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Who /badparents/ here?
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Who /badparents/ here?

>Sister and both parents and pieces of shit but in their own special way.
>Sister is a complete fucking Stacy frat girl who fucked niggers when I was just a kid
>Father was a rich an successful stock broker who became a fucking NEET himself after his mother died, has diabetes and had a stroke, became a lazy piece of shit.
>Mother is a narcissistic egomaniac bitch with daddy issues, always vents excess emotion on the few males in her life. Literally all of my fathers and my mothers family despise her except for herself.
>After my dad became depressed, she threw shoes at him (there's a permanent scar on my dad's chin) cut up his expensive ties, cheated on him with other men, and finally divorced him, sucking him of exorbitant amounts of child support
>Both mother and father refuse to get a job.
>Mother frequently beat me and my sister up for no reason, I later found out it was because of her emotional insecurities and stress.
>Whenever my dad refused to pay child support my mother drove me and my sister to his apartment and dropped us off there.
>"Come on anon, we're going to Costco."
>Dad was a slob NEET who didn't fucking care for me at all.
>Sister didn't have to stay with dad, had a shit ton of rich friends whom she couchsurfed with, leaving me with my dad.
>Mother sometimes let my sister come and live with her but not me
>When asked why my mother said that she was afraid of my dad sexually molesting my sister.
>mfw she leaves me with him but not my sister
>Became an autistic piece of shit who vented his anger out on the school
>Forced to enter retarded special needs class in 5th grade.
>"Don't worry anon, it's a special class made specially for you."
>Class is full of degenerate pieces of shit kids with developmental disorders and hyper-aggression.
>Teachers are utter pieces of degenerate shit who don't give a fuck about you at all.
>Frequently got expelled from elementary schools, moved from one school to another.
Still waiting for you to cont anon...
File: New Years feels.gif (1 MB, 330x206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
New Years feels.gif
1 MB, 330x206
Sister is 3 years older than me btw
>One night hear a loud noise and shouting in my bed, between my sister and mom.
>Frequently alternated between mom's house and dad's apartment, lived with 2 females when I was with my Mom
>My mother storms in my room
>"Pack up Anon, we're leaving."
>My sister is hysterical in the background
>Apparently my dad was not paying my mothers fucking divorcebux again (She hasn't had a job in years) but he was in Monterrey California with my six granddad.
>Mom somehow bought tickets to Monterrey California and was planning on sending both Sister and I there.
>Dad had flown out of California back to Portland Oregon, he wasn't there, and my sister was trying to explain to my mother that very thing.
>My psycho bitch mother didn't care, insisted he was there (even though he wasn't) and that he had a responsibility to pay
>My sister being the spoiled Stacy she was was screaming bloody murder and the police were called
>I was 12 at the time
>I have no Idea what the fuck is going on
>Police question my mom, question my sister, question me.
>My mom says "I'm gonna kill her." in an exasperated tone
>Police go apeshit and call Child Protective Services.
>CPS ship me to Child Haven
>Crying my eyes out
>"I want mama."
>Spend 3 days in Child haven, crying everyday.
>Eventually shipped to Foster Home
>Foster mom is an old obese black bitch with a jive accent I could hardly understand
>Had to share a room with a hyper-active ADHD white trash 17 year old.
>Keep in mind I was fucking 12
>Rommate keeps making fun of me all the time
>Black Bitch doesn't do a thing about it.
>One day she all herded us into her fucking minivan to drive someplace.
>Notice she isn't wearing her seatbelt while she's driving.
>"You're not wearing your seatbelt."
>She fucking frips the fuck out on me and stops the car, screaming in her Jive.
dang man you're unlucky at life
File: Hitler feels.gif (966 KB, 500x391) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hitler feels.gif
966 KB, 500x391
>That place was the worst fucking place imaginable at that time
>Eventually feel so bad I decide to threaten suicide like the stupid fucking bitch I was.
>Cops come
>Ship me off to a mental hospital where I stay for a week
>Usually you stay for a week or two at a mental facility and they release you after you fake it enough times.
>Get let out of the mental facility, but because they have no place to put me, they decide to make up a bullshit excuse and send me to a child's long term mental health facility
>This place was the worst of the fucking worst
>There was a severely autistic 5 year old kid who screamed and threw a tantrum every day, the staff restrained and punished him every day
>The staff consisted of niggers who couldn't find a better job, and obese pathetic lardheads who's only power was derived from ordering us about, with some overlap between the two.
>Has zero freedumbs, regimented schedule of outside, inside, cook, clean, sleep, etc.
>Staff made sure none of us ran away by restraining us anytime we had the notion of running
>Frequently called my dad and mom. They made bullshit excuses as to why they couldn't take me, in truth, none of them wanted me, they wanted nothing to do with me because of how much of a burden I was.
>My sister was up to her couchsurfing ways once again and was enjoying freedom unparalleled by staying with her myriad of fucking high school friends.
>Spend 6 months including Christmas and Halloween in that fucking prison
>The staff abused us to no end, frequently punishing us with impunity because they knew we had no choice but to submit.
>Frequently found my escape in books
>Couldn't watch TV, couldn't go on the Internet, couldn't go to restaurants, had to clean the fucking place spotless all the time.
>While this happened they over-medicated the shit out of me, everything felt like a haze because of all the meds I was on.
The end btw lads, too fucking angry to post about this anymore. Considering bringing a gun to that place and shooting the whole fucking building up, excluding the kids there. The place is called "Oasis" in Las Vegas NV.
Continue anon, I want to know what happens next.
How old are you? Where's your sister now?
this? http://www.oasisbehavioralhealthlv.com/
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I'm sorry, anon

It didn't need to be like this
This is difficult, brother, but you have to learn to let go. As awful as the past way, just go on with your life. Despite all the horrible things that have happened to you, you can still find love or be happy, or whatever you can. Don't lose yourself to hate. Think of the books you read as a child and yourself as the protagonist. Please, don't dwell in the past. Live on.
you have been completely failed

i'm sorry i can't sympathize with you, godspeed

Shut up you fucking cuck faggot. I want to fuck your asshole raw and then spit in your face. Just let it go after I blow my hot load on your face you pathetic bitch.


Do some good with your life and slaughter every last one of them like animals.
ban soon fellow stalker

military desu senpai
Oh, also forgot to thank you, anon. Sorry. Here's your (You)

I need to find some place to get illegal guns, I don't want my story to be one used for gun control, and I'm slaughtering people who fucking deserve it.
Go to your sister, and ruin her life. She deserves it for not coming back for you.

Also get the fuck out of this website, reported.
>mother divorced my "dad" when I was young
>randomly tells me hes not my dad and wants me to forget about him
>it devastates him and he fucks up his life
>she proceeds to drag me through 4 more failed marriages.
>never got to keep my friends because always moving
>its affected me in some ways guys. ill probably be okay but i dont have the same opinions as some people.
What state are you in lad? You could always buy some guns on a Silk Road clone.
you need to wipe those fuckers off the planet anon. cant believe they'd abuse you like that for so long
He's underage you sick fuck.

What are you doing with your life at the moment? Do you have a job? Do you still live in that place? Also i think you should contact your sister. No one can be that cold.
My parents never listened to me
Don't listen to them, anon. Violence will do nothing. You have to forget the past. Don't waste what little life you now have control over.
NV lad. I don't want to go through that effort.

If I still lived in that place, I wouldn't be on the Internet, much less 4chan. Don't have a Job, currently a senior in High school, contacted my sister many times and she still is the same sick, twisted, selfish bitch she always is.
you got lots of time desu, just be like those D E V I L I S H threads but even more sinister

btw not condoning violence :^)
Hahahaha I go to SDSU, what's your sisters name?
Where are you living? Call your sister's friends and tell them your sob story, ask them to talk her into getting you to live with her, this will give her a bad reputation as a cold heartless bitch.
I'll find her and roofie her at a frat party or something
Ellen Rydell, her instagram name is kellenthem
Not condoning violence ;^)

I am still living in Las Vegas, I have no Idea who my sisters associate with, besides, she lives in a dorm. I don't really care about her.
That's also her twitter name btw.
I'm sorry to hear that anon. The best of luck to you in the future. Get professional help, even if it's expensive. I feel like that's the only way to get over this.
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Who /goodparents/ here?

>always caring and encouraging
>always did good by me
>I still turned out to be a fuck up
Damn op I know you're underage but I would still offer you a cold one I know it would be a meaning less gesture, side note you don't deserve any of what happened to you but who knows maybe since you got shit early in your life the rest might not be so bad here's to you op you brave soul
File: CP4I9udVAAAPaEj.jpg (12 KB, 253x198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Life is perfect until I turn 8
>My parents start fighting all the time
>Turns out my mom keeps sabotaging her birth control to keep having kids
>Dad wants her to work, found a replacement wife
>Dad moves into his truck, mom gets tons of alimony and child support
>Marries a drug dealer, moves to Redding,CA
>Life is hell, step-dad physically & mentally abuses us
>Mom physically abuses us, hits us with belts like she is a slave master
>Makes me pull weeds in 110F weather in the summer, no shade or water
>Eventually mom & stepdad get arrested for drug dealing
>I'm 11
>Policeman teaches me how to spell my middle name
>Mom goes to jail on the weekends, while we stay at a friends house
>My dad finds out about all of this, is completely shocked, my mother was the epitome of motherhood before they got divorced
>Dad kidnaps us, turns out a little too late for my sister, she got pregnant at 15
>Tells mom that he's already got us boarded on a flight to a non-extradition country and to sign over custody (had a document drafted) or she'll never see us again
>Mom signs over custody for me and my brother (my sister is a lost cause)
>Move in with dad
>Mom skips out on weekend jail and disappears (I found out recently it was to commit suicide)
>Don't see mom again until I am 18 (came back to cali after statute of limitations was up on escaping jail), turns out she had another kid
>I got a 4 year degree, good job, married to a cool wife, my sister is a total loser
>MFW my mom tries to talk to me
Cool story bro. Which country did you go to?

Is it kidnapping if she signed over custody?
What are you up to these days?
my parents found out i'm straight and are kicking me out this week
That sounds like the typical american chad and stacy family, see guys, these people aren't happy.
>>Foster mom is an old obese black bitch with a jive accent I could hardly understand
It's always the mothers. My mom is the cause of almost all of the stress and arguments in my family too
>not allowed to decorate room at all while growing up (no posters, toys on desk, trophies, etc.)
>not allowed to sit on certain furinitre
>not allowed to lean against walls
>mother is a complete hypocrite
>I have literally never heard her say sorry
>has 0 ability to see anything outside of her own shitty perspective
>makes everything about her even when it has nothing to do with her and then gets angry with you for pointing it out
>treats whole family like shit
>doesn't do anything, sits around watchig tv all day and gives everyone else chores and then bitches about how she feels over worked and always busy and that none of us are doing enough to make her feel more comfortable
>mfw my dad puts up with all of this, time and time again. Can't tell if he has amazing self control or is just super pussy whipped
>he always defends mom's side even if he disagrees with her
>he hits me whenever he wants me and her to stop arguing because he thinks it's easier to make me shut up than it is to make her
Seriously why do women not know how to make rational fucking decisions? My mom and my teenage sister act the exact same, she never grew up
>>Foster mom is an old obese black bitch with a jive accent I could hardly understand
jesus does this actually happen in US?
your father is not an alpha since he got married and even tried ot please your mom.

at least you know this and can avoid to fail like him.

They cared too much. Pampered and sheltered me. Always praised me no matter what. Too bad I wasn't very attractive nor skilled despite what my parents told me, so when I had to clash with reality, I ran away and I'm a NEET now. I guess they weren't good parents at all. Neither you nor me would end up here if they were.
File: 1374070581705.jpg (131 KB, 872x964) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Emotional damage in Women

I'd like to think women are biologically predisposed to be more empathetic and caring, while also possessing emotional traits that work negatively in relationships.

In my experience, my father has (almost) always been the bastion of reason, logic, and patience. My mother on the other hand has consistently proven to be incapable of some of the most basic tasks, and enjoys being the center of attention. She is woefully unintelligent, inept in most things (namely finance), and constantly seeks to micromanage the lives of my family members.

My father understands this, but also understands that by putting her every action under a microscope, he sets himself up for unending unhappiness. My father is far more patient and far more forgiving then I am - which I'm infinitely envious of. Although I doubt my mother will ever change, I wish that...in time...she'll begin to realize her glaring mistakes.

I can say with absolute certainty that if my father were to die today, I would cut off contact with her immediately.

Same boat. My parents were overly cautious with me, doesn't help I'm an only child. Never had friends, so they pampered me with gifts. The few acquaintances I did have, mom would always invite them over for parties, aka. free shit.

Was spoiled rotten as a kid in every regard. Dad was never home, always off working and mom mostly looked after me. Never had a father figure, no relatives, no extended family, might as well of had no father.

I've not been able to learn to be a man since, can't hold a job, can't stay in school, wimp out on most things, feel as though I have a brain of a woman. It's fucked, and I know it's to due with my childhood.
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