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Who here is tall (6 Feet or higher) and how...
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Who here is tall (6 Feet or higher) and how has it affected your life? Got any greentext stories you want to share?
i can shoulder manlets out of lines at the grocery store but that's really about it.

9/10 they don't say anything. 1/10 there's that fiesty "I LIFT" manlet that gets testy.
6'4. I'm pretty ugly, i think, but girls dig the height. Only reason im not a kissless virgin. Always get comments and little scenarios at work where you either touch hands or hug because "LOL SIZE DIFFERENCE"
6'2 or 6'3

suck to be honest, i have a weird body
>greentext stories
Hey reddit
>most girls fuck me cause im tall-ish
>other than that nothing really changes
> 6'4"
> KV because I'm unattractive even though I'm tall
> I'm just the guy at work people ask to get things of tall shelves
It's a exciting life :^)
>currently 6'6
>Grew up as a awkward as shit kid, skinny af not growing into my body
>as a result: not very athletic, hard to fill out, until about junior year
>had been in Track/Working out, got my first solid 7.5/10 gf, lost virginity to each other
>get attention of other senior year, got a swelled head though it was clear I still wasn't top of the liter by any means i.e. they knew I used to be an awkward kid
>moved out of state for college
>suddenly get approached more frequently then I have ever been
>getting laid more then any other time in my life
>become cockier, grow a big ego, continue working out
>still don't really know what I'm doing in life, but constant attention at college keeps me satisfied
>feel like people value my opinion a bit more, kindof feel like I get respect more than I used to
>currently not sure if I should get into a relationship with 7/10 qt redhead or keep playing the field, considering this will be my prime
Good feels

Doesn't affect my life negatively so I guess there is that.
>If they paid me to drop spaghetti I'd be a millionaire
>People seem to sense I'm a beta before they even look at me
>About a 15% chance a stranger I'm speaking to (cashier, etc.) will mention my height
>It's never a compliment, just a comment
>I think my pheromones are fucked up
people would always try to use my height as a conversation starter but i wouldn't say anything cause i'm awkward as fuck

Pretty much sums up my situation too anon
exactly 6'0 feelsokman.jpeg not too tall not too short but i'd rather be a little taller desu senpai
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I work at a grocery store and every one always comes to me when they need something off the top shelf.
I have to drink a lot to get drunk. I don't know why people celebrate that it fucking sucks.
It hasn't helped me with women.
I weigh 200 pounds but still look skinny.
Finding clothes that fit is an ordeal.

But I'd still rather die than be a manlet.
>6 feet

It's average where I live, same as this guy >>25859098

I had to wear work boots for a while and I really did enjoy the few extra centimetres.
>Becoming a tank crewman
>Will probably be uncomfortable

oh well
>6'2" or 6'3"
>basically average height where I live
>girls don't even notice
Maybe I should move
6'6, 21yo
I was normal height until I got hit by puberty. Grew 6 inches between 7th and 8th grade. 6' entering high school as a 13 year old, 6'3 graduating.

People regularly say I look 28-32 years old because of my high test, but I'm too fat and beta to ever do anything useful with my genes.
6'1, women just sort of ignore me instead of being actively offended by existence so that's nice
6'1-6'2 with decently big build
ugly face that always looks angry
autistic as fuck, near mute in public

never had any problem with bullies or shit but otherwise I think my size has been mostly a non factor
6'5 ugly, virgin
5'9" here. Not short enough to complain but I still wince at the "when his height starts with 5" IG posts. I thought it was an obscure 4chan meme ;_;

No hate though, just a few specific questions

does it feel like an indispensable advatage
has anyone ever attempted to use it as an insult
can I live vicariously through you with a story of you BTFOing some short girl with a tall guy fetish
is being in the back of a car uncomfortable
would you date a girl somehow taller than you

Nothing different except old people always ask me to get high-up shit for them and nearly EVERYONE I talk to eventually asks "How tall are you? lol".
Shit gets old.
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>be 6'2" froshy in uni
>state school, cheap as shit, frats, the whole 9
>get invited to few rowdies, tits with legs look at me and mire every now and then
>blackout at one
>wake up on the green by a fellow froshy
>"Dude wake up! Ron Jeremy's going to the packy!
packy is a liquor store for you normies
>O shit, put on a metallica shirt in an effort to impress him
>find my best pair of lugg shoes
>get to the packy
>its fucking him
>Ron Jeremy is selling this bullshit rum
>wait in this 2 hour line to meet him
>Get to the front, "Hey man, you're p-p-pretty cool"
"Thanks, you want a picture? You should try some rum too"
>Nah, just snagged the picture
"You sure you dont want any rum? It's pretty great
>Say, "yeah i imagine your cock is too"

my height really hasnt changed anything, just able to get shit off the top counter and know that shortfags are jealous
I'm a 6' 8" and 300 pound mutoid and it kinda sucks. Girls WILL hug/climb/take pictures with me but at any hint of sexual interest and its all "um....why?" Or they act like I suddenly transformed into a raging super mutant. I'm not a gross fatass either kinda manual labor/strong af type body. Shit sucks. Also absolutely everybody HAS to talk about it at length as soon as I meet them. Or laugh and ask me to take pictures standing next to their manlet bros
6'3" here.

It definitely helped me as an 18-20 year old living in the dorms. But that was before I gained weight, moved back home with the parents, and went into NEET mode for a few years. Height isn't worth much just on its own.

I noticed that it was really petite girls who were into me. There was one who would get really aggressive too.

Lesse, dealt with some Napoleon complex dudes in HS. And most people don't fuck with me.
It got my basketball scholarship that I squandered getting drunk and joining a fraternity. Now I don't play but I graduated and can't find a job in mechanical engineering without moving.
6 foot here, I honestly feel average, my gf is only 5 foot though so at least I tower over her :3
I'm 6'0" with shoes on,
Women can't measure so they always act the same for me, guys however do respect taller ones even if they only have like 1 inch difference.
why are we shitposting
hard time finding clothes and girls sometimes ask to get on my shoulders at shows. Lowe back pain is almost constant
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