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Another convo thread becuase last one was nice.Just friendly talk with other anons and post feels or advice anything goes.

>Be black
>Know people both black amd white people but they makes fun of me
>They say my voice is pasty or not black
>Can't fit in with either groups since they just make fun of me based on race
>Tfw white people say I look like I spend all day fapping to gay hentai
>Tfw blacks call you uncle tom

How can I change my voice easily or am I fucked?
Speak with your diaphragm OP. you'll get greater volume, resonance, and tonal depth. Use your authority voice
Can you explain how to talk with my diaphragm pls
Your diaphragm is situated near your solar plexus. Idk how to explain it really, but make your breath come from your gut, not your chest or throat. You'll feel it in your abdomen if you do it right.
I got called an uncle tom during accounting today...
Why did you get called a uncle tom? Was it just becuase you were accounting man I dont understand how ghetto blacks are unaware of how they act.
>>They say my voice is pasty or not black
Could you possibly make a vocaroo, I'm trying to imagine what they mean but I can't really
that's pretty fucked up man. there are plenty of well integrated oreos in the world, you shouldn't have to change something like your voice just to fit in.
hold your breath, try to push our air without exhaling. like, use the muscles you would use to exhale but don't exhale. you'll feel a tightening in your chest just beneath your sternum. you want to feel this tightening as you're speaking to talk with your diaphragm
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>Be me happy playing video games and school
>Gets depressed
>Lose motivation for living and video games
>Get over depression and tries to play video games but can't they became boring and school became shit
>Become edgelord because didnt like anything anymore
>Being an edgelord made me not want friends and spent my time alone
This is me right now, except I'm older. Nothing is fun, nothing is rewarding, nothing makes me happy anymore. The things I used to enjoy are meaningless. Alcohol is a bad coping mechanism.
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Idk what they mean either but imagine a really suburban black dude that says bro and dude a lot I guess.
I can feel it and it kinda works thx anon
Did you try searching for cool new hobbies

>inb4 normies out
Why? That's sort of bootstrapping logic.
>things don't make me happy
"Find something that makes you happy."

It's the same logic as "If you're poor, just get more money."
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Anybody got tips on eating healthy or skincare? Remember asking in last thread and got some good responses.
But this is different I mean you can't magically find something that makes you happy anon but finding other hobbies and getting out more will help you find some temporary joy.
Avoid refined sugar/soda like the plague. Seriously everything has added sugar in it. Recommended daily sugar intake is at most 28g or so. One soda is about 50% of that

I use these little chemically treated pads on my face when it feels greasy. Idk what they're called, just little rough wet wipes. In the shower I use a scrub. Seems to keep most of the breakouts at bay.
That's what my girl says and tries to get me to do. She puts up with my pathetic sadness.
Anybody know some good rappers? Anything but something similar to eyedea is what im looking for.
Exercise, avoid empty calories (soda, juice from concentrate, snack foods), and ear lots of leafy greens.

When I'd get hungry between meals, I ate dried roasted edamame. Lots of protein and fiber, low calories.

And I know you said eat healthy, but exercise goes hand in hand with proper diet to feel healthy.
Im getting /fit/ currently and eating healthy will help me in that journey. Not sure if I should check out /fit/ for tips?
You bet you should. Just remember you can't build muscle and lose weight at the same time, in meaningful amounts.
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I really like these images anyone got more?
aesop rock I think is similar. Earl Sweatshirt I don't like shit i don't go outside is introspective and good for robots though.
I'll check them out but any reccomendations for aesop rock his styles kinda hard to get into?
start with daylight ep, found that ok.
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Thread images: 6
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