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>"C'mon anon, get in the group...
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>"C'mon anon, get in the group chat!"
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>tfw voicechats just scare you and you haven't talked with anyone for 2 years
I raided WoW on a server best guild back in the day and i managed to weasel my way out of talking over voice chat.
I guess i was lucky i played a less important class.
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>meet a really nice person on /r9k/
>they offer to talk to me
>invite me to a Skype call
>there's like 8 people in it
>they're all having a good time
>when I join everyone goes "Hey anon! Hey!"
I thought we were going to talk one on one.
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>steam group chats
>skype group chats

god they're all fucking terrifying. I'm nervous to use mic because I sound like a 15 year old nerdy white boy but I'm actually a black kang
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Holy fuck, people are constantly telling me to get kikebook just so they can be mean to me on there as well as irl

they actually said they were going to make a fake account for me and just post loads or random shit

i fucking hate normies
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>"We're gonna lose because anon won't use his mic!
>implying the Jews don't control hollywood
>having skype open twice with different accounts
>Can handle group chats and calls just fine but don't like them
>lose friends/can't become good friends with anyone because I dont want to act dumb with them in a voice call
>become used to being alone
>can't even succeed 1 on 1 IMing anymore because I've lost social skills and stopped wanting/needing others
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>too shy to make friends in real life
>turn to the internet
>too shy to make friends on the internet too
me desu

doesnt really feelbad though.
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cat terror.jpg
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>yo senpai give me your skype so we can chat
>expecting just text chat
>mfw incoming call
I've muted my mic for about 4hrs one time, was almost like listening to a podcast.
>someone talks in dota
>they're extremely passive aggressive or extremely negative every single time
>instantly mute them

lmfao why even talk if you're just gonna try to tilt your own team members and make yourself lose

when will they learn
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this shit is the worst

>"cmon anon get a facebook"
>try not to sperg out about having my personal data sold to companies or having pictures of me used for facial recognition software
>lie and say ill make one later
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That always gives me a heartattack tbqh
>tfw try to add "robots" from here every now and then
>tfw they want to voice chat
>tfw they're all normalfags
>mute mic
>pick up
>pretend to be talking
>when they say something message them, "is my mic not working?"
>play off that you can't get your mic to work

works every time (^:
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>have a facebook with a fake name and pictures of a guy who kinda looks like me for my online friends and dont put my real name or picture anywhere online

thought I was being autistic when I started doing this years ago but now with all the people who lose their fucking jobs over something they said on their real life facebook I feel like a cyberpunk rebel badass, fuck the system cuz
The only way I climbed to 5k was by playing babysitter and making sure my team doesn't tilt. Your teammates are actually worse for your mmr than the enemy.
this and people being mean to me are the reasons i don't want facebook
I ended up quitting Dota, it was too stressful and I wasn't having fun anymore.
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cat scared.jpg
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>when the mute button on your mic doesnt fully work and just muffles it so people can still hear your end a little bit
I don't have much fun with vidya anymore, I just use it to burn time in between r9k and anime.
fuck off, i'm trying to decay.
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>can't leave voice chats comfortably because you overthink about saying goodbye
i hope i'm not the only one
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>hey anon, you should get curse so we can talk when we play
>invites me to call
>5 other people in the call
>they're all really good friends and I'm that weird guy on the outside
>having things to talk about in voice calls
if I can't link images and threads via voice, I have nothing to say
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>anon invites me to his ts to make friends
>they probably know each other already really well
>don't want to destroy the group balance and feel like an outsider
>tfw doing secret santa on other boards and anons send more than a thank-you email because they want to be friends
>send one message back and never check inbox again
>"Hey anon, why don't you say something for once!"
>uh like what?
"I don't know!"
well gee thanks.
>group chats
>skype calls

When did redditnormies invade my board?
This shit is annoying and nobody is willing to actually make friends with you in those groups.
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>no friends
>anon from /r9k/ offers to keep me company
>proceed to have the most awkward unsatisfying conversation for 15 minutes before I profusely apologize and remove him and put my head in my hands
i just want to be normal.
Is speaking all it takes to be normal?
who else /asocial/ here? feels good man
As someone on the other end with an established small online friend group who has had randoms come through, don't even worry about it man. They probably just want to play games and don't expect you to be the cool new awesome socialite member to the party. Just be friendly and communicate shit from the game
No one cares mane, no pressure
"Alright im gonna go now, bye" and leave instantly
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getting invited to skype calls?????? people wanting to talk to you??? what??
it's so they can bully you
People on /r9k/ offer to talk to me a lot. I guess I'm a pitiful character.
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>Everyone is just showing each other tumblr memes and you are hanging in the back saying nothing
>"Anon why are you so upset?"

Never again
He already posted here, that they usually talk about whatever, watch stuff together etc., just playing games would be okay, but all this other stuff seems to be extremely overwhelming. He also said that everyone besides him is somewhat of a normalfag, which makes it even scarier
>>they're all really good friends and I'm that weird guy on the outside
This hit me hard
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Moe, if you're still out there we still miss you, please come back soon
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>Having Skype friends from anywhere other than Russia
Their conversation conventions really are based, and the differences between cultures always keep conversation interesting, instead of small talk.

>I haven't spoken to a person on this continent in months
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2 MB, 400x250
I have this too but it extends to guilds/free companies in MMOs. There is already a group dynamic and I feel like I just cant become "one of them"

I dont know if it's me or they just suck at integrating others.
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>play XIV
>always feel like an outsider in active FCs/LS
>Hey anon, are you afk?
>No, sorry I'm just really quiet
>Don't be a ghost anon, MMOs are for playing with other people
It makes me hate myself even more

>someone says they're a robot
>they have like 8-14 friends and go out to do fun things on a weekly basis
>their most recent Twitter post is a picture of them playing an Escape Room game

I have 6 IRL friends, but I rarely see them, as I am at University, where I have zero friends, and haven't left my dorm for any reason other than food and class since I have gotten to Uni (excluding going home). Do I count? 19, khv, never had relationship.
Can you elaborate on what their conversation style is like?
Usually long monologues which either respond to each other or show an antithesis. The monologues are of varying seriousness and humorousness. For example, if they are making fun of Ukrainians or Western Tolerance (some funny shit there, I think they have a news company that solely exists to find ridiculous things going on about tolerance in the West, because they usually know about things like that guy who said he was a 6 year old girl way before me, and are already making pictures making fun of it), it will be riddled with pretend self-pity of their "barbaric" views, juxtaposed with the absurdity of liberal ideas. If it is a serious topic, like history, then it can come across almost like a two-sided lecture.

you're only allowed to say that when you're single
>not muting other players

I'm a simple man, I come online to play games not come up with dumb strategies with other sperg lords.
Wow, we amerifats can barely put together more than 2 sentences without being interrupted with either a counter argument or just the other guy raising their voice to refute or drown out the argument.
Seriously, I know I wouldn't have the patience to wait until the other guy's finished to tell him "why you're wrong" or the memory to make up a counterargument to a specific point by the time he's finished.
Yeah, our Skype call includes a couple other Americans, and I can tell the Russians get very agitated when someone tries to refute their point before they've even made their point.
Dude, we don't care how you sound, and as long as you're not an annoying ass hole, you're probably welcome to talk with everybody. Just take your time and work your way up to it. I'm sure as you get to know everybody they'll be a lot happier to finally get to speak with you. And if your voice is really that bad they might make some jokes about it, but it goes away. Especially if you're all involved with something while you speak.
You have had like 3 boyfriends in the past year. Fuck off Stacy.
played dota and couldn't understand their gibberish
I figured they played on every server might as well try to understand what they say.
I learned to appreciate their character
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Thread images: 24
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