he jumps off the roof of a plaza
>start digging up what I can on him, speaking to people, etc.
>turns out his parents went to the same school, they fucked on a biking trip without protection when they were 16 and then they put him in the same school
>he couldn't deal with the shame
Poor guy

deal with the shame of what?
The fuck?!? Penis inspections?
What weird shit you US people have to go through during high school?
>guy gets struck by dry lightning a class ahead of me, becomes paralyzed and dies 3 months later
>I live within 10 miles of the canadian border

Not during HS but
>class of 2012
>last I checked, 12 people (out of like 100) have died from my class
>3 in a drunk driving accident
>1 from murder, stabbing I think
>the rest to various random diseases.

I'm scared bros, what if I'm next?
I was lucky, I only had to do it once since our school had a bunch of issues with the nurse being on trial for being a pedo. It was torture when it did happen though. Foreskin measuring was the worst part. Did anyone else's schools post a list of peoples' stats?
I can think of a couple
>Varsity basketball team goes to state and wins, huge deal because first state anything we had won in like 15 years.
> That summer one of the big players/popular guys dies in an irrigation accident. (ie he touched an irrigation pipe to a power line by accident)
>Next year the who basketball team is playing for him, i think I remeber there were ads and shit of do it for him.
>they get to state again, in the final four, "We're gonna do it for him! honor his memory"
>they fucking lose

That hit a lot of people really hard but the one that i thought had a bigger impact was the Biology teacher who just out of nowhere hung him self one night. There were no signs, he seemed happy with his family, work, etc, but then he hung himself.

This one didn't really effect me as much because it was at the other high school but this kid shot himself in the bathroom at school during school hours. It was a weird couple months because the teacher suicide and then the student were like 4 months apart.
>2 years after we graduated
>kid gets on drugs and kills his family with an axe
>he's not going to jail
>Kid OD's on some drugs from his medicine cabinet.
>Was a sophomore that year.
>Everyone pretending to be sad.
>I thought he was a cunt
>also hot girl a grade lower than me in trig, her brother died in a car accident and I was we were supposed to be sad
>not sad but I'll never forget that beautiful ass
>2013 (I think)
>wake up, switch on tv, my HS is inthe news
>this weird kid supposedly stabbed math teacher in the back, police and shit is in place
>she survived, not sure what happened to the kid

she was a cunt, but didn't derserved this

there was also this guy who jumped from second floor because he bet that he can jumped those cca 15 metres into a bush and nothing will happen to him, he was later sent to psych ward and recently I found out that he was in prison as well

other than that nothing, there was maybe one girl who died from cancer, but it went under the radar

I forgot to mention that he broke both his leg
Some girl hung herself outside the school. But I had already stopped attending at that point. My old high school has one of the worst graduation rates(if not the worst) in the region. Not that I care though, public school is such a fucked concept.
Girl got paralyzed/brain dead after a car accident, parents pulled the plug instantly, before her boyfriend was even notified about the accident. Dude had the best weed too. Also the occasional suicide
Shit I also have others

>guy from football I knew personally went crazy and took a shit in some guy's shower and also shaved his balls
>they got a new shower

>another guy from football, though he left freshman year had a psychotic breakdown and went on a rampage.
>he was the biggest autist
>his sister writes this
one kid was high and fell out of his truck while driving into a ditch and crushed himself

another kid was doing the same thing except he crushed his head
A few kids died, I guess. One had cancer, at least two were murdered, others committed suicide.
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