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Who /unironically idolize Hitler/ here?
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Who /unironically idolize Hitler/ here?
Yeah I do to a degree but the last people I want to associate myself with are skinhead prison thugs.
yep, for some reason its enhanced when I drink. If I end up drunk and alone I always watch Hitler speeches and stuff about jews being assholes.
>Idolizing a faggot Austrian that got ass raped by Slav's

Fucking fag

Fredrick is Best King
edgy overgrown children evidently
he did more good than bad. whatever. i've defended him before in public idgaf.
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His idea of racial purification for the good of the human race wasn't all that bad. The way he went about executing it made him a bad guy.
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>Unironically believing the holocaust happened

Haha that's rich anon
I do. I'm not going to pretend that the holocaust wasn't wrong, or that I hate the jews, however I can't help but admire the guy. I really don't believe he was an evil guy, he just had a vision for his country/people and was willing to go to great lengths to see it realized.
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The thing I love about Hitler is that he started at the very bottom rung of society and climbed to become the most powerful man in Germany. He's an incredible inspirational figure.
literally the only reason people hate hitler is because >MUH HOLOCAUST

hitler had the balls that no man has had since him, excluding trump, and that's to make his country great again.

Germany was in economic turmoil, and was on the brink of a communist revolution, but Hitler rose to power, abolished political parties, privatized the economy and started printing deutschmarks, and transformed his country from a withering weed into a bolstered oak tree.

Much of the holohoax is just that, a hoax anyway.
Wish he would come back and have Merkel executed.

were did you get that picture lol

>this level of newfaggotry
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Hitler's economic plan was brilliant and saved Germany, but thanks to le holohoax you're never allowed to mention the third way as a solution to the political squalor we find ourselves in today. People don't realize that Jews run the upper echelons of both the private and public sectors, and are prevelant both as marxists and as capitalists. It's the reason America is divided the way it is today, between a quasi-capitalist party and a quasi-socialist party, with Jews controlling both sides.

The funny thing is that so many Americans are actually National Socialists in denial - a lot of "moderates" are people who recognize that there are economic benefits stemming from both the democratic and the republican party, but for some reason we aren't allowed to take this to it's logical extent, the mixed economy inherent to national socialism.
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Not just the most powerful in Germany, one of the most powerful in the world.
Shows you can do anything if you just bee yourself
America is in the same situation that Germany was in post WW1, on a grander scale. The only way for us to recover would be to do almost exactly what Hitler did, like demolishing the fed reserve, outlawing certain parts of the media, all of that, but that would be utterly impossible given the current social situation.

I say social because the media is currently attempting to brainwash another generation of people into accepting degenerate past-times and accepting homosexuality and all of that nonsense, while the Right-wingers become demonized more vehemently than ever.

Economically speaking we'd eliminate almost all of the debt our country has wrought if we abolished the federal reserve, but since we live in a country of doublethink, that prospect is unattainable. The left are crypto-commies and the right are crypto-capitalists like you said in your post, and because Americans are divided their is almost no hope to unite and oust die juden from our midst.
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>mfw the first time I had a few in my and watched this
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>"Communism" and Socialism
>Failed multiple times and has killed tens of millions of it's adherents
>People still unironically support it and it's not a huge social taboo
>Has only ever been stopped by external intervention and has pulled the countries that embraced it out of certain doom
>Social suicide to even hint that you support fascism
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subhuman pls fuck off back to /k/
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