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Describe your ideal gf robots
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Describe your ideal gf robots

>close to my age
>huge fan of horror
>likes paranormal shit
>watches anime from time to time
>wears glasses
>is edgy to some extent
>has the same taste in music as me
>browse 4chan together
>is an introvert

I actually have a gf but i don't think perfection is good.Let's give it a try though.
>does not demand expensive shit
>anime watcher
>dark sense of humor
>no glasses
>actually supportive
>not a bitch
>no artificial fingernails etc.
>at least 6/10

I can only dream.
This shit just can't be found anywhere.

We're damned.
> Around my age
> White
>5/10 or above (essentially, every second white girl my age)
>Very politically knowledgeable but doesn't align with any side; recognises that reaching a moral conclusion without knowing any of the finer points is simply stupid
>Rationalist, not as in /r/atheism but as in understanding that emotions exist and knowing how to intelligently express them
>Open minded, very passionately talkative and willing to talk about everything and danything
>Likes 'classical' music, especially romantic era Russian composers and we would listen to their symphonies and concertos together lying on the floor
> Doesn't dress like a slut

do such girls exist

>babe 6.9/10+
>Maximum self harm
>Hates the same people as me
>psychedelic engagement.

21 KV

A hot passable tgirl who is introverted, not a bitch, and not slutty outside the bedroom. And who knows how to cook, is financially and mostly emotionally independent.

In other words, one that doesn't exist.
>tfw you had an edgy intelligent gf
>tfw you treat her like she so she leaves
>tfw now all the broads you get are dumb
Why live
5/10, sounds like you want to date a 90s emo schoolgirl
4/10, if you take away the 'at least 6/10' part maybe you'll have a shot
7/10 t b h but sounds like these girls would be in prestigious universities
3/10 you guys would have a shit time festering in your hate
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>loves me unconditionally
>will never leave me
>stockholm syndrome
>preferable 5 inches shorter than me
>has reasonable sized penis for a girl
>no more than 150lbs
>thick jet black hair
>perfect teeth
>b cup tits
>can pilot aircraft sufficiently

Pick one you disgusting trap-enabler
Paints? This ain't 1850, it's 2016! Shit.
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>is totally into different types of music
>somewhat of an extrovert
>forces me to concerts
>watches oldschool anime
>huge into /lit/ and obscure manga
>builds stuff like gunpla
>likes to play retro rpgs all day long while cuddling together
>likes fightan
>loves to sing together
>more qt than "hot"
>short hair
>likes to show much physical affection
>is maybe a feminine guy
>the current year
>not asserting yourself an ultimate dominant by abusing mentally ill faggots
OP here

Not really,i'd just like a humble introvert cute girl.I fucking HATE whores.
Stormfag (Shit turns me on like no other)
Cute as fuck, im talking 6/10 in here
Likes same music and games and movies as me.
I want girl that is serious about a hobby honestly wouldn't even mind if it was stamp collection. Shame most girls just watch youtube videos and Netflix
as always

>long straight black hair
>pale as fuck
>not a midget (not the meme midget >1.75 m just not kids size)
>glasses optional
>and obviously not black/sandnigger

>have sense of honour or decency

>perfect: plays piano/violin/sings
>acceptable: enjoys classical/jazz or at least good rock
>reads a lot
>nerd interest like anime/vidya/chess

way too out of my league, but a man can dream.

what the fuck are you a hologram? imagine having babe to paint 12 foot canvases with you on stormy nights in your run down studio loft.
>enjoys books
>not fat
>long hair
>atleast 5ft 6
>actually kind and warm
>atleast 105 iq
>5/10 looks or more
>not saggy or fat etc. yet
ITT exact moreorless same type of unrealistic girl who even in theory would make a bad girlfriend lmao
>close to my age
>casual anime watcher
>wants to be more extroverted but still introverted
>wants to pc game with me
>around same height or slightly shorter
>good teeth
>not a bitch
>emotionally stable
File: mvF8pjN.gif (354 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>likes to play retro rpgs all day long while cuddling together
Maximum comfy anon
I think you meant 14
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>close to my age
>looks like my waifu to an extent, and cosplays as her on a regular basis
>slight weeb like me
>games together with me and isn't a "gamer gurl"
>5'9" because I don't want to be taller than her by over a foot
>loyal and won't cuck me
>likes offensive humor
>hates feminism and never gets butthurt
>pregnancy fetish like me
>motherly nature and desire to be a mother
Waifu is pic related
File: Shaharizzad.png (302 KB, 456x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
302 KB, 456x300
>Was born with a vagina
>Doesn't lie on purpose
It's all a dream
File: 1452797298828.gif (1 MB, 540x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 540x250
>likes to read
>plays violin, piano, etc
>likes to clean and cook
>sweet and loving
>medium-length red hair
>blue eyes
This is how i've always pictured my dream girl. It'll always be just dream, won't it?
>10/10 face, big tits and ass
>smells like lavender
>soft, girly voice
>can into irony
>browses 4chan
a reasonable list.....kind of what i'm after
>likes to suck dick
>lets me be 90% of time
>not a golddigger
>hates the things I do
>loves me ;_;
>smells like lavender
A girl's smell is important.
It makes them much more attractive desu senpai.
And also is a good Christian.
Forgot that
>MFW I know a girl Exactly like that minus the glasses thing and is the current reason
as to why I am depressed.
My age
Slightly shorter
All smiles
Idealistic and a little naieve
Well manared
Not afraid of confrontation

I've actually known a few girls like this. They all turned me down. And they all seemed like they liked me too. I'll never figure women out.
>make a suicide pact together
>buy matching shotguns with hearts on them
>blow our brains out together while climaxing
You said ideal so...

A hot outgoing tomboyish girl who likes me for no reason.
> slightly older, by less than 5 years
> works in science or technology
> well versed in the liberal arts (history, philosophy, art)
> good taste in at least two: music, film, shows, literature
> not clingy and comfortable not seeing each other frequently
> not obese
File: 1452943766716.png (49 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 300x300
I don't even need to climax with her senpai, just dying with someone else is enough.
sounds like you just want a fuck buddy, onii chan

Eh, more companionship than fuckbuddy. Don't really care for a traditional "i luv u 5ever" relationship. She should be able to do whatever she wants, as should I. We just live together and share similar ideals.
Mid to late 20s, bisexual submissive bsdm enthusiast who will run our household and recruit servants/sex slaves while I churned out artwork and manage the empire. She should be short,small breasted,and waiflike,comfortable with herself,adaptable to situation and entertainment. We should be able to enjoy media,conversation and our newest pet together with equal satisfaction. Wise,willful but with a streak of uncertainty that will make her always to crave my attentions, approval and cum.
All I want is a 5/10 grill who likes anime, weed, and PC games. Probably being too specific so if they just like anime that's fine.
File: 1431404680960.png (785 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>music/movie/anime/game tastes overlap so that while we like the same stuff, there's also a lot to share with each other
>forces me to start reading books
>is the bread winner
>understands my anxiety and fear and will let me be a house husband



Well I could talk about the walking dead I guess.

So the inability to hold a conversation outside of talking about a shallow show because you don't know how to talk about anything else is normie?
Being able to talk about something in depth with another person is autism?

> the walking dead

I knew this place was normie-infested. And there's only one way to get rid of roaches.

Fucking twin peaks?
>is a boy
>bright green eyes
>long dark hair
>builds PCs
>is really sweet and affectionate
>plays league of legends with me

Too bad I'm not pretty enough to have a bf
just a gf that loves me.. i think thats enough and more than anything else i will ever have
>East asian or half white/half east asian (note: Whean talking about 'east asians' i mean 'civilized asians' so Japanese, Koreans, Coastal Chinese and Taiwanese)
>either skinny or slightly chubby
>long, thick hair she takes care of
>not caked in make up
>did/does good studies (at least master degree level) that lead to a well-paid job
>interested in history, culture and humanities
>loves the outdoors
>loves travelling (by travelling i mean actual travelling and cultural tourism, not going to the Bahamas to get roasted under the sun)
>>loves being comfy
>good cook
>non-feminist, conservative person who approves of traditionnal family values
>does not smoke or do drugs
>not a weaboo

>enjoys black metal, dark ambient and french naturalism
File: image.jpg (705 KB, 3021x1593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
705 KB, 3021x1593
>classic anime buff
>music lover of all genres except new country music.
>loves movies like I do
>loves old manga and comics
>can play co op games with me
>loves absinthe and Benadryl

Knows deep inside this doesn't exist in my world EVER.
>most importantly is honest
>likes dank memes and shitposting
>likes to watch animu or TV series or read comics or books, basically: can get into a fictional story a lot and likes talking about it or making up theories etc.
>isn't edgy or special snowflake-ish
>not anti-meat, anti-smoking, anti-drinking and that kind of dumb shit, not important whether she eats meat or smokes or drinks herself or not as long as she wouldn't get butthurt others do it
And for looks
>has golden brown, blonde or red hair, bonus if in a bun/ponytail/something like that
>BMI under 20
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Thread images: 14
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