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>tfw you'll never wake up in your...
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>tfw you'll never wake up in your cozy apartment in downtown New York
>tfw you'll never hop on the subway and grab a coffee by your favourite coffee shop on the corner
>tfw you'll never sit in a your office over looking the city
>tfw you'll never stop by grocery store on your street and talk to the owner who knows you by first name
>tfw you'll never make a nice supper for the girl who you met at a bar

Why even live anymore
>tfw you'll spend literally every waking moment worrying about money because you have none
>tfw you'll have to deal with insane, violent, and dangerous people on public transport
>tfw you'll never feel safe, ever, because everything and everyone is against you
>tfw obliterated by a terrorist attack in the blink of an eye

You can have those experiences living downtown in almost any major city, they're just a bit smaller geographically
>Wanting to live in the united states
I can't post the picture with the guy having a presentation about the thousands of different gender identities there are.

What even is up with the /r9k/ filter it keeps failing.
>tfw live in upstate ny
>the temptation to run away to the city and become street is real
>you'll never woken up your cramped midtown apartment by fucking sirens
>you'll never cram yourself onto a subway car loaded with normie baseball fans
>you'll never sit in an office with horrible lighting that gives you headaches
>you'll never stop by the muslim grocery store on your way home
>you'll never meet anyone worth it at a dive bar
Nothing beats Manhattan desu and the subway system is the best in the country
Is that you, Upstate? Another year has passed, meng, you need to do something.
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And then you'll actually have to interact DAILY with New Yorkers
>tfw you will never be a content wagecuck without anxiety over everything
>tfw you will never talk to store owners and get to know them
>tfw you will never have a picnic with your wife and children
>tfw you will never make tons of money from working on wallstreet
>tfw you will never go to crazy parties
>tfw you will never make your dad proud
>tfw you will never wear a nice suit and walk around in New York
>tfw you will never have a nice apartment with a nice view


Why not?

To be honest fann, I live in WNY and this is essentially how it is.

>That feel when indie music on radio
>That feel when very few macho tough guys in area
>That feel when 30's era apartment with hardwood floors
>That feel when two kittens running around

Too bad I'm paying for it all in student loans. I need to find a job.

Yes nothing beats Manhattan, but other places are great too, and you can live far more comfortably in slightly smaller cities
>not living in an Italian or Scandinavian neighborhood in Brooklyn and commuting to the city for work

fuck bro, i have this exact feel every day of my life

i want to fucking die knowing i will never have any of this
I do this but in downtown Toronto
fuck all first worlders
you can't be a robot unless you wake up in a corrupt shithole of a country with no chance of getting out

>tfw I literally did all of these things today, in this exact fucking order, except I met my gf at that cafe, not at some fucking bar
>tfw still want to step in front of a subway train every morning of my life
not missing anything, fampai.
s. a Robot who lives in Chelsea, sent from my cozy downtown apartment.

p.s. I pay 2,500 a month in rent for a studio.
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>tfw you will never marry that girl you have loved for so long
>tfw she loves an asshole
>tfw he cheats and she cries to you
>tfw she says she loves you more than anything
>tfw she says she isn't ready for a relationship after they break up
>tfw she says she wants to date you when she is over him
>tfw she says she doesn't think it will even work
>tfw she tells you its okay
>tfw she says she is sorry
>tfw she finds someone else
>tfw she forgets about you
Only option I see in my life is being an hero, first person ive felt attraction to actually, met her when I was in high-school about 5 years ago.

I pay 1200 for a 700 sq ft apartment in downtown Vancouver. I'm 2 blocks away from the beach and I see mountains all the time. TOP KEK.
>tfw you'll never pay $2500/mo for a studio apartment
>tfw stuck paying $900/mo for a 4 bedroom house in a middle class suburb
I have legal stuff to worry about before I can leave for like another month or 2 I've lowered my standards on cities though
>tfw this is literally my life

I just feel so lucky that sometimes I cry
Imma take advantage of this thread to ask if any robots wanna hang out in Brooklyn the weekend after next?
Living in Chelsea is the same as being in one of the most expensive locations in your city

>live in la
>900 for a studio
>always warm and sunny
>live next to a real beach
>tfw chilling in koreatown and grabbing some taiyaki
Good to hear. I was just thinking about this today, how life tests us and puts obstacles in our way just to see if we really want our goals badly enough.

Normies hate rainy days in New York, but I fucking love them.

There are no cozy apartments, no coffee, no subway experience, no offices, no grocery stores, and no girls.

But rainy New York is pretty nice.
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>tfw you live in brazil
Yeah there is you're in a shit neighborhood, a transplant, or just a faggot who should leave
you'd have to be really rich to live downtown. brooklyn or queens would be nicer imo but if you had to live in Manhattan somewhere uptown would be the cheapest.
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