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Late Night Feels
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How's your Tuesday been?
> a girl waved to ME today
> start talking to her on snapchat
>she either thinks I'm annoying or likes me
>I may have my ticket out of this place
>feels pretty alright man
Those are some good feels anon. Today I made an ass out of myself in front of 100 people at college.
Oh jeez, what happened?
Go on....
> orge
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>texted 5 hookers to see if they were available
>one is but it's been raining all day and she's 20 miles away
>other hooker texts me that she's available and set date with her
>call her 15 minutes before our date
>she doesn't answer
>texts me back 10 minutes later saying that she can't see me today
>3 others text me back hours later
So I'll be jerking off tonight.
Harsh, don't sweat it though these things happen
>found out my honors' History class is full of tumblr-lite women

Fuck it, I will just BTFO of them if a historical argument comes up.
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f i n e.png
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>got sick and tired of feeling depressed and negative one day
>decided to try pushing all negative emotions aside and focus on whats more important to me and what makes me happy
>any doubt in my mind about doubting this I push to the side
>feels like a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode

Fuck all these depressing feelings,curious to see how long this will last, at least I'll be able to focus on other things for the time being.
If this is what's working for you for now i support you. But if you get the chance it's probably healthier to attack those negative thoughts at their roots ya get me?
>walking around uni campus
>see gril from one of my language classes sitting on a bench
>she smiles and gives me a small wave as I pass by her
>give a small wave back and powerwalked outta there
>realized she may have been smiling at someone behind me but I chose to believe that it was for me
>tfw cheered up by stranger smiling at me even if it wasn't for me
So whats that like? how'd you find out?
That's really cute, Anon. I'm pretty sure she was waving at you though- she recognized you from your language class.
>How'd you find out
I went to class, it was first day back. It is me, Weeb professor, and five women, two of whom are fat, two of whom have facial piercings, and two of whom have dyed hair.
> trying to fall asleep the night before first day of new semester
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inner demons.jpg
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I'll get to see how strong or weak I really am.
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>five women
>two, two, and two
The groups are not necessarily exclusive.
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>found out some friend of DM's is joining the weekly tabletop game next session
Oh, cool.
>it's a girl
M-maybe I can just play it cool or mostly ignore her
>mfw I realize the only seat left at the table is next to me

On the one hand, maybe they're into each other, but then the game's going to shit anyway. I can't get over the thought that the one social activity I have is about to get a lot more stressful at best.
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Also, just found out roommate is thinking about moving out.
Not sure whether distressed or happy. I know he is moving out because of me.

Who else here /losingremaininghumancontact/?
let me know how it goes i might try it some day
Got a new coworker at my kroger, hes an ex military chad who is an amazing worker
>go to uni to send transcript for final grad school program application and talk to professor
>see hot girl in Admissions office that I'm somewhat friends with from sharing a few classes
>she says hi a few seconds after I walk in then when finishing up, small talks with me for about 15-20 seconds
>talk to professor who calls local behavioral hospital because she knows one of the guys in charge and they help graduates get jobs
>when leaving uni, see girl from earlier as I'm driving off, wave, get a wave and big smile in return
>get home and fill out first big boy job application
>lurk 4chan and work on teaching myself mathematics
I'm nervous because FULL TIME job but I can be flexible with my hours (working through the late nights) and it'll give me a way to save money before grad school in the fall.
Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 8
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