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>"isn't that the same exact outfit you worse yesterday?"
At least someone noticed you enough to pay attention to your clothing.
>talking to people

>caring what people think of your attire
You, sir, are being cucked by the Social Jew.
ever since I explained this to the normalfags they don't bother commenting anymore
>only have 2 pairs of pants I like
>4 days into the week
>both smell like shit from sitting in class
>can smell it when I sit down
I fucking hate this, but damn pants are so expensive
$50 for one pair holy shit
If somebody says this they are legit cunts and should be ignored.
bong or american? If American, lose some weight and wash more, trousers shouldn't smell that easy. If Bong? Fucking christ mate, buy some new pants.
I'm not overweight, and I take a shower every morning before I put my pants on and wipe multiple times after I shit
pretty sure it's just wearing them 2-3 times leaves them smelling bad
especially since my dorm turns up the heat to extreme levels and makes me sweat all day
What's your diet like? You really shouldn't smell that bad. I assumed your fat because we have some fat guys in my college who totally stink and seem to be totally unaware of it, shit's whack.
thing is, I wash and use deodorant and I still smell it when I sit down
but when I smell my pants I have to really shove my nose in there to smell anything and it's never that bad
stick the ones you arn't wearing in the freezer
Baby powder in your undies. Works wonders and keeps your taint dry and smelling fresh as a daisy.
What will that do? Other than muting me for 2 seconds for not being original of course.
just do your laundry more often
it breaks down the odours that they pick up properly without needing to wash them

if they are jeans, you only have to wash them for actual dirt, its better for them if you just freeze them to deodorise them
I do eat a lot of meat and sandwiches, but that's about the only thing my uni offers for meals

only thing i can think of is that I played basketball in both pairs of pants a few times
maybe it's the sweat from that making them smell?
This, just make sure you have no foods you eat there or enjoy your shit tasting food.
I do this with my shoes.
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Well there you go OP, problem solved. Only a fool would not believe those dub trips.
Been wearing the same clothes for 4 days now. No ones noticed so far


hahaha I'm going to wear the same pants and sweatshirt I wore yesterday today
That person can't possibly have moved out of their parents'.
Literally one can buy clothes from thrift stores. Depending on where you go (AmVet, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc) the prices can differ, but usually you can get khakis for less than $8 a pop. Jeans are usually more expensive. Even at Wal-Mart desu senpai you can usually find $12-$15 pants.
honestly a lot more college students do this than you'd think so calling someone out on it seems kind strange. I mean doing laundry in a dorm is always a chore because one fuckhead puts a load in the wash and leaves it there for half a day before doing their next load. thus the backup of people trying to fight for the laundry room is always there.
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>tfw still go every single day without saying a word
>everyone talking to each other before professor comes in
>I'm quiet by myself
>professor comes in
>class discussion supposed to start on subject matter
>I have a copy of the reading with some notes and highlighted parts
>bring up some points that I wrote down
>Professor "Good observations, anyone have anything else?"
>dead silence
>class ends
>students walk out saying "I don't understand anything in that class!"

Is the idea of sharing intellectual thoughts on a subject dead in university? I watched so many movies where there would be intense discussions on a subject between students going so far that the professor would have to stop to allocate time. Is that just one big myth?
>already been rejected from every grad school
>this semester is pretty much just clean-up of stuff I'd need before going to grad school
>this semester is now a colossal waste of my time and money

Beats being a wagecuck, I guess.
Intellectual people are and have always been useless.
The few that really made it into the world were lucky.
Hf bring the 10% and try not to die
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>first day of classes
>have 3 hour poly sci night class
>top qt sits down in front of me
>I will never make sweet love to her
Why live friends?
>thin and live in cool area
>below average hygiene
>can still go the entire week on two pairs of pants and have them not smell
feels good man
never had anyone comment on it either
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meme loving.jpg
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>first day in History class
>everyone has to introduce themself, as usual
>Only asked to state name, fav color, and major
>Prof. asked for a volunteer to start
>some pasty white guy stands up
>says his name, major, fav. color, "oh.. and I have asperger's syndrome"....
>sits down
>awkward silence for like 6 seconds
>"oooookay, who's next?"

I bet he comes to /r9k/ and sees this post and wonders who I am.
well, its possible he's prone to sperging out and wanted everyone to be aware just in case.
>first day of history class
>I know prof pretty well, I'm a history minor and have had 2-3 classes before with him
>say something interesting about you
>"I'm anon and I'm the only CS major history minor in the whole school, probably the only one ever at this school"

>"everyone give anon a round of applause, what a brave soul"
>this was right after he mentioned he had malignant cancer
I still to this day don't know if he was trying to burn and embarrass me or if he was joking
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>"geez anon, do you wear anything other than black?"
It can happen occasionally. But most people either know they can't have discourse on something they actually care about without it getting personal, can't defend their opinions and just say "it's my opinion XD", or just don't care about anything. Most intellectual discourse I ever had was in a HS history class.

Aside from some of my friends and family, I really don't have any setting in my life where any kind of meaningful discourse can be had. That's one of the main reasons I come to 4chan: we all at least are willing to argue about things, even if we don't care about them.
Your professor sounds like he's garbage at promoting discussion. He didn't even provide any input on your contributions. He was probably just looking for an excuse to not do any work, and the rest of the class naturally followed him.
same thing in a lot of my classes
people jsut flat out don't do readings unless they think they're gonna fail the class

I'm the only person who speaks up in 90% of my classes at uni so far
especially discussion classes, everyone puts their heads down and hopes they don't get called on instead of reading the ~100 pages for that week
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>only friends I have are people I knew in HS
>and people that my HS friends introduced me to
>tfw I can't make friends anymore
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>first day of conceptual physics class
>professor asks how many times greater the volume of a sphere would be if you doubled its radius
>I'm the only person in a class of 80 students who raised my hand for "8 times greater"
>double radius, how much greater is the surface area?
>I'm the only person who raised my hand for "4 times greater"
File: thisisnotcomfy.jpg (10 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't have any friends at Uni tbqhwyl. I don't leave my dorm for anything other than food, class, and scholarship work. Closest thing to a friend here is my first semester History professor.
>communications class
>qt and I sit next to each other
>we talk a little after class
>kind of hitting it off
>one day, make a not exactly feminist joke
>she never speaks to me again
Later, she made a presentation in class about rape culture, which really just solidifies my suspicion.

Why are people so fucking political about who they associate with? Some of my best friends differ wildly from me politically.
I used to do that in class too

Probably a combination of other people being too shy and me being a narcissistic piece of shit
>first day of class
>do what I typically do and take the seat closest to the door
>class fills up quicker than I thought
>girl comes in room, sees barely any seats open
>decides to sit next to me
>palms sweating, moms spaghetti, etc.
>figure it'll all be fine as long as I don't look at her
>professor finally comes in
>class is a freshman level class so we have to do dumb introductions
>the catch is, we have to introduce the person next to us
>by default since there's no one else next to me, I have to introduce her
>finally turn and look at her
>she's extremely cute, some light skin black qt with freckles and green eyes
>try to talk to her and even flirt a little bit but she's completely unresponsive
>obviously there's no assigned seats to she probably will never sit next to my autistic ass or talk to me again
Uni is truly the worst kind of suffering.
>and even flirt a little bit

The cringe is real.
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>be in second semester
>last one, I failed my precal class, got an A on the final at least
>need to retake it
>sign up for a two hour night class, figure it'll be better to get it all done in one go
>professor spends and hour "reminding us" how to do basic arithmetic with fractions
>mfw some guy actually needs extra help with cross-multiplying

I'm not mad that someone isn't good at math, I'm mad that someone chooses to take a major requiring more than basic math if they're shit.
>in international relations
>its sjw as fuck
>have a tutorial class with about 10 other students
>the structure of states is brought up
>basically we have to repeat what was said in the lecture and give our own points
>I know quite a deal about it so spoke
>said theres two kinds of states, republics and monarchies, monarchies are based on leviathan, explaned the religious side of it how the individual reflects the state and the state reflects the church
>everyone is quiet
>tutor says "good point anon, that pretty much covers it"
>sjw roasty says "I think republics are better because we can vote and have freedom"
>mfw none of the content was even on democracy
>everyone nods and says "yeah I agree uhh huh"
>look on grades chart and sge got a better marking in the class than me for that one line
Everyone told me I needed to practice and that if I practice enough I'll get better. The funny thing is I have no problem talking to girls I don't like and some of them have even thought I was flirting with them and then got mad when I said I wasn't interested, but whenever I think a girl's attractive I can't stop going full retard.
>you pay attention to what I wear?
I think about 70% of people who take IR at my uni seems to hate it. Shit like this might be why.
>get lost on way to class
>its my first day after all
>come in late, there's one seat left
>grab it, it's near door so thats ok
>guy next to me starts shifting around uncomfortably, is he ok? Whats wrong with him?
>professor asks to do introduction thing, I hate introduction thing, and the guy next to me looks very shy, is sweating and blushing
>i just wont say anything, I know neither of us want to do this so..
>"h..h..hey you are c..cute"
>he's looking at me hands
>his face is red
>he's actually shaking
>"Um, thanks"
>he opens his phone to sone page with frogs on it and starts writing something in green letters
1. Never take relationship advice from 4chan.
2. Never take relationship advice from Chad.
3. Always take relationship advice from religious leaders/teachers/monks
All the girls do is flirt with the professlr grades, seeing as marking is subjective. One time the french girl flopped her tit out right in front of him and said "oh sorry, my new bra is too loose, mounsier"
fucking whores i hate theem

You know, these actually make a lot of sense to follow.
Top kek I'm not quite that autistic.
>no, it isn't. I buy several pairs of the same things when they're on sale. As a result, I save a lot of money. Like these polyester muscle shirts, gym shoes, and track pants? I bought several pairs of the same things for a total of $100. Maybe if you weren't an idiot who was too focused on different looks every day, you'd save a shit ton of money also.
year, you're just autistic. It's not that nobody knows the answer, it's that nobody wants to answer
>Someone pays enough attention to you to remember what you wear
>complaining about this
Extra for if it was a girl

Yeah, kinda, you should have seen the amount of times a professor asked the class a question and the whole place was dead silent today.
I didn't say anything either though, God knows I'm not gonna be the one person to do that.
>First day back
>roommate says he is probably going to move out
>will either have no roommate
>or worse
>a fucking chad roommate
>tfw losing only remaining source of human contact other than professor and parents
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>school all day
>work all night
>shopping and chores all day long on days off
I thought you were closed introverts incapable of social interactions, yet this whole thread is apparently full of high level intelectuals who can't wait to speak their mind

I for one go to the uni and come home without letting out a single word most of the days. As soon as the class is over I storm out like someone called in a bomb threat.
I envy you guys
I only ever talk to professor.
That's pretty much me anon but I am taking online classes this semester.

Am listening to video teach made for our daily lecture
The definition of robot has gone through so many changes and this board has so much more traffic lately that there is no real demographic at this point. When /r9k/ became the meme factory around the time tendies got big this place became a slightly better /b/.
fucking tendies and good boy points
The last good meme to come out of here before it went to shit was Prime Teen Pussy
>tfw I actually eat tendies at uni
Literally have a homosexual tumblr-tier professor for my intro to psych class

He gave us all sheets and we had to write down our preferred pronouns and list any triggers we had
>miss bus by 10 seconds
>next one in 13 mins
>consider just going home and trying again next semester
>get to class late, professor is going over syllabus
>literally a slideshow of memes
>meet our groups for the semester
>professor talks about how we will have to make a presentation as a group about some disease or disorder so we should talk about it for a minute now
>girl sitting across from me suggests we cover gender dysphoria

Nice first day back.
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>first day of chem
>for no reason the professor tells us he was once on the front page of reddit because he dressed like walter white in class one day
>look him up
>find the post
>the picture was taken in the classroom i was in
Old people can also be jealous of your success. they see you doing the things and having the ambition to accomplish what they never did
>theres two kinds of states
Personally, I can talk "about things" in an intellectual context, but pure social interaction with people I don't know very well is very difficult.

My speech impediment also goes away completely when I'm drunk/high, tired, or lying, so I really have no way of describing what's wrong with me.
Anyone near Geneseo? Apparently a guy was dumped by his Stacy gf and he proceeded to kill her and her new fuckbuddy before an hero'ing right after. He was probably cucked desu.

>first day back after the break
>im drunk as fuck in my bed trying to fall aslepp
>got classes 9am till 5pm
alright lads
>first day of my last semester
>leave late because I'm a piece of shit
>can't find class even though I've been going here for 6 years
>reach class late
>teach goes on for 40 minutes
>has us introduce ourselves
>I'm probably the oldest dude in the room
>everyone says their name and some cringy hobby
>one guy says he's into eSports
>people take him seriously
>Teacher acts interested

I feel like I'm turning into some old man. Who let all these fucking dorks go to school.
i play cs semi professionally earning from 400 to 600 dollars a month while being a full time student

of course i do not admit being such as it equals to social suicide
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>man up and go meet with a graduate advisor
>he's really nice and apologized for not monitoring my progress and how I was doing in my master's program
>wants me in his lab
>helping me get reinstated
I was moping in my apartment for nothing.
I like watching eSports. But admitting it in a class? I was probably the only one cringing but holy fuck was it cring. He also made some dumb joke before hand. I felt like the least autistic person in the room

I have a pair of jeans I've worn at least 400 times that I've washed once. I've smelled the asshole area and it smells like nothing.
I knew I should have stuck to my dream of becoming a teacher.
File: 1440365906762.gif (1 MB, 499x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 499x499
>being normal enough to actually go to school
write down lefties,chads, normalscum, and homosexuals for your triggers
What's wrong with being left handed anon?
File: 1400693658636.jpg (21 KB, 567x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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phaggot, i probably wear the same clothes for at least 2 weeks in a row, and maybe change underwear twice a week, tops. Not to mention i sleep dressed as well. Don't know why i strated with that, but i've done so for a couple of months now. Feels great to just be able to rise without wasting time on getting dressed.

Some people say that they are extremely sensetive to dirty/long worn clothes, and that they can feel the smell immediately, which i've discovered to be 100 % bullshit, since i've not even once had someone pointing out that i smell, not even my own mom who's a hygiene maniac.
Suck it, showerfags.
here in canada you basically have to take a math course no matter what
>I'm the only person who speaks up in 90% of my classes at uni so far
I think i can guarantee you, that every single student in there wants to hook your gabber for that.
Been wearing the same jeans and sweater every day for 2 weeks.
This. There's this autistic faggot in my math class shouting the answer every time the prof pauses and pretty much everyone just shakes their head when he does it
Same basically. I ate all my meals in an underground bathroom.
>shouting out the answer without raising a hand

This shit pisses me off to no end. They don't make you raise your hand in high school for no reason, you know. It's to make you act like a civilized human who knows to keep quiet unless spoken to. It's like people throw all the lessons from high school out the window once they walk into a college classroom.
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