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This board is a horrible board full of stupid people (well, mainly underaged, angsty posters) and I've found the only plausible explanation as to why I visit here to be that I find your cynical defeatism and underaged angst to be interesting to read sometimes, I guess. Dunno really.

I'm 6'1, not handsome but above average looking, /fit/ (really it's not hard at all if you stopped your pseudointellectual rationalising of how aspiring to become /fit/ is bad), white and socially able. I simply don't fit in here, and the truth is, you guys are simply worsening yourselves by basking in this little echo chamber of self-hatred and misogyny. The way you describe females is the way how radical feminists describe males, and you make fun of them too; the self-awareness you lack, jesus christ

As much as I despise all the values and people of this board, I can't help but feel sympathy and pity for you guys. There are some people who genuinely need help; most of you don't need serious help, you can fix yourselves up, but for those with serious psychological problems - here is not the place to amend them, it will only add in salt. I suggest all of you leave, too

Pic related is a place I went with my gf to this may, you can go there with your gf too one day, attaining such a social and economic position requires only a little bit of effort for anyone who isn't completely retarded

Bye /r9k/
I'm the same as you, l just like to shitpost. It's your fault for taking this board too seriously
See you tomorrow anyways
Probably half of the posters here are not actually sperging autists, but trolls pretending to be. You never know who is serious.
Let me tell you senpai
There are not many girls on r9k, the femanon feels or whatever are rping trolls (it's fun because robots get really insecure for no reason when they hear the word femanon), most of the greentext stories are fake and the "NEETs" are just worthless lardasses living with their parents. This board is 90% bait, get used to it cause it'll probably never change
And nothing of value was lost.

>original comment desu
> thinking moving to a new town solves your problems
> thinking getting fit is worthwhile
> thinking having a gf is worth it (and that it will last instead of causing pain and more problems)

top kek m8, also, the reason you're on r9k, like everyone, is because you're a robot. you can come to accept this part of yourself or keep struggling. makes no difference really
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>mfw OP is me
>hurrr be yourself

Fuck off Chad you are not welcome here
Likewise OP, but atleast im not enough of a faggot to make a post about it.

>I went here
>posts stock photo


This entire website is bait
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I live in a country where 300$/month is a good salary and after working 160h/month you have not enough money to buy food and pay bills it is normal.

I was trying to get fit, I did not have money so I was just wasting my time doing only push ups, chin ups and other light training in home.

Finally I had access to gym, after 3 weeks of general training I added squats and dl to my routine. After watching several movies, tips and advices I was sure that I have proper form, after 2 weeks I knew it was wrong, I have fuck up my back it turned out that when I was low I had slighty rounded back.

There are people that lift with shitty form for ages. Yes I managed to take a ticket to snap city with a fucking 30kg of weight.

I should listen to /sp/ and stay away from weighted exercises

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>$300/mo is good. Make $160/mo
>has time to lift
>has internet, ensure proper form
>throws out back with 65lb.
>mfw deadlift 405 all lower back

youre a fucking liar.
I said it wrong way.

People are happy if they even find a job.
160h/month is 40h week is 8h/day

You have to work 160h/month to earn 300$.

300$ is considereg good because most people can not find job anyway.

We have prices like in west EU

fuck off and learn to read
There is a girl who seems interested in me but my terrible body odor stops me from ever getting a gf
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>says it wrong

Why arent you working to get food?
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