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Do your relatives pester you about not having...
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Do your relatives pester you about not having a gf?
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>tell my mom I'm seeing a therapist
>don't tell her why (depression)
>she thinks I'm in the closet
Not since I moved far, far away.

Even when I do call my mom it's nothing personal.
Only my Grandfather.
She tells me that I shoukd marry someone, but I've never dated anyone and don't want to because the only races here are spics and asians.
And i don't like spics or asians.
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>just get a girlfriend then youll make lots of friend anon.
top kek mother; top, kek.
Literally never. I was diagnosed with autism in elementary so my parents accepted that I probably would never live a "normal" picket fence life from the time I was young. I only see my aunts and uncles a couple times a year so they don't have much to say either.

If your family has hope for you you're probably a failed normie t . b . h.
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She sat me down for the "it's ok if you're gay talk"
They used to, but the questions just stopped being asked once I reached 21 as a kissless virgin who has never had a gf.

Now they just occasionally tease me about it.
Mine too, he said I'm going to be an old man soon and asked about a wedding before he dies. Fuck. I'm only 21 and I had 3 gfs before... My mom bothers me too.
My mom won't let me become a monk because she wants grandchildren.
Are you a fucking child? You can do whatever you want
Tbh, I don't think I could handle the guilt of letting my family line die out without the family blessing.
>caring about your "family line"

Go be a normalfag somewhere else
>and asked about a wedding before he dies
ah man, he shouldn't have put that kind of pressure and guilt on you
fucking pussy.

>your life when you will never be enjoying pious peach and monkhood
>ylw you will never get to sit in a well tended garden contemplating divine serenity
>ylw not brewing top tier wine to sell to roasties with your monkbros

yet you could have all oft this and more if you pulled your head out of your vagina.
You're not a teen anymore, you can legally do whatever the hell you want with your life.
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Though myself (and my older brother) have been disappointments to our parents (they think I cannot hear them through the wall of my room) in the social and romantic departments, they have still been good to me. It would feel like a killing blow to make them die knowing that they will pass nothing onto the world. It would be better to let them die first, so that they may be embraced by Him and know what calls me.

>tfw you will never be as happy as these guys:
Your parents created you so they should die knowing that they were complete failures as parents.
Ahh, those feels, I'd forgotten them
They say they want grand children, but I think they've realized there's no hope.
I had the opposite, all my school peers at the time were getting "the talk" since they had all started dating but I wasn't getting any of it.

By that point mom must have known how undesirable I was.
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My mother has more pressing concerns than whether I have a girlfriend or not. Such as the fact that I do nothing all day and never even try to get a job when I'm 23 already.

>Try to post an image of some random chick
>4chan tells me not to post it because of copyright
What the hell
That wouldn't really be a pious thing to do for a monk.
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Usually when it comes up for me, the family response is "thank fucking god stay smart." I can't really blame them after seeing all the trainwrecks my bro, sis, and cousins have been through not to mention their own crappy marriages.

It came up once at my usual temp work-place, and it sparked an argument between the ladies and all the older dudes that I work with. In a nutshell, the ladies were basically for marriage being awesome (one was planning a wedding at the time) and playfully suggested I ask out one of the temps from another department. But the older bros leapt in and tried to make me swear to stay off it, and started citing past experiences/failed relationships to make their point. Cross-fire between the two got pretty intense when they said it was best to "keep it on the sidelines."

I still think it could be nice.
>But the older bros leapt in and tried to make me swear to stay off it
I'd like to get married but literally every other man that's talked to me about it has said 'bitches aint shit but hoes n tricks'.
>embraced by Him
>he's literally cucked by GOD.
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imagine a fedora shopped onto the top of his head
Alright, now what?
>Grandmother will throw a tantrum if I date a girl who isn't waiting for marriage.
>Constantly asks why I don't have a gf, telling me that it should be easy for me.

Just... I don't even know.
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That's gonna be me next christmas
Good luck asking the devil if he has a girlfriend, grandma
They all probably think I'm hard gay but I've never had the talk.
>Mom thinks I'm gay
>Sister says I'm too skinny to attract girls, and that I would have better luck with guys.
>Uncle I used to love says if I don't marry before 30 I'm a failure at life.
>Godfather says the same.
>All cousins have gf/bf and kids and joke about why I don't. Specially the ones younger than me.
>Grandma want's to see my kids before she dies
>Dad is the only one that doesn't put pressure on me.
I just want to die before turning 30
Same here.
Mom has seen me after being cheated on, or having really bad break ups. Knows how much I want a long lasting relationship and that the few times I tried the girl failed me.
Then wonders why I dont get a new gf.

I need someone ITT to link me to the previous thread on this subject; somehow I lost track of it and I can't ctrl+f it. cheers.
Exactly this,
except in my situation my dad is like all my gradpas, they try to mock me to encourage me to "man up" so i'd get a wife and children, literally one of the unnecessariest thing i'd do in my life, pass on my autistic genes.

We all end up in the same grave in the end so what's the point? It's not like a human's life is great or unique.
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Yup every time I come home for break. It's tearing me down reminding me that I'm a failure no matter what I do.
When Anders Bering Breivik shot up that Island here in Norway, my mother talked about how he apparently had repressed homosexual sides, and emphasized how I shouldn't repress mine...
Its fake, from a hoax site.
What's your point? He's still going to murder his grandmother even if it is fake.
File: 1452822289929.jpg (54 KB, 419x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not once actually. They think i'm mentally retarded.
The guy in pic related looks like Chad with a bad haircut

WHat the fuck
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>Christmas dinner
>parents ask if I'm ever going to get married and give them grandkids again
>all I can think is "we're seriously going to do this here?"
>uncle starts joking about how I'm just not ready to settle down and I probably want to sow my wild oats
>grandmother's been drinking and starts ranting about how men don't have a reason to marry anymore because the girls are all bitchy and none of them know how to cook and they'll just take your money
>starts yelling about how stupid it is that they expect a man to marry them when they're already letting him screw them anyway
>just wish I was at home playing video games
no my mother isnt normie enough, she's a schizo
There are good marriages, but a lot of them turn to shit and when they turn to shit it's usually the man who loses the most, especially in a divorce. At least that is what I'm seeing.

I mean what does it matter, I could never get a girl to marry me if I wanted to.
Your grandparents sound awesome.
dat nana though
Same here, just theoretical prospects I guess.
My grandma's very opinionated, but she usually has a point. My grandpa didn't even really talk the whole time we were there. Never has much to say. He almost died last August, though. He'd been having trouble breathing for years and we all got called to the hospital because it had gotten worse and they didn't know what was wrong. Turned out his stomach muscles were all fucked up and a lung had somehow partially squeezed itself through them. He's pretty much back to his old self now.
Yeah, that's my grandmother. She's the sweetest old woman you'd ever meet but she cusses like a sailor once she's had a bit to drink.
Your grandma is a smart roastie
>tfw my whole extended family is broken/dead and I only have my parents to pester me and only my mom does that
>my brothers and I are all in the same boat and only my mother
I don't see my cussins and haven't since I was 10.
We don't talk, I don't know them.
My I only see my uncles on occasion and his son is in the same boat so he doesn't mention it.
My other uncle is divorced and never sees his son.
My aunts soon is gay.
My other side of the family never had kids and are failures.
I do t have to feel any of this shit, only my mentality I'll mom can pester me and that doesn't have much effect because she's not a reliable source.
Oh and all my grandparents died before I was 3.
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My mother still thinks I should have married my one singular girlfriend from five years ago. She chokes it down most of the time seeing as she knows I'm lonely and I don't have much hope, but I know she'll believe that till the day she dies. That girlfriend was mostly psychotic and constantly unfaithful, but my mom still sees her as my only shot at having a happy family. My sister and cousins are all married.

sorry mom

I'm 28 brother, pray for me
>"just get a girlfriend, it's easy"
>"What do you mean only for the top 10% of men? That's ridiculous"
Fuck apex fallacy.
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>Tell mom she would make a good grandmother
>She just laughs and says that she's too old to have another child
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end it now.webm
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>literally no family besides my parents and my two sisters
>dad pester me for a while
>gives up, moves on my sisters who actually have bfs
>become a wizard
>dad starting to pester me again
no because they know i only attract mentally unstable women
My mom mostly goes on about how she wants grandkids.

And says creepy shit about wanting mixed grandkids to every black person she meets just because I dated two black girls.
Everytime i meet them. Fuck holydays
At some point my dad hinted at how he would be okay if I was "one of dem faggits". I was probably 22 then.

I'm 25 now and I can't mention the prostitutes.

Am I too far gone to have a qt gf?
i stopped seeing them so they cant comment on me not having a job or friends or a gf

feels good man
>I was diagnosed with autism
Lucky. I was straight up hosed with hot jism.
i give them that strong worried autistic look on my face and they never ask personal questions

>tfw normies are scared you go elliot rodger on them
>feels good
>See parents on Christmas
>So anon when are you getting a gf
>tell them i was going to bring her over but she wanted me to go with her to florida to see her parents
>fight led to another then we broke up
>father proud I didn't sell out my family for the first girl that gave me love
>mom talking me into trying to patch things up with her and send her a merry christmas text at least
>she knows I'm that hopeless
>brother can see through the bullshit and makes fun of me the entire night when we are alone

My mom asks me about her every time we have a phone call and I'm getting tired of this lie, brother keeps making fake facebook profiles with her name and sends me messages like "i miss you, i want toget back together"
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I made it pretty clear in the past that my financial situation makes me unattractive on a dating market. Also I hate degeneracy and most women are unfaithful abomination with no remorse or values.
So no, they don't pester me about it now that much. Occasionally though some distant family member may mention something but it's like in anime with power levels... I just start charging it and they just withdraw from the discussion.
>It's not like a human's life is great or unique.
I want to believe it can be, look to artists or musicians, or any talened people in general. Is just that most people have become too lazy to do something great or unique of their lives.

I will, bro, I will.

Where do they get this from? It's only boomers who say this shit too.
My granddad used to tease me and my brother if we were "courting" yet, but nobody has asked for years because they know I'm an undesirable loser.
Quite the opposite actually. I'm 20 and my mum reckons I'm still too young for a gf. Problem is she says stuff like "you should travel with your friends before you get a steady girlfriend" so she assumes that I will eventually get one. I fucking hope I don't let her down.
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At this point I don`t care.

I ignore all family meetings and dinners.
I once bribe some woman on the streets to play along my scenario - told them I was busy at work during Christmas, they didnt believe me.
Took my found number, found my ''boss'' and called her - the lady I paid 40 dollars pretending and played along while they talked to her.

Fucking nigthmare.
Why can't you just tell them that you want nothing to do with them?
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you're even rejected by your mother TOP KEK might as well end it now foreveralone faggot

Bumping the thread to call attention to the above post. Help a nigga out folks.

Got it on my own:


>tfw no new content had been posted since the last time I'd checked on the the thread
>tfw complete satisfaction, and yet...
>tfw had hoped for more greentext stories in the old thread
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