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Anyone tried living a better life in the...
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Anyone tried living a better life in the Sims? How did it go? Did you fail getting a job and gf there too?
it's REALLY hard to fail in the sims..
Did you fail getting a job and gf there too?
No because I used cheat codes.
I actually prefer building shit instead of actually playing with my sims though, because I have autism.
>inb4 thread turns into torture chamber experiment galore
i hope it does
holy shit i thought Jack died in the end of titanic.
Actually no. I managed to be a millionaire without any cheats
I got turned into a gold statue. My witch wife couldn't turn me back. 10/10.

Tried to make the persona kids in it. Couldn't place them in houses correctly. Then my computer broke.
I like to play as a homeless guy. Make his home lot an empty piece of land then have him go around knocking on doors, mooching out of people's refridgerators and sleeping on their couches. Then when the husband in the family I'm mooching off of is out at work, I flirt with his wife and fuck her in their bed.
nope I got fat in sims was mean to everyone got my over burn because I fell asleep cooking.
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>play the sims
>live a bachelor life because its cheaper
>become rich eating full portions of food by myself in a big empty dining room
>can't progress career because i have no friends
Its just like real life
except im not rich
Terrible mood, diet, and sleep schedule got me a shitty dead-end job, no friends, and no gf. Just like in real life.
how long did you play before installing nude/sex mods?
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>tfw making a charismatic version of myself in order to trick normalfag sims into my torture chambers

if i build shit its funny shit like prisons and shit
>play the sims 3 with no cheats
>set up a sim who has a full life and a variety of activities
>progress the career
>before I know it my sim has gotten old and finally died
>feel like I barely had any time to do any of the things I really enjoy
I did cuck a couple of the neighborhood guys, though.
Life is too easy in the Sims. You can read a book for a few days and become permanently more intelligent.
this is also a great way to play the game

and dont forget gun mods

or invite a cuty's husband over, lock him in and burn him or starve him and then flirt with his greefing wife and fuck & marry her yourself

its a fun game
>install the newest Sims game
>spend hours fine tuning a self-insert Sim that looks like me
>spend another few hours crafting an ideal female version of myself and her dominant lesbian lover
>play around with them for a week or so
>repeat when the next game comes out
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>tfw as a kid i never understood why did you need friends to get promoted since i had maxed stats
>tfw assumed it was a game mechanic to force you to interact with other sims
>tfw now i realise it was the most realistic part of the game
Sims 4 is shit

Sims 3 is best sims but you need some patience to start the game cause it drags ass

But once its up and running its the most complete sims
>have a giant book of old victorian floor plans
>care a lot about recreating them
>actually trying to learn 3d modeling so I can model certain styles of arch, pillar, and window
You can toggle longevity in settings.
I've recently gained an interest in architecture and interior design. Where can I find info on it? I've tried looking up design blogs but it's mostly faggy shit.
I hate the Sims. All I would ever do is lift and masturbate to woohoo scenes.

I still hate having to interact with other Sims, even my virtual self is avoidant. At least you can keep the pesky "social" need fed using chatrooms. Before I discovered this he'd cry non-stop and refuse to do anything (VERY realistic I might add).
Don't you eat ambrosia or grind that sweet lifetime happiness until you get the immortality potion?

>not making an immortal, maxing every stat and then outliving everyone
>get married
>have kids
>watch wife die of old age
>watch children grow and get married
>get married again and have more children
>first gen children die of old age
>several generations pass
>entire neighbourhood has been repopulated by completely different people
>retreat into your home
>build robots in your basement
>live with robot companions
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next time i try the sims again i might try a Chad genocide run
>cuck guys
>marry their wives
>kill them
>before death produce one baby Chad
>repeat until everyone gets cucked by Chad lineage
sounds fun someone should make a thread about it
What I use is a collection of Palliser Brothers publications, with plates on structures, some interior design, and architectural detail.
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>create an ugly fat guy
>has all the worst personality traits
>never leaves the house
>never cleans his house
>income from writing fan-fiction online
>only talks to people on the internet
>still complains about being lonely
>tfw legacy player
>on my 6th generation
>turn the middle child into a stacy
>have her date a guy who i made wear a fedora and 7 other sims including one i named chad
>make her have babies with chad, move in with and marry fedora guy
>tfw making one of the kids a chad and the other a robot
>going to kill of the chad jr soon
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>be black bull
>fuck all qts in the neighbourhood
>they get pregnant
>see one of them with her husband and my black baby
I learned the basics of socializing from the Sims. Who knew that you need to keep socializing with contacts to keep the relation rating up. And who knew that you needed to make friends to get better jobs, I thought it was all about merits.
I'm playing Sims 1 and going for 100 Days, I'm currently on day 40 something.
Yes, I use cheats. I'll stop tho
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