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Soul-crushing Dreams
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>Be me
>18 yrs old
>Never even had a girl like me
>As long as I can remember girls have only ever made fun of me
>Always wanted acceptance but never got it
>Always unrequited feelings
>Before I know it I'm no longer 12 years old
>Where did the time go


>Get drunk and go to sleep
>See qt3.14 in dream
>Start talking to her
>She's really sweet and nice
>Things are going great
>I feel happy for the first time in years
>We kiss
>Think to myself-"I finally have a girl that likes me"
>Stop feeling suicidey
>Feel very strong connection with this girl
>Out of nowhere wake up
>No friends
>No qt3.14 gf
>No money
>Nothing to live for
>Just Arma 2 DayZ and other vidya

So Robots, are these dreams a blessing or a curse? On one hand, its an incredible feeling and ultimately feels very real. On the other hand however, there is a crushing contrast when you awake and realize youre just your lame miserable self and it was all a facade

Also post related dream stories
I don't know

I haven't had a girl-related dream in years it seems. I've completely given up

Anyone else?
I had one a few weeks ago.
We were walking along a cliffside in the sunset. Her hair dancing in the wind. I could feel her hand in mine, and the air brushing against my skin. I told her how beautiful she looked as the serenade of sunshine came through. I looked into her eyes completely oblivious to anything. I felt at peace, adoration and for once the feeling of being loved. I swear to god it felt so real. I kissed her and it felt so right. We watched the waves roll toward us admiring eachother's presence.
I just remember looking out and seeing the amazing sight my brain whipped up for me and my alarm clock went off.

It ruined my whole day.
These are the leading cause of suicidal thoughts for me.

I can handle monotony pretty fucking well. I often don't realize how shitty my situation is until later so the present moment tends not to bug me unless I have something to compare it to.

So I'll be going along, living a life of quiet monotony when all of a sudden I will have a fucking amazing dream like yours. Love, a meaningful life, someone to connect with and share my time with. A rush of emotions so unbelievably pleasant I didn't think they were possible without drugs. But it's better than drugs. It feels genuine and deserved, not like I'm wired, or high.

And then I wake up. To a white ceiling, tangled sheets and blankets. My eyes feel heavy. I don't know where I am or what's happening. I'm legitimately confused for a minute or two. I pick up my phone, check the time, see the date, and the reality comes rushing back in.

Not only do I return to my sorry original state, I now hate myself even more for living like this. I'm crashing from a high to a place much lower than I was before.

So I either put it out of my mind and ignore my feelings, or I dwell on it and spiral deeper and deeper into depression.
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OP here. Idk about you guys but to me I've noticed that in these dreams the girl always reacts positively to my advances. As opposed to real life where I'll just be rejected, she accepts it. And that's such an incredible feeling. Sometimes I really wish I could simply dream forever, never have to face reality again. Just in my own perfect world, with that perfect girl forever.

Also pic related. Holy shit where did the time go. I remember when I was younger I would think "not everyone at age 12 has kissed a girl/had a girlfriend, its normal, it'll happen one day". Well now I'm 18 no longer in school and it honestly seems as if that day will never come
just an hero
I tend to have dreams about my semi oneitis and girls I internet stalk, like Mirukawa. Dreams about my semi oneitis involve me back in Highschool and have an awesome time with her. So many things could have gone differently if I could go back. I also have dreams about highschool in general and dream about how I could have changed things.

I have dreams about Miru because I have built up this idealized version where she is a virgin and really sweet. Plus l, she very attractive and meets my subjective tastes very well. The reality is I know nothing about her.


I wake up like him. Honestly I see myself committing suicide if I don't get my virgin qt despite the fact I am doing well financially and hobbywise. Hopefully there is a Heaven.
I'm fucking 25 and nothing has changed. It got hilariously more difficult when I hit 23. I always had my eye on 21 because that's when I could get into bars but it turns out those places are death traps for robots.

Don't be like me OP. Force a change. Go to therapy, take some pills, embarrass yourself again and again and agin until something works.
OP Im the exact same everything, except I probably talked to less girls. The other night I had a dream in which I saw a girl that I glanced at in a store. We were dating or whatever and I felt perfectly content.

And then I woke up to my sad depressing life
Have you gone to therapy/taken pills? Any insight into what it's like? I've been living the past year in emotional agony and I'm considering it. Either that or suicide.
Have you ever tried?

Like to improve your life?
My life isn't the best but I started working out and I have like five friends now, only because I think I look better than I used to and that makes me more approachable cause I smile more.

Life isn't an anime where things and cute girls come to you, don't expect things to happen immediately.

In high school I hung out in the bathroom for three years, nothing more pathetic than that but doesn't mean life will suck forever, just put effort into improving your life.

I want a girlfriend so fucking bad.

Honesty the dream of gf has kept me alive through the past few years. I'm miserable sure but I think there's a chance of good in the future and that's worth sticking it out for me.

I was only extremely miserable as a teenager and young adult anyway. My misery has mellowed out into a simple ennui. Meh.

I know I'm good looking at least and I'm tall so I know I have potential for gf sometime. It's only a matter of time.
I used to have those dreams often. Such an awful feeling after you wake up. But also feel fortunate that you even got to experience that for a moment.

I eventually turned my life around somehow, at 25 years old. I wont unload a bunch of inspirational bullshit because I barely know how i did it, probably a good amount of luck. But im in a relationsip going on 4 years now with a cute girl, and she likes me and accepts me even tho im often a fuck up.

i can say though, i was analyzing myself really hard and really putting myself out there. the thing that made it all click was the thought, everyone is of the exact same value, no matter what they do or what they look like. i was caught up in thinking about what makes a person valuable, looking good and being cool and smart etc... eventually i was like fuck it, im as valuable as everyone else and not more valuable than anyone. so then i focused on trying to treat people that way, strangers that i had to interact with. and eventually, girls i talked to. theyre not better than me, and if they arent interested it doesnt say anything about our respective value as human beings.

then i was on ok cupid, messaging lots of girls and trying to stand out by reading their profiles and striking up conversations about things we both liked. i didnt do anything special, just tried to stay humble and calm and honest. then i went on some dates, which some went ok and some went bad and some went really well. thats how i eventually met my gf
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Man, not sure what it is but my dreams are fucking retarded 12 year old shit all the time

>big ass comet is gonna hit earth
>whoze gonna safe da earf?
>I'm the hero
>its me
>teleport into space to intercept the meteor
>my incredibly genuine and heartfelt dance skills destroy the meteor
>somehow this kills me
>everyone will always remember Anon
>he was sick and fucking danced a meteor to death

Every single time I go to sleep.

have I just secretly been a fucking child my entire life, and my brain is letting me down easy?
/dream topic/ here
last night i had another one, with chicks and stuff
>be sleeping
>be in room
>qt girl sitting on bed
>try to speak
>wake up
>feel like shit for being an autist even in dreams
Dude that's a fuckin sick dream. Who cares about girls when you saved the earth with your sick moves? Thanks for saving my life bro
My dreams get crazy as hell to the point that it puts Salvador Dali to shame.
>Arma 2 DayZ
kill yourself
Yup same here, everytime i got a real girl in my bed i couldn't get it up, i guess it's related.
>Hopefully there is a Heaven

I hope not, i want life to end for good when i'm dead.
>"18" yrs old
fuck off while you can
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