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What would you do if you were obscenely rich?...
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What would you do if you were obscenely rich? I'd buy TV advertising time and show trailers of movies that don't exist
I would start my own car company
Make quality, hand-crafted products that are built to last decades e.g. a laptop that would BTFO any Macbook. I would call it the Millennial line with limited numbered editions to celebrate the state-of-the-art at the time of release.
Own a radio station that would play music I like
Own a TV channel that would broadcast films and TV series I like
move to iceland and turn it into a white utopia

blox, pls
i would buy 4chan and permaban SJWs and australian IPs
I'd buy a the Los Angeles Lakers and run that franchise into the ground year after year. I would also refuse to sell or give up administrative duties

Fuck the Lakers and the city of LA
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I would pay people, that they act like friends
I'd do this, but gather the greatest skilled examples of whites from various European countries put them on a fairly small continent (buy Australia?) and keep them bordered in, supplying them with the resources they need to eventually get their civilization steady and support their eventual overtaking of the outside world as they hopefully advance past everyone else.
I would like to see if non whites get btfo.
>not white myself.
>how rich we talking here?
D E V I L I S H as fuck.
I'd make alt-right vidya, movies, music, and books. A little bit like shark tank with a couple projects of my own that I get a producer to make happen and teach me the ropes of producering. I'd also invest into cool science shit like augs, performance enhancing drugs, recreational drugs, and regeneration and organ printing. Maybe do ultra premium sex toys too just because I like them. Think tungsten, cultured diamond and sapphire, lasers, tens, and maybe even implants, both to the sexual organs and the nerves. I spend a lot of time thinking of the sex toys I wish I could create, or neat science shit that should but never will be implemented for sex.
>make a mansion
>make it in the middle of a very big forest or in a mountain, so no way to be found
>every room has a different theme
>there are thousand of rooms
>pay to 10 or so people to fetch me food, manga, and other things
>pay to more people to observe the routines of different women around the globe
>if i see one who matches the requirements she will start to receive letters every month that are filled with insane amounts of cash
>the only thing that they will say is something like "Here is the payment"
>after a year or so I will tell one of the persons (possibly only men) to get her for me
>At night send a private helicopter to retrieve what i rightfully earned
>have in mind i will be monitoring hundreds at a time
>As they arrive at my secret lair they will be assigned a room, or theme
>they will be trained to stay in character
>the end justifies the means
>by this time, i will start to make threads here, and will pay a team of chinese hackers to discover the identity of anyone i see as worthy, or that i consider a bro
>one night some of you will get abducted, taken to the mansion and given a waifu according to your tastes
>No need to go outside anymore, get tendies, get waifu, be surrounded by bros, and anything you want
I'd hold a lottery with 500 winners and fund their attempts to be elected to parliament
I would replicate the popemobile and hire somebody to drive me around a city all day
Tear down the house I'm currently living in and in its place turn the property into a flower garden and then hire gardeners to keep it nice and healthy and leave it open so people could come and enjoy it
I'd buy a fleet of superfancy icecream trucks and send them out around 11pm after bedtime every evening, all summer
I want to build a mansion. By learning trades as needed (so I can do the most secretive parts myself) and hiring random immigrants to build modules of the mansion, only I will understand it.

It will have dozens of mechanisms, like a circular stair tower that doubles as an elevator when the hourglass on the nearby chess board is flipped, leading to a hidden bunker. To discourage violent types from breaking in, in addition to making sure every material is the most durable form available (with all of the walls being lined with both lead and concrete), random "rooms" with no entrance would be constructed and pumped full of poisonous gas.

My bunker would have two main features. First, your standard ultimate safe room. Once the lock was activated inside, it could only be opened by an inside deactivation or an intrepid adventure-seeker capable of solving the dozens of puzzles built into the complex, gathering the three true keys from among my collection of gewgaws, and inputting the password that can only be divulged by reading the countless journals of my ramblings I've scattered around the house and internet.

In the safe house, I would store a great deal of my fortune in material form: gold, other metals, and jewelry. Since I don't know why the adventurer is here, I'd also store MUCH more food than I and my chosen would need, as well as weapons, my inventions, and entertainment.

The second feature: a tunnel, accessed from the safe room, leading to a cliff face overlooking water. As a last resort, I (or he who braves my trials) could enter a "cart". It would take another key to activate (with a spare hidden in the safe room for my use, with no clues). The cart, once activated, cannot be controlled. It rockets to the cliff face, triggering a collapse of the tunnel behind it. At the end, explosives destroy the fake cliff face which hid the tunnel. The cart launches out. It is custom-built to survive the fall, and doubles as a motor boat to allow a final escape.
I'd buy an Oculus Rift
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i'd build a personal aquarium in my house. i really love fish
and all the figures i could ever want :^)
totaly this
Lmao faggot detected
Become a shut-in, basically.
>order everything online
>spend all day sleeping, jerking off, and playing video games
>go to the gym in the early morning when nobody else is there to stay in shape
Probably buy a lot of anime figures too, to be honest.
I am quite rich and I buy my friends cars and apartments when they need them
he said obscenely rich, family
you could buy your own gym
you could hire semen demon maids to jerk you off for you
use your damn imagination
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>I'd buy a fleet of superfancy icecream trucks and send them out around 11pm after bedtime every evening, all summer
>you could buy your own gym
Takes a lot of time and space, though. I'd rather just find a nice 24-hour one and maybe offer guys I meet in the showers a couple grand to suck my cock
>you could hire semen demon maids to jerk you off for you
I thought of mentioning hookers but I don't like being around people too often. I would probably hire a maid at some point but I think it would be tough to find a cute maid who would be willing to also be my fucktoy.
because normies deserve to suffer
I would build the notoriety required to fill every streets with reminders that life is meaningless and most working class folks are cattle owned by the banks and corporate owners

I don't care what happens next. Maybe it will make them sink into despair or start a revolution. All I want is really just to prevent them from shielding themselves in denial like they do now
I would start collecting real midgets like they were collectibles.
Hundreds of midgets and i gotta collect them all.
I'd pay to have bidets installed in every american home so americans no longer have dirty stinky buttholes and bring us up to the 1st world standard of clean sparlkling japanese and european buttholes
My midgets get one bidet each.
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Fund research into treatments that could make me forget about her.
fuck off underage transgender faggot
No no no k

I'd buy tons of garage-sized, metal/circuitry-enabled, multimaterial 3D printers. Then I'd sell functional mech warriors to kiss in the neighborhood for a hundred buck cause it would be so cheap to manufacture them.
*kids not kiss
eat better and more food, all day
by own house workout in house never leave house eat lol u feel me, namean
by my own pool lol swim in the pool
>tfw no way to disable keypad from inside/make all of the puzzles unsolvable in case you're already inside and don't want anyone else to come in
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Buy a shitload of expensive cars
Hire top-tier slav prostitutes
Buy the most expensive available apartment in NYC and put a mattress and a computer in it.

Live the NEET life while writing about the misery of human existence.

Eventually, I'll get bored of this.

Sell everything for ridiculous amounts of money and start a new shitty life somewhere else.
Build a dirigible RV and travel the world without actually setting foot on any of it.
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Buy original rare back together.
Force Shirow to finish Appleseed.
Fund a trans-european TV-Show about the Vidya.
Open a chain of a Arcades.
Fund the re-release of certain old TV-Shows, Max Headroom, Tripods, etc.
Invest in the Restoration of Venice.
Buy real estate in all major cities, turn into free space for artists.
Fund Pensions for several Comic Artists, David Lapham, Wittek, Caza, Ledroit, Crumb, Kochalka, Tardi, etc.

Start a petstore, ofc.

you're not going to sell them for more than you bought them for you dumb ass stupid ass shit head
I beg your pardon lad?
i would
>collect hyper-realistic wooden statues
>live alone in a vault like creepy minimalist apartment
>build an akira-style concrete throne
>wear a cape
>pay people to have sex or degrade themselves for my amusement

I'm going to make the puzzles so that anyone that can solve them all has all of my interests so we can be best friends.
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I'd create a taxi service in which you order a nearby quadcopter to fly to the client, pick them up, and deliver them to their destination.

The inside would look like pic related but minus steering wheel, and more legroom. There would be a mini-vending machine/snackbar and other amenities. (Toilet-seat optional)

I would expand this business with the money I get from it until I crush uber, and every airport ever.
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shit bruh,when does it stop ?
I meant "ridiculous" in the other way around.
>Create my army
>slowly conquer Africa
>Ethnic cleansing
>make more money with diamonds/petrol

build a nice big garage space near the house, maybe collect some classic cars, but certainly have a sport or kit car and actively participate in racing events at the nearest circuit. Or wait, I can just build one nearby.

Buy an ultralight plane or gyrocopter

Build myself a nice big model train set in a room of the house or the basement

Put up a grade-A man cave complete with a home theatre for movies and games, a sim-racing rig, a flying sim rig and a vr environment.

That's pretty much it. I can't imagine what else to spend money on. Maybe using the money and status to have a gf once in a while, although, that probably means she'd be a slut, so...
I'd hire a mobile home fabrication company to design a fleet of small-ish mobile cinema, and tour the country setting them up under different names with slightly different exteriors, and show The Force Awakens with Boyega's lines replaced with apes screeching and run away once everyone's inside

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