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do you have your life together yet robots?

What's your career, love, living situation like?
26, medfag, khv

would rather be an office drone tbph
>you're definitely you now, it's too late to reinvent yourself, you've chosen a path and for better or worse you gotta walk it now

>sometimes think about paths not taken, better or worse

>tfw haunted by the ghosts of who you might have been
29 kissless virgin, no friends, neet, total bum, live off normie taxes and blame them for it

office droning is a terrible existence. it's like being in a mental prison.

why are you doing medicine?
26, back at college because i never got a degree when i was younger. living with my grandmother because long ass reasons. moving out next month though. in a relationship, but it's an LDR. sometimes i think it would be better being single.

but not really, because having someone ask how you are is good, even if they are 100 miles away.
Hai bots. I'm 24 but I'll be 25 in february. Can't wait to join the club.
See you in 2 months
>tfw you don't care about women anymore

>tfw you're worried about bills and taxes and the traffic commute in the morning

>tfw all your friends moved or are married now and you get to watch them grow up and have kids
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Constant depression and on the verge of suicide everyday. Currently in CC until I get the credits to transfer, but I have to work full time so I'm not homeless and have nowhere else to live. It's fucking my studies up and I feel like I'm fucked. I went from two 4.0 semesters to a 2.3 semester because I couldn't devote the time I needed thanks to my shitty job. Just kill me.
I'm beginning to realize how pointless my existence is and what an utterly mediocre human I am
almost everyone's lives are pointless. and most people are mediocre. you just gotta try forge out some happiness for yourself somewhere. but that's easy for me to say cuz i'm drunk
>Shit IT job 35k wagecuck status
>25 weeb gf
>Can barely afford it but have small house
>An old hobby of mine is introducing me to new friends but have probably 2-3 close friends
>Still act like manchild for the most part. Vidya/anime in spare time, House decor is autist shit, parents disappointed, no savings.

I'm getting there
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one punch man.jpg
123 KB, 2000x1125

25, I have an B.S. in IT, I graduated in late 2013, I work in a help desk making 19/hr, live at home with parents, want to get a better job but can't because shitty college and no certs

I've kissed one girl, I know what a girl's ass and tits feel like
Couldn't you just like sedate a patient, and then hold her hand and kiss her without her permission? It's what I'd do desu senpai.
Coming to the realization that I'll never have a family of my own. I don't even know if I want to get married or have children, but the option isn't even there. I can't support a family. Not financially and not emotionally. It's not like I have a career or a purpose, either. I don't even live, I just survive.
>zero friend
>no pussy ever
>borderline alcoholic

I do have a good job making 70k with room to improve and virtually impossible to lose unless I fuck it up, which I've managed to keep from doing for 8 years so that's good I guess.
she's fucking other dudes

theyre always fucking other dudes
im glad you exist

>$22/hr, college dropout
i'm sorry
tell me your job. i have an an engineering degree and make less than you
27 kv
Technically live with my parents but took a traveling construction job to make more money. My goal is to go to Nevada and visit a brothel this year.

THIS so much senpai :(

It's sad when all the yolo party people who were having fun in their 20s are no settling down around you and having kids and babies and you're on 4chan
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The only good thing about being in your 30s is watching women your age end up even worse than you. Holy shit, women age so horribly while I can still pass off looking like in my 20s.
>turning 24 on friday
>have a good job but that's the only adult thing about my life
>still live at home
>can barely cook
>buy comic books weekly
>only hobbies are consuming media
>no romantic prospects
Not sure how to feel about this. In some ways I'm content with my life and I can save a lot of money but sometimes I feel ashamed.
no sorry ',:^)

le original gomment
28. Health problems. I wish the average human lifespan was 30 like in the 1800s.
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26. I wrote three novels, but they didn't publish themselves.

So I became an imageboard superstar.
I'm the she. I'm not fucking other dudes. Even if I wanted to, that would be effort I'm not willing to put in.
The only thing that makes me happy nowadays is 4chan. Man, my life is shit
24 but probably the biggest loser here

>no license (afraid when in cars, hope to get it this year but i'll be humiliated getting it)
>kissless virgin
>havent had friends since middle school even though i went to college
>live at home with my mediocre parents
>work a trash job paying $15/hr because it was supposed to just be my job between undergrad and grad school, but im so unmotivated and miserable that i dont even see the point of applying to school so im just lying that i did apply and got rejected
>no idea what i will do after parents kick me out

I'll probably just kill myself.
damn, im one of the oldest here

30. got fired from a shitty low end bioscience job cause of my raging alcoholism. now ive conquered that so i feel a lot better. have had relationships, only one fulfilling and i still miss her like hell. i know right now i dont have much to offer women, and as i get older the time is running out. about to move from the sf bay area to the central valley(the armpit of ca) and live on one of my parents rental properties for dirt cheap. its not quite as pathetic as actually living with them. hoping my godfather can hook me up with a job working in a milk lab testing for pathogens and what not. shits definitely not going that well but now that i am embracing being a loser and just content to stay inside playing vidya all the time i feel surprisingly ok. at this point i dont even necessarily want a gf unless we have a shitload in common which is rare to find and even rarer that they are attractive and want me back.

same thing happened to me bro. I failed my first class ever because of an internship. almost failed two but pulled through. at least that class won't hold me back from graduating on time. one more semester left and I'm free.
25, Italian, NEET atm

>BA in Languages (ENG/JAP)
>lived in Japan for 6 months, best time of my life
>met NZ chick there
>live with her for two years in NZ
>come back home after visa was up
>enrol in Masters, don't get in
>she gets mad and leaves me while I'm at my parents
>stuck here now with nothing to show apart from two years of wageslaving
>gave up eveything for her
>almost forgot Japanese, I was good at it too

Fucking kill me please
>Dropped out of high school & college
>gave up on life when I was 15 or so
>knew nothing good was ever going to happen to me or get better
>no ambitions or goals
>still don't know what job I want
>too old to get back into education, couldn't if I wanted to
>everyone I knew growing up has moved on
>left behind in a dead end northern town
>nothing to do here but drink yourself to death
>all the people here are either fat single mums/heroin addicted men/old people too old to leave
>nobody my age to socialise with
>nobody understands that there is nothing to do for someone my age who has no social life
>all their advice just boils down to "go outside!" or "just b urself :^)"
>all the activities that take place outside are social activities
>have nobody to go outside and be social with
>every time I go outside I feel like I don't belong there and can't relate to anyone or anything
>implying I could even hold down a conversation for more than 3 seconds to begin with
>just fill my days watching netflix and playing games to distract myself from the hopelessness of life

I've been on ok cupid for a few months because I just wanted to see if I'm actually as fucked up as I believe I am. I don't know how but I've gotten a couple of women to message back. One even said "I seem wonderful" but pretty much the second they find out I'm unemployed due to anxiety & depression they instantly lose interest.

Why am I even bothering..I have nothing to offer a relationship..I have no worth as a partner..all women at this age are looking to settle down or find a betabux provider for the kids they already have...
>tfw watching accepted/rejected calarts sketchbook videos
>tfw 30 in a few weeks
>tfw thinking about making a sketchbook for submission.
it fwwls like it would be a waste of time nearly.
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>Fucking kill me please
>has went to japan, had the best time of his life, and had a fling with a qt
>29, forever alone
>decent job, but stressful as fuck.
>own a house.
>have minor health problems and my neck and shoulders are fucked up due to vidya and my job.
>spend like half the money I make on doctor bills and physical therapy
>I didn't work for 6 months so I had to blow through all my savings and now I have credit card debt
Well, now what?
The past doesn't exist anymore.
I'm stuck in my poor shit town full of shit people.
You haven't seen hell until you lived in this place.

I can speak English, so what? there are literally no jobs here.

It's like they made me taste how great life is outside this shit, and threw me back in with no escape.
29 retail manager, married to mexican qt, live in a 3 br house on an acre of land and I'm mostly happy.
>tfw should have been the butters but came out the cartman.
fucking sell your shit and go back! what the fuck are you even doing nigger? You aren't doing anything you didn't do or new.
>Tfw stuck in the most miserable city in America
>only way out has sailed past
>tfw going to be in a wheel chair in 10 years because of crippling arthritis
You fucking faggot, sell your shit and go back to japan and live the good life.
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>failed community college
>begin strong, get apathetic in the middle and take Fs because too tired to drop out
>tfw it isn't getting better
>tfw no work experience
>going to need a knee replacement because it's arthritic
lads, is there any hope?
>town 58/hr high school drop out, barely any certs but I'm dead inside. I'm dead.
28, Pipefitter, none, Condo

ehh, could be worse, least i get to take off a few months every year and have money for vacations
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>>At 28 get jealous of friends with houses and have a vivid dream about having a QT daughter
>>Decide to stop being NEET
>>Get a job
>>Go back to school
>>Lose weight

It's just not enough. Girls in my age group hate that I have a dumpy security job and all the good ones are taken anyways. With younger girls it's like there's rules I don't know about that I'm breaking. A girl will seem really keen to give me her number and then vanish like a ghost.

It's like I did all this for nothing.
Anon, I hope you will be ok. I mean that. Health is the top priority.
Yes, I'd like to go back, but the visa is the main problem. They don't have any Working Holiday Visas for Italy.
It's not like I can teach English either, and Italian is a very niche language, not much demand. I have no special skills to get a work visa.
I really don't know how to get there.
I'm just about to turn 23, oldfags pls give advice
>just finished uni
>liberal arts degree (inb4 anything relating to this)
>only had one job, last year, 9 weeks of unskilled labour
>no work experience besides this, very short period volunteering earlier last year.
>economy is fucked
>no idea what i really want to do with my life
22, finishing up my university degrees as a part-time online student. Currently looking for a job to keep me busy and make some money. Broke up with gf of 2 years two months ago. Moved back in with my parents cause no money to pay rent.

Hoping I can just finish up my degrees and get a decent job at this point. Failed a few courses so I'm graduating a year after I was supposed to. Not really looking for relationship atm, just want to focus on myself for now.
Do yourself a favor and look up a video of an orthopedic knee replacement. Power tools are involved

Maybe do a two-year vocational sort of thing? Or get some IT certs if you're into computers?

There just aren't that many generic office-y jobs anymore. Lawyers in India moonlight as paralegals for American lawyers, e-mail/voicemail/budget cuts really took a bite out of the number of secretaries, library budgets have been axed...
1. Get any kind of job. ANYTHING. Barista, waiter, whatever.
2. Time WILL fly fast from now on, especially if you spend it in front of a screen.
Im a non union tank builder. I weld pretty good and could maybe/probably (pick one) pass a 6g test. How hard would it be for me to join the pipe fitters union? My dad is not in it and I got the impression that matters.
>Not dumb and look OK but socially retarded. I have a weird demeanor that causes people to think I'm on drugs. This is partially true, but it isn't the drugs that cause it.
>MS in chemistry. In school for PhD. People tolerate me because I get stuff done. My PI doesn't care how weird I act or if I'm on drugs. He's verbatim said he doesn't care if I make drugs as long as I do it on the down low and work as hard as I do.
>Had one girl that was willing to see past my shit and constantly tried to get to know me. Gave her the cold should and I don't know why. She changed universities.
>Live with my parents because I have no credit history.
>All this shit doesn't even bother me more than superficially. I understand why it should bother me, but it really doesn't.
>Best hope for future relationships is to be able to pick up gold diggers or emotionally damaged women.
>Never had an intellectually meaningful relationship with another person. Accepted I likely never will.
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drink pepe.jpg
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I've seen in before anon. While all my cousins are watching their kids take their first steps, going to school for the first time, spending time with their beautiful families. I have endless hours of rehab and pain to look forward too.

I was never the one to do drugs or drink, but I think I will take up alcoholism .
I have considered maybe a cert IV in IT or something (I'm Australian for reference). I'd love any insight into this if there are any aussies about. I'm alright with computers and I imagine that there would be less frequent interaction with the public if I got some kind of computer related job? I have pretty bad SA.
I will definitely get a job asap, I'm working on updating my resume at the moment. I got first class honours last year, so I'm not sure if that shit will be a help or a hindrance for basic work. Over qualified and all that. And like I said, my SA means I'm probably be going to look for another job involving shelf stacking or warehouse unloading.
Listen faggot the economy is good you just invested in the wrong skills

Go back to school and be an electrician or learn to enjoy your mother's basement
I am 31 and have a job as a OTR truck driver.
Started back in October 2013.
I am getting tired of it. I miss being home.
I love the money but its just too much.
Before I got this job in trucking I was a NEET for 8 months in 2013.
Before that I worked in a factory during all of 2012.
My advice is to never date someone you work with because it fucked me over.
2009-2011 I was NEET after being in the military and spending 2008-part of 2009 in Iraq.

I think I will quit next year and be a NEET for some time while I decide what I want to do.
During NEET time I will try out juicing to lose weight, the downside of being a trucker is I have gained a lot of weight and am now obese.
>Carrer: Freelance web developer (barely making ends meet, because no clients)
>Love life: Null. At this point I don't want a girlfriend, because it would be embarassing. What would I even do? I'm completely broken. Emotionally and financially. And on top of that my looks are "average" at best. I have nothing to offer but honesty, I guess.
>Living situation: Sharing an apartment with a bunch of people. I'd say a bunch of kids, but I don't want to sound cheesy. All of them are 23 and younger. It sucks, but it isn't like I have the money to afford living alone. And family is getting really tired of my shit, so asking for money is not an option anymore.

My life is pretty far from okay, pham. I wish I could go back 10 years and beat the shit out of teenage me for being such an lazy weeaboo.
doing PhD and working part time to make some extra ends meet

holy shit i would be gutter trash if i didn't have the one profession that allows me to be a weird fuckup and no one cares. i almost get fired from my "real" jobs twice a week. even my nice bosses see me as an incompetent retard. late every single day.

i'm really on point while i'm there, i do good work and i don't slack off. i even work through my breaks just because i want to get jobs done etc. but in terms of actually dragging myself in, i just have the worst track record, and i constantly shoot my mouth off and get in trouble with normie coworkers who can't handle some autistic guy saying he hates every pop culture thing they like and occasionally semi-racist shit.

i would be serially fired from every job if i had to be a regular 9-5 guy. the only thing that makes these ones even barely tolerable is that i know they're not permanent, and if i get fired i don't really care that much. but if this were my actual life, let alone if i were trying to start at the bottom of a ladder and work my way up, i'd be fucked forever.

thank fucking GOD for academia. it's like NEETdom 2.0.
I dont know where you are from but where I am from if you dont have family in a union you wont get in.
I am in Chicago and if you dont have a dad or uncle or whatever in said union you will be rejected.
Sucks shit. Never understood why dems defend unions so much when the unions act like republican good old boys clubs.
>OTR truck driver
>his goal wasnt to become a local driver
come ON son. local drivers dont even get fat because they tend to lift shit and run around a lot

source: me
I dont know if I want to be a truck driver anymore after next year though.
Also the local jobs where I am at dont pay as much as OTR, and the local jobs require more physical work.
I work for a small carrier and in 2015 I made 65k. I can get whatever time I want off and can have however long I want off.
I have friends who are local drivers only making 40k a year and they work long hours and its physically demanding.
My stepdad is a delivers fuel to gas stations but he needed 4 years of experience to get that job. After I quit next year I will only have 3 years of experience.

There are some LTL jobs that are drop and hook buy they only pay 35k a year.
Being a blue collar guy sucks. There's no "skill shortages". It's a fucking lie to try to lure in more fresh meat. When someone says "we need more welders" they mean "wah, I can't find welders willing to work for ten bucks an hour and a bronze health plan".

There's all sorts of shady seasonal layoffs, under the table work, forced travel, and weird hours in the blue collar world(your boss doesn't give a shit if you fall asleep behind the wheel on your way home or have no social life).

Oh, and have fun competing with all the people who are getting laid off from their oil jobs in the Midwest.

Fuck the unions too. As >>25858986
said they only care about the old guys.
>Also the local jobs where I am at dont pay as much as OTR
depends on the job desu, i did better than your friends last year no contest (no experience, first year :^) ) but not as good as you, also i imagine youd get better benefits
>and the local jobs require more physical work
uh, yes you dum cuck, that was the point
so there is no hope? what do I do? I'm 25 no work experience and no degree
33 years old
Systems administrator
Married 13 years
Living in 2 bedroom apartment with my wife in SF bay area
No kids
My brother is renting a room from us because he fucked up his life. Thinking of kicking him out so the wife and I can fuck all over the apartment whenever we want.
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>living in SF bay area
Yes I have very good benefits, along with a 2015 international.

The reason I cant do much physical work is because of my ankle and back. When I was 19 I got hit by a car and had injuries. I can do some physical stuff but I cant do it day in and day out for weeks on end like my friends explain.

If I want a local job I will have to get a seasonal dump truck job, a season snow plow job, a fuel delivery job, or a LTL job.

Dump truck and LTL dont pay much and fuel/snow plow require a lot of experience.

Maybe I will go be a garbage man, my city only uses those garbage bins that require the arm to come out from the garbage truck, no more hands on garbage cans.
jaded as fuck

>It's a fucking lie to try to lure in more fresh meat
people quit, retire, and are fired, they need some rotation. it doesnt always mean theyre lowering the bar, a company's best asset (in terms of at least somewhat skilled labor) is not so much how low he'll bid but how secure of a hire he is

>There's all sorts of shady seasonal layoffs, under the table work, forced travel, and weird hours in the blue collar world(your boss doesn't give a shit if you fall asleep behind the wheel on your way home or have no social life).

lmao pussy
yeah sorry for that; mine is a (mildly?) physical position and we have guys that are basically cripples, some of them literally. i imagine its all seniority

What do you like to do? Figure that out and get some sort of degree. It's like the new HS diploma.

Seems like the only people with good jobs got them through friends and family. So yeah, try to meet people.

...god I hate being part of this generation. There was such hope when I was a kid. There was going to be this great information age and it all just turned to shit.
Why lie on an anonymous board?
Too many feels in this thread, though somewhat comforting I am not the only one going through similar circumstances.

31, cyborg. Left job and its 8 year career history because reasons. Mostly cause the pay was poor, I hated it so much and was having health problems. Had to move back with parents and have been here for several months. Completely losing my mind because it's a small shit town I so desperately tried to escape. Luckily I saved up money so I can pay some bills for several more months.

Not sure what to do anymore. Local job market is terrible and has been well before the economy tanked in 2008. Only had skill sets for one particular job and now I can no longer get hired doing much of anything else. Don't even want to deal with women at this point, even more so because now I'm like George Constanza.

Hair is slowly falling out and I'm losing hope daily. Want to die in sleep but keep waking up the next day. I wouldn't wish this existence on my worst enemies. Get old sucks, bros. Enjoy your 20's while you still can cause I wasted mine.
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happy face.jpg
26 KB, 215x365
>in grad school
>first winter break
>don't want to go back to the stress
>still stuck in the normal sleep schedule
>just want to play video games all day
>can't even get motivated to turn console on or play for more than two hours at a time

what happened to me
high school is the previous step towards mediocrity
>still has hair

i bet it wasnt even bad pay
havent read a single comment yet, and my first time ever on robot, which i hear is a pitiful place (was just curious.)
joined the navy 1 year ago at 27, now 28 and finishing photo journalism and videography course for navy, go to San Diego in one month.
previously was half/half a restaurant server/personal fitness trainer. Made easily 3x the money then, but the benefits in military are good, plus I wanted to be something more than a waiter/gym employee before I was 30 and had kids.
Seeing the most wonderful girl here now in Maryland, but she's younger than me (20) and I leave to San Diego soon. Would really want it to work out, I would marry her, but she's so young, there's way too much ahead of her. It probably won't work out, oh well- such is life.

In my future is mostly shooting photos and writing stories for my ship, a flagship aircraft carrier, and soon enough deploying to travel the ocean blue for 9 months with those same duties but with more vigor.

Can't really complain.
>20 years old
>failed a couple of college classes and my gpa dropped
>i've lost complete interest in college and i didn't bother signing up for classes
>my parents are fucking furious and i live with them
>have nowhere to go and have no ambitions
>still can't/won't drop out of college because i have student loans up to my eyeballs
the worst part is that i owe the state money because of student loans, if i were to drop out i wouldn't be able to pay them cause i'm unemployed
Its ok.

I will most likely just NEET around for 6 months and get healthy during that time.

Then most likely do a LTL drop and hook job for a year or two to get my experience up to where I can get a fuel delivery job.

OTR has been fun but its just getting to me now. This winter has been retarded, California and Colorado requiring chains when the roads are clear. Hell I was doing donner pass on I80 in california and they were requiring chains, it was raining out and it was 38 degrees out.

That and just too many retarded people driving cars that know nothing about the road.
>150k year salary
>still borderline alcoholic
>gf of a year
>living in a major city

could we worse familia
>>live at home with my mediocre parents
>>work a trash job paying $15/hr
Sounds good to me. You don't pay rent, bills or meals. You can potantially save up a lot of money and start your own business in a couple of years.
>lmao pussy

See, that's how they get you. They make you perversely proud of how much your job sucks.

What if I have a kid and can't just run off to Dakota one week and Pennsylvania the next? What if I develop a health issue and can't work for somewhere that's going to lay me off and rehire me every 90 days to avoid paying bennies?
been there done that. That's what led me to pursuing jobs that payed me well and saying "fuck you" to school. And why I ended up joining the Navy. (im the navy fag from above.) im telling you, people give me shit all the time because it seems like im always trying to recruit, but I just love the options and benefits- contact an Air Force or Navy recruiter (NOT MARINES OR ARMY FUCK THAT GAY SHIT.) They have so many options- sometimes they just agree to pay for all your schooling, lodging, and even give you a paycheck, as long as you agree to become an officer for X amount of years afterwards. And being an officer is the absolute shit. Seriously, being an officer in the armed forces is like being an upper level executive in a company- you are immediately in charge of enlisted and work in an administrative or research capacity in your field. Officer Candidate School is no joke though- way harder than bootcamp. Longer and with alot more studying. They want officers to be intelligent and dedicated.
>That and just too many retarded people driving cars that know nothing about the road

i love it, it's like a circus and you can yell at them without consequence

driver feels
>Hurrr if I make an outlandish lie, they'll surely respond to me and give me compliments.

How's grade 10?
>raising pussy children
>being careless about your health
then it's only your personality holding you back bro.... I know shit tons of handsome, ripped bros, funny and fun as fuck, who are held back by their sub 20k a year shit lifestyles... with 70+ a year you could just workout, have parties, be fun and have an excellent life
i have an uncle whos in air force national guard and he kept telling me how great it was. im sure it is but he's such a fag i'm going to ignore him out of spite
let the hate flow thru you lad

it's okay, it's not always going to be a sob story on this board.
see this is what i expected to find here, wtf man. its your guys own perspectives and self-limiting outlooks that's making you this way....
The bay area is cool if you stay away from SF or the east bay

It's a pretty normal life, what do you think is untrue?
>been financially independent since 18
>decided after first year on my own that I no longer want to bust my back working trades and want to work in vidja games
>go to school for a year with the money I saved and get a bs piece of paper that says "Game Designer" on it
>get a job right out of school
>double promoted to software engineer

Now I'm a web developer but seriously, it's not that hard to live your dreams guys.

Just stare at stuff until it makes sense.

navy dude yet again... wtf this whole board is fucking depressing. Ok, first off- military is way better off for all of youg ys. Second- I went out and got jobs as a waiter and personal trainer. Granted both require some level of charisma, but a waiter at a decent spot (which anyone can work up to after a couple years) netted me $150 to $400 a night ,for a 5 hour shift, and personal training was anywhere from $20 to $80 an hour... and before you say personal training requires some impossible level of fitness, you need to realize fitness simply = basic biochemistry + biomechanics, which is easily easily easily researchable on the internet- then you simply apply it, and use your body as marketing.... These may be poor examples, but anyone who has drive and can think well enough should be able to net more than what you guys are.. Its like you need something linear like "go to school. take class. get degree. get job in field." to even process... Just think outside the box and apply yourselves. I was earning more than you guys with NO degree
>I am getting tired of it. I miss being home.
>I love the money but its just too much.
>Before I got this job in trucking I was a NEET for 8 months in 2013.
>Before that I worked in a factory during all of 2012.
>My advice is to never date someone you work with because it fucked me over.
>2009-2011 I was NEET after being in the military and spending 2008-part of 2009 in Iraq.
>I think I will quit next year and be a NEET for some time while I decide
dude making money is overrated. I live in a trailer on wheels on a street. you only need like 6 dollars a day to live. If you are near a city there is TONS of free food from churches, soup kitches ect
way to nihilism, friend. Anyways, us Active Duty think reservists are fucking scum. Active Duty has rewards for consequence and work. That's what you want. Anyone (nearly, just dont admit to anything medical or psychological or anything- most the people in the military are actually totally aspbergers autist weirdos, never seen so much NEET shit, just dont admit to shit until youre out of boot) can join, and then youre introduced to a very simple promotion system based on merit and work ethic, and if youre in enough years everyone is paid well and gets all the benefits. it really is the easiest way to a guaranteed good life. but you will have to pay in some way or another.
its not really worth it navy dude; it really is the best option but the only serious replies you'll get are from people who have legitimate excuses like a broken back or some shit. i looked into it once and you can be disqualified for some pretty retarded shit. youll just have to be content with believing that the people who dont reply are taking your advice
>some level of charisma
>just a lil bit
>$400 a night
ok faggot

post yearly, top and bottom

Good luck to you. I honestly don't know I'm going to manage not working and still having a place to live. No one cares about a 26yo student, and I'm as cheap as I can get right now.


The thing is that I /want/ to go to school. I'd rather be there than at a a shitty job. At least there I feel like what I'm doing actually matters to someone because I'm also a tutor. I'm that crazy freak that actually enjoys math.

I will be fair and say that I have put a lot of thought about the military, but I'm flat foot, colorblind, and very overweight. Frankly, I doubt I'd pass any mental health exam, too, but I did get a 92 on my ASVAB, so there's that. I made a lot of recruiters very sad that year.
Car salesman
going to community college part time
lucked out though, wife makes 45/hour as nurse and I help manage my family's properties worth about 2 million total. Family is only myself and my mother, one day it will all be mine. I have a cool car and a small house and I know there is more out there but I have zero will to actually improve myself anymore.
>I help manage my family's properties worth about 2 million total

yooo gimme a deal
>tfw you're finally allowed to post in these threads
I';m 23 and I feel so fucking old

I want to have a youth and love women, go back to school

Why did I waste my life god
File: 1422690737923.gif (1 MB, 500x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x280

>somehow got a gf recently

>no job with nothing good coming in sight.

>parents will eventually kick my ass out and it seems closer rather than later.

I dont even want a lot of money or anything I just want to live comfortably with my gf and then wife her at some point.
I always come here to feel better about myself
Thank you guys
I may not fully enjoy my accounting career but at least its better than being a neet
naawww man. I'm 29. Living at home. Dead end job with low oportunities. It could be worse though. I have a great gf and I do a lot of things I like. I don't have children thank god!
you're welcome anon. This is why we are here
man, at least you see where i'm coming from. after reading all this dark shit, it's hard to understand why more people aren't hitting me up... anyways, the key to joining again is don't admit to shit... once you pass boot they just pay you more for broken backs and stuff...

most i made in one year of purely serving tables was $65k. none if it I had when I found that out of course, it all went to coke and pot and bitches. I have no records or anything, I don't know what you want me to say? That year I worked somewhere where the average plate was $20 to $30, and the average table was 4. That usually meant at least 1 bottle of wine- which is where charisma comes into play: If youre boring and leave them to their own devices they may have a good time, they may not. If you're a fucking riot and strike a personal chord early on the environment becomes more hospitable-seeming to them and they start enjoying themselves more. That means more appetizers, more bottles of wine, more time sticking around talking to you- more drinks, and then hopefully a dessert. That should net you at the very fucking least $200, 20% of which is $40. you are juggling 5 to 6 of these tables at once, lasting about an hour give or take each, before its flipped and you're re-sat on each. So thats generally let's say $200 an hour.... Although it doesn't ever work out that way. Some people tip shit even if you're great, some people sit too long- which is fine. It's not applebees, youre not trying to flip too much. You want to create regulars who request you by name. High end service is just as much entertainment as it is food/wine/beer knowledge, and also working well and making fast connections with the cooks and bussers and runners, and all sorts of other shit.
Either way you can work your way into these kinds of places/situations starting at applebees or wherever. Just work you way up and always apply somewhere better every year.
>it all went to coke and pot and bitches
this is charisma, this is the investment you need to make to get 65k. even then, this investment isn't a guaranteed return

if people on this board could get and hold a waiter job they wouldnt be here
File: image.jpg (142 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lol at this thread with -25 year olds thinking they belong
im telling you bro, don't admit to the flat foot or colorblind. Seriously its that easy. If dont say your flat foot, no one calls you out on it. I remember my colorblind test at MEPS, the guy was in a hurry and was like "what do you see?" sort of, and I told him I couldnt hear him and he was rushing, and he just pushed me through. They dont actually give a fuck.
As far as the overweight- 1. get on top of that, its not hard, its just something you should do if you want to be worth a damn 2. that could have alot to do with your energy and general demeanor and shit. That's your health bro, if you let a house go to shit, you wouldn't want to live in it. Well that's your body homie, get to fixing that shit up.
:( im not that cool man, I just... I don't know, put myself out there. I was autismo hardcore through alot of school. It's just life experiences that break you out of it. Make yourself jump off the diving board, get into that pool.

and don't ever be afraid of failure or embarrassment. being a nihilist in humor- if you can laugh at any dire situation, including your own, you'll never fear getting dirty, for risk or reward
27 KHV

have about 6 years work experience as a software developer but been a NEET for the past two years

doubt i'll ever get a job again due to not being good at interviews
>I just... I don't know, put myself out there
>and don't ever be afraid of failure or embarrassment
>Make yourself jump blah blah blah
this is the part where you need to leave, no one here wants to hear this

>if you can laugh at any dire situation, including your own
>It's just life experiences that break you out of it
again, this is me, but it's something you have to live through. you can't give it as advice

thank you for your efforts
shit man... this is a bleak place...
Over 30 Mantra: Kill me, I don't want to die, kill me, I don't want to die, kill me, I don't want to die.
it used to be heavier, now it's mostly for entertainment like for faggots at the zoo

the sadder ones probably offed themselves kek
I just don't understand this level of societal anxiety though... you're all intelligent enough to have found this place and made a community. you're at least strong enough to critically think through self-preservation- most of the people I've known in life who are "making it" are near clinically retarded... It's almost your duty to prove that intelligence should rank higher as a variable in survival of the fittest...
>doubt i'll ever get a job again due to not being good at interviews
Iktf. I got called to interviews but never got the job. I can't come up with a clever answer in a short notice. When there's a series of questions one after another, I just say whatever comes up first just to get through. When I later think about it, I regret most of the answers I gave.
>found this place and made a community
and now it's been found by regular people and is being taken over

>prove that intelligence should rank higher as a variable in survival of the fittest
it doesn't

society is too overt. please leave forever if you understand, this is where people come to die or swim
>six figure white collar mook
>100% everything-less permavirgin
>waiting for death

I wish it were that easy, man. I've lived a life of depression that is now getting complicated by hypothyroid that I can't afford to treat. I envy people who are capable of such passion, because have never felt it. Whether or not you choose to believe me though, I tried. I really did, but even a wildfire needs more than a cold stone to continue burning. Eventually, it runs out of fuel and leaves the rock behind, and the rock is no better than before the fire.

I wouldn't last long in boot camp or officers school, anyway. I'm too pig headed and ask too many questions. I need reasons beyond getting constantly yelled at and reprimanded. The whole idea is to break you, right? I know I'd just an hero before then.
File: 1434160927287.jpg (134 KB, 850x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 850x304
>last time I talked to a girl I had some kind of romantic interest in was almost a year ago
>was NEET on and off for the last 3 years (tried a couple of times at university)
>first year at uni
>only had money to go part-time this year
>don't really feel that motivated to go in the 2nd semester, thought about changing major again but can't, it's been too long and nothing guarantees me I'll enjoy it
>can't find a job, cv is almost empty, got rejected for a till position at a supermarket, sent an application to mcdonalds a week ago and haven't gotten a call
>live with mother
>lost quite a lot of weight in the summer, but have been nervously eating that I've gained it again
>marathoned all harry potter movies in the last 2 days

I'm definitely not an adult.
32, still live at home, decent job, cute gf

I cant take any of these things to the next level because im "that guy" that no one likes.

Pleasant, competent, quiet. I can never fit in at any job and live in constant fear of being fired for poor fit, and stress due to openly hostile coworkers who dont respect or support me.

The shittiest part of getting old is realizing that its all just survival of the fittest. In an office environment, this means being a brown nosing bully, and there is absolutely no room for an introverted beta male unable to charm or impress the stereotypically alpha male company bigshots.

"Culture fit" is the buzzword of modern employment, and from what ive seen its far more important than work ethic or ability.
the path youre supposed to take is to impress them by taking risks. take out a mortgage or some shit

i wouldnt condone it because that's retarded but it's the path you chose by choosing office work
35, stemfag here
career crashed, love left me/nonexistant, living with my mother and sister.
going to school and working very few hours just to have a little bit of money. I've pretty much lost all hope for my life and wish I could not wake up tomorrow. No quiet, timid, virgin, reasonably attractive woman wants a fat, old, virgin male nerd/vidya type who would actually love, cherish, and appreciate her. And the ones that do would never reciprocate that love; just use me for what little money i had then divorce me.

why does life have to hurt so much, why do i have to be alone? why does everything have to end in failure for me?

Most interviews theyre just trying to determine if they like you on a personal level. In a "can we be friends with this guy" sort of way.

This leads to extreme cronyism and an environment that is hostile as fuck to beta males, introverts, or really anyone who truly thinks out of the box.
it's always been like that

if you have ANY friends, look for their friends and ask for work, you wont find it in the public
being a office drone is so comfy

stress free work and decent pay

Maybe after 50, but up until then radical change is definitely still possible. It just gets harder with age as you get more set in your ways, even if they're shitty.
Im not sure what youre trying to tell me... impress coworkers by taking out a mortgage?

Honestly, my main issue seems to be that in every job ive had a bully who was out to get me, either overtly or covertly.

The last one was just a ruthless openly hostile fucker, but this one is a behind the scenes character-assassination type. Its pretty clear in my current gig theres someone with an agenda to kick me out, but im not sure exactly who.

I cant last much more than a year at any job because of this shit. How do people find workplaces that arent filled with these types of bullies?

Why does office life feel like the walking dead?
No friends, sadly. Im a decent guy, just not attractive or charming enough for anyone to give a shit about.

As much as you probably don't realize it, your situation is kickass.

>someone loves you
>you have a social circle
>you have a house
>you do things you enjoy

Keep working on finding a better job and you'll be comfy as fuck.
File: 1450893737015.jpg (33 KB, 846x471) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 846x471
>mfw 18
>Still have so much life ahead of you pathetic losers

You old unwanted faggots should just go kill yourselves already.
found the SJW 'femanon'
>tfw you're me just without a job

..a-at least my parents wont kick me out for not having a job
>$75k / yr office monkey IT cubicle zoo slave
>still live in dumpy efficiency 300 sq ft apartment I had in college because why not, no friends anyway
>money just piles up in bank because don't enjoy anything so don't spend anything
>don't want to get up
>fucking tired and brain feels sluggish and blunted, few emotions or interests these days
>constantly think of suicide and frequently blurt out "fuck I need to kill myself" when I'm alone at home like a tourettes autism child
I'm ready to sleep and not wake up. At least its better than manual labor which I used to do when younger.

If the central valley is anywhere near the central coast, good luck. The central coast fuckin sucks, but it's cheaper to live in than the bay area so it might help you out a bit
same here man, i'm glad im still pretty young and reading about all these 25+ guys here being total losers is a pretty good ego boost for me.
Buy gaming computer and play with friends.
keep talking shit, you are gunna blink and be the biggest faggot 30 yr old cuck
25 live at home, just got in a huge fight with my brother, pretty sure I am moving out or I am going to end up killing him. He's 35 and I would best describe his career as living off women until they kick him out.
Nope. There's plenty of cases of people reinventing themselves in the 30s and 40s. Those cases are the minority because it gets harder and harder with each year. Not impossible. Most quit without trying thinking it's too late. They keep telling themselves that and then 20 years later they realize it might not have been had they tried.
File: 2ec.png (572 KB, 600x580) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
572 KB, 600x580
>Just blinked
>mfw still 18
lol, guess you're still the 30 year old piece of shit loser my friend.
27. Engaged. Have a good career. Looking at houses soon. Life's pretty okay.
Yet here you are on posting on the same board, weird.
File: dr-cox2_786x590.jpg (93 KB, 786x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Age: 25
Pretty shitty. Thinking about dropping out of college and then work for the city for the rest of my life.
Oddly enough, I used to get dates and laid like crazy during my early adult years. I didn't even work or have a car too. Now, I can't seem to get a GF and I've been single for 6 years now.
>Living situation
With parents. This is mainly because I was helping them stay afloat until their workers comp cases and social security disability gets granted to them.

Bad thing is that I got laid off from the same job I've been working for the last 4 years 6 months ago. I've been having trouble looking for a job and those bills are catching up.

I just hope I get a call back from places I applied for last week... Getting a job out there would really help me out and make things happier for my sad life...
I'm almost done with my petroleum engineering degree last semester with cgpa of 3.1 and think if my looks can't get me girls atleast money will.
File: thebar.png (10 KB, 1157x796) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 1157x796
How I fixed the failure problem. It's gotta be the best way.

Just wait. If you arent really cool, attractive, or talented, then you'll have to work like the rest of us, handing over your destiny to the kind of alpha men and women who likely bullied you in school or ignored you thereafter. Your likability, as judged by the douchiest of douchebags, will be of utmost importance.

Assuming you dont just come to R9K to troll, im thinking that you score low in likability, attractiveness, and talent. The adult world is a nightmare, unless youre the kind of person who has never had any sort of interpersonal struggles.
26, minimum wage job, living with my parents

Not a KV, I'm female so it was easy to check those off. But it turns out I don't like sex or relationships. I'm starting to look less kawaii than I did when I was younger, which is fine but now I am bracing for the incoming "bad female aging" and osteoperosis.

My parents are encouraging me to go back to college, which is nice. I dropped out when I was 22 because I was too autist too handle it. Grade wise I had a 4.0 because I was taking some dumb social studies type classes (russian culture, greek mythology, latin amerian history, shakespeare etc.) to fulfill some general ed requirement. But socially I couldn't hack walking around and having to talk to so many people all the time. I moved out and lived with my bf for a while. He and I had dated for 7 years and broke up 2 months ago.

I think I could take college now. After working in retail for years, I have developed a bit thicker skin and now that I am in my late 20's I feel like I don't really give a shit what people younger than me are doing and I would feel pretty free to tell them to stop talking to me if I am feeling bovvered. Pretty excited for that college life, I really want to take some interesting classes and get out of minimum wage, although I have no idea if it will actually happen.

? did u just tk me 2 da bar?
please explain, I dont understand :(

AirForcefag here, you speak a lotta truth. Welcome to /r9k/, it's what I imagine hell would be like if hell doesn't have any active torture or misery beyond people being stuck in a boring place forever
File: Truth.png (178 KB, 519x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 519x647
This. Life always felt surreal for me past puberty, but I felt some kind of self-righteousness in doing my own thing and keeping to myself. Experience has dulled a bit of that edge and now the only things that feel real are the loan repayments and insurance fees and my car lease payments. I'm more alone than I've ever been in my life and it's hard to see that changing, even though I try my best to stay healthy now that my back and knees aren't what they were ten years ago. I was never Chad at 20 and I'll never be Chad at 30. I don't lead a blessed life, but it could be worse. I suppose you just sort of tread water and try to do the right thing and be a good person moment to moment. That's what keeps me sane and lets me live with myself day to day. In the end, I hope that's good enough.
When I was 18 I thought life was gonna be so easy. Used to wonder who people ended up not succeeding.
File: 1452496830804s.jpg (3 KB, 124x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw you realize you are just as sad pitiful and alone as the rest of us and you try and hide it eventually succumbing to alcohol poisoning or dying in some stupid stunt in an attempt to reclaim your youthful "glory" years.
Anon, if you feel bad, at least you are not me.

I'm 32 years old. I live with my mom who has cancer. I working in a shit tier minimum wage job. I'm a handholdless etc virgin. Nobody ever loved me. My mom only puts up with me because she knows it is mostly her fault I turned out like this. I'm fat and ugly. I could go on with the usual machildish problems but even if you read this I bet you don't care.
>30 years old
>$9.5k debt
>Job that makes me want to kill myself
>Drink way too much to alleviate boredom and depression
>Just received $300 speeding ticket in the mail

I just can't get ahead. I went 5 years without debt, when on vacation, spent too much and now I just haven't been able to dig myself out. I haven't ever felt this trapped. Every day is getting harder and harder and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
as someones who 19 and approaching that stage in my life, this felt really good to read. Thank you anon, you didnt sugar coat things but its more optimistic than i myself imagined
File: 1407712815338-1.png (91 KB, 288x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 288x264
btw, you guys should check out this young adult thread. It's pretty hip.

Shame though that you're too old to post on it you dead bags of shit.
Enjoy that cocky shit talking while you can, anon. It's easy to throw stones while you still live in your mom's basement accruing GBP. Sooner or later that shit or college or your enlistment runs out and you have to wade into this mess with the rest of us.
I want to put my wiener in your butt
File: thebar.png (9 KB, 1157x796) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 1157x796
woops i made it upside down
in order to fix failure you must lower the bar.
tip: the lower it goes the more accomplished you feel.
it will take a while to get used to but you'll get used to it.
see i lowered the bar and my fuck up is now a funny and i move on.
the bar is fine, I'm just trying to figure out all the other random bullshit there
>accruing GBP

>finished college
>made no friends

>should make >$200k this year (tech)
>area so expensive never going to be able to afford a house

>gf of 2 years
>not sure we're really compatible

I just want to go back to being a comfy little robot again. I miss staying up all week until I was sleeping in the day and awake at night. This normie shit is the worst.
I think you and I would probably get along if we met in life.

Too bad we both post on r9k.
>dead end $15 an hour job where i set my own hours, but never actually motivated enough to clock into work so end up making like 1k a month tops.
>finishing my Computer Science degree this semester assuming I don't kill myself. Don't even want to do anything related to computers.
>volunteer at a few places, the only thing I do that's worth a shit
>Getting pretty good at running but don't eat enough, so while I can run long distances ultimately my body is wasting away. My face looks like a chemo patient.
>18 y/o "girlfriend" that I talk to every day but only get to see like once a month and she only wants to fuck, wish I could get someone my own age but they can see how pathetic I am and although they remain cordial, they avoid relationships with me

You know people always view men in their late 20's hooking up with teenagers as creepy or predatory but in my case it's just desperation and complete lack of self-worth, if anything they're using me. How pathetic is that, getting toyed with by teenagers. They've all definitely been smarter and more well adjusted than me. Anyway here's hoping I die soon.

Oh yeah and I live with my parents but that's a given.
>tfw just barely graduated
>don't know what I want to do in life
>picked a degree because it was useful instead of chasing my dreams
>never held a real job
>I'm expected to apply and interview and I feel like a huge fraud
>terrified of getting a job
>not even motivated to fill countless applications
>hate my life and want to do a career change but I don't have money and don't know what to do

>tfw no passions, no meaning, to point to your existence
you probably shouldn't have bought a house

they really only serve a purpose when you have a spouse and fucking children, otherwise they only take up money and add stress
Ok job, gf,renting. Better now but I was KV neet like 3 years ago. Even with these things my social skills are pretty shit, just lucky.
i care enough to say dont blame your mom so much. yes parents should take some responsibility but a good amount is still yours. just about anything to do with feels is your problem after 20 hell even 18. physical shit like they just yelled to get a job instead of driving you around because it's fucking hard enough getting a job let alone when you're under 18. the life skills like bookkeeping street smarts etc as well are theirs but that really becomes yours by 30.
my suggestion suck it up. and i dont mean food or dick. suck it up and move on also find a damn good release. try boxing or mma, i bet you can take a punch.
feel better? dont care. lol
>have brain problems
>very poor understanding of mathematics
>finally teaching myself maths through khanacademy
>working my way through each grade trying to 100% everything in order
>genuinely enjoying myself and having a good time
>Biology Degree
>Lab supervisor, $18.25/hour
>Work lots of overtime
>Live in basement
>No sex for 3 years
>Hire escort
>Didn't cum

Just end me please
It's about attitude, man. The first thing you learn when you enter the "real world" is that it doesn't exist. Beyond showing up at the appropriate times and paying what you owe, nobody cares what else you do with your time. That is entirely on you. It is also entirely on you how you choose to view your situation. I've seen dudes selling steak knives act cockier than teenagers because they see it as a road to bigger and better things. I've seen dudes making 65K a year beg death to take them because they feel trapped. Experience shapes your perceptions less than you might assume, but it is easy to get caught in a rut and imitate those around you. You have to have a decent plan and set goals, the sooner in life the better. You also need to learn how to ask for help from the right people. Life flourishes in some truly shitty and godforsaken places on this planet. If it can, you certainly can too.
I'm 20, three years into a shitty university (in Europe) with a shitty performance so far. I received a honorific mention because I was the best student to get into my degree in my university. Since then, for external reasons, I've plummeted to the bottom. Now I want to drop out of my degree and start another one because I need a fresh start. Also, I'd change university for a better one.

On the other hand, I'm not a virgin, had a gf for 2.5 years and I don't have to pay for university. I guess my overall situation is not that bad. If I start a new degree now I will be 24-25 when I finish it.
Not him but I had to take care of and support my mother after her divorce. From 21 - 25 I was basically a write off as a human being because I essentially became her surrogate husband. And she doesn't even have cancer. She's just dumb, lazy and lives beyond her means and I felt bad for her. I'm 30 and a fully functioning adult now but I get kinda mad when I think about how much she held me back during that period. Not gonna lie, she did do a lot for me and that's probably why I felt obligated to support her for those years. I suppose in a way realizing you were the one taking care of your parent made me grow up quickly in a short span of time so for that I should be thankful.
>Didn't cum
Why? I also have problems (can't cum for a long time, but I don't go soft luckily).
I'll be 31 within a few months. I'm a two time dropout, one time kicked out first year undergraduate. Try being 30 and starting a degree.

Even then it's not so bad. No one seemingly cares or notices, or if they do I care so little about what they think I don't realize.
>tfw just turned 18
>tfw finishing high school
>tfw you go to a private school
>fucking sausage fest
>50 students and like, 7 girls
>never even held a girls hand
>never asked a girl out

And now, if I try to have sex with some girl at college I'll get accused of rape
23, armyfag, live in Anchorage alone, had sex once in order to lose virginity after college. Starting to realize that I don't really like most people or my life, but bills need to be paid. I've come to hate traffic more than women at this point.
It was nerves, I think. First time with an escort and I didn't really know how to act. Sex with a person you just met is harder than I thought.
il be 25 in 3 days

can i still post here?
>Get sent around to different cities teaching insane autistic Japanese childrens
>Really pretty happy with things finally tbph
File: 1436243471607.jpg (454 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
454 KB, 1536x2048
21y/o here. Jeans and T-shirt atm. Yeah Who the fuck cares if you fail a couple of classes, never stop the train from moving or you will not be able to stop waking up from dreams in a panic sweat. At the end of the day, school brings purpose to our lives in some way. Go back, fuck your parents, fuck yourself, and just give yourself a shot at a better future than staying at home with mom and pop giving you the ole 'GET A FOOKING JUB LAD OR MOVE OUT'
File: 1449543886899.png (436 KB, 616x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
436 KB, 616x720
38 year old kissless virgin.

It's alright, I live by myself and I'm a database administrator. Makes good money and I enjoy the work.

I'm pretty happy all things considered. All my old friends from high school and college are divorced or getting divorced and paying alimony or child support and hating life.

Pretty chill life doing whatever I want, wish I could find a new group to play Pathfinder with though.
File: 1452496535863s.jpg (3 KB, 119x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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same same here but dad, fucker let his house go to shit i move back in i didnt help fix it up. i fixed up. fucker has almost 20 years left on his mortgage and wanted to extend it back to 25 or 30 i cant remember so he could lower his payments to afford god knows what. the faggot sits on the computer all day and only does his laundry. one day i'll have to wipe this faggots ass to keep his checks coming and him out of a home so he can leave me a rundown house and not debt. I literally had to explain to him that he is 70 and that if he extends this loan he will have been in debt for most of his life but also die in debt leaving his children nothing and have nothing to show for it. keep in mind that this guy was a school counselor and he was fucked before his stroke and heart attack.
Yes, I guess it's not that bad. In perspective, I'm barely starting my life as an adult. When I finish my new degree (if my father accepts this decision, since he's the one who's gonna pay) I'll still be young and I will have opportunities.

What degrees have you left behind, and where are you from?
That was some real talk, femanon. Respect. I did mostly the same when I was an undergrad (bullshit classes, high GPA) to the point that I didn't major in what I would have actually liked to. The courses were too rigorous and the heavy schedule would have driven me insane, having no social life to counterbalance it and all. Ended up doing grad school to put off the inevitable, but I feel like I'm going through the motions at this point. I've felt like an opportunistic impostor for a while and wonder how I ended up here all the time. It seems really surreal.

The worst was when I moved to campus and into my new apartment. For a month, I woke up in my bed expecting to be somewhere else. I would panic a bit and have to remind myself where I was and why I was there and that I was ok. Even amongst the grad students, there are so many chads and stacies who continue to do what chad and stacy did in high school and college, just with a bit more foresight and maturity. They schmooze like hell and I can already see it paying off for them. I've tried to do the same, But it just comes off weird and aimless. I thought I would finally fit in for once in my life. I don't. Even in a fucking PhD program.
You should take this opportunity to stay out of the game and focus on the big bucks. Fuck those distractions, there is literally nothing wrong with fucking a warm bagel when you're 40, mostly because you will be a billionaire if you keep away from the women.
>keep in mind that this guy was a school counselor and he was fucked before his stroke and heart attack.

It never fails to surprise me how many college educated professionals are completely hopeless.
>38 year old kissless virgin.
Fuck man just get a prostitute.
you don't rationalize away things borne without rationality

please take your normie advicw with you when you leave
Where in his post did he state he wanted to lose his virginity? No need for projection.
Sydney and it's a string of arts degrees. I've returned to do that but fuck it, I've worked a shitty job for years and there's nothing else I want to do with my life but write novels. Don't need university to teach you how to do that but I think it helps and I hate being an adult without a college degree, particularly because my narcissism makes me feel so much smarter than so many graduates.
26, software developer, live with gf of 4+ years. 7/10 would recommend
>tfw a mailman/UPS worker makes as much or more than you
Everybody wants to lose their virginity.
>turning 25 in a month
>diagnosed with severe arthitis
>first and only gf of 7years abandonned me
>she already forgot about me, 7years of her life while I cry everyday and feel empty
>I saw her profile on a dating app
>still at uni, no idea of what to do, bad grades starts to overflow
>compmetely broken.
>nothing to offer to a girl, no money no car, no job, no joy...
>she was the only girl I had so literally feel like a virgin compared to other people, social people
>borderline manlet and average sized dick
>nothing stands out

Well, I dont think I'm going to make it to 30 guys
Uhuh sweetheart, because opening your pretty little legs and letting the dogs go to town down in your hoo-hah is that much work. We've all been there, hunny. You aren't fooling anyone, not even yourself.

Stirs martini while petting poodle
I always want to post in these threads but they're always so terrible. The black feels threads too. Nothing but people complaining about their lives.
>Nothing but people complaining about their lives.
>on /r/9k/
where the fuck do you think you are anon?
File: 1437068863612.png (78 KB, 497x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 497x499
>severe arthitis
get prescribed dank painkillers and nod out

>people complain on /r9k/ waaw so uncanny

Back to reddit you go
I get what you say. I know I'm smart, but I've had problems with the way university works where I live. I've seen really dumb people pass courses I couldn't pass because they're used to memorise a list of problems and then solve those same problems in the test. That's how it works here, at least: professors take 4-5 problems out of the whole problem set (which we've solved through the year) and then you solved those problems to get your grades. But I can't do that because you don't learn shit that way. I've head people with half a chemistry degree fight over how vapor pressure works. Plus, my university is shit, and if I start a new degree I'll have to go to another university, live with some friends as flatmates and have a fresh start. I'm going to promise my father that this will be the last year he's going to have to pay for my education.
I hear people are inordinately positive on reddit. Maybe try threads on there?

Faggot doc only gave me anti inflamatory useless shit. I screamed at that bald fuck that I couldn't even walk properly so he gave me some codeine, feels pretty dank but its only a smoke screen, doesnt ease my true pain. Even when I take a shitload
>met a guy in a mental hospital who overdosed on painkillers
>not on purpose, he just has huge pain in his legs
>realize people live like this

this life, this world, is truly hell
Living the dream, good on you man.
That fucking sucks, m8. I've been there too. Because of a family thing, I got really good tuition at a so-so university (I could have done better). As a result, I stuck around home way too much and played referee between my mom and dad, going out to dinner with them every Friday. Maybe a movie on Saturday. Pick up the house a bit on Sunday. Were I not there, I wasn't sure I would have a home to go back to and I was always too much of a pussy to tell them to get fucked. In a fucked up way, I almost felt they were being nice to me by letting me kick around at home. It wasn't until I left and my mom and dad began calling me all the time without the others' knowledge that I got what was up. They had used me as a fucking backstop for years, certainly since my older sister moved out.

My dad just had a stroke because he's older and, quite frankly, he's having to put up with my mom's shit no holds barred. Now she's trying to get all holier than thou about caring for him and telling my sister and I to not be so "critical of him." Kek. She's projecting so hard now I feel like popping popcorn and selling tickets. I feel bad for my dad, but at the same time am just disappointed with both of them. If I ever meet somebody, I am seriously tempted to lie and say my parents are dead.
i fucking love this, these faggot 4 year grads have no idea how fucking stupid the decision to go to college was. a lot of these kids in stem too are finding out a lot of the jobs needing to be filled are not solid and not as good as they thought.
>inb4 I'm a 4 year fag and I have a great job. money etc.
feel lucky not highly skilled because there are many many many others just as if not more skilled than you and you were the just the one that happened to get the lucky opportunity.
>inb4 I nailed the interview I'm awesome.
No, no you didn't you just happened to be a little more desirable than the rest of the 4 year fags. But still not that desirable. Remember if you were they would be knocking on your door.
if you look decent there is a ton of older women that arent bad looking just old. they have probably had kids and want to take care of someone. you need it so you may actually be desirable just not to your age. take it where you can get it anon.
Ok well I have a fucking degree and college was a crazy experience so shut the fuck up.

You sound so unappealing
you live in the US. welcome to the new age where someones getting all the oxy but when you're fucked all up they give you tylenol3 or did you get 4s. i had to bitch for 2 weeks till i got 4s. i picked up alcohol. because i cant get pure pain pills. the fuckers had the ball to tell me without tylenol the codein and hydro wont work. fuck the docs in the US. FUCK THIS SHIT
>he belittled what i wasted my life on
well college was appealing to you so that cant say much
faggot starts thread about career and other faggots talk about their precious college. I laugh and say their life isnt as together as they think. one comment in a see of many others about /biz/ topic and i'm out of line, ok.
>I've come to hate traffic more than women at this point

This. There is a point where day to day hassles almost let me forget the fact that I'm alone. I'm often not sure if I should be grateful or resentful of that. Of course, there are always the occasional bouts of extreme loneliness and need for companionship. Experience them enough and you realize that they pass and are likely the result of responding subconsciously to something you saw/watched/played. Going screens dark for a few days and exercising tends to help me through the worst of it.
File: image.png (167 KB, 444x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 444x444
> 70 k euro income in a 3rd world country so beast purchasing power
> 70 hr working week at least
> still not the money to buy freedom but THE money to be afraid of losing
> found what I like to do at 28 only to realize these are childish bullshit interests which I tried to suppress before
> even if I go carpe diem it's too late to fully go into my hobbies and they won't give me any cash as well
> I'd still give it a shot but I have old parents to support
Do I just work and watch anime. Help me senpai

But you're 18 and you're here. This 100% confirms that you're already way more of a fucking loser than anyone here.

There's absolutely no reason whatsoever to visit r9k at your age unless you're a complete failure.
I wouldn't call you a normie, but you're definitely not a robot, so you aren't just 1 comment in a sea of others, you stick out like a sore thumb

You're a loser now and that's worse. The fact you don't understand this should worry you.
they're full of normies, what would you expect? their depression advice threads are basically
>Man last month I was way wayyyy depressed man. My gf broke up with me and I hadn't had sex in almost a week. I was really fucked up man. But then I started doing things that I love and now I'm good as new!
File: 1308080821001.jpg (90 KB, 499x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 499x480
>work a software engineering job and hating it (900 dollars every 2 weeks)
>in grad school and hating it (none of the professors in my department want to chair my thesis project)
>the love of my life broke up with me a month ago before christmas and cut me out of her life entirely
>I severed ties with all my "friends" immediately afterwards
>none of them have made any effort to contact me since
>have 0 money in bank and $4500 in debt

oh and it gets worse
>have psychotic entitled 21yo bitch of a sister
>gets into arguments with my parents all the time
>tonight she went overboard and dad disowned her
>mom is going to divorce my dad as a result because she prioritizes her children over her husband - despite the abuse she gets from my sister every single day

ALL women are fucking evil. The whole concept of "family" is just a delusion to rob men of their lives. Well, I'm not repeating the same mistakes my father and grandfather made...

At 18 Inwas fairly sucessful and I was living a normie life. I lost it all in my twenties but the fact that you are here at such a young age means you already fucked it up. You'll be even more bitter than us in 5 years If you don't fix your shit right now
more like:
>"if we give advice we will be legally liable if you kill yourself, if you're feeling sad please dial 911 and speak with a trained professional etc etc"
>"yay we did it reddit! xD"

Don't listen to this retard. Money can't buy you back the priceless joy of prime pussy in your youth.
File: 1448225819991.gif (1024 KB, 242x227) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1024 KB, 242x227
>Bunch of 20 year olds pretending mid-life crisis
>People crying how their life is horrible just because they haven't had sex, yet have steady, well earning jobs, good education and other basics of respectable existence.
>software engineering
>900 dollars a fortnight

jesus christ anon, I'm a support engineer (i.e. wasnt confident enough to get a SE job) and make 90k a year
don't worry, I'm gonna quit my job to pursue my dream in life - even though it doesn't make any money and I'll go broke and homeless as a result.

but hey - you only live once, so I might as well make the most of it before I die a homeless painful death.
just because i had to program myself and most you fags stuck with what mommy and daddy gave you i'm not a robot. well i could not give a fuck what you think. i'm just gonna sit back smoke some more weed and laugh at the fucking retards that call themselves robots because they are outcasts or what have you. the difference between you and me is i don't hope for expect or want a normie existence. and the more i listen to the bot net some of you faggots melded into creating a new level between normie and robot. fuck you faggots with your fucking stupid fucking classifiers that you cling to because you were to fucking stupid to find the ghost in your machine. so in summation fuck you i have a lot in common with a lot of people here and if you don't like my opinions go fuck your faggot self.
i am not sorry for the long never going to be read bullshit fuck you. god i love being triggered.
Being 25 and having that essential frontal lobe development, I am absolutely fucking mindblown on a daily basis at the sheer illogical mental gymnastics people enact. I honestly have not a goddamn clue how humanity has progressed so far when so many of its individuals lack basic rational decision-making skills, exhibiting petulant behavior within any scenario.

Dudeee weed xDdd!!! Haha
But with money you can buy all the sex you want. Let's face it you could easily be millionaire by 25. While still buying that shit the whole way. You can still get pussy and say fuck off to women.

>buying sex
>thinking this is in any way comparable to some prime teen pussy willingly offering itself to you

Nothing compares, anon. Nothing. There's a reason rich people say they'd give it all up for that one girl from their teens. Money will never be able to buy something that invaluable.

>nobody likes me because I'm an insufferable person - the post
Bro you can self treat for hypothyroidism, I do, I buy the meds online and it's much more effective to self treat if you learn about the biology of it, like using pulse and temperature. Plus mainstream medicine in most countries in the world is retarded when it comes to thyroid. I've turned my life around after I gave doctors the flick. check out Ray Peat, broad Barnes, Danny roddy, raypeatforum
Just turned 26 last week, work in telemarketing because im too dumb to get my diploma. Friens are finishing school, buying houses getting kids etc. Im renting and my freetime goes to gaming and tv-shows. Had a shitload of one night stands but never a gf. Becuse im socially retarded. Always felt like a young soul who had all the time in the world. But now i suddenly feel too old and its too late...
>not killing yourself at 25
You're either a normie or a pussy.
Because some people never learn that the grass is always greener on the other side, always. Rich people are not immune to this. Also, you can't be serious that teen pussy is off the table at a certain age. Hell give those bitches some make up and costume jewelry and they're dripping. Really, you really think you cant get that teen pussy especially with money at any age. kek
>money will make me happy
If sex makes you happy, you do know that women sell it right? If relationship makes you happy, you do know women sell that right? Money can literally buy you anything but immortality, yet. With money you could also buy these things called drugs to forget your sex and or wife is bought. The best part about buying them too is you have more of a choice. there is a wide variety of women paying student loans etc. and it almost doesn't matter one bit the type of person you are.
>probably still have 4 years until I get my masters
As long as I can keep my tutoring job, things will probably be fine. I seriously fucked up by working in an office for four years which was hell, but fresh out of high school I had no idea what to do and my parents thought it would make me more social. It didn't.

what do I do robots? Any advice?

My degree was actually useful, at least
I don't care about sex
women are bitches who will never love you for you
I've been on drugs before. It's better to go without them

all I need are basic things. Like food, transportation, health, and of course entertainment via vidya or socializing, etc
25 next week. Live at home happily. Go to Starbucks then dog park every day with dog. NEET but shipping out to the Navy in 7 months. Trying to sign up to drive uber in the mean time. Dad takes me out to eat all the time. Have zero bills and about $400 left. Gonna go back to college to meet girls and get a higher pay grade when I ship out. Working out, browsing 4chan, playing tf2.

It's not bad. Not sure what I'll do if Navy falls through. Life's not pleasant as a 24 year old with low education and lousy work history. Fingers crossed!
29, no job, khv, not even a driving license because I'm afraid to drive

My life was pretty much good until college, then I lost all my friends, never made new ones, started suffering from social anxiety and life has been the same boring shit for the past five years.

>I just want to go back to these days when life was all about pogs, hi-tops, watching Clarissa Explains It All, going trick-or-treating with neighborhood friends and listening to the radio all day long

You can never replicate or pay for the unique, once in a lifetime experience that is being a teenager and getting prime teen pussy. There is nothing like it and every single person who ever experienced it would give up everything to go back and experience it all over again. Paying for it when you can afford an 18 year old isn't comparable
Major thing for my job is coming up in a few weeks was moved ahead of schedule. I'm really concerned about it.
File: oc.png (79 KB, 674x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 674x320
26 here,

Quality control chemist. It's a fun and stable job, no complaints here

Been single and without sex for 8 months now. I'm starting to believe that my ideal gf, one who is simply introverted, white and thin will always be barely within my reach, feels bad man.

I've had gf's before but they were all frumpy and/or gained weight through the course of the relationship. I'm afraid if I manage to marry, my wife will be no different.

Have almost 10k saved up and live with parents, I want to relocate somewhere eventually but have no idea where
>Stress free

nigga wat do you do for office work? Bringing staplers to people?
now thats some college i can get behind. Good for you anon.
realized im better off alone so not looking for gf
been battling depression/anxiety the last 2 years so basically done nothing
don't care about having fun anymore, have chats with close friends sometimes though

i have no degree, no plan, no idea what i want, i hate the normie lifestyle and don't want it
i have some self-taught skills in coding/art but im terrified of the idea of getting a job (probably couldnt cause nothing on cv, and too anxious) and think id rather kill myself than be forced to wageslave every day the same shit.

all options to me seem bleak, so i waste every day at my parents. i have no idea what im gonna do really. nothing seems worth the effort - dunno if thats me or depression..
This poor soul has already lost its way. Once you come in here, there is no going back.
I'm noticeably hotter than when i was younger, taller too (6'4), but my face stills ruins everything.

It's been two years since i realized that and i still can't fucking get over it, fuck.
File: 1445464568472.png (214 KB, 600x583) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 600x583
I'm turning 27 and I'm hating every moment of it. I wasted my 20s being a lazy neet stoner. Then I spent the later half of my 20s in and out of psych hospital due to psych drug withdrawals. I get crazybux, and I'm taking 15 units starting tomorrow. I live with my retired mom, bro, and gf that wants to move out. If I wasn't in school this house would be full of depressed neets

How can you be taller anon?

You stop growing; at most by 22
27, live with parent, no license, virgin.
i work graveyard and don't have a cell phone or a facebook, having a social life isn't an easy thing for me, even with the tools.

i don't know what to do or where to go and i'm too afraid to go up to people i don't know and start talking to them, especially women.

something scared me back into my shell, i think it was my friends dying too rapidly, i'm traumatized but i don't want that to be the answer because then no one will want to deal with a burden.
If I might ask, how did you get your job? and what was your experiance/qualifications like beforehand?
File: 1442993391251.jpg (8 KB, 301x167) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 301x167
>23, Male, Ausfag, CompSci Degree
>63k IT Job

This thread is inspiring stuff. Honestly I am not where I really want to be long term. I don't want to dig a bigger hole for myself as I go into my mid-20s. Going to write goals on a piece of paper and stick it on my wall. Don't want to end up pathetic.

GTFO here normie faggot. It's 25+
I grew up like a motherfucker from 18 to 22 years old. When i say "younger", i say back when i was 20 years old.

It's nice and all being tall, but shit if i wish i had a better face. Plus, i'm doing virtually everything i can to improve, nice clothes, lifting weights four times a week, got my ears pinned back, got a lazy eye fixed, got my teeth checked, but it seems it's just never enough. It's just never enough, i can't bypass that fucking genetics dice.
It's not about sex and that's what you retards need to understand.

It's about being desirable. Every single man wants to feel desirable at one point in his life, and that shit just doesn't happen to us. That's where all the problems come from, even if some aren't aware of it. This is the root of depression.
>work in retail management
>overweight but working on it
>still better off than most of my friends
I gave up on finding anyone in my 20s a long time ago. Everyone I know is married and missabrle. So I'll wait until my 30s and find some broken guy and be a stepmom.
Recently married, finishing my doctorate, wife has good career. 2016 looks good to me.
>I'm afraid if I manage to marry, my wife will be no different.

My friendgot married seven months ago and his wife gained 35 pounds. I saw that bitch eat butter once. They get comfortable.
>do you have your life together yet robots?
Kinda anon, I have a good job, my own apartment and car. I've managed to work out the basics of shit like cooking, cleaning, budgeting, clothing, hobbies etc.

>What's your career, love, living situation like?
career: grinding my way up the IT chain, currently level 3 support. pays well enough and the work is interesting.
love: i want to try and meet people but something is always holding me back.
living: have my own 2x1 apartment that i love. at first living alone was terrible but its so good now.
I miss living alone. Sadly I've doomed myself with my mother moving in for medical reasons.

If you want to be a qc chemist or tech, just get a STEM degree. I see lots of openings that even ask for no more than a HS diploma.


My exact fears. My cousin in fact ballooned over ten years of marriage and i feel bad for the guy she married. I dont think id mind just never marrying
by 25 youve been an adult for a whole 7 years. come back when you have at least 3 decades of adulthood under your belt
feelin' those 28 NEET feels fellow 28NEET
22 here lads, you jelly?
don't be, i'm shit.

give me advice please.
Many 26 khv's in here.
>me too.
Currently working in a good office. Playing games in my freetime. My little nice world.
25, accountant. Bores me to tears but it's tolerable and I make good money, minimal soicial interaction. I'll never "move up the ladder", open up my own firm, etc, because I'm a social retard with mental issues. Just trudging away saving up money until I have enough to go semi-off the grid and move out to the mountains where I'll live off the land and my savings until I decide to kill myself
Going it to end it soon.
I'm old enough to know there are no 'wizard' powers unless you pooled in shitloads of hard work.
Got something you always wanted to do but held off? Do it. I'm 32 and I know I can never leave to backpack a country because I have to care for other people now. I can't leave the state for a new job because I need to care for a sick family member. I can't do panio lessons because that money can be used in my savings account just in case my dumbass 3 year old jumps off of another thing and breaks his arm again.
East Bay is Best Bay
>24 years old
>in college since 18
>still no degree
File: 7MUTn.jpg (17 KB, 400x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 400x449
>work part time 3 days a week as a web designer
>$15 canada bucks per hour
>get autismbux as well
>haven't had gf in 5 years
>starting to feel old
>mfw life is futile
anon is actually the fuck-up brother
File: kawaii spurdo fug.jpg (20 KB, 424x308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kawaii spurdo fug.jpg
20 KB, 424x308
almost 28
I don't know who I am anymore
I don't have a degree
I don't have a job
I don't have any money
I'm recovering from a health ruining opiates addiction
I recognize that I could have many possibilities in my life yet I lack the will to do anything
I sit on my ass almost all day
Only thing that saves me in this situation is that I currently have a very nice loving gf

An old family friend once said to me
>You will suceed in everything that you will want do
problem is: I have a crippling laziness that sabotes me in everything I want to do
ti capisco
come ti mantieni?
File: 1283547598963.jpg (25 KB, 350x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 350x525
>mfw i reinvent myself everyday for good or for worse
25 year old
> kv
>no friends
>no work experience
>poor family so no comfy neet life. Just miserable neet life.

I just want a job so I can buy video games and trash food :'(
File: why-00046.jpg (30 KB, 514x578) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 514x578
>Still work retail
>Couldn't do community college
>Make $9.20 an hour
30, married, pilot, renting a house

Depressed alcoholic who doesn't find anything fun or interesting anymore
Fired from job for drunk driving so NEET.
Might be sentenced to prison come monday.
Never had serious relationship.
Never been in love.
Dont give a fuck about anything anymore fuck the world and everyone in it.
File: 1447624368824.png (170 KB, 350x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 350x370

>ever having to "put work in" getting laid

Nothing personal, but get real.
>work from home tech job
>work like 4 hours a week
>don't go outside much
Part of the issue is that on the internet I can be really mean to girls and they love me for it and send me pictures of themselves with their clothes off too. In real life I'm generally nice to girls and they don't like me much.
I needed this today. Thanks anon
>spent my 20ies in therapy and psych wards
>took on a degree in a field that needs people
>have job
>don't love it but it's okay
>plan to stick with it so that I have a few years of experience then go do a more difficult field to live in
>keep studying whatever I find interesting on the side, since I have no social life, I have time

I'm just glad I didn't let my parents fuck me over for 40+ years and got rid of their crap before I turned 30.
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