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Have any robots gone clubbing?
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Have any robots gone clubbing?

Share your stories, /r9k/

I'll post mine if there's interest
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>be bedroom dj
>Decide to stream some of my mixes live
>Get a dozen or so viewers each time
>About 6 months after I started this get email from local promoter
>Want me to play music at local club. Could turn into residency
>I'm a socially awkward 4/10
I ultimately decided to do it. Was a living hell at first. More greentext if interested.
god this is putrid, disgusting to even think about.
Sure, I'm interested. Also, how does DJing at a club work? Do they supply everything? How do you know what gear they have? I don't understand the hardware/software stuff.
I have several times, but I don't have any stories. Made out with a couple of girls I guess, sometimes I'd get too drunk and not remember half the night the next day.
>20 year old studentfag
>Only been to a few on-campus parties, never actually been clubbing
>Buddy invites me clubbing for his birthday
>I get my girlfriend on board and discuss all the details
>Finally, the night comes. Around 10pm.
>I drive with gf to my friend's place near campus
>Go inside and see others there
>Predrink and chill until about 11
>My buddy chartered a party bus to bring us to and from the club
>We arrive at the club
>Mfw this fucking guy reserved a booth for us
>Set my coat down and grab a drink
>Dancing and drinking the night away
>Gf sits with the girls that went with us and I go for a smoke with the gents
>Talk to other people having cigarettes about life, school, all this shit
>Joke around a bunch
>Feels like everyone is my best friend
>Back inside, liquor really starts to hit me
>Summon all of my concentration to not die
>It's a stalemate
>Keep drinking water, gets better
>After a while, feet get sore and I sit down
>7/10 Asian girl getting really handsy and tries make out with me
>Gf sees her trying to straddle me and absolutely loses her shit
>Asian girl's friends reclaim her and apologize on her behalf
>Some of the girls from our group start puking and the bus arrives. It's like 2:30am so I really don't complain
>Looking for my coat, notice some paki fuck is trying to walk out with it
>Grab his shoulder
>"That's my coat!"
>Like I'm gonna let this currynigger steal my coat
>Pull on it and clench my fist in case shit goes down
>Buddy sees and intervenes
>The other guys show up
>Paki faggot lets go of it and leaves
>Gtfo club
>Cab to gf's
>Strip down, get in bed and fuck

You guys judged this shit too harshly, it was actually really fun!

>made out with few girls
>claims to be a robot

>Never made out with a girl

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Some clubs have gear in place, some only have sound so you bring your own turntables. The ones that do have gear in place have pretty industry standard stuff (usually pioneer CD players) which is easy to use and only requires you bring music on a flash drive, CD's or a laptop if they have the newer models.

>first event I agree to play is a 'new dj judging' type of gig where they hire a bunch of new djs to play short 30min time slots. Promoters and club staff decide who they like best - then they give first pick of jobs to the best djs.
>I show up looking out of place. VG tshirt, relaxed fitting jeans and dirty skater shoes with my unkempt forever alone hair.
>Almost walked out when I saw the other djs. They were all dressed nice, half of them had a small entourage of friends. Some weren't ugly
>Promoter was very intimidating. High charisma and the nicest clothes. People moved out of the way for him and everyone loved him. He was the guy who contacted me.
This dude is letting the robot soul get out of him
bumping for genuine interest and a laugh
Nice one man. Skills won out. How'd you learn and get started? It's something I think would channel my autismo pretty well.
keep going....I am interested

Made out with dozen, but doesn't claim that I'm robot
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I first started using pirated all in one software that lets you line up tracks. I have always been into dance music so making little mixes was just a fun way to pass time. I bought a cheap midi controller as my skills grew and sometime after that a friend suggest I stream.
After the audition gig I was offered some jobs and thats when I used my savings to buy higher level gear.

>First 6 months of on and off dj gigs were shit. But I forced myself to take every job I could for the socializing exp and to build my 'portfolio'
>Actually started to meet girls. Noticed that once I was confident and comfortable as a dj + having a few drinks talking with girls was easy. Most of them were typical obnoxious club girls so I wasn't really interested in hooking up.
>I've seen so many interesting things as a dj. I have always lived a pretty boring middle class life so for the first time I was exposed to drugs, girls nude in public, people getting in fights, staff drama, prostitutes, drunk girls high as fuck on molly begging to get fucked, etc.
>Despite all this I didn't do drugs or hook up with whores. I kept pretty quiet. I would always have a few drinks as it made me more social and not the autist I usually was. Couple of times I got really drunk but nothing bad.
Clubs are pretty bullshit, music is too loud and usually shit, most people are douchebags and largely uninteresting, girls are too drunk to be interesting, and they want you to buy them drinks.

It isn't even a good place to get laid because competition is so stiff. And besides I'm morally opposed to having sex with the girls that are too fucked up to function properly.

I usually end up smoking cigarettes and chatting with one person who doesn't really want to be there either.
That being said I used to host parties and take a cut from dealers. That was profitable.
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I guess I'm running out of crap to post mostly because I am a bad story teller.
I would be happy to answer any questions though. All the pictures I posted are OC from the last 3 years of me djing. It's my only hobby that made me money and leveled my charisma and I'm glad I ended up doing it.
Lately I am only doing it a couple of times a month at most. But thats because I only pick thegigs that I want to play at. I like more alternative clubs that play better music and have a small and outcast type of crowd. I also played at a large event in front of 3000+ people that was one of the best moments of my life.
cool bro..what region are you in?

I wish I could do what you do but each have their own paths. But your story and experience gives me some light.
What brand soft/hardware do you use, or rather what's industry standard? I'll plug it into YouTube and find some How To videos. Appreciate your stories m80.
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I'm in southeast US area.
Yeah I totally get that it isn't for everyone. I was so close to not doing it at all. But it surprised me how a hobby I thought nothing of at first gave me so many experiences.
File: IMG_1660.jpg (476 KB, 1224x1632) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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At home I use Pioneer mixer/players and Technic tables with serato software.
Industry standard is Pioneer CDJ 850s or better and usually a Pioneer DJM mixer or something similar.
Using Traktor software to practice is good if you want to try it and not have to buy hardware.
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Get invited to Yale screw date
Basically a rented out club for Yalies only
>Paris terrorist attack happens an hour before leaving
Take pictures and watch everyone else drink before leaving
>Their sudden realization that something is wrong
Feels like I'm getting ready for prom
>Thinking of all those people dying
As soon as we get inside it's like a PC wonderland
>Guys just like me having their blood spilled for no reason
Two guys dry-humping each other on a couch while swapping spit
>Pretending to be dead among the bodies
Chad dancing on tables with sloots
>Hoping they don't get hit
AWFUL dubstep remixes of Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Fergie
>Watching their friends/GF bleed out
They play the cha-cha slide again
>Why did this happen to them and not these undeserving, ivy-league scum?

I met the VA for Toph from Avatar on my way home from the club so overall a decent experience.
Yale is a shithole though
>go to club with friends
>manage to get in after some time in the line
>unbelievably crowded, hot, and muggy place
>so loud that you literally need to yell in your buddy's face for them to comprehend you
>decide that I need to loosen up
>sit by bar for the majority of the time
>have some drinks
>then some more drinks
>then some more drinks
>memory is a bit spotty but I remember wildly dancing with some bitch with my pants down and eventually projectile vomiting indiscriminately into the crowd
>get manhandled and pushed out by a bouncer
>wait for friends outside in a crying, drunken stupor
>get laughed at by some people, probably some pictures of me floating around

That's the last time they invited me clubbing
Would you do it again if they asked?
I don't think I like the atmosphere. It is far too dense and hot, and you can't really step outside for air until you've wrapped up. Really the only way I can see myself enjoying it again is if I get as drunk as I was that night and obviously that isn't too great of an idea in a space like that

This is every robot's experience ever. If you've never had this, then get out Normie scum. Re
>girls pinch my ass
>random girl buys me drinks
>random girl sends number
>random girl rubs her boobs on me
>random girl grinds on me
>random girls smile at me
>random girls flirt with me

just an average day tbqh fami
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What are you gonna do faggot? Reeee at me?
Can you post a mix of yours? I want to listen
get into the rave scene, it's mostly freaks and weirdos

>it helps if you do a bunch of drugs
>First week of University
>Go to concert/club thing with people in my flat because I've never clubbed before
>Stand in line for 2 1/2 hours because I don't have a wrist band
>Paid tenner to get in
>Music is pretty meh
>Lose everyone in first 5 minutes
>Stand and listen to band for ~20 minutes
>Everybody else dancing, don't know why
>Music kept me up all night even from my room
>0/10 do not see the appeal what so ever.
are there are lot of scene qt's there anon?

are they the same thing as edm concerts
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>I say why not, let's try new things
>We got there and he met with some friends of his I didn't know, he never told me about that
>All of them start ignoring me and they just hang out
>I hate being the guy nobody wants, so I just depart from the group
>Start walking around the place while listening to shitty normie music and checking girls
>Don't actually do anything because I don't know how fuck I should approach women, or how to dance and I'm alone
>Decide to grab the car after one hour or so of mindless walking around the club and drive home
>Friend is mad because I left without him and I guess he expected I ride
>Told him that he doesn't have the right to complain because he left me alone
>Now he's mad with me
Shitty experience that only normies would enjoy.
>bought some cheap tickets to a club on whim
>went alone
>ended up mainlining loudpuck (mainstream normie edm duo) with a crowd of like 100 people
>danced my ass off with some randoms
>girls would grab my ass til they see my face
>handed normie girls empty cups
>some girls started dancing on these poles beside the DJs
>threw empty cups at them
yeah fuck clubbing. everyone there is trying to get fucked, thats out of the picture for me so i just messed with them.
>are there are lot of scene qt's there anon?
yes, but than again there are qt's all over the place

>are they the same thing as edm concerts
depends on how you define your terms
>student at uni
>normie roommate invites me out to go clubbing
>get really drunk since it's the only way I can tolerate social scenes
>walk up to the dance floor and do a little autistic dance
>really cute girl is dancing right next to me
>she's pretty much grinding up against me
>I position myself so she's grinding up against my crotch like how the other couples were dancing
>she turns around and I instantly go for a kiss
>I start making out with her for a few minutes and then she starts pushing me away
>white knights rush to her rescue and start shoving me off the dance floor
>he boyfriend pushes through the crowd and starts whaling on me
>don't remember much after my head hit the floor
>wake up in my room
>look in the mirror
>have a black eye, two chipped teeth, and blood encrusted hair
Never again
File: 1449015124026.gif (1 MB, 245x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>threw empty cups at them
File: tbqhfam.jpg (81 KB, 960x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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uploading now
>depends on how you define your terms

dude i have no idea i was just thinking the outside concerts with the deep house music. I've never been to any of those things

I have average looks and my friends tell me im really good at shuffling, what r my chances wit a qt scene girl
i wanna play dub techno and soulful house. is there a place for me in clubs to make enough as a side gig? even when people say "i like deep house" theyre talking about edm.

>i was just thinking the outside concerts with the deep house music
i usually purposefully avoid the argument because it devolves into a no true scotsman kind of definitional argument

>what r my chances wit a qt scene girl
do you know how to use your big boy words to ask other people for what you want? (seriously /r9k/ 90% of you problem can be solved by using your big boy words)
the first thing you should do is find high quality versions of the songs you wanna play

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If you dance it will be very easy for you to make friends and meet girls. Dancer girls are the best and are usually very outgoing. I met my gf through some dancers I worked with.

Yeah. At least in my area you could find some gigs. A lot of clubs will open with a deep house set and go into something a little more upbeat around peak hours. There are some regular events with an older crowd that like old school techno and house as well.
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>Be me. Senior in HS.
>On exchange trip to Germany with class. We spend two nights in Berlin.
>Our first night there we go to the discotech.
>Can't drink at the venue, decide to pregame in our room.
>Get to club.
>Lots of beautiful German girls.
>Be skelly fag at the time.
>Dance and have a good time anyway.
>Awkwardly grind with one of the girls from our group.
>Stay for five hours, club eventually shuts down.
>German girl comes up to me and starts talking.
>Asks to take a selfie with an American.
>Be dumbass highschooler and make retarded faggot face on purpose for the lels.
>TFW when she saw it and her face immediately turned to disgust. She deletes it and walks away in utter confusion.

I have another discotech story from Germany if robots are interested.
File: 1406354792315.png (369 KB, 516x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>dance alone
>Girl comes up from behind me and dances on me
>first time in my entire life
>go to bar
>She's there. o fuc
>She's smiling at me and doing the 'rope pulling' gesture to get me to come over to her
>My friend is like 'FUCKING DO IT'
>I turn bright red and leave her hanging
>Never went to a club again me whole life

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yeah ok.jpg
133 KB, 779x627
literally the same when it comes to youtube
I'm to old to go clubbing.

Just another thing to add to the list of eternal regrets I suppose...
>friends drag me to dance club after strip club
>everyone having a good time, best friend and his girlfriend are chilling and i'm with them
>we all get excited about getting our other drunk friend to participate in "bioots and briefs" competition
>time comes and he goes out with five other guys
>five of them are shredded, including our buddy
>sixth guy is a fatty doing it ironically i guess
>one of the five is a black guy
>all the guys go around getting cheered on by horny drunk girls
>as much as i'd love to say i was pissed do to how appaled i was at the women but i was more jealous i wasn't swoll enough to illicit that reaction
>black guys turn
>noticed girl has been going nuts for this guy ever since he stepped on stage
>he goes around the room and she's waving him over the whole time
>he finally makes it to her side and she starts reaching out trying to rub his chest
>he backs up a little
she gets on her knees and points at her mouth while she sticks her tongue out
>probably very obviously fucking upset
>after that sit down and call it a night, refuse to feel like any girl is settling for someone like me when they just fawned over those chads

I don't like clubbing, anons. At least not until I get /fit/.
How old?

orignainaln comety
It's probably good that you got to witness that. Never forget what you saw.
I hate loud places. I also hate dance music.
Why would I go there?
File: IMG_2456.jpg (74 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 960x640

This was recorded at one of those tech house/deephouse events mentioned
I'm diggin it man. Thanks for uploading.
IDK if it counts as clubbing but I frequently attend EDM events and raves a couple local bars host. Usually I'd be frying on 200mg+ MDMA or a candyflip but recently it's just been a couple drinks to loosen up while still being lucid since non-alcohol drugs have been fucking with my mental health. Still a great time.

>crew consists of 6'4 bearded sri lankan guy, 5'2 curvy pixie girl, average height sweet-as-pie Ghanian dude, and myself. All of us are rather hippy. Sometimes a few other mutual friends will come along which just makes life even better
>always rocking ridiculous clothes like ugly cardigans and sweats tucked into mid-calf argyle socks, sometimes lennon glasses or wraparound goggles
>roll up ready to rumble around 11:30
>immediately get right up in front of the DJs and dance like a fool doing all kinds of stupid ridiculous things
>make our way to the back of the dance floor where the wallhuggers and anxious people who got dragged there by their friends like to be
>the whole squad breaks out in silly dance moves with tons of space to move around
>get the shy folks wiggling a bit
>occasionally meet other friends who came in different groups
>dance with them
>dance with randoms
>bar closes
>kitchen table party

Always a fun time. Never picked up any girls or had any sort of intimate contact with one at a rave, but that's never why I go. If you go with good friends and your sole intention is to dance and have a ridiculous time, you're guaranteed to not be disappointed as long as the music and venue is good.
File: ree.jpg (38 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 400x300
>some chick (S) desperately tries to get me to orbit her because she found out how much money i have
>as i get off work on new years eve, run into a group of her friends
>it's just 4 beta orbiters and 2 chicks
>they tell me they're all waiting to meet up with her and she wants me to come too
>grab a beer and sit there drinking while we wait
>after 3 minutes, decide fuck that
>head home after buying some more drinks
>sitting in my room drinking
>S calls me dozens of times
>finally answer
>she tells me to come back out and meet her in front of a convenience store
>i decide i dont want my family to see how lonely i am on new years eve, so I actually go
>sit there waiting
>she calls me and tells me she's inside of a club across the street
>look over
>tons of swole hyper chads and super normies walking in and out
>not going in there, fuck that
>she calls me multiple times, i dont answer
>spot 2 of her orbiters walking by
>they tell me they can't get in the club for some reason
>theyre both failed normies and seem really depressed and sad
>this is probably the first time they realized the truth
>They mention some empty bar nearby that they hear is nice
>we walk in
>almost completely naked bar sluts immediately approach me
>try start grabbing all on me and ask me to buy drinks
>this pathetic attempt at manipulation infuriates me
>they look all scared
>I tell them to fuck off
>i leave
>other 2 guys follow me
>go grab 3 bottles of cheap liquor from convenience store
>tell them we can just go to a park nearby instead
>we sit there but they both just look down
>they clearly expected something else in their heads for new years eve
>this is what i do every year
>S calls me a dozen more times
>one of the orbiters insist I answer
>I just hand him the phone
>they talk for a while
>he tells me she "Really wants to see me"
>I ask him why he thinks she would want to see me so bad
>he says "idk man, i think she really likes you"
>finally we decide to go
File: goldeneye.jpg (272 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, 21 at the time I think
>go to club in San Diego
>stand around
>eventually ask some qt asian girl to dance
>she grinds on me
>30 or so minutes in, ask for kiss
>y-you too

>another time about 23 or so, go to las vegas to stay at friends family
>go alone to a club for tiesto show
>stand around, talk to some guy from New Zealand
>approach some girls with some drunk guy I just met and ask a few questions and then run off

Im 25 now, I should probably just kill myself

A girl started grinding on me and I felt up her titties. That's about it, although

1) It was entirely random.
2) It lasted for about 20 minutes, half an hour.

Still a HKHHV.
how's san diego for manlets? I'm 5'8 will I be at least tolerable if not accepted?
File: 1452480212879.jpg (54 KB, 750x728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tracklist or nah..

idk, ive only been there a handful of times, i live in AZ now

From what I understand SD is hard in general for getting a GF because there are so many males (think Marines, navy, techfags and illegal alien border hopping men)

Not that it made a difference because I am so socially awkward I have trouble surviving anywhere as is.
File: 142125643634.jpg (31 KB, 250x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 250x251
>30 or so minutes in, ask for kiss

Lol, at least you had the balls to ask.
File: FZJzDKd.jpg (26 KB, 525x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 525x224
Thanks glad you like it.

gotchu fampai
File: disgusted normies.gif (2 MB, 384x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
disgusted normies.gif
2 MB, 384x216
>S calls again and talks to one of the orbiters
>he insists the club is completely empty, so we should go
>I don't believe this at all, but i'm drunk enough to humor them at this point
>we walk back towards town and head into the club
>immediately stick out like sore thumbs
>Tyrones, Chads, hot chicks, dancing to some loud ass rap music
>immediately start getting stares from people
>It's way too crowded to ever expect to find anyone in here
>we finally find S, sitting off to herself at a table with some manlet wanna be chad
>this guy is a new type of pathetic
>turned himself into a walking caricature in an attempt to conform
>in the ultimate irony, still clearly doesn't really fit in
>look out at the dance floor, see the other chicks she came with (who are much better looking) surrounded by dudes with huge smiles on their face
>none of us belong in this environment
>S immediately asks me for money, claiming i owe her due to a bet
>I just laugh
>I turn around and leave, getting more stares on the way out
>start exploring the city
>decide to climb into a construction site for these huge buildings
>thousands of rooms, i dont know how many floors, but these buildings are really tall
>listen to music while walking around and drinking
>find a tunnel that goes underground
>go down there
>It stretches on seemingly forever
>eventually its just pitch black
>keep walking
>finally head back to the surface right before midnight
>kill the rest of my bottle as fireworks go off in the distance
>spend the rest of the night drunkenly wandering around
Clubs are shit
>>almost completely naked bar sluts immediately approach me
>>try start grabbing all on me and ask me to buy drinks
>>this pathetic attempt at manipulation infuriates me

anon these girls just wanted your dick (of course this story is a work of fiction, but even still this is a major plot hole)
You've got Camp Pendleton 30 min north and the Naval yards of San Diego in the city proper. If you're looking for a well adjusted girl or even a proper lay you're going to have a rough time.

And don't puff up to Marines, we travel in packs and tend to pick fights just to jump somebody.
Grand Wizard
orignainaln comety


thank fuck I don't live anywhere near there now

too many militaryfags
>we travel in packs and tend to pick fights just to jump somebody.
aaand end up with a dishonourable discharge
It aint too old.

I think you're too old starting from 35.
No you fucking fool. This isn't a work of fiction, why the fuck would I lie about something so mediocre and uninteresting?

Bar sluts is what I call the girls who get hired by bars to manipulate horny dudes. They're very easy to see, because they're always fillipinas. They also are horrible at manipulation, and extremely transparent. We were the only people in their shitty bar, which is why they all immediately swarmed on us in an attempt to keep us there. They most definitely didn't want my dick, they wanted their paycheck. Grabbing up on dudes who walk in their bar is what their job is.
I used to go to clubs in my early 20's, I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself at one

What?..... Where do you live?
Grand Wizard my friend. I'm wizard+
Where I live is unimportant. But trust me when I say that its very normal here. In fact, the chick who was trying to pull me into orbit told me she got a job as a bar girl recently. I'd imagine this is probably pretty common universally
Lol more like an NJP if anyone throws you under the bus, which they won't

And what's the description going to be? An in shape white guy with a stupid hair cut? Yeah that really narrows it down, plus once you're on base you're basically in a different country, I've seen the fapped grunts at the San O gate turn away state police

>marinefag bragging on a Taiwanese trap forum

Why. I seriously hope the next president cuts the military budget so you welfare queens have to get a real job.
Oh well I tried...

le originelle extreme
>recognize this set
>literally opening for a guy named stacey

Why cant you say what city , state or country you are in? i am curious
I'm not bragging homie I'm just telling it how it is. And besides I'm out and letting you pay for my college so it's w/e
>3-4 brutes charging
>implying I'll not reach out for my gun

No matter the outcome, whether death of myself or others, the gunfire will bring enough attention.

Spoiled brats who are not even in the drinking age will run out luck eventually.
This is r9k man...
I'm in Asia, there is a military base nearby also, so there's a huge mix of Americans
Clubbing is for fucking normalfaggots. It is loud, bright, and degenerate.
>loud, bright, and degenerate
Are we talking about clubbing or anime?
File: 1303548698713.jpg (24 KB, 280x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hell yea fuck animefags
File: OP.png (2 MB, 1270x859) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1270x859

I'm not a degenerate tbqh senpai
File: 014.jpg (431 KB, 1087x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
431 KB, 1087x1600
>sister is getting married
>need to have a bachelorette party
>agree on staying overnight at a casino that has a few clubs & restaurants
>get the hotel rooms for free so everyone puts their money towards alcohol and dressing up
>since she's a hairdresser and obsessed with appearances she makes me wear a shitton of makeup, clubbing clothes and contacts, the works
>after dinner the group of us head into one of the clubs, the guy at the door does a doubletake after seeing my ID (looks like a genderbent Anton Chigurh, I'm ugly af)
>awkwardly stand around in the first club because it's filled with a bunch of old people sitting around and the music isn't club enough for the other girls, also the drinks were insanely overpriced
>move on to second club, have to pay to get inside and it's dark as shit with ridiculously loud music
>the girls manage to get a bunch of free drinks from guys that are there, have to yell to talk to each other when we're not in the bathroom
>dance with them for a little bit and try avoiding anyone that approaches our group, a few guys dance with the girls
>towards closing there's almost noone else there except for guys and they all look exactly the same (blue collar shirts, khaki shorts, sneakers and really short hair)
>sister and her friends get drunk as fuck and I have to guide them towards the shuttle bus area to get back to our hotel rooms
I feel like the term normie is thrown around here quite often without much meaning, but here i must express with great emphasis that you are a normie. This post is such normie core. It truly doesn't belong on r9k.
>Go in a club with some friends
>too many peoples that i don't know and too near to me
>start panicking
Where do you stream?
Hey man. I'm learning to become a DJ myself (and producing with Bitwig). Do you have any tips for me regarding the DJ culture? Maybe a good way of starting off? How to tailor my image?
>at friend's house for small New Years Eve party
>random skank is there
>who the fuck invites this crazy bitch?
>she convinces my friend's best friend to talk us all into going out
>we get to the club,order a shot of Jameson
>20 minutes later get my shot
>it's Fireball
>leave the club and wait in car
hit him up https://soundcloud.com/rick-maine (no im not self promoting its actually him)
Cyborg here, or at least i used to be.

>Around the time of my 18th birthday best friend insists we go clubbing, im no virgin at this point but i just had a breakup and i was ready to fucking kill someone i was so sad.

>Take 2 mdma pills, where the fuck am i.mpeg
>Cute blonde blue eyes girl that has been hanging around us lately.
>She was a fake gamer grill that liked the avengers and shit games you know the type but the penis works independent of the brain.
>Something happened
>Now dating her
>Club a few more times, where am i.mov every single time
>Life is good, have good friends, loving it, first time in my life that i feel alive.
>One of the friends becomes a paraplegic, spine collapsed.
>Mood changes, cant even think anymore
>Start staying home
>Girl breaks up with me
>Fair enough
>Pretend im not bothered by anything
>Delete facebook
>Cut off all ties with everyone i have ever known.
>Shit escalates
>Havent talked to another human being in around a year now.
There are a lot of things i left out because its too sad to type them, but basically clubbing ruined my life.

>20 minutes later get my shot
>it's Fireball
>leave the club and wait in car
fucking kek
Kek'd you're the embarassing friend that that always causes a public scene.
>21 years old
>Friend calls up phone
>"want to club some baby seals"
>so I say sure man
>I go and club baby seals
The end
Clubs around here are too crazy for me. I like bars but actual clubs are either super chaddy and full of rap or they're super latino.

When I've been dragged to clubs, I just end up smoking outside most of the time, or wandering around inside with friends, not having the nerve to talk to girls myself and watching my friends strike out with them.
>marines acting like pussies
No surprise there
Back in college a couple of people I knew forced me to go to a club. I literally walked out five minutes after I got in.
Only club I've been to was club penguin , get on my level famalamb

San Diego is a weird place. The Asian parts of town will have you not feeling left out as a short guy. I can't really help you in that department.
HOWEVER, if you are bored.... go to Club Sabbat if you want to see some crazy shit. It required that you are a creepy bastard there. Tons of short dudes. Lots of fetish stuff. Same with Ascension.

I saw this very, very small man get dominated by two GIANT fat women. They crushed his face into their tits and took turns literally suffocating them with their sweaty bodies.

I also cannot unsee what I have seen at after parties. If you like watching people more awkward than you can ever imagine yourself being try to hit on each other, go right ahead and give this shit show a shot.

If anything it can only make you feel better about yourself.
*suffocating him
I'm not into femdom though, so that isn't gonna do much for me.
>Lots of beautiful German girls
thats how i know you are lying
Yea I've been clubbing quite a few times I only go for the trance/psytrance DJs though.
I like to dance.
There's not much story to tell besides
>Go to club
>Enter before dj starts because I'm a concerthaulic
>Get a drink/maybe talk to someone if I see someone that I feel is approachable or someone approaches me and says hey
>Usually find molly, it's literally as easy as going up to random people that look cool and asking nicely.
>Music starts
>Feel the bass pull me towards the stage
>Start dancing
>It's over before you know it and it feels fucking amazing
If I had to give any advice it's to not worry about grinding on girls or anything. Get into the music.
If you're having a good time you will act more confident and will naturally dance with the qt's
>If you like watching people more awkward than you can ever imagine yourself being try to hit on each other, go right ahead and give this shit show a shot.

Are any of the girls hot, or at least not fat and kind of cute?
It's about half and half. Lots of pasties in the summer time too.
File: 1375882062264.gif (2 MB, 244x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 244x249
last time i went to clubbing.gif
Maybe I should check that kind of place out some time, I'm just kinda scared about being some normal-seeming dude and showing up.

I'm in LA, I'm sure we've got plenty of that kind of shit here too, but SD sounds nice because less chance of running into anybody I know.
>getting drunk and exploring a sewer.
>geniune madman
>tfw clubs in my country aren't degenerate enough to get laid in
File: Me in a disco.jpg (22 KB, 640x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Me in a disco.jpg
22 KB, 640x444
Many times this is pretty much what happens
Every time I go to a club I always get really self conscious because I don't have the slightest idea of how I'm meant to dance. I also tend to sober up really quickly when I'm in a club too. I want to keep trying though - they must be popular for a reason
Close your eyes and focus on the music, and move in a way that feels good. The only bad type of dancing is when the person is too self-conscious which makes it look really awkward. As long as you let go and move freely, it won't look too weird or awkward.
I don't like dancing and I don't like crowded places and i'm not social and i don't like extremley loud club music so why did I even go? Because some faggot told me when I was a kid "you don't know till you try it" and now i realize thats complete horse shit and means fuck all to anything.
I basically walked around the place, took a piss and this ghetto black guy went all out on me, helping me with shit, helping me wash my hands, gave me a peppermint.
Then I just left.

>it helps if you do a bunch of drugs

That's because, like bars and clubs, they are dismally boring and annoying if you aren't drunk or high.
loool what a shit club
>all those donk house tunes
>that lackluster selection
Anyone can make it in pardland, huh?
No, but I'm tripping on DXM right now and thinking about it. Music sounds good. Syrup making me feel queasy though.
That is the most bland sounding shit in the world.
You sound like good times to be around no joke.
I thought you were going to end with "never doing that again"

At what point did you have fun? I cant tell
I got locked in a toilet cubical with a broken lock on the inside, had to ask some dude on the other end to help me out.
So I was out at a dubstep night for the first time last weekend.
I can't actually remember anything but short 10 second fragments.
Shit was proper good, one time I was apparently dancing in front of the speakers while this was blasting.
>go to club with massive normie pleb friend
>all his massive normie pleb friends are there
>they are all bragging about how much they have drunk
I only drink alone in my room after waking up in a drunk tank covered in my own piss
>met the VA for Toph from Avatar on my way home
Whaaaat? Any more details?
File: 1445330220463.jpg (11 KB, 359x191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 359x191

>out getting drunk with normie 'friends'
>want to go home because isolated in group
>they want to go a club
>ok ill try it this one time
>get in, its loud, staceys and chads everywhere.
>panic, leave without saying goodbye to anyone
>mfw i said someone could crash at mine and left them hanging
>never enter a club again
Anyone who is older than 18 and doesn't have mommy and daddy paying their bills knows that light weights are the ones to envy.

They can have a great night for cheap.
It was bad for him to not introduce you anon
I've tried clubbing a few times but nothing good ever comes of it. I've never had any girls coming up to me or anything like that and always went home feeling like shit.

I've put it down to experience and moved on from trying to "have fun" in such a degenerate way.
>light weights are the ones to envy
Honestly, being a lightweight is quite difficult.
I've been throwing up lots lately, because I keep messing up
I sometimes let myself get dragged to a club by friends. What usually happens is that I drink too much beforehand (because anxiety etc.) and am completely fucked just as we're about to go there. Last Saturday I wasn't let in because the half-bottle of Vodka I drank apparently really kicked in as we were in line.
If I make it in I just spazz out like a retard in a circle with the people I went. No need to make contact with anyone else or care about how stupid you look. It's usually quite fun in retrospect but I'm too anxious to do it regularly.
My normie housemates dragged me their once
They pretty much forgot about me, and a gay guy keep flirting and groping me, he was pretty cool though, we talked about AI and computer science for a while
Is clubbing the way people meet and "hookup" these days? It just seems like a place where only the top 20% of guys get laid as all the sluts gravitate towards them.
Yeah man it was awful.
>got way too drunk beforehand
>lost my phone in the taxi
>think "fuck it, nothing I can do about it now"
>go inside the club
>get more drunk
>separate from my friend
>"dance" with some people
>get thrown out for being too "aggressive"

Never again.
This. Everyone else can manage a few drinks just fine but I can't even drink one pint without becoming shitfaced and having a hangover the next morning.
"clubbing" is kinda misleading.
There's three types of nights.
Clubnights, which is where you go for the music and dancing.
Nights where you go to hook up.
Student Piss-ups, where you go to get as drunk as possible.

Only the first are really worth going to, because they're fundamentally solitary affairs.

I know I can take three pints and be proper served until the end of the night, but once I get anything more everything will go downhill I will be completely fucked within half an hour.
Then there is the fourth type.
>being dragged along by cousins trying to "break you out of your shell"

They promise all three of your club nights but in the end I just ended up being the autist who sticks out like a sore thumb, my cusions quickly vanished into the crowd.
4th is a mixture of 2 and 3.

>They promise all three of your club nights but in the end I just ended up being the autist who sticks out like a sore thumb, my cusions quickly vanished into the crowd.
Look senpai.
Just dance.
I went clubbing once for a friend's birthday because she'd turned 18
It was my first time, not sure about everyone else in the group
The girls started dancing and I sat on some kind long bench/sofa thing on the wall which covered a whole side of the room
One of the girls left her purse and asked me to look after it so I put a hand on it and sat there
The music was way too loud and there we le flickering lights
At some point these slutty looking girls sat on my right and one of them tried talking to me by shouting in my ear, asking me what my name is and where I'm from
then she said I should come and try to dance
So I asked my friend to look after the purse, went to do the dancefloor and just copied their moves for a while but I was shit at it
eventually the girls got bored because I couldn't dance for shit and disappeared so I went back to the bench and waited until it was all over

then the girl in our friendgroup who I actually used to have a crush on said "I actually went out there and danced and no one approached me, I don't get it"
and it kinda funny because I had no interest in some random club sloots in the first place
anyway apparently you can b urself and make it in clubs if you're a degenerate who wants to get with random drunk women
He's a robot, he'll just creep people out even more trying to dance like the normalfags.
>dance like the normalfags
How to dance:
Step 1.
Listen to the music.
Step 2:
Move in a way that matches the music and feels right.
>be me
>be 18
>be in club drunk as hell, still maintain coolness(or i thought so)
>approach hot blondy, we dance like 30 minutes
>felt some chemistry, and lay a hand on her back(not ass or smth)
>she pissed af, calls his three pals.
>chads obviously.
>take me, beat the living shit out of me(all 3 participate in the cheerfull event)
>left me in fckin taxi
>went home somehow
>never club again. ever.
>"I actually went out there and danced and no one approached me, I don't get it"

Why can't these sluts just tell people what they are thinking instead of relying on the power of mind reading.
He won't have the necessary coordination skills to pull it off.
I'd like to believe that everyone is capable of nodding rhythmically when they hear a kick drum.

>having fun drinking and laughing with friends
>they want to go clubbing
>walk there in cold night
>extremely loud in club, can't hold a conversation with anyone
>shitty remixed pop music with thumping bass
>completely full of random people hopping around and shit
>pretend to bear with music while dancing around with -1 space at all times
>buy shitty $8 beer
>walking outside in cold is actually best part
>go home tired and bored at 3am

Hated it every time.
The most fun is spending time with friends not going out to do fuck all in a bar or club.
Nothing like coming out the club in the morning and watching the sun rise.

This guy knows, don't bother chasing women bruh they come to you if you play it right
But the sun starts rising around 3am here in the summer.
That's why you go during winter.
I don't want to be defrosted in 1000 years when some construction crew finds my body.
The trick to clubbing I think to find the right level of drunkenness. It is one of the worst experiences in the world if you are sober, and not a massively outgoing person. However if you get too drunk, well you know how that works out.

If you get it right it can be fun talking to people you otherwise wouldn't talk to but barely know as they are drunk too. Something amusing about it and you can sometimes get friends out of it.

You might get lucky and "pull" but I find that very difficult. Never go out looking to do this as you will only go home disappointed.

Lots of clubs are total shit as well - big queues and under staffed bars so you can often wait ages for a drink and sober up in that time. Toilets are usually really bad too.

Most of the time you are better off staying in the pub with you mates, or drinking at home by yourself.

Would recommend trying it a couple of times with the right people as lots of people like it, but it is really not for me.
fuck man im in the same spot. Just get out there and do it!

>tfw socially awkward and these days you need to be the promoter and DJ to even get a spot playing
>tfw fucking shitty managers expect you to bring 50 people in the door just to play a 1 hour set
have you actually tried to do a show for a club? i feel like you could fore-go the awkward thing if youre passionate about playing a set, then you just get shot down by a manager or some "better" promoter
honestly it depends on the club.

Lots of clubs if they are half decent will have pre installed gear for you to use, most likely CDJ's and a mixer.

Bringing your own gear is often frowned upon as it normally fucks with the setup in the club.
Honestly no i havn't tried but i see it everywhere i go.

I just cant get it around my head why some promoter would let someone like me play, I'd have to fake being their friend for months just to get a spot.
>pay some rip off entrance fee
>buy a drink that is marked up ten fold
>pretend to have a good time
>girls only want to dance with chad
>sit down for a bit
>try and talk to some people
>nobody wants anything to do with me
>go for a piss
>end up having to let a bunch of people through the door
>get the fuck out of there
I'm 25 and I've only been to one school ball. It was obligatory for everyone and I just sat on the side watching everyone dance for one hour then I left.

Otherwise I've literally never been at a party, bar or club, Never want to either because I have social anxiety and wants to be in calm and quit areas.
I've been to a club once and felt like an alien.
twice, both times during freshers week at uni

First time
>Go to a pub with random people from accomodation, had a group to hang with the first week, so we go to the club whilst I'm drunk as fuck.
>some 5/10 girl is interested in me, we take the bus back to her place, lost my virginity then.
>left and never contacted her because I don't know if I used a condom

>2nd time, decided to do weed and alcohol with my group, was quite fun whilst high but once the high was gone, I quickly sobered up
>realised how boring it was to dance in a club
>told my 'mates' i'm gonna go home, they stayed
>text/calls slowly dropped off from them, alone again
>in my 3rd year now, don't really have friends aside from people I talk to in my classes.
File: 1448962221675.jpg (57 KB, 480x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 480x478

nah that exploration at the end sounds super comfy

I literally go to clubs every weekend, never take drugs or buy drinks, I live in Paris and there is so much good clubs playing music I'm into. I'm literally going to the clubs for music, never touched a single girl ever, never was touched by a girl. I don't really care I try to have fun, I'll try to hit on chicks when I'll get tired of enjoying shit alone.

I'll probably get rejected tho so I need to learn to pretend to be high on MDMA
this sounds like fun desu
Fuck off normie scum we dont like N'wahs around here
File: 1422557295533.gif (277 KB, 240x287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277 KB, 240x287
I go clubbing every couple of weeks. My two favourite clubs are pretty relaxed on who they let in so it's usually where a lot of people who got rejected from the higher class places filled with assholes turn up.

I feel like a lot of people get the wrong idea about what clubs are like from movies and shit. I was shocked the first time I went to a club here and it had multiple levels playing rock, metal and punk music and the punk level had a little side bar that was playing 90s hip hop and rap.
Did you fuck jessie flower and make her to talk to you in tophs voice while you fucked?
>I get my girlfriend
Stopped reading there
>buy expensive drinks
>stand around chainsmoking
>navigate through huge crowd of people awkwardly

pretty much this. the only thing you can really do in the club is dance and i don't like dancing
I've never gone.
I always reject any invitation to go to one I even reject invitations to go to parties even the ones my friends organize
>bragging about dancing hard when you stick in a group
Tiny balls desu. I do that except I walk up there alone giving no shits.
>friend says he wants to do something unusual (we're robots) for his birthday and decides we should go clubbing
>wanted off that meme, but roll with it
>spend an hour outside waiting to get in
>made conversation with the bouncer while we waited
>we finally get inside
>place smells like sweat and its hot as shit
>can't understand or enjoy this dubstep club music shit
>friend and I get drinks
>he starts doing shot after shot
>gets so assblastedly drunk within the hour he wabbles over a group of girls
>started gyrating behind them
>they call him a creep, and a bouncer comes over
>gives him one warning to "chill"
>he than sat at the bar getting plastered some more
>few girls talked to me
>one shows me how to dance
>dancing girl and her friends start pressuring me to pop mollies
>decline, dad died from substance abuse so I can't fathom doing that shit
>check on friend, friend partially awake at this point
>drop him off at home
>was there for no more than four hours
>he wants to do it again for his next birthday

Will most definitely pass up. Clubbing is lame.
Get out!
I'm somewhat naive, but the girls were there primarily to make money from selling drugs, right?
It sucked
I didn't know anyone there so I just stood in a corner while sipping my whiskey. Then I left in half an hour. The bottom line is, if you don't know anyone, don't go.
At least you didn't pop the mollie. When you're drunk that shit can really fuck you up.
File: o[1].jpg (165 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 1000x750
This is a local bar. Do I just go in and sit in one of the chairs here? Will people talk to me? I don't really know how to do this.
That's not clubbing.
An integral part of a "club night" as the experts call it is the "club".
A bar is not a "club".
I know it's not a club. It's a similar venue though. It's related. That's why I'm asking here rather than making a new thread.

>"Any robots got clubbing?"

>Went to a tavern (literally) and got drunk because I dont have a drivers license to drag my ass to the capital (and my main intent is binge drinking).

>did it many times in the past, but never overnight, until 3am tops

>it kinda sucks and Im not an addicted drunkard so I quited.

Thinking of which, I could use a drink today to remember the old times.....
You made a thread about this before though didn't you?

Oh and clubs don't allow loners. You have to be with a girl. So that makes this whole thread bait.
cool blog post bro
How do i respond when a girl is grinding me i can dance ok but i dont know how to dance back to a girl thats grinding me :S
It's not similar at all.

Tell her to fuck off.
grab her by the cunt and whisper in her ear 'i have a boner'

Once, went to see mr traumatik, jayline and dj guv. Took way too much mdma and was completly fucked. Some chad pulled me to the bar by my collar, really took me to the ground and told me some shit i cant remember. Was dancing with this girl i didnt know who was a qt but then some more chads laughed at how i couldnt dance (off my nut), that made me super parranoid so i left :(

>go to dnb club
>get laughed at by chads
>mr traumatik, jayline and dj guv
>dancing with this girl
get out normie scum
How did you get MDMA senpai?
nice gorgon sound is great

Whats the matter anon? Why cant i share a real story of the one time i went to a club without being made fun off?

The music was sooooooo good


I know a few older people from the skatepark
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