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>the internet will never be as good as...
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>the internet will never be as good as it was during 2003-2008
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feels like fucking shit to be honest with you my nigga

I wish I could go back
This one stings. Normies learning how to use the internet really destroyed the last place we had
I remember those days making me laugh all day and all night. I miss it. :(
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>you will never visit albinoblacksheep.com for the first time ever again
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>ywn have a proper raid with /b/ again.
You could probably extend that as far as 2010. That to me is the year when forum culture was beyond saving and social media came to the forefront. Yeah in the mid-2000s there was MySpace (Bebo here if you're British/Irish) but it wasn't ubiquitous and the centre of the internet. Since Facebook and Twitter have dominated, the internet had become a tool for normalfags to contact people they know from real life when they're not beside each other. The internet was better when people like us would participate in communities centered around whatever interest we had and would meet strangers rather than talking shit with IRL friends. I blame smartphones senpai
This is now a sad MC Ride thread
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>tfw blogs with new and interesting content are almost impossible to come by
>tfw everyone moved to twitter/facebook/tumblr and try to write only to their echo chamber of internet "friends"
>ywn go on old funnyjunk again
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>newgrounds was good
>social networking wasn't a thing
>albinoblacksheep was still a thing
>egoraptor didn't sell out and make shit videos
>4chan was 4chan

Moonman wouldn't even be a thing if it weren't for YTMND, man.
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my original comment

This, fucking normies ruining shit, now they still make fun of you for being on the computer too much but they themselves spent 12 hours a day on fucking facebook looking at their stupid profile
I remember when Newgrounds used to be good.
Nor will life in general. Enjoy our apocalyptic race to the bottom, nigger ass slaves that we are
Tfw rome fell

Yeah, I miss this. The internet simultaneously has become more social and more guarded. It's like a hollow echo of reality instead of a weird and odd place where people talk and meet.
no that would be the 90's
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>the internet will never be as good as it was in 9/11
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>mfw Wayback Internet Machine
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>tfw those who came before us have passed
>tfw we, too, will pass
Aye, but as Rome fell, there were many to fill that void. When we go down we'll take everyone with us.
at the very least, the porn scenario is better
it's hard now to imagine a time before porn aggregate sites
>You'll never see people fall for obvious troll bait such as Chad Warden ever again
>7 years
>Chad still trolling softly
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Watching The Screensavers after school was something I always looked forward to. I'm still mad at Comcast for killing TechTV.
>log onto MSN
>all your friends are online
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What was 4chan like on 9/11? Was there a stickied happening thread on /pol/? Did /b/ lose their shit and start constantly spamming Bin Laden Image Macros?
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You fucking kidding?
trolled passionately but softly
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>pol existing b4 9/11
yeh those were tha good times

now its just filled with racists and sjw's
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>4chan existing b4 9/11
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>The Internet will never be as bad as it was in 1995.
>knew about 4chan back in '05
>didn't lurk or post until '07
What did I miss during those 2 years?
The best is yet to come
I'm so lost. Did 4Chan not exist in 2011 or something.

Has my brain fog gotten that bad? Is 4Chan really that new?
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ur kidding me ritee
What the fuck? Was September 2011 some memetastic month or something?

I know 4Chan was around back then (I was there). I just wanted to make sure.
i feel this

in a very original way :(
Fk off m8
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The Internet will never be as good as it was when you had to join AOL, Compuserve or Prodigy to get on, and could only chat with those on your same service.

> muh first internetZ
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9/11 is Sept 11, 2001

4chan officially opened in 2003

I know this is bait, but I can't take it anymore.
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On the bright side 2011-now has been a great time for dank memes
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have a sad cum bb.jpg
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i fuck the original comment

i make it cum

i fuck the original comment with my serpent tongue
Web 2.0 ruined everything.
Why don't you visit me anymore?
blood line
>used to spend all day on forums, posting about videogames, tcgs, modifying nerf guns

>used to spend all day on newgrounds, playing flash games, listening to cool music, and discovering porn for the first time

>used to watch flash animations from stickdeath, albino black sheep, etc.

Normalfags killed the internet.
Why is the date format changed then? How are we supposed to know there's a specific year to attribute this mystical "9/11" to? In the future can I just throw around "1"19" and they'll know I'm referring to 2016?

Is it a dating or format rule? I'm genuinely curious, but given people's hostile reactions, it must be an elementary level mistake.
he's going all out.png
Am I being trolled?
I still decorate like it's the 90's and bought an old panasonic. Can't really let go.

It was after 9/11, whoever was behind that really intended the world fall slowly into social turmoil. Things started to show signs of slow death after 2006. Irredeemable by 2012.

Internet is now populated by normal people, with their ruthless hedonism and singleminded nature, the groupthink etc and an internet that caters to that as a business model, encouraging it at the same time, and now huge businesses exist to create fake hype and shit stirr politically.

All the internet used to be was hobby pages and personal experiments, and a ton of 90's kids fucking around on a frontier.

So many things are ruined. Games go by culture of efficiently picking them clean and then shitting all over them instead of creatively enjoying them. People just want to talk drama about people like they did in real life, over soap operas and shit.

People don't want to trade shady VHS tapes anymore with foreign movies on them, they just want to compile listings of which one is objectively the best or patrician.

And fucking memes. People are so devoid of personality now that you are actually able to fucking download one and just spout the same bullshit everywhere for easy social access, even though it means nothing, they make nothing original between them.

9/11 refers to the terrorist attack on the WTC in 2001. The 11 doesn't refer to the year, it refers to the date of the month. The 9 refers to the month itself, which is September.
anyone remember memes/video clips/etc. being propagated over email instead of social media?

I remember my dad would be emailed jokes and stuff from coworkers and he'd show them to me
Holy shit. Are you fucking kidding me.

9/11 means Sept. 11th 2001
genuinely stunned people are falling for this
Oh ok. So is it like a central holiday or something that the date is used as a reference to like...

>"The weather started getting cold around Christmas."


>"I'll probably take the boat out on the lake Labor day weekend."

So do people say stuff like "There are great Steam sales around 9/11." or are people just fascinated by some random morbid event.

I mean come on. If I had a nickel every time I've seen a video of some fucker getting his 'ead blown off I'd have a pretty hefty wallet. Should I make a holiday about that shit? Fuck no.
I've figured it out now, but still...why the dating?

People don't call Christmas 12/25. Why not just say, like New Jersey Terrorist attacks?

Do people refer to every fucking event throughout history as it's date? No. So what's the big deal.
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I have an autistic friend who picks fault with shit like this exactly how you have, because he's lacking vital parts of how people understand things.
That feel when

Fuck that shit was the rage back in middle school
>early 4chan
>newfags actually lurk
cracky chan, meximoot, cockmongler, the vagina the size of a hallway
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i got you senpai

>everything is a blur past 2007
>can barely recall anything good happening after 2007
>autistically can pull out facts about 2007 including things im not even interested in such as sport
>wasn't even that special, spent most of the year playing runescape
>you will never go back to habbo hotel with emo's from your classes
>you will never fish for lobsters in karamja with dozens of others
>you will never go on msn again and talk to actual teen grils
>you will never send people gifs of text over msn again
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>>you will never fish for lobsters in karamja with dozens of others
>>you will never go on msn again and talk to actual teen grils
>>you will never send people gifs of text over msn again

right there man
also, i used to send invites to some girl on webcam and she would just leave it on and talk to others, i came buckets
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Thread images: 29
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