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>that feel when random weird chest pains
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>that feel when random weird chest pains

I'm not sure I'm gonna make it, robots.
anxiety maybe
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czech em.png
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are you overweight?

like if someone was stabbing your heart?

this is a shit feel.

enjoy the ride. reading helps.
yeah, and im not even fat

although doing some gym helped me
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Me too. Its been happening on and off for years.

So, either it's perfectly harmless or I have some deadly disease that will kill me someday.

I've given up on trying to figure it out. I've gone to doctors several times and they can't find anything wrong with me. It never stops being kinda frightening though.
Reporting in

It's on the right side and feels pretty clearly like muscle pain, though, so I doubt it's anything severe, but it sure has been on and off for a week now. I'm eating chocolate to make it better, will report results.
i have this ever since i was a kid, GP passed it off as vit D deficiency, took vit D tabs, still have no idea what it is

fuck typing properly its almost fucking 5am
People get minor heart attacks all the time.

Especially if they have anxiety or weight issues.
If they can't find anything wrong with you physically, it's more likely to be something anxiety related, it's not rare to get chest pains from anxiety
i had a heart attack 4 years ago and never got medical attention for it. you'll be fine
occasionally my shoulder shoots with some kind of nerve pain like I've been electrocuted.
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Reporting back, OP, try chocolate, the pain's still there but I have chocolate

"PCS manifests itself as a very intense, sharp pain, typically at the left side of the chest, generally in the cartilage between the bones of the sternum and rib cage, which is worse when taking breaths. Oftentimes the symptoms are described as a "bubble in the chest" sometimes associated with the feeling of a "bubble popping" or cracking sensation which usually resolves the pain. Patients often think that they are having a heart attack which causes them to panic."

Sounds like it could be this?
The sweet embrace of death is taking you OP.
You're finally free.
You won't be a hated suicide case that ruins your loved ones lives, you'll be a freak tragedy they can rally around and grow stronger because of.
Have faith.
same here
its been happening on and off
there was a night when i couldn't even sleep because of it
i hope nothing serious like the appendicitis

Probably a panic attack bruh
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>have left side pain occasionally
>used to get palpitations/bubbling all the time on left side but not anymore
>now have bubbling in right chest every couple of months
>can actually feel bubbling under my skin if I press my fingers on my back where my ribs are
What causes this feeling in my right side? I fucking freak out whenever it happens.
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Thank you for this

original comment sjdksias
its most likely this, I have had the same thing since I was a kid

Happens maybe 1-3 times a year now
Most chest pains are just gas
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>last summer
>small lump on left testicle
>panic and think i have cancer
>plan to make doctors appointment the next morning
>wake up
>lump is gone

doctor said he didn't notice anything unusual
young people don't have heart attacks. it's surely harmless musculoskeletal strains OP
>get weird lump in mouth
>go to dentist
>"hmm, dunno what this is. but it looks like your wisdom teeth need to come out."
>walk out when she leaves the room
>don't go back
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>know dad has heart problems
>tfw left side of chest aches with pressure after ~hour of even mild labor

used to think it was just something that came up from the heat stress and 12 hour work shifts, but goddammit it came up when I was rinsing the dishes for the washer the other day
>inheriting the faults of your parents
Both my parents have awful backs and literally anything mildly stressing those muscles makes my back hurt for hours, not days. Shoveling snow will prevent me from bending over for days.

Thanks mom and dad.
You'll be fine. It is almost certainly costochondritis. Just to be safe, have an echo cardiogram and stress test done. Your doctor might have to get after your insurance company to get it done, but they should approve it eventually. Since it's an inflammatory condition, aspirin should be particularly effective in alleviating your symptoms.

Basically, you were right to do so. Many dentists want to refer you to a surgeon with whom they have an agreement. The removal of wisdom teeth is only necessary if they are infected or impacted, which most reputable dentists will tell you.
i guess it is possible. i still feel like it was a heart attack since it was the most excruciating pain of my life.
it happened one night in college after smoking weed with a roommate at one of his friends house. it was probably only the 3 or 4 time i had ever smoked so i didn't really know what i was doing and i got pretty fucked up. as my roommate was driving us back my heart began to beat rapidly. it felt like it was just curving towards infinity and then a stabbing feelings in my chest began. it felt like what i imagine a chef's knife just being thrust into your chest repeatedly would feel like. at that moment i was really just hoping for a quick death. there was also like a warm kind of flowing feeling kind of centered around that area of my chest but radiating out. the rest of my body was cold and numb. after the immediate shock of it adrenaline kicked in and the stabbing feeling dulled a little and i started trying to figure out what was happening. my roommate saw me acting strange and asked if everything was alright. i managed to mutter something about being fine and that it was just the weed because i didn't want to go to the hospital. we got home and i was still having stabbing pain. we started watching a movie or something. i don't know why. i guess i just wanted to avoid it and pretend like nothing happened. it was too much though and i went to my own room after just a couple minutes. i stared at myself in the mirror wondering if i was going to die that night, trying to decide if i should go to the hospital or not. i decided not to.
i was so afraid to fall asleep.
Happens to me.
The first night is always the worst, it's kinda like heartburn but hurts a lot more. Sometimes I can feel the aftermath for about a week after the first initial pain. Ever since then I've
been getting short, sharp pains in my chest on the left side. Kinda worried.
That's me. I get less pains than I used to though at least.
I get weird spasms, random muscles just seize up, probably alcohol induced brain damage.
Who /palpitations/ here?
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That's where it feels like your heart stops and skips a beat, right? If so, that's me
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heart burn learn to chew you stupid fat fuck
>feel pain randomly in my chest
>not sure if it is real pain or just me imagining I'm in pain
File: 1436409024347.jpg (30 KB, 597x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>this will one day probably kill me if i'm still forever alone
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>tfw red urine
>that feel when type 1 diabetes
>eat junk and don't regulate glucose levels
>really bad cramps and pains in feet

See you space robots.
>dull pain under my right boob
It's probably nothing serious
I can't even imagine what's it like to not be able to go to the doctor due to financial reasons.

I fI want to go for a check up I just go to my local doctor and have it checked up. Meanwhile americans are dying bcause they can't afford a simple, medical check up.
>playan vidya or just watchin tv
>heart stops for half a second
>pulses SUPER hard
>pulses fast for about 10 seconds

Hurts like a motherfucker.
This happens to me whenever i lie down. Doesn't hurt but it's uncomfortable
Holy shit I'm so glad that I'm not the only one
I think it hurts for me because it's a very strong pulse and it's essentially "pulling" the heart muscles. Only hurts for a few minutes but I feel like I'm going to die during it
It happens to my cousin too and we're both pretty fit.
unless hes taking drugs.
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just remember to be yourself
everything is gong to be daijobu
>wake up with a boil on my arm
>its kinda tiny
>I have only a heater next to my bed
>no fucking idea what could have caused it

Im paranoid as fuck
This picture simultaneously fills me with cringe, a little humor, and soulcrushing despair.
I just saw this thread and thought that it's been a while since I've had those. 20 minutes later I'm walking in the kitchen and get it so bad I had to stop and sit down on the floor.

I've had this shit since I was a teenager and the frequency's only been decreasing with age. OP jinxed me.
It's been like this for past 1 and a half year anon. Thanks
Mom has high blood pressure since she was 17, I have too since 20. T-thanks mom
One time I was taking a piss, and I farted. The dart felt strange so I checked and saw a large amount of red mucus around my ass and in my underwear. Shit was fucking scary.
That's definitely a severe panic attack. It used to happen to me after smoking weed on and off for a while, but the chest pain wasn't as severe

I quit smoking when it became a 50/50 chance that I would either have a great time while high or have a panic attack and feel like I was dying. The worst part is now I have some amount of anxiety all the time that was never there before I ever smoked. Marijuanas: not even once
>Been walking for an hour every day with my dog for years
>Diet is balanced, not gained weight in that time, lost a bit if anything
>Recently heart starts aching and left arm gets numb
>Have to stop for a while or it gets worse

I'm 21 years old.
go for a walk, you've been sitting too long

i have em also not overweight or old

... i think i know why i have mine
Drink more water. The huge majority cases of chest pain in young males is due to dehydration.

>tfw have a hard bump in my left tit and it occasionally hurts
Should I be worried? I tried searching for a male breast cancer check up but came out with shit.
My chest makes a dull click noise sometimes when I move my arms a certain way. Also if I spin my torso in a circle while holding my hips steady, a weird wheezing noise forces its way out of my breathing hole
That click noise comes from ribs.
Wow in america people will suffer impacted wisdom teeth because they cant afford it? In canada I had mine done at 17 just walks in gets em done and walks home no credit card swipe or nothin hah yeah you did. Felt really weird after the freezing, like he had pliers and was just givin er on them pliers and the pressure I felt in my braincase was like nothing I font or sont in the past here or beyond yeah. After dat I walkin home on da wooded path and my mout was still frozen and I was drolling and bleeding was building up in the hole. Oh boy was I worried grizzly was gonna sneak up and make a meal outta me
So its a normal thing? How can they click together like a cricket flapping theres a finger gap between them
Probably because you were covered by your parents or possibly schools Healthcare.

I'm also Canadian and had to pay a cool 2k for my wisdom teeth removal. Insurance covered 60% but I was still out a cool 800 bucks.
It's not the bones clicking together. It's the air that's rushing into the micro pockets of vacuum you create as your bones shift.
fucking fuck i hate getting old
23 and its all downhill from here
Oh i see what are you a skeleton scientist?

Oh jeez 800 bones out of pocket? Im glad I didnt pay nothing
>Oh i see what are you a skeleton scientist?
It's kinda common sense if you read enough about random shit.
>tfw my memory isn't reliable, I can't remember faces or names properly (once I haven't seen someone for a day or two, all I can remember is their hair) and I find myself spacing out and having trouble thinking or problem solving more and more.
It's actually pretty nice. I'll never feel bad about "not making it" because I'm not going to remember what "it" is in a couple of years.
Couple that with the increasing depersonalisation and terror/anxiety over being outside and I'm going to be home free. No more sweating and shaking when I'm outside alone, I'll just be a content simpleton trapped in my own home.
I wish I could die but dying is scary and complacency/self-loathing in depression is easier than suicide.
To anyone having chest pain and your doctors can't figure out what's wrong with you please listen to me for I think I may have the solution or rather the diagnosis you need to get treatment.

Last November I had to go to the ER because I was having back pain, sensations all over my face plus nausea, ER docs said it wasn't my heart, cardiologist confirmed that. They all said it was stemming from my anxiety.

Well even after the incident I was getting weird feelings all over my body and recently developing chest pain.

At one point the chest pain got so bad it radiated to my left shoulder.

I went to the doctor, only for him to say it wasn't my heart, however he was concerned I had chest and shoulder pain plus back ache/pain.

He fired up the x Ray and it turns out I have mild adult scoliosis of 5 degrees. The chest pain and weird feelings I was having was being caused by that. Since my body was literally out of balance it was affecting my digestion system.

He told me to hang from bars and go swimming.

Well it's been 3 days since the initial diagnosis. I'm under observation and trying to figure out from family members whether this runs in the family. I've been hanging from bars and in general fixing my posture. And the chest pain , feelings, nausea is gone .

Have your spine xrayed, especially if you sit at your desk slouching or leaning forward al the time. I've been doing that kinda a thing for years. Maybe that's what's causing mine.

Maybe that's what is fucking you up op. Yes stress can make it worse. If you can op, find a bar or a ledge you can safely hang from. Do it as often as you can. If that improves your pain I would suggest getting your spine x rayed. Do you have back aches as well?
Not related to physical health but:
>Suicidal urges and depression at an all-time peak but force myself to go to the emergency room and see if there's any way I can get help.
>First doctor who sees me is a busted up old slag who opens with "My shift ends in 15 minutes so I'm going to make this a very quick visit."
>She leaves 5 minutes later and tells me to wait in the room.
>Left alone in an empty room with a closed door with cables/high beams affixed to ceilings/strong sheets/unlocked window over a high drop onto gravel.
>For four hours.
>Fuck that shit I'm going home.
>Five minutes after I leave they start ringing telling me to come back because they've managed to find a doctor.
>Tell them they're useless and I'm going home to play video games.
>Get calls the next day saying the police are looking for me and I've been reported as a missing person by the hospital.
>I was playing video games at home for four days and they still didn't know where I was.

>Go to a different hospital on the fourth day.
>They keep me there overnight and then bounce me back and forth between three different hospitals before I end up being shunted into the original hospital I went to.
>The police still had me listed as a missing person even though I was back at that same hospital.
>Indian cunt psych gets pissy with me and stormed out of the room because I was asking her to tell me my name so I knew that she at least read my file (I was already extremely distrustful of doctors by this point and wanted some form of reassurance they wanted to help).
>Got locked out in the yard at night because I was reading out at the table and they didn't see me, then they couldn't find me for forty minutes even though I was standing right in front of the door and waving at the security camera that was fixed on me.
After a day of being in the psych ward, I just ended up lying and saying I was all better so I could get out. Now I have absolutely no trust in the health care system and self-medicate with video games and drinking plenty of water.
It doesn't make me not want to die every day but at least I'm well hydrated and my piss doesn't smell.
i have that too

>tfw take adhd meds, otherwise I would totally fail school and disappoint my parents
>depressed, intense mood swings, stressed all day
>have a horrible diet, can't cook, little motivation to learn, dad always brings me burger king or mcdonalds while I'm asleep in between shuffling for work, and since there's nothing else to eat, I eat fast food nearly every day
>still look skinnier each day, arms are noodles
>never exercise
>one of my highschool teacher's words echo through my head everyday
"First generation susceptible to heart disease in their 20s. Think about it."
>closest friends have similarly horrible diets and take larger doses of amphetamines
>they smoke cigarettes and get heavy chest pains
>they don't even care

heart disease is such a fucking burden
>tfw bits of teeth falling out
>tfw anus hurts every time I take a shit
>tfw constant cramps in stomach
>tfw migraines all day long
Who /gaveup/ here?
See you on the other side, bots
>tfw I've been sucking in my gut for nearly ten years now.
No one must ever know.
Have notice your pec deformed? Is your nipple changing shape? Is the bump near your nipple like less than inch?

Have it checked out, that's a red flag of male breast cancer.

On the other hand it could be a harmless benign cyst.

Still have it checked out,
>Have notice your pec deformed? Is your nipple changing shape?
Nope and nope.

>Is the bump near your nipple like less than inch?
The bump is about 3,5 to 4 cm away from the nipple.

On the other hand it could be a harmless benign cyst.
It probably is.
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>3 years ago
>enough is enough
>try to get fit
>lose 18kg
>still a long way to go
>start getting a pain that goes from the chest to the neck when i'm doing cardio
>stop exercizing
>gained all back in the last 3 years
There's just no winning.
Depends on how severe they are. Could just be temporary. I had something similar occur a few months back, pretty sure it was just anxiety.
>one week ago about 15 mins before I leave for work
>get autistic urge to run through my empty house
>just as I begin my dash I accidentally bash my hand into the door frame
>the bone has a small lump and there is a bit of pain when I touch it or others grab my hand
>I think that I might have broke it

Just fuck my shit all the way up fampi because I will probably lose my job and there is no way that I will get another what with me being me

Congratulations, you've got pools of blood in your stomach.
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>everytime I wake up my vision goes blurry, my body feels fuzzy, and then I can't see anything for a few seconds
When I wake up am usually totally deaf in one ear. Shit really sucks when I can't hear my FUCKING ALARM
He can solve it by being provocative and organized.
come on anon, us robots have no agency.
Me too anon, me too. At least I'm not alone.
it could be gas. it feels sharp
aliens man
I have a harder time being provocative than being organized, but they're both important.
>thin and healthy
>chest pain one day
>oh shit
>having trouble breathing
>call 911
>fucking panicking because I think I'm dying
>ambulance arrives and I'm not dead yet
>all they do is ask me if I'm on drugs
>tell them over and over I'm not
>they are absolutely convinced I'm ODing on something
>they tell me how much it'll cost if I go to the hospital in an ambulance
>tell them I'll get my roommate (which I don't have) to drive me there instead
>decide to just stay home and die
anyway turns out I didn't die
I heard it's from sitting in a chair all day. If you don't move, your blood gets stagnant, which then clots, causing heard problems. It can even happen to completely healthy people and can kill you. So move your legs I guess.
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>had a heart attack many years ago
>never told anyone about it

>flashback to when I was very overweight
>lying on couch after a big dinner out at a mexican resturaunt
>chest starts to hurt, my arms get numb and my breathing becomes extremely difficult, like I jumped and landed on my back
>what fuck kind of heartburn is this? this definitely isn't indigestion
>silently realize that I'm having a heart attack
>use what strength I have to get up and walk over to the door but for some reason stop
>turn around and lie back down on the sofa
>pass out
>wake up

>fast forward to today where I am constantly praying for another one, and this time for it to take me
r u still fat?

Blood doesn't clot like that you utter fucking retard. How do you think people don't die from sleeping?
>r u still fat?
Overweight. You can't really tell with my shirt on.
>sedentary lifestyle
>eating habits still bad
>perpetually worried I'm going to become diabetic
>too much anxiety to go jogging anytime other than at night
>winter time = hardly any exercise at all

send help
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>be thin
>doing something that isn't really relevant what soever, might not even be intensive
>extreme chest pain on left side that actually stops me from moving
>goes away after maybe 10-20 seconds

this happens once every couple of months yet its enough to remember each time
Feel it, is it irregularly shaped? Does it feel hard or squishy?

99% of the time it's a harmless cyst (typically hard and regular in shape, but not always), a lot of young men develop them during puberty but they usually disappear by your mid 20s'. You have to have a pretty high body fat % or getting exposed to a LOT of estrogen in the environment (like enough to kill your dick) to be at any significant risk of breast cancer as a male.
File: 1431382450610.gif (1 MB, 265x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's actually better to exercise in the cold. Your body burns extra calories, trying to keep you warm. Look it up.
File: lets have a look.png (1 MB, 568x1564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lets have a look.png
1 MB, 568x1564

Chest pain can be anything from too much stomach acid to a pinch nerve. In young people its extremely rare to be caused by an actual life threatening myocardial infraction or heart attack.

Go to your doctor. You probably have GERD but you might as well get an Echocardiogram to rule out any valve problems.

The moment you mention "chest pain" you will get a full work up no matter what. Doctors are afraid of the combination of word "chest" and "pain."
Try and stop giving a fuck.

Running is actually relaxing as fuck for spergs. Especially if you have some semi secluded nature near you.

I go in-doors swimming during the winter but that requires mastering the "not giving a fuck" part.

Probably spider bite but have your doctor look at it to make sure its not something more serious m8.
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>NEET for 4 years
>spend ~12 hours a day in front of PC
>constantly thinking about how i'm going to end up as diabetic or get a DVT
How do I stop my airways from closing on me from the cold air? I went out running last year during the winter and almost passed out. Like literally cant breathe and vision going black.

wear something that covers your mouth and filters the air a little.
File: 1453038341859.png (230 KB, 800x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>have regular palpitations my whole life
>lifting weights one day
>get palpitations mid rep
>this causes my heart rate to suddenly spike to absurd levels
>heart beat is so strong that it's uncomfortable
>wait it out until I get another palpitation like beat
>heart suddenly goes back to normal
I get that shit too sometimes. My mother has problems with heartbeat rhythm in that occasionally her heart will skip a beat (arrhythmia?). I get something similar and when it happens my heartbeat becomes very rapid and it feels as if the beats aren't whole. As if they're only 80% of what they should be or something. Because my heart keeps doing these half beats rapidly until it finally recovers its rhythm and calms the fuck down.

It hasn't happened recently but I'm sure it's something I'm gonna have to live with my whole life.

They're not related to physical activity. I get them absolutely randomly. In fact I can't remember any specific time it occurred during any exercises.
Oh yeah and while it happens, while my heat does these broken beats, the bloodflow decreases I think because I'll start feeling dizzy. I think my heart muscles just 'glich' and until they unglich themselves during these rapid beats they're as good as not doing anything.

To be exacty a more accurate way to describe these 'beats' would be "violent vibrations" because they're really fucking fast and really don't feel like beats.
Holy shit, this is it. I was actually scared to look it up. I went to a cardiologist and they didn't find anything. It feels exactly like a little bubble, a painful little bubble. I've gotten to the point where as soon as I feel it I take a deep breath and it goes away quickly.
I had this thing.

The worst thing about it is that it won't hurt if you don't breathe deeply. But whenever it hits you suddenly get this urge to breathe as deeply as you can...

Fun times.
File: 1400352660190.jpg (118 KB, 544x517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>cant fall asleep last night for no appearant reason
>lay in bed from 1am to 4am
>wake up at 6am with the worst pain i have ever experienced in my head
>nothing like headache, the best way to describe is like someone squeezing your balls or your eyeballs very very hard
>but he was squeezing my brain
>pretty sure my brain is swelling
>probably brain cancer, i couldnt fall asleep earlier, pretty sure its brain cancer
>get up at 7:30 and its gone
I cant really judge because i dont know the pain you feel during that but if I wake from a semi-long nap I get a splitting headache and my ears are ringing. Supposedly thats normal because the length of the nap was too long to be an official sleep so the body handles it poorly.
Yeah I have bad chest and back pain. Also left arm pain and chest numbness. I have had it checked out a bunch and it seems to just be anxiety. Still sucks tho. Drinking is the only thing that seems to make it go away
maybe you will end up like Hisao and get to fuck a cripple girl

good luck
Have this really annoying sore appearing on my lip. Today I feel another one emerging. I avoid people during winter for the sole reason of remaining intact from infections yet this happens.
Just end it all, it is meaningless anyway.
Fuckin thanks man you solved a mystery
That would be a handy ability.
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